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Isaac Apr 6
A rose's beauty is highlighted by the pain of its thorns
without the needle *****, the softness of the petals couldn't be as rich
sharp enough to make sure, you never miss
handle her, hurt her, disturb her
Squeeze onto her so tight, break then curve her
meanwhile, she was doing everything right, you thought you owned her
but being enamored doesn't translate to possession
possessive obsession, your toxicity closed her
to the world, to the void in which she internalized
all the subsequent shortcomings can be traced to the day
you decided to villainize, the sweetness of a budding romance
the natural pull
insatiable lust
unimaginable thrill
but now that landscape is draped in shame and tucked away
the rose grew thorns because she saw how the other flowers were destroyed
hardening of the skin in an effort to contain joy
the innocence of a child, the truth of a smile
the words echo through her mind
"don't trust a boy"
a rose's curse is that they are beautiful, people want to possess beauty not honour it
Nikkie Jan 28
For some reason, my black love is tainted.
What I mean is; it’s stale and lonely, not reciprocal.
I stand my ground, I speak my truth. Like lightning
and thunder, breaking branches forcing him to look my way.
Yet and still, those same branches, break into pieces forcing him to look away; away from the goodness of my heart, away from the responsibility of being good to me.

He’s afraid of my stance, afraid of me for being who I am.
He is afraid of being good to me, afraid to ease into my being.
He is totally afraid to be only mine, be only my days, nights, weekends and holidays.
He is afraid to own up to being one with me, being my man with no strings included.
He is wrong, wrong on so many adult levels. He is too old to play games.
Too old to play games with emotions like mine; grown up emotions that
deserve the best respect, grown up emotions that hail to my queeness.
I, being the queen that I am, deserves a top notch, down for me king.
Black or white, yellow or green, my tainted black love deserves happiness.
Happiness the explodes inside of me, radiating the glow of my sweet black love, my sweet black touch, my sweet blackness period!

My black love from what I can see is free for the giving, yet not so easily given.
I hold back my heart, I cover my soul, and I lay a dark blanket across my threshold so his feet won’t stump a hole in my heart.
Sometimes I slip and let him through; thinking I finally met my king. I slipped big time, I believed what he said, I believed what he did, I believed……….In him
Enough. Enough to know or should have known that this **** fool was using me.
My black love deserves so much better. My black love kicked his *** to the curb, my black love stands alone. My black love is too good to use up. My blackened love is taking a break, looking forward to the day that my king comes. I deserve to be happy; I am too good at being who I am.
Those who dissed the goodness of this black love will never experience my blackness again.

They will never experience my goodness, my blackness come alive inside of them.
My black love is mine to keep, mine to share, mine to let go when my king walks in.
My black love is lonely right now, my black love is mine to keep.
My blackness is hard to receive, but too hard to give away to just  any man.
My black love is like fire and lightening. Once you experience my power, you close your eyes and walk away. I dare you to step to my black love.
I dare you to stay and weather my storm.
Yeshie you were the
Final man I will be with it
You have left a bad taste in
My mind heart and mouth

I hope you burn in
Hell for cheating and betrayal
Of my love

I bet you made the same
Promises to some *****

Yeshie I hate you
muteD Dec 2020
do you believe in haunted dreams?
not nightmares
but haunted dreams..
because I do.
and that’s because you haunt mine.
every moment of them.

and you haunt my reality.
every waking second is filled with the need to reminisce.
even when I run your scent just seems to follow.
to escape into any type of solitude would grant my unspoken wish.

so I sleep.

but even then my dreams are tinted with
the feeling of nostalgia.
yet it is not from anything I can recall..
to be missing something I never had at all
is a special kind of hell.
you’ve tainted my dreams
as though you’ve put me under a spell.
and it’s weakened me.
leaving me
screaming upon deaf ears
I wonder if my voice will make it out of this fog
you’ve brought.

everything is clouded with
the abyss of you.

