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Lady Bird Oct 2021
his pen takes the wild side
giving me the butterflies
seducing me with every word
I smile feeling so complete
when my heart skips a beat
we’re making love on paper
each and every time we write
spilling our ink like passion
across the hot moisten sheets
thoughts seeping through the
secret places of my body from
the invisible ink of his tongue
strolling caressing up and down
exploring lines between my thighs
strong and powerful yet gentle words
lancing pages galloping ******* peak
spacing legs wide for his touch to seek
every word sailing veins feeding my mind
guiding my senses with such a soft touch
his lance pen of ink slides coursing my body
excelling deep down my chambers of pleasure
fueling an ending stream of our burning desires
savoring the unbridled passion melting us as one
Lady Bird Oct 2021
flowing with sweet whispered melodies in my ears were his words
holding me tight as if I was in his arms listening to his heartbeat
touching me with such passion as if he was using his hands
searching for just the right place to control; arousing my valley’s bloom; burning with his desire arching my spine feeling his passionate fire; caressing me as I feel his galloping warmth across my skin; longing for his trotting steed riding and charging his oh-mighty lance; combined with lust building up that tumultuous special moment; pleasing me as I return to him the pleasure moaning his knightly name; only his written words can whisper so sweetly to his devoted maiden
Lady Bird Oct 2021
with your royal fingers write your poem inside me; use your lancing words to touch every inch of my soul; lick your lusting tongue of thoughts; across my bare body trembling with desire; gallop your royal steed; caressing every arched curve of my ******; press your moist lips against mine; strike those hard passionate worded shivers down your maiden’s spine; ****** your written desires deeply penetrating my core; as I yearn for more; stroll down the chambers of the empty well between my thighs and release your knighting ink; INK me !!!
Lady Bird Oct 2021
caress and kiss me; my thrusting knight
joined together as one in pure ecstasy
our expressed desire just feels so right
moans of more; be-cuming a part of me
pull me close; holding me so very tight
exploding our passion through the night

knightly serpent do strike
*** in with your steed-rod
deeply dry and very thirsty
I’m your only maiden’s bush
oh how my inside quenches
that sweet and salty taste
your royal lance drenches

moaning for it to ***;
slow deep and in;
thrusting your tongue;
softly against my ****;
faster and faster;
your maiden wants it
hard and yet so kind
body on body
desire yours and mine
in a frenzied torrent
slam me from behind
with lust and passion

I want you to wet my lips tantalizing my tongue
elevate my heart rate and make my vines hum
burn like fire inside me as I swallow you down
I will drink you so deeply; intoxicating myself
with your presence imbibing my essence
make me dizzy punch-drunk on your passion

glistening bodies; exquisite torture;
indulged in a passionate war;
two hearts enslaved with desire;
our emotions they being to soar
striking each others heated fire
my heart pounds as you part my thighs;
then I feel your moistened tongue inside
awaiting to enter my valley’s wetness
your royal manhood it begins to rise
my legs open wide to straddle my knight
easing your hard lance into my glory hole
your maiden rides your steed with delight
Lady Bird Oct 2021
keep me on the edge; make my imagination go wild; torture me with pleasure; pull me against your muscular royal chest and pour every single word on my trembling **** body; looking into each other eyes as we get more deep into the endless passage of time; consume my sumptuous lips; kissing; with each taste giving my heart a sensational riot; as you’re cradling me in your royal arms; use your lancing tongue and stain your marks all over my soft skin…control my mind with your fingertips sending electricity galloping down my spine; make me the reflection of your soul and at the end of the day when our strength has faded; I’ll surrender to the aura of your presence; purring and begging you for much more…..keep along the edge of my fantasies penetrating my mind; through the depths of my desires keep galloping your fingertips in all the places your hands can’t reach; hollow me out thrusting your royal lance of passionate words; leave your maiden gasping; screaming for more; I surrender my body; soak my inside canvas; *** paint in me; creating our art….pressed together savoring the honey of our **** bodies; with no lusting limits to every moment of our passion together as one….sexually aroused by the sensation of our soft lips; kissing from each position and licking in every direction; knight and maiden united; intertwined grinding on each other; searching from front to back; through every glory hole of intimacy…the most intense ****** erupts in ****** pleasure; offering us the sweet taste of cuming together; finding our hidden
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