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Does man's Elmo diaper exposure amount to felony lewdness? Utah supremes hear arguments...


Lawyer Joanna Landau sought to overturn her client’s lewdness conviction in oral arguments earlier this month before the Utah Supreme Court, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “It was not ******, it was just strange,” Landau said.

The Facts:

Landau’s client, Barton Jason Lewis Bagnes, 36, was accused of pulling down his pants to show two 8-year-old children his diaper in a May 2009 incident. At the time, police said, Bagnes was ******* a candy pacifier and throwing paper airplanes onto lawns. Police have said the airplanes were actually fliers showing children in diapers and promoting websites that showed children in sheer underwear, the story says.
Do you think?
mjad Jul 2019
he got the
Gucci flops
Supreme top
Balenciaga bag
Hermes chain
Chanel sunglasses
Louis Vuitton jacket
Rolex on his wrist
he looks A-list

but does he have a heart?
I am
a book
with rhymes
that shake
yo bones
but to
startle a
nuance is
stone cold
if cloud
of dust
shows the
blue in
Cheltenham and
radicals endure
light of
pale doom
Isabel Aghahowa Mar 2019
you say you’re radical
as you sling Supreme over your shoulder
you spit logos unto anarchy
and throw brands on broken windows  
as bloodshot eyes
waver and twitch
as they fight obsolete horizons
and default paths

obey, obey, obey
bloodstains on Nike’s name
molotov cocktails litter the land
and cause city flames
that act as spectacles
for blind believers
with obscured visions
of our timeless vocation
Desire Mar 2019
Our oppositions are subjective, yet
we're subject to our opinions
but differences deepened by
developing diversity is false dominion,
proving one thing to be true:
Neither of us get the final rule.
Human supremacy is a construct,
freeing me to believe in a higher power
outside of me and you...

If neither of us are supreme, then who?
a union is granted a pie
and cleanse their rye
when a tunic can sequester mobs
only cries in these houses pale crumbs
as they succumb to climes in poles
that keep their fry hush in throes
and below the ground frowns peal the town
as ice is temperately bound
whether ponds here roast white supremacy
as rhetoric was xenophobia
and rose from their chaos
now the national street
that sought their limb
and the financier in London
a word on democracy
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2018
She told
She is close
To the God


To her wonder
Long time, ahead
I had started to
Worship her
Genre: Observational
Theme: Diamond are precious, they emit their vibe
InfranGilis Jun 2018
Never have I seen one as generous,
Nor one so abandoned as you in your darkest hours,

Never seen someone as noble as you,
Oh helper and hope of the lonely,
Where are you?

Where has your Light gone?

The sparks through which you guided us all,
The light that tore away the dark of our souls,

Your supreme sacrifices to which now I long,

My heart belongs only to you,
You taught me love and duty,

Then persisted that I remain humble,
One so pure, without, I could never be whole.
Wrote this last night just before dawn. Hope you like it.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
While crafting living beings
The supreme showed sensibility
placing all the organs
in the utmost level

caged heart
covered brain
highly placed eyes
and, so on

The Perfect
As seen from the close proximity

Supreme might not have 2nd thought,
words can break the heart
memory can weaken the brain
distance can blur the sight

This day
would have been different
If had, once,
that day,
foreseen from the distance.
Genre: Rational
Theme: 2nd thought
(A Psalm of Exhortation to godly fear.)

Bow the knee to the holy One.
Worship with standing ovation:
Rivers, grass, sun and stars.
And man the crown of creation.

Let the kingdoms fear the Lord,
And all the people make haste.
He is head of the universe;
His eyes are in every place.

The sovereign King ‘pon his throne
Shall judge the world and the nations.
One clasp of his powerful hands
Would terrify creation.

Sing, O winds. Sing praises to him;
Bow you mountains and trees.
Let every beast do obeisance to God,
And all men fall to their knees
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