gabriela Jan 2014
to take off
to dip low
to feel the chill breeze
behind my old feathered wings
to close eyes
to glide high
to smell pine and wood
and other things of this world
to soar
to explore
to rely and to trust
on wings to do what they must
to taste the flavor of fall
to sing and to call
to be the creature
who's existence is most envied of all
Geanna Jun 19
Fly birdies, fly. We'll fly real high. we'll soar through the sky.
~ G.P.O
If you get the hidden message then you're most likely another broken soul
Fallert Jun 12
Open  the  door,
Kiss  the  sadness  goodbye,
Find  a  new  window,
Let  your  soul  fly.

Get  out  of  your  box,
Fun’s  never  been  fame,
Stretch  out  to  the  world,
Create  your  own  name.

Opportunities  out  there,
So  let  yourself  soar,
There’s  a  whole  world  just  out  there,
Exit now, and  explore.
The happy idea, continued.
I see the fountains
brown blue and gold
architect's heart and soul
a sight to adore
for eyes too sore
from day's turbulence
an' crushed conscience
searching for an exit door.

one moment of magic
is all that it takes
when the water jets out
with all its mickle might
an' signs of subtle finesse
above the surfaced stress
into that carefree sky
and suddenly you sigh
as if you soared with it.
Small things in front of us can help release our stress, worries at least for a moment or two we just need to look for the beauty it beholds.
emnabee May 10
I wish I could make your heart soar.
Soar, not sore!
I was a basket of fears,
An open tap of tears,
With tags of doubts,
Never knew what they were about,
Loneliness nibbled at my soul,
Life was foul.

Then, I looked at me in the mirror,
Saw a reflection over and over,
It was my image ,
It had courage,
It had strength,
Which stretched a length.

My copy was friendly and flirtatious,
Resilient  not vicious,
I fell in love with myself,
My old self I stacked on a shelf.
At last I was alive!
Love sent me to new drive,
It gave me the will to survive.
I was in love!
A young, beautiful dove,
I  could fly,
Paint in hues the sky,
Kiss the moon,
Swing on the rainbow,swoon,
Juggle the stars,
Wink at the Sun from afar.
Love! Love! Here I soar.
Em Mar 25
You take my breath away
and I exhale
all the pain I have ever

I gasp
and pull through my lungs
all the love
and the world
you could hold.

I bet
In your arms
I could fly.
savvy Mar 17
we fly.
we are free.
we are the sky.
our hearts will soar higher.
our thoughts will drift even deeper.
our dreams will become our wanted reality.
we remember the fireflies that lighted our path.
Don't take for granted the good times in life. Cherish all that you experience. Never forget your loved ones and show them that you care for them.
Daisy Rae Feb 3
life is utterly a mess
that no one warned me about
sleep never comes
and reality hurts
but dreams make me fly
I wish I could stay asleep
when it finally comes to me
and here I am
sounding like I want to die
but truth is
I just want to fly.

I want to fly,
I want to soar
past where
the clouds
are no more.
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
My One Day Bucket List©

When I was young life was tough enough
As I sat behind that old wooden school desk I would dare to dream

I had a dream that…

One day I would fly a plane and soar like the birds in the sky away from the pain

One day I would find someone to love and be loved back just because they wanted to

One day I would have friends and feel like I belonged and not be different

One day I would own a home, a house to call my own because it looked like everyone else

One day I would sail the oceans to know what it would be like to be totally surrounded by water and feel like no one could find me to hurt me anymore

One day I would make money so no one would know I was poor

One day I would move a thousand miles away to an island so
No one would know I was not okay

One day I would own a business so that I could control my destiny

One day I would travel, to see what made the Panama possible and
Learn how deep the Grand Canyon is, see why people go to Las Vegas and experience what it would be like in Alaska

One day I would return to my father’s place of birth and see where it all began on that small family farm in the middle of seemingly nowhere and how he got to be so far away to escape a war

One day I would be there when Mom and Dad were passing on
So that they would not feel alone as they made that last human transition

One day I realized how my dreams had turned into reality that
Those early beginnings became an incredible life
Filled with family and friends

One day aspiration had turned into inspiration and inspiration into reality.

One day looks like inspiring others both young and not so young to hold on during those dark moments for the light to shine through and the opportunity for dreams to come true

One day

Andreas Simic©
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