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Hamna May 18
I can by my treason,
Masquerade as as an imperial friend.
My soul can be a supercilious peer,
Perceived like an exchequer.
Sometimes it happens that a person's soul can be their foe.
In reality, our nafs (hidden egos) are our most dangerous enemy...
The bust of colour I see coming from your smile
Your happiness radiates for a whole mile
The laughter in your eyes
The perfect disguise
I know what's behind that mask of love
Concealing the hate with a velvet glove
What you do when no one else can see
When there's only me
The way you make me beg and plea
How you cause me so much pain
Keeping me on a chain
How could a father cause so much pain
The pain that will drive me insane
That look of disdain
It's no longer humane
Just leave me be
Why can't you see
I want to be alone
I want to be on my own
'Don't give me that tone!'
'Leave me alone' I groan
I don't need you
From all I've been through
You just left me be
Why can't you see
You are nothing to me
You ignored me
Left me be
When I've been in despair
Were you there?
Did you even care?
Where you aware?
Of how I was feeling
Now that I'm healing
Am I more appealing
I know who you are now
I see through your disguise
I see through your lies
bizarre Mar 16
In times when a rain restoring the soil,
And a storm with the lightning disturbing our 'peace',
That moment our mind forgets the turmoil
full of thoughts and regrets ... we could never release.

And some say 'terrific', 'chaotic' or 'stressful'
because in no time rage is changing the sky,
but weather as such is meant to be blissful,
same as darkest night gives birth to a sunrise.

and eyes see the disguise...,
shall we call it a blessing?

reupload (changed it and corrected some mistakes)
Spin a masterpiece
A web of great deception
Beauty in disguise
Matters of the heart are not easily dismissed or disguised
Thus the elaborate masks we wear.

An illusion, so others can't see
Truth is not easily cast aside or veiled

Though a mask can conceal these for a short while
Truth, like air, will in time find its way to the surface

For the heart holds truth and truth is easily sought
It is a brilliant light that can not be buried

Its intensity reaches the greatest depths of our souls
And reveals itself through the windows
The eyes are the windows to the soul. The last line of this poem refers to truth being revealed through the eyes. Written December 9, 2003
Brumous Feb 8
I sat there talking with people,
but I seem like an invisible figure.

No one listened, so I still sat there, with a happy smile;
Pushing back tears while filling my head with lies,
Whelving those feelings away as I put on;

A pitiful disguise.

"Believe me every heart has its secret sorrows, which the world knows not, and oftentimes we call a man cold, when he is only sad."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
moria Jan 30
why is it,
that going to sleep at night,
makes me want to stay up all day?

as the sun splashes on my face,
i wake up to a brand new day.

where the sun is harsh and it hurts my eyes,
blinds me,
removes my disguise.

in the day,
i am naked.
in the night,
i am disguised.

one is my freedom,
one is my demise.
no-caps poem. this makes no sense but all the sense at the same time. i just put words together
NAL May 2020
They aren't interested in theater,
yet they put on a show.
They say innocent until proven guilty,
but I could never have known.
Tooba Dec 2020
some pretend
to be
a good wisher
but are just
feeding on others
for their
personal shortlived
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