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When we hold close
You turn away
When our hands touch
You drift  further from day
When things look calm
The tornado rages on
Not even an umbrella
Can conquer the pouring rain
Out of the west the wind blew strong
it blew more hard as the day went on
early evening light turn midnight black
then an eerie calm as the wind went slack
run run run
run for the shelter child
the monster is real alive and wild
The wind exploded with a mighty roar
swirling the glass and dust from the floor
around went brick and board that support
off went the roof with a loud report
run run run
run for the shelter child
the monster is real alive and wild
Nothing spared it made it's way east
light rain fell the twisting wind cease
I stood in place a statue of fear
the cool rain awaken how death so near
Hey you!
Yes you
You couldn't hide your words behind your poetic gallery!
One day they will shout they will want to call their own desires
Respond all posibilities
Don't let the tornado get heavy
Let me bring my tea
And feel free
To see
You& me
Kyra Feb 1
The Nor'easter in my mind won't settle
The inside of my scalp is wind-burned
Every step is won in a never ending battle
Every breath stolen like a meter of ground

I bury myself a trench
trying to escape the clutches of Zephyrus
All four gods circle around me in a typhoon of noise
Eos's sons, vultures in my head
lulu Dec 2018
It's finally over,
I'm breaking out of you,
You were a cage in disguise of a shell.
You were coated gold,
I couldn't see the black beneath you.
I thought you were a shell of light weight,
But the truth was you were actually not there;
To protect me neither love me.
You made me believe that love was still.
But, little did i know that love was a nonchalant tornado.
guess you don't know what true love is
Devorah Spiegel Dec 2018
The tornado is tangling me
Into a  complicated human being.
The thoughts are rising
So I can’t breathe.
I’m trying to reach the sky,
But I’m being brought down.
Because that action turned into a thought.
A thought that blew me up.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
you break break break me
and then you pretend you did nothing
you hurt hurt hurt me
and then pretend that i did something wrong
okay i'm bleeding
can't you see
you've done your damage
now please let me be

Renee Danes Sep 2018
The large moving cone comes closer,
And flings things easily,
And to my sight,
Of no delight,
Coming my way...
Is a tree...

Help m,

Reading about tornados in my Conspiracy & Tragedy class...
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