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Zack Ripley Oct 11
My eyes may say "cool as a cucumber."
But that's just what I want you to see.
Because in reality, my eyes
Are aquariums of anxiety in disguise.
Kritin Aug 20
Hell is empty
My mind is heavy
The demons in my mind
Demons under my bed
They always make me see red
They control my life like then own it
They never let me be happy
Always making me go through melancholy
All I need is an angel in disguise
One who will guide me to light
Hold me through the night
Tell me everything is going to be alright !
An angel in white dress
Who will give me wings to fly through happiness !
Our demons can be defeated , you just need an angel and that angel is you !
intagram - @kritinkaul
mjad Aug 3
I don't want him to close his eyes and only see me
A first love is never over
It's just in disguise
Hiding behind the comfort of closed eyes
Nolan Willett Jul 28
Truth, what a grand prize,
Truthfully, I think truth is lies.
But I wear a stark disguise
Of being mesmerized, hypnotized
By all that people idolize,
of what the righteous advertise;
But truly I’m demoralized, unsocialized,
Thoughts practically mechanized,
Belief has been excised,
potential unrealized,
And my spirit’s been vaporized.
One benefit to being ostracized:
At least I can’t be radicalized.
Is this the truth
or just another lie?
You've told me the how
now tell me the why.
I hope it's the truth
but we know
it's another disguise.
I wish I was indifferent,
but i know we are both just trying not to cry.
Nathalie Jun 26
He drew me
towards him
by his unpredictability
I never knew how
he was going to turn
this master of disguise
Yet my heart could
feel that his guise
although well rehearsed
was a play; because of
his insecurities he
securely held at bay
This vulnerability
had me charmed
as I knew that
this facade was
because the real boy
behind the mask
was only afraid of
getting hurt.

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