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I) Annunciation

A message great
Unmatched to date
From Almighty
Via an angel,
Irreverence against God
That does not tolerate,
To a pious girl immaculate
Was sent.

While the Holy one
For a prayer bent,
The angel Saint Gabriel,
Himself great,
Descended from high
Above in the sky
And with reverence said
There is a message
To be told!

The Holy one
Felicitate, for
In God’s face
Of all women folks
You have
The highest place
As you are
Full of grace
And a pride
To a human race!

A miracle untold
Will unfold
Giving birth to
God, incarnated word,
In your arms
You will hold.”

“It is a life of celibacy
I lead
Far from intimacy
Take note
How could
I take that
Without a grain
Of salt? ”

Nothing is impossible
To God
The Almighty is
Sure for every prayer
To pay
By the way
When this to you
I say
The barn old lady Elisabeth
Has got in
The family way!”

Let the will of God
Be done
Say more
I shall none!
I have no reserve
God the almighty
To serve!
God has chosen me—
His slave—
Ready troubled waters
From birth to crucifixion(Luke 2:35)
To brave! ”

Because of
Eve’s disobedience,
Place in God’s face
We were forced to lack
Thanks to
Saint Mary’s obedience
We got it back!

How modest
How modest
The Holy one called
Herself a slave
As she knows
Vanity, soul’s rust,
Resides in the dust.
Like the hypocrite
Oneself to exalt
Is a fault,
That is what ****** Mary
Practically taught.

II) Intuition

Up on catching
Saint Mary’s sight
With a face bright
“How could I feel
A comfort zone
When my
Lord’s mother
Climbed up the hill
To congratulate
Me anon? ”

With intuition
Elisabeth repeated
Saint Gabriel’s
Happy given
A chance
To give birth
To a prophet
At her old age.

Here, note
Elisabeth affirmed
Holy Mary does not
Herself exalt.

III) Somersault

In Elisabeth’s womb
John the Baptist
Made a somersault
“Holy ****** Mary
With no fault
That is why
As His throne
You, God sought
As the
Prophets taught!”
Though not
In so many words
He expressed
His thought.

IV) Prophecy

Affirming her
Holiness mandate
Saint Mary said
Will call me
Holy Mary
The graceful
The immaculate!
God has done  to me
Things great! ”
Yes, which is why
Generations echo
That to date.

V) Envoy

“In the wedding party
Celebrants have stopped
Short of wine
My son
Do miracles of thine!
You see
Mankind’s problem
Is mine!”
As per her intercession
Jesus turned
The water into wine
In a way that is divine.

On the cross
Jesus said
To his Mother
And Apostle John
“As a mother and son
From now on
Go on you can!”

Yes ****** Mary is
Our mother
Though Devil
—in the mask of a python(Revelation12)
(Snake) tries to
Put us asunder.

As the prophet
Ezekiel (44:2)
Yes, the virgins womb
—The gate –remains
Forever closed
As it was chosen
God to hold.

In the Horeb
Mountain of God,
Seeing the flame
Of the fire in the bush
He opted forward
To push
He saw
A strange thing
The flame is God
While Saint Mary
The twig.

Till crucifixion, devil
Knew not
The Lord
Is the incarnated word,
Many including Joseph
Knew not
Saint Mary
Is the immaculate
Painted bright
By many a prophet
Till the three wise men
With gifts came to see
Baby Christ
And before him adept
For a prayer opted
To prostrate!

The contra positive of
"God is with you!"
Saint Gabriel's word
Is "In your absence
God is not there!"
Then what is the essence
Of following a faith
In not missing this
That does not
Exercise prudence?
If one digs deep into the bible and reads issues not misconstrued this is the fact.May God help us to know this © 2 minutes ago, Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos
Answer to Connect hood guestion of other children.Never at all.You see Jesus on the cross gave saint Mary to John the Apostle as his mother.He gave apostle John to Mary as her son. The apostle thenceforth took her to his home as her son.
Of all the disciples it was John the Apostle and Saint Mary that 100 % knew the child (Jesus)is the incarnated word.Peter and others Knew not(or internalized) this fact.It was gradually the fact transpired to them.
Why not Jesus told Saint Marry to go to Joseph had there been such intention.

