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Gods1son Nov 8
You rise...
I rise...
We all rise...not to fall
That which seems like a fall
Is meant to be a bounce
To take us to greater heights
Far above where we ever thought

I'm sorry Mr Isaac Newton...
I have come to overcome gravity
Airplanes are doing it, so it's not a new thing
I know it takes a lot of energy
I have it in me and I will be using it

Yes, I'm aware it could get stormy
But that won't be enough to stall me
What is turbulence
Compared to my unwavering persistence

Upward and forward is the movement
These wings are for soaring
Outer space is where I want to be touring
No stopping...Just soaring!
Josiah Sim Nov 8
I was once on the ground
Flying only a few meters
Now I spread out my wings
Piercing through the sky
Thorns Nov 7
You fly away leaving your past behind

Soaring through the clouds

Reaching unbelievable heights
Because that's all this is an unbelievable dream

A vision of leaving the past behind

A dream of taking flight and getting away
Free as bird

If only you could fly away
I wish I could fly away...
Eric Babsy Oct 6
They are rushing furiously across a danger path.
Trying to escape all foes in stark contrast.
Light brightly shining their path.
Escaping giant demons of wrath.

The day of reckoning is over soon.
Precious are the lives of a chosen few.
Above and beyond the swarm cries too.
Just the fleetest will do.

As they were born above the ground.
Crawling toward an evil and also hopeful sound.
Across the ground these demons pound.
The fault of some they found.

Driving their fleeting heart even more.
Kindly they beg the evil and demons who ignore.
High in the clouds the evil soar.
While the hopeful eyes of many are ready to look toward.

As the demons pass.
Steep trouble will find the many at last.
High above the evil gathers it’s strength fast.
Diving from the sky with speed blast.

Some are plucked from the ground by the evil.
It is feast or famine not to cause an upheaval.
Soon few of the many will be safe in their home that is primeval.
What these fleeting few have been through is unbelievable.
The Sun gone away
Now the blanket of night
Feel alive and awake
Time of ‘day’ I feel right
Want to go out and play
Others fill up with fright
Don’t know why I’m this way
I was given this life

The Moon casting its rays
A pale hue of gray-white
A new species is made
It’s a fabulous sight
Like a rise from the grave
From dark earth with no light
Sprouting roots; here to stay
Never quit; rather fight

A “night owl” they say
Dark abyss I take flight
Hefty price that I pay
Usually lonely plight
If somebody said ‘hey’
Nightly cake; take a bite
We were one in the same
My dark world could be bright

It’s something we all chase
Like a kid with a kite
The wind swept us away
But that string we held tight
We were scared and afraid
But deep down knew we might
Dividends would be paid
Able to reach new heights
Written: September 27, 2018

All rights reserved.
Bryan Sep 23
They say go see the world
Embrace the unexpected
the unknown.

They told me take the trip
the future is waiting
your steps

I agreed
packed my bags
and flew

The funny thing is
after exploring and
I still feel

Lyn-Purcell Sep 20

Your cruel words are shadows
beaten by the light of my

Another short poem!
I'm currently on my 15 minute break!
An hour and I'll be done.
Ill let you know when I'm home!
See ya soon!
Lyn ***
wyatt Aug 17
You’ve got
the dirt of the poor
all on your clothes,
but the shine
of diamonds
inside your eyes.
You’ve got a sadness
taped inside your heart,
but the brightest smile
of the most beautiful star.
You’ve got disaster hidden
underneath your sleeves
as well as a hug that could
heal the saddest of us all.
You’ve got broken pieces
but you fill holes in others.
You have nothing to own,
but you still give to others.
You’ve got clipped wings
and a cracked halo,
but still you soar
through the skies
like the angel
you really
Wipe your tears,
you’re an angel.
Soar high.
George Krokos Jul 25
Self effort and grace is what true religion is about
and both in life nobody can ever really do without.
They are the two wings of our soul which allow it to soar
and the means by which we can all reach Heaven’s shore.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
gabriela Jan 2014
to take off
to dip low
to feel the chill breeze
behind my old feathered wings
to close eyes
to glide high
to smell pine and wood
and other things of this world
to soar
to explore
to rely and to trust
on wings to do what they must
to taste the flavor of fall
to sing and to call
to be the creature
who's existence is most envied of all
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