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In the mire's sea I swam,
Not as fish but as clam.
In struggles and difficulties,
Silence, darkness and impossiblities.

Harsh and cruel realities I face,
As with impatience all through I pace.
It took him, but not her again.We've never bargain.

With lives gone, I thought it was nature,
But with my flower taken,my balloon pride punctured.
Woe,woe I cried again as another it takes.
What's my life on Earth? Oh  piece of cake!

Courage on, sucide is gonna do,
But will this hostile world let me go?
In thought of how, with mind so stiff,
I was again mistaken for a thief.

**** her, **** her, they shouted,
Then, I remembered those words I never counted.
Of the king of glory who was wronged,
So as for the sins of men he might purged.

For the tactics to go to him all I know,.
But does He cares? does his blood for me it flow?
To death and him, the latter I'll try,
In me, his mercies was all for I cried.

Eyes shut, for no one and I had,
Little did I know my little prayer was heard.
My swift call of this Supreme name,
Did what I can't even  believe in a game.

In him now I trust cos all my sins purified,
By his grace from all guilt justified.
Families and friends, his chosen one supply,
Now always his SUPREME NAME Everytime I apply.
In the dread of desperation and loss
He still does care
Tony Tweedy Sep 2020
I have called out often to you
and I have craved your intervention.
Never really sure if you exist at all,
I still sought for your attention.

I searched the faiths a many
and I have tried to understand.
What it was that I must do
to reach out to your open hand.

My faith has wavered greatly
as my time has ambled on.
Yet often did I pray to you,
though at times my faith had gone.

So many times did I reach for you
from the depths of my despair.
Hoping for some magic sign
that you were standing there.

I have looked upon the world and universe,
To see its beauty and its terrors too.
In some unseen and mystifying way,
these things all cry out a testament of you.

I have come to think that we,
are not at the centre of your plan.
Your universe so vast in purpose,
for the tininess of a single man.

Endless chaos and reconstruction,
on a scale that a lifetime can't comprehend.
Recycling endless matter,
on a path seemingly without an end.

Yet you gave me mind and time,
to see this snapshot of the plan.
Giving cause for hope that you can hear,
the prayers of this small man.
Twice in my life I was surprised to find a prayer seemingly answered. Too immediate to write off as coincidence.... though when faith is thin it is easier to believe in coincidence. Unanswered prayers also give rise to doubts. Oddly... even when faith is weakest and doubts are highest... I find I am more likely to seek intervention. Just saying....
Ordeezy Jul 2020
What if God was a man, like mortal beings
He would be a man feared by kings
He would awe the world by doing unspeakable things,
The world will know of his name
Atheist would try but science can’t explain.

If God was a man,
He would seat on the throne of dilemma
Trying to answer the prayers of every man
The common man who prays for good health
For business sake, the coffin maker prays for death,
The common man who prays for peace in his place
The lawyer who prays for his case.

If God was a man,
One that I can touch this close
If man propose, how dare he dispose!
Isn’t he human like us?
Why does he find joy in our loss?

If God was a man,
Would he also fall in love?
Would that explain the birth of his son?
When he dies where will he go?
Would he tell us world secrets no one knows?

If God was a man,
Would we see him as God?
Would you believe if he performed miracles as God?
Or if he spoke in a heavenly voice?
Would you rather think
he is just a man seeking fame by force
There is only one Supreme Being. Her/His domain is the infinite Cosmos.

Yet we have on Earth myriad religions all praying to the same Supreme Being, but calling the Supreme Being different names (e.g. God, Allah, etc.), thereby creating artificial religious divisions among humanity that sow discord, even creating wars at times.

Will we ever see the truth and embrace it? If humanity did, the likelihood of Peace on Earth would increase exponentially.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
Bina Mukherjee May 2020
Heal the world with your magical touch O Savior,
Your supreme creation has become tired and ill.
For the sake of the old and the new
You come down,we have become weak.

We realised our wrongdoings as we have darkened your blue sky..
We choked your mighty oceans with plastics.
We filled your pure air with toxic fumes
We made your green world barren
Now we deserve to be rebuked

We are your transgressor

Our mistakes are unpardonable
Our sins are grave

But O Lord!
We need your forgiveness for those who have done good,
Sheltered the needy and saved the sick and offered food.
We need you for those who are born today
We need you for the mankind to stay.

Come down O Krishna in any form as we are in deep pain,
Come down ... O bountiful we need you again!!

Bina Mukherjee
Does man's Elmo diaper exposure amount to felony lewdness? Utah supremes hear arguments...


Lawyer Joanna Landau sought to overturn her client’s lewdness conviction in oral arguments earlier this month before the Utah Supreme Court, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “It was not ******, it was just strange,” Landau said.

The Facts:

Landau’s client, Barton Jason Lewis Bagnes, 36, was accused of pulling down his pants to show two 8-year-old children his diaper in a May 2009 incident. At the time, police said, Bagnes was ******* a candy pacifier and throwing paper airplanes onto lawns. Police have said the airplanes were actually fliers showing children in diapers and promoting websites that showed children in sheer underwear, the story says.
Do you think?
mjad Jul 2019
he got the
Gucci flops
Supreme top
Balenciaga bag
Hermes chain
Chanel sunglasses
Louis Vuitton jacket
Rolex on his wrist
he looks A-list

but does he have a heart?
I am
a book
with rhymes
that shake
yo bones
but to
startle a
nuance is
stone cold
if cloud
of dust
shows the
blue in
Cheltenham and
radicals endure
light of
pale doom
Isabel Aghahowa Mar 2019
you say you’re radical
as you sling Supreme over your shoulder
you spit logos unto anarchy
and throw brands on broken windows  
as bloodshot eyes
waver and twitch
as they fight obsolete horizons
and default paths

obey, obey, obey
bloodstains on Nike’s name
molotov cocktails litter the land
and cause city flames
that act as spectacles
for blind believers
with obscured visions
of our timeless vocation
Desire Mar 2019
Our oppositions are subjective, yet
we're subject to our opinions
but differences deepened by
developing diversity is false dominion,
proving one thing to be true:
Neither of us get the final rule.
Human supremacy is a construct,
freeing me to believe in a higher power
outside of me and you...

If neither of us are supreme, then who?
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