Andreas Simic Nov 23

My One Day Bucket List©

When I was young life was tough enough
As I sat behind that old wooden school desk I would dare to dream

I had a dream that…

One day I would fly a plane and soar like the birds in the sky away from the pain

One day I would find someone to love and be loved back just because they wanted to

One day I would have friends and feel like I belonged and not be different

One day I would own a home, a house to call my own because it looked like everyone else

One day I would sail the oceans to know what it would be like to be totally surrounded by water and feel like no one could find me to hurt me anymore

One day I would make money so no one would know I was poor

One day I would move a thousand miles away to an island so
No one would know I was not okay

One day I would own a business so that I could control my destiny

One day I would travel, to see what made the Panama possible and
Learn how deep the Grand Canyon is, see why people go to Las Vegas and experience what it would be like in Alaska

One day I would return to my father’s place of birth and see where it all began on that small family farm in the middle of seemingly nowhere and how he got to be so far away to escape a war

One day I would be there when Mom and Dad were passing on
So that they would not feel alone as they made that last human transition

One day I realized how my dreams had turned into reality that
Those early beginnings became an incredible life
Filled with family and friends

One day aspiration had turned into inspiration and inspiration into reality.

One day looks like inspiring others both young and not so young to hold on during those dark moments for the light to shine through and the opportunity for dreams to come true

One day

Andreas Simic©

Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

You can't spend your life
wanting to fly while
you choose to

Rise above it all...
Kerri Jul 31

Engulfed in fear
She stood before me
Shedding off
The ragged gown
Of her childhood
That weighed her down
For 20 years

Embracing the thrill
She flew into me
Her naked scars
and brave truths
That somehow
Made her shine
More beautifully.

Reaching the
Deepest place
That we had ever been,
Our tiptoes grazing
The blazing fire
That simultaneously
Sparked our
Bodies and our minds.

A universal understanding
That we've finally
Made it here together,
Hearts dripping
hot metal,
Synchronized souls
No longer lost in between
The swings of
The pendulum.

Silverflame Jul 18

run with the wind to
the killing freedom
search for the
ultimate home
surrounded by fields
to make an eternal summer
the frozen sun goes
around and around
a bird with a
broken wing is dead
no one came to visit

Kat Jun 29

She loved so deeply
Soared so high
That in the end
It was her heart
That destroyed her


die a thousand times
die a hundred thousand
then die some more
death my friend
defines core
I don't want to lecture
I'm sure you know how
"a butterfly's cocoon
is but a struggle before flight"
"the sun must rise after a cold blue night"
"it's always darkest right before the light"
and I'm not saying those aren't right but
anticipate death
cause death
die a hundred thousand
then die some more
there's no need for you to be sure
of any thing
the more you flow
the higher you soar
it's the only thing worth doing
the only thing worth fighting for
some times I wonder
from within my bones
how many men have died brave
a thousand times each
yet still havent 'died'
and how many have died once
but have never lived
by choosing comfort
over a beautiful ass fight

JAC Jun 8

She made a bird with her hands
And her shadow flew away.
Her hands remained, of course,
But that shadowy imagination soared.

Steve Page May 4

Unplug yourself and in that stark still shade linger eyes-wide under His gentle gaze and let Him examine and explore your innermost longings and there you can share in the glory of each of His imaginings.  And as you linger, stay still longer, allow Him to thread through the laughter of the warm flickering shadows of hearth and home, let Him give voice and shape and colour to every faint ember and let your spirit soar with His through every new door that He has in store for you and yours.

Linger longer and then soar.

How will you hear your own thoughts if you are always plugged into other people's voices.  Seek space and stillness to think.
DF Apr 27

You've cut my wings, but they've grown back.
They're stronger and fuller than ever.

You told me I was broken, but now my features are sharper.

You told me I'd never fly, but now I'm soaring through the sky.


Since it's April, Happy National Poetry Month!
Ashly Kocher Apr 25

Dream the possibilities and you will go far
By the edge of the water where the sun meets the sky
Don't look back just spread your wings and fly
Dreaming is possible if you just believe and soar high

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