Even Joseph did not internalized this fact until the  three wise men came following the leading star to the barn in search of the child Herod was pursuing to ****.;
Some misconstrue the expression<< he knew her not>>.Even in new versions they use totally an unacceptable word.
He knew her not--He understood not( facts fully) that Mary is Saint,Holy,Forever ******,, Graceful ;Mary.
Joseph was chosen to keep Saint Mary to spare her from the verbal lashing and stoning of  some Jews for getting heavy with child without a husband or normal process.After the birth of Christ the angel was ordering Joseph to take<< the Child and His mother to the far off places to avoid attack.  -->His Mother not other expression
As Jesus grew up in Joseph's house what you read as his brothers are Joseph's sons not that of the ******.
As clearly Ezekiel put it no one could sit on God's throne. Promoting such a wrong idea of other children of Mary is unacceptable.But there are who deliberately propagate such a wrong preaching. Such a trend is indirectly promoting Jesus was not Jesus as there is another one to come. Ezekiel hit the nail on the head.A word is enough for the wise man.
Thank you for raising the question.The Ethiopian Orthodox Church,the Coptic Orthodox church,(those who were there before the beginning) the catholic church could clarify this to you beyond a shadow of doubt,
by Michael R. Burch

for Vicki

Time unfolds ...
Your lips were roses.
... petals open, shyly clustering ...
I had dreams
of other seasons.
... ten thousand colors quiver, blossoming.

Night and day ...
Dreams burned within me.
... flowers part themselves, and then they close ...
You were lovely;
I was lonely.
... a ****** yields herself, but no one knows.

Now time goes on ...
I have not seen you.
... within ringed whorls, secrets are exchanged ...
A fire rages;
no one sees it.
... a blossom spreads its flutes to catch the rain.

Seasons flow ...
A dream is dying.
... within parched clusters, life is taking form ...
You were honest;
I was angry.
... petals fling themselves before the storm.

Time is slowing ...
I am older.
... blossoms wither, closing one last time ...
I'd love to see you
and to touch you.
... a flower crumbles, crinkling, worn and dry.

Time contracts ...
I cannot touch you.
... a solitary flower cries for warmth ...
Life goes on as
dreams lose meaning.
... the seeds are scattered, lost within a storm.

Keywords/Tagss: love, roses, petals, unfolding, lips, spring, ******, dreams, time, seasons, storms, summer, drought
Zywa Mar 6
Her flowers, falling

on the bank, in the moonlight –

the men are shouting.
Pervaya ljubov (First Love, 1860, Ivan Turgenev)

Collection "Love Mind and Death"
Never at all
I'm on the
Religious ball
If prophet Simeon's
Painful message
"A sword will pierce
Your own soul!" (Luke 2:35)
That shows
The selfless sacrifice
The immaculate has
To pay
To achieve God's goal,
Fails before me
To stand tall.

For the sagacious
Suffice a word
The immaculate
Herself said
"Great things untold
Things manifold
Had done to me
The Lord
My Son
and my God.” (lk 1:49b)

Take note
When we pray
Excepting her
Is a fault!

On the cross
Before He depart
"She is your mother
And you her children!"
Was what
Jesus wanted to impart.
(John 19:26–27:)
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Dercio Lichucha Nov 2019
Gently, she lays
Coiled and cold
For the heat of play

Go away!
Lest her tongue and her sways
Stun you
Into her bind

Small, though she is
Floored were the great
Who sleep on her bed
Of grass

Jump not in the field
To trap her in tricks
Her moves
Disguise best in green

If Whisper, she does
Her tune penetrates
Her twirls
Will twist you in dance

And when you’re gripped
Sing, you will
Her song, sweet release
From her trance

Hide not in the bush
To gaze on her twist
Or mimic her embrace
On your neck

Lest, by the little
Be beguiled
Into death

But, if you grasp
Her rules of play
And stun her
With your song

As prey, she’ll floor
Onto the grass
Your flute
She cannot bind

Master your tool,
Penetrate tune,
And twist the coiled
On her bed

Smoothly, she’ll sway
To your musical shaft
Her tongue wet with lust
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Aravind Jun 2019
I'm the Toy that never got sold,
Oh God!! I'm the one you had cold ******.

I'm the Bike stranded at the signal,
Oh God! I'm the one figuring out how to be rhetorical

I'm Still riding on an empty pillion,
Oh God! Why am I the one u chose to ***** in the billion?

All I ask from you,
Is some Luck and Cue
As Oh God! I'm the (only) one who forgave you :)

I promise I won't blame you
Again for my blues;
Because My dear God! I'm the one who needs you.

I'm the land that has been for long barren,
Oh God! Do remember even I'm one of your Children
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