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beaten and bludgeoned
mind’s eye clouded
in vermilion defeat
uncognized haze.
astilbe branches
bleed into a canopy
of tinted pools,
scarlet windows,
weary blossoms.
all flags are fire,
all songs are screams,
and nothing is true
in these panes
of crimson glass.
White flags
stained red with
yew berry words.
Ickabobroe May 9
The paper picks up the marks
And only after it is tainted
Is it beautiful
shae Mar 28
she found it out.
it swarmed her head.just there
bombarding her pure thoughts.
no longer does her idle
let her consume the sweet taste of
tainted. she looks in a mirror and sees a
but that's what she told her.
she no longer can take a bite out of an
without shame.
youth whisked away,
slipping from her grasp.
stumbling around. lost.
trying to find,

Bohemian Mar 21
I could hate my acquaintance
And love the unacquainted
Isn't this idea too tainted ?
Chloe Mar 4
A sickly poison,
Coursing through my veins.
Diminishing my freedom,
I'm shackled by chains.

The love you project,
Is not what it seems.
It is only justified,
In my lonesome dreams.

Sinister intentions,
Your affection bleak.
The times we share red,
In ******* I speak.
i cannot take in the unimaginable beauty of the world around me anymore
because you blinded me with love
and never unmasked me
Axion Prelude Oct 2018
Withering kiss belittles fate
Sultry, affluent, perfection lost
a damnation of intent
skewed by empty plight

endearing atrophy weaves no ties
cut from the crowd
whispers seeking place in time
Wreaking havoc upon sullen breadth

dreams disguise desire
the facade awakens every day
the ghostly touch of weightless hands
deliverance, mourning truth
each dream ached by sunder of hope
remiss of such light, I become mired

such calmness and good comes of the night
by day, there resides no such kindness by my side
I await, forever..
kindness means nothing to those who seek to gain for only themselves; the rest simply do not exist near me. Such desired gentleness goes unheard. I wish to have ever beheld a heart who seeks me on its own, before i go

my dreams lie to me, as if to convey what I need most would ever exist; mocking my will to go forward by sharing a taste of what seems, by now, will never be real
Some pages, lingering like those stars in space,
wouldn't even get stained with ink;
as only few of them manages to constellate.

Blank mind tainted with empty heart;
just like that black, lonely space,
even asteroids and comets do break and burn
But there is always the black-out.

Shouting and thumping and breaking inside,
But who notices the stars getting crumbled?
Because there always is the SUN.

No words would be the right choice,
No feelings can match the brutality,
There was once the BIG BANG in space
Just like the fallout in the dreary desert of heart!

Outnumbered emotions carried by hormones,
drowning me into that tempestuous space,
Peace to the heart would be the peace for body..

Beat..Bea...Be....B...  No more!
Empty mind doesn't recite. They just like to play with the beats.
Erika Rose Aug 2018
The sweet scent of marijuana and whisky remind me of nights that tainted my heart
I was foolish and intrigued with the thought of you
The thought of what could be
You had so much to give, yet you were oblivious to your potential
I soaked in your scent and allowed it to fully consume me
You were the one I needed
Intoxicated, I willingly gave you all of the power
And you destroyed me within seconds
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