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Would you know a poem I wrote
Would you know me from the note
Would you be able to recognise
Or would you be fooled by my  disguise
Would I give the game away
Or incognito would I stay
Helene Marie Feb 11
beware the angel in disguise;
for as stunning as she is,
she is not afraid
to spread her wings
Eloisa Feb 2
Courage and strength in the midst of her fear
Disguises her feelings, though she woke up in tears
Uneven, rocky and rough her journey will be
Winding and long her roads are temporarily
She’s confused of the thoughts that even the toughest will tire
That the strongest will be weak and the happiest will cry

She has begun to find doubts on how far she could go
She started to get scared if she would be able to go through
There were minutes of choosing to stop and finally give up
But still she thought of how long did she hold on and how she has battled so tough
Then she thought of how God has led her way and guided her journey
Showing her unshaken smile, she stood up again and began her odyssey.
A Feb 4
are we children, or are we spies
in this city of disguise
when heaven calls,
and the wall falls,  
who will pass us by?
Rafał Jan 12
Welcome, sir, and get up to the last dance.
Not my fault - you made the choice when you went through the entrance.
Have a little bit of patience, though,
I'm in demand on this masquerade.

Oh, how the lights flicker, see? And the shadows spoil my senses.
That's a tad senseless of you to get on my nerves - offensive...
But I understand the sentiment, you are restless,
Well, I never let you close your eyelids once you drop the curtains.
All the offenses a gentleman like you keeps in his memories,
You are a cancer to the working class.

Your defense is - you desired to be wealthy.
Have a glass of gin, your mouth seems filthy.
The oppression you have built, indeed
Needed  a mastermind, alike to mine
A nine to five would not be fine for us.
The masses abiding us; we even control the foreigners.

Please observe my lovely smile,
This balet - stand on your toes and prance around.
Like the puppet on the strings I have pulled a thousand times.
Are you sure you are worthy to see through my disguise?

Pardon me, sir, henceforth
I'm your conscience, the one you have cancelled
Hidden in the stacks of gold
But the truth is, a soul can't be sold.

Weep, my dear, in quiet sorrow.
For us, as it turns out, there is no tomorrow.
The combination of ***** and alcohol
Is known of being thorough.
All this injustice you have caused
Was working on the time you had borrowed.
The poem depicts the moments before the death of a powerful magnate/dictator who has acquired wealthiness by oppression of poor people.
serena Dec 2018
love is just an illusion
a facade of flowers and chocolates
perpetuated by movies and television

it’s just a cover up
a mask to disguise what we really want
so we’re not all portrayed as *** addicts
lulu Dec 2018
It's finally over,
I'm breaking out of you,
You were a cage in disguise of a shell.
You were coated gold,
I couldn't see the black beneath you.
I thought you were a shell of light weight,
But the truth was you were actually not there;
To protect me neither love me.
You made me believe that love was still.
But, little did i know that love was a nonchalant tornado.
guess you don't know what true love is
Phoebe Hynes Dec 2018
I don’t change my sheets for days
after you visit.
My squished hands guide a lazy version of my body to
the bed that invites me to crawl on top of your dry sweat.
My torso sprawls into the dream of ******* transpired.
I like the nest that we created, lounging
against a mattress I pushed in the corner.
Tee shirts slouched into the crevices against the wall,
And my five pillows circling
our old tangled limbs.
**** is a shield,
A disguise of telling your eyes where to look.
Eyelashes against eyelashes.
Your iris seized a blanket
And buried a dilated pupil underneath.
This is the facade of being *****.
You’re still wearing skin.
A mattress will not preserve sensuality,
But my quilt will hold my body together
Until I find the pants I threw across the carpet.
George Krokos Oct 2018
I seem to be looking for something that is hard to find
Is it love or just something else deep within my mind?
Whatever it may be has now got me somehow going
and what I'll end up finding could be nothing knowing.

Is it some kind of a feeling or notion that something is missing
perhaps a thing that I've recently lost and I'm just reminiscing?
Something I need to do that needs to be done soon or otherwise
which is at the back of my mind bugging me so now in disguise.
Written in 2018.
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