you’ve tinted my dreams
in the color
of you.
drugged me and got me hooked.
now if my dreams aren’t tinted with you,
they’re nothing
but bare black walls.
“ That was insane how you ended it 🤯 from start to finish I was intrigued and steady wanting to read more, although the person was expressing themselves, the vivid imagery you presented through your careful choice and placement of words painted a clear motion picture I could truly get lost in, hella deep and very impressive no bap, you snapped...”
- a response to my poem..
Zadkiel Oct 2020
O' brother
    Today is the anniversary
    of the day you were born
    But Fear not
    for I have a Present
    It is a cake obviously
    Never doubt me
    Either way
    For you should feed your Gluttony
    And though I ate nine-tenths of the cake
    you still ate
    O how kind I am
    How much more Retribution
    But I am higher of that
    Regarded as Saint
    that is what kindness I have

    O' brother
    I write to you today
    for my anniversary of the day
    I died came
    I have seen a ******
    I have seen a robbery
    I have seen the cruelty of humanity
    But all I am and is a bystander
    who keeps His Head down
    With mediocrity
    and hypocrisy
    Ego dominant
    while the Id is miniscule
    Either way
    It seems that
    I can't show my kindness no more

    O' mineself
    I have a confession
    I may see the trash
    out of all the trash
    and though the foggy mirror
    blurs it
    I Still See
    For even though
    I have saved a kittens life
    I have saved a boys life
    I have saved a girls life
    I have saved an adults life
    I have saved my ego
    I have saved my Id
    How more trash could I be
    I can't say sorry
    I can only say that I am no more
    a saint
    a bystander
    just the trashiest
    of all trash
❝ a bright light you once were
   filled with the radiance of your raging red;

   you illuminated through a flowering future
   but then the dark clouds sought you out
   and rendered your light invisible

   the land roared for your pastel orange of peace
   but the darkness has swallowed everything

   your sons and daughters walked blindly,
   trapped and lost within the dark woods of chaos
   they sought out for you and your warmth
   only to be greeted by the harsh cold
   and blood curdling gargles

   eventually the clouds rolled away and left you tainted
   but as you struggle to reclaim your lost kindle
   we bask in your greyish faint light
   and hope that your waltz to the symphony of change
   will soon take you to the path of a glorious self recreation ❞
NJ Brown Aug 2020
I'm triggered
It feels like a bullet wound to my head
Like daggers to my chest
I'm stir crazy
I'm all alone
There's a breath on my neck
I'm not even safe at home
arms tighten at my throat and I can't breathe
I'm leaking from arousal
I don't want it but I can't speak
"You're so wet for me"
I don't want to be
I'm triggered
Nobody can love what is tainted
Despite August being women's month, a woman is afraid of being ***** and being a victim caught in the situation, my only prayer was that the ****** spare my life.
Tales Hunter Jul 2020
You thought you could tame
That little timid boy
Mould him into your--
Spite and darkness
Annihilate his Lambent soul
And leave him benighted
Just because ---
He was filled with love and light
And his happiness
Consumed you
You're battered by his affection
You reified your lies against him
Painted him villain around the his hood
You couldn't bear to see a smile in his face
You're torn....

But now..
You've awaken a monster
He now has spoken malediction
On your soul
So what now? Huh.!
You sacred
Feeling frightened
Can't fight the demon you let loose
Can't control him
And you still trying to control the young lad
Those his cuts
Marks your end
The Demons you made
Are in their fullest power now
Ready to be unleashed
Soon enough
At his sight,
You would cringe.

#Tales Hunter
Living can sometimes be depressing to a person with a good heart.
-elixir- Jul 2020
The drops of the past
Wells up in my eyes,
As my mind purges
my soul of the
heart stung with
That stains souls.
Which remain tainted,
In the bright cosmic world,
among the naive souls
In line to be slain.
Some late nights are different from the other
Ashlyn Yoshida Jul 2020
I want to go back
And then I don't
Reminded of back then when it was all a lie

Each reminder
that flower
that song
I loved you all so dearly
How could you have seen
nothing but a rag doll
Someone annoying and unpredictable
Having nothing of any good inside
you turned your heads
and left me to leave
without a single goodbye
I have a lot of poems to write when it comes to this...I'm going to try something happier later
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