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L Barbera Sep 14
The sky is a reflection of
a child that's lost
It is screaming and crying
Painting our world with it's pain.

Why did it have to rain
so hard in Kansas
As we laid there in our tents.

Praying to God
For the second time this week.
Wondering if this is something
We will soon regret.
Fọlá May 24
The clouds are darkening
Withdrawing the sun; concealing

The lighting is striking.
Glowing, electrifying.
The thunder is clapping.
Scary, deafening.

The air is dampening.
Cooling, moistening

The wind is howling.
The dust is rising.
The fires are dying.
The trees are shaking.

Roofs, flying.
Doors, slamming.
Windows, shutting.

The storm is brewing.
The people are running;
Hiding, retreating.
For the rain, is coming.
Egeria Litha May 11
I miss you in a whirlwind
trails of wind whip my skin
left high and dry
volume in my hair
dust in my eyes
sand in the grit
I  miss you in a tailspin
you were just here
tread marks where you been
I miss you in a time capsule
I swallow each mourning
kat victoria Apr 28
hard as a rock my whole life.
strong as a tornado.
colder than ice.
there comes a point
where you have to decide.
between human
and stone.
i never knew where to draw the line.
but being weak is human too
and i don’t want to be a statue.
i’m finally softening
Winds whistle
Trees sway
Screams ripple
Run away

In my mind
I lose it
Don’t you dare try
To soothe this

I like to escape
I like to think
I can feel your hate
Swim, before you sink

My mind is a tornado
Breaking this countryside
Run like a torpedo
You should probably hide
Wrote this during a tornado warning. :D
Perdue Poems Apr 10
My head is filled with black-striped bees
Bizzing and buzzing as they please
The world's a thund'ring 'fall
Roaring its loud call
Life's a tornado
Then I see
polka Apr 1
my heart hosts a shy tornado and I cannot tell
whether I am choking or flying.
Erian Mar 19
When we hold close
You turn away
When our hands touch
You drift  further from day
When things look calm
The tornado rages on
Not even an umbrella
Can conquer the pouring rain
James Study Mar 12
Out of the west the wind blew strong
it blew more hard as the day went on
early evening light turn midnight black
then an eerie calm as the wind went slack
run run run
run for the shelter child
the monster is real alive and wild
The wind exploded with a mighty roar
swirling the glass and dust from the floor
around went brick and board that support
off went the roof with a loud report
run run run
run for the shelter child
the monster is real alive and wild
Nothing spared it made it's way east
light rain fell the twisting wind cease
I stood in place a statue of fear
the cool rain awaken how death so near
Hey you!
Yes you
You couldn't hide your words behind your poetic gallery!
One day they will shout they will want to call their own desires
Respond all posibilities
Don't let the tornado get heavy
Let me bring my tea
And feel free
To see
You& me
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