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old winds hold me all the way down
to the dead hyrax land below;
i am one with the house of zeus.
my thunder scars itch and open
up, the blood red and not golden,
but i know they will close and heal
as i approach the journey’s end.
honey, meet me at the downpour.
She just wished
that she could fly
she could just
grow wings
and soar high
above her problems
and her life
fly away to
a place that
took her away
She gives me sweet butterflies
You make my soul soar.
Aquarius Sep 22
I want you to ride my wings
Where the wind moves you most
Pretty Pilot fly me
Im your obedient host

I want you to push me
Where boundaries seem close
Pretty Pilot control me
May I propel my blows

I want you to come
Where heights forbid those
Pretty Pilot it’s just me
Let loose and let go

I want you to sleep
Where comfort hugs you so
Pretty Pilot feel me
Only the wind will know

I want you to wake up
When time is moving slow
Pretty Pilot steadily,
Let’s dip high and dip low

I want you to be here
Where we can dive and row
Pretty Pilot confide in me
Just aboard and let’s go

I want you to trust me
When you’re afraid, although
Pretty Pilot direct me
My pedals grow and grow
Track 7
Amanda Hawk Jul 15
A tall silver trailer

In my backyard

When I was a little girl

I wanted to fly

I figured out

How to climb

Up and up

To the top

Of that silver trailer

Pacing left and right

I wanted to fly

Let the wind

Get tangled in my hair

Lingering on the edge

I stood there


With sun teasing my face

Confident, unaware

Of gravity

Hesitant for a moment

But patience taught me

To enjoy the view

Of neighborhood of rooftops

I wanted to fly

So I jumped

Off that silver trailer

Soared with arms open

Then fell

To the ground

Feet landed first

The ground jolted by body alive

Crouched there for a moment

For I had flew

Smile collected along with bruised palms

Hadn’t been afraid

For I knew the ground

Would catch me

I laughed and danced

For I had flew and found freedom

Collected rooftops upon my descent

I never regretted finding the ground

Or thought

It was a hindrance to be born with legs

And not wings
Rose Jun 26
I can fly with birds of sorrow,
I can fly with twisted wings.
I can fly like there’s no tomorrow,
I can sing like many springs.

People are but lonely birds,
Calling, calling, to be heard,
By other birds, by anyone,
Yet each bird keeps flying on.

Not ever pausing, to stop and hear
A lonely voice, calling dear,
The voices are lost, the voices are found
In the sound of the song, the song of the sound.

But I can fly on lonely waters
And stop to sing with lonely souls,
I can linger on the frontier,
And stop to sing, all alone.

I can soar above the clouds
Watching for someone worth singing with
Watching for someone in the crowds
A singer of songs, a legend, a myth.

But the sky is still grey, so bleak and dark,
Of blackness and unwanted things,
So I fly, as lonely as a lark,
Singing alone, on whispered wings.
Natalia Jun 22
We cannot understand everything.
A harsh lesson from life.
Be steady, see the pendulum swing
In times of despair and strife.

Yet, I chose to know myself.
The dark caverns in my mind,
Those I had put on a shelf
That left me maligned.

I find myself on an edge,
I have been here before,
And when I fell I made a pledge.
That instead I would soar.

I look into the abyss,
It greets me as before,
With a smile and a kiss.
Features I grew to abhor.

What it does not know;
I am no longer afraid.
Innocence had to go
Just as the mist must fade.

I look into the night,
With a deep breath, I soar
Then the dark turns to light.
I am afraid no more.
I have been on the edge many times. More than I would like I nearly fell into the abyss. Yet as I find myself back here I realise that growth happens during uncomfortable times. I'm ready for the next challenge.
Fheyra Apr 2018
Let us summon the Name of Everyone and Everything.
An accolade bestowed upon His greatness,
Where doves soar to the valleys of wisdom
Seeking for wonders love by Him.

Put a tune, or a note
To a song of faith
Is here to guide you in...
           "Gotta keep soaring high
             Keep climbing mountains,
            ' Till I rise my Heart
              Never gonna hold back
              Never gonna stop
              You know I won't give up
              It's the Spirit You put in me
              And the fight is to believe
              Oh, I'll be chasing clouds
              'Till I reach the edge of Life"

Take courage and have faith
For God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Oh Lord, bless us all.
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