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Aravind Jun 17
I'm the Toy that never got sold,
Oh God!! I'm the one you had cold ******.

I'm the Bike stranded at the signal,
Oh God! I'm the one figuring out how to be rhetorical

I'm Still riding on an empty pillion,
Oh God! Why am I the one u chose to ***** in the billion?

All I ask from you,
Is some Luck and Cue
As Oh God! I'm the (only) one who forgave you :)

I promise I won't blame you
Again for my blues;
Because My dear God! I'm the one who needs you.

I'm the land that has been for long barren,
Oh God! Do remember even I'm one of your Children
Darryl M May 8
Close your eyes and use your heart to see my love.
Close your ears and hear our hearts communicate.

When your heart grows weary, use mine as a spare wheel.
Things you fail at, your love makes up for.
An apple of my eye, you’ve become.
Dangerous it is, I just want to eat you up.

My lips are for your feet, princess.
I am not worthy of the throne set for your lips.
Coz I’ve said foolish things against you.
Let our fights end with the pillows.

Whence is lovers lounge?
Where hearts finally kiss.

A ****** I am, to real love.
Be gentle with me.
Completed: 30th April 2018 [22:23 PM]
J Christmas Feb 22
Never let anyone tell you
How ****** up a person is
Pointing at Her or Him
At them or here with
Disdain dressed
To look like despair
God damns the
Sanctimony of fools
Black robes
Far worse for the wear
Let em point at me
I have not a care
Because just like them
I am Jack the Ripper.    I am St. Paul
I sifted salt with Ghandi
And I slit throats with King Saul
I am the ****** Mary
I hear the knocking
on my door  
It may just be the neighbor
A fiend looking to fix me
Or to score.   Either way
We’ve all been here
Countless times maybe more
Its eternity that's calling  
Remember living forever?
Before you were ever born?
I've offered every solace
I've mended every fall  
I’ve turned the other cheek
And the pious broke my jaw
My work here is near done
And trust me I had a ball    
So shed not a tear
Nor curse me to befall      
For soon you will be me
And I will be you all.
Copyright 2019 John D Christmas
My arms are open
Like my mind

My love is receiving
Like my heart is empty

I am as critical
As I am in search of a pinnacle

Yet I do not chase my quarry

I seem to think she will just fall unto my midst

How lazy
How repugnant
How laughable


I preach of self reflection

But caught between two mirrors of my own hypocrisy

My vileness reflects back to me.

Blinded by my selfish lust for connection with one not of my disposition

I miss the blinding double standard

I continue to lie.

To spread pseudo-self exploration

Pseudo-self understanding

So my arms may be as open as I say my mind is

And my love may be as receiving as  my heart is empty

But my soul

My soul is as yellow
As my teeth.
My city was a ******
Who took broken people in
She took in the helpless
And lifted them from their sin
My city was a lover
She made dreams and plans come true
Never minding the cost
Her rivers ran with blue

Then my city sold her treasure
For a pale and gross estate
She lost it all for pleasure
Never mind what it would make.
Now her streets are filled with blood
And her clothes are all but gone
The beauty that once defined her
Was just sold for mindless fun.
My eyes see the blood and pleasure
That have made her mind go blind
What has she become?
Everyday more sins she finds
her hands are filled with blood
Of the innocent and kind
She once had a solid treasure
That she sold for spoons and forks
Welcome to the land of pleasure
Welcome to my home, New York.
Luis Valencia Dec 2018
it feels like thunder
the first time always feels that way
he takes me in his hands and i melt
my body is overheating
i try to suppress my pleasure
i'm afraid to make a sound  
he kisses me
his lips are hot to the touch
everything about this is burning
sweat drips from our skin
his hands are holding mine and im lost
im feeling everything im feeling pleasure
the thunder booms
and i yelp and pant
then lighting strikes
it blooms all around us
it raises the hair on our skin
it flashes so quickly
i begin to relax
i feel warmth all over me
the rain begins to fall
and he lays beside me
i grab his hands and kiss his palms
the rain softens
and he pulls me closer
only he can create a storm inside my body
A tribute to the first time.
Purcy Flaherty Nov 2018
I booked myself a ride;
On a galactic flight,
through the atmosphere,
out towards the light,
unity and pride;
is one satellite,
I'm a spaceline pioneer;
whistling through the night.
We're verging on a new beginning somewhere out in space
We're verging on a new beginning somewhere out in space ! !
We're setting out on a new adventure;
somewhere out in space,
buy a ticket !
secure your seat;
and join the human race !
Oh !
Space race is still in!
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