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LRF Sep 25
We shot early
before the earth
thawed completely
from the late winter frosts.

Instead of tentative tendrils
we were bold:
thick stems, verdant foliage.

We grew rushing,
always up
from the vines encircled low.
We spoke of
reaching beyond
our purple blooms
flush with one another’s.

Blame the seed sower:
not far enough below, not sturdy enough roots.
Or the wires we slipped,
when we would not be trained against the lattice.
But we know the weight
of another like us
was too much
for a stalk so flimsy
in a garden bed so starved.
September, 2020
tia Sep 22
it's delightful
the harsh autumn movement
and the angelic snowfall
with wings so beautiful
though my body grows numb
I still open my heart warmly
to these cold seasons

I think of him fondly
even though he was wrong
I cried for him, cared for him
and he hardly thought of me at all
I was always holding on to something
that was never
really there
Erica Girone Sep 2
She radiates melancholy
But with a smile on her face
Trying her best to be warm
With a distant cold embrace

I have got to say
I truly love her strength
God knows, she’s breaking
All with a smile on her face
Deep and Dark
like the ocean  
Harsh and hard  
As  the storm
Precious and strong
-A piece of jeweller
A Aug 4
I don't exactly know who needed this today
But the trauma that you carry doesn't ever go away
In fact there's more, just wait
We're not all built the same
It's absolutely fascinating just how far that you have made it
Still too young to be enduring all this pain and scarring
Truly I am sorry & I do apologize for all the pictures in your head
I know the flashbacks make you mad
And nightmares seem real bad
Sometimes of sleeping you're still scared
But no, you're not better off dead
There's no getting over it, get through it instead
Start coping healthier, keep going forward
You're only still here cause you're strong enough
You're the survivor
Tell your stories with pride
Always keep your head held high
Be ambitious in a world that is so vicious
Jess Jul 15
Hard lines, sharp edges
would like to wash the harshness away
My maturity nudges me to stay
to breathe and
face these aspects
You are not me
yet I feel like I'm blowing away

A large deep breath
as I remain and allow
I walk and move
shifting energy around

Heavy focus dazed in and out
I allow myself
I open now
I feel myself challenged again and again,
but I remain here
present, staring

you straight in the eye.
My creation
buckles under my gaze
it tries to play games
but it cannot sustain.

My stomach churns,
skin chilled yet burns
But I remain.
Here, observing
Never truly fading

Burned away
in a fiery haze
I still Remain.
Nov 8, 2019
Mari Jun 15
I'm not sensitive,
The world is just
Too harsh.
"So if I do that, nothing can hurt me?
"No, Abdullah, it won't stop the bullets.
If someone is trying to hurt you,
you have to call the police or get help, okay?"
"Even if it's Mommy?"
"Where's daddy?"
"He's never home."
Cox Apr 14
Autumn is harsh. Colder. Days feel shorter.
It may try to take your petals. So darling, be brave.
Be strong. Try to smile.
I promise it won’t last for long.
After all, it’s only seasonal.
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