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Jules 13h
The words unspoken
Are leaving me broken
elSe 21h
I think of you, but not you of me,
For I am shackled, and you are free.
Now the words are clear, but I’ll never tell
For I am pigeon-livered and lack gall.
The recursive words stay in my head–
They leave me not and make me mad–
I am now the jester in time’s flow,
Put on a show so you won’t know
How the words are free,
And good to go,
Yet woe is me,
My mind’s not free.
The words are there on the tip of your tongue, but your mind is holding them back... Why can't we folow our hearts for once?
Eye contact,
Unspoken letters on the lips,
Soft smiles on the faces,
entwined hearts for eternity.

Hussein Dekmak

Seanathon Sep 16
Still cups
Quiet unspokens
The hierarchy of all those who swim

What does it mean?

That you can take my silent ignorance as a token
That you are capable
And I am unwilling
Flirtatious IRL
Vi Aug 29
How do I know they love me?
We never say I love you
So how do I know?

My mom wakes up early in the morning
She got home from work at 2 am
Now that’s pretty late
But she’s up and making me food
Says alright she’s saying
The food is made she goes to work
During her break she calls and asks me if I ate

She never says I love you but she shows it.
She asks me what I want to eat
It doesn’t mater if it’s easy
But she makes it just for me
It can take her two hours to prepare
That’s how I know she cares

She is always there.
She never says she loves me but she shows it

Then there is my dad. He doesn’t show his emotions
But he’s there even through all my commotion
I’m not a perfect child
I get angry and throw a fit
But he doesn’t yell at me one bit

He knows if he does I’ll cry
And for that reason he tries
To not make me sad
He doesn’t want me to be mad

He can tell when I’m stressed
And he knows what is best.
He asks if I want help
He says don’t worry about the money
I don’t want you to worry

He doesn’t say he loves me
But he shows it

If I fail a test
He tells me I can still be the best
I’m out here stressing
But he’s here reminding me I always have his blessings

My parents don’t say they love me
But they show it
And from their actions I know it
Anastasia Aug 25
you keep breaking
your unspoken promises
the ones you make with your eyes
every time you smile
dadens Aug 14
your silence screams my name
captivating my desire

but it's all in my head

because my ears long for the words
that will never be said
Mister J Aug 12
There are things that keep me up at night
Unfulfilled yearnings that turn to regret
Thoughts that steal away a good night's sleep
Words that were suppressed, never to be said

I guess I'm still stuck at that time
When I was yours, and you, mine
No matter how I press on every day
I still remain a slave to your sways

Harmless conversations from time to time
Cannot satiate how much I thirst for you
Your attention is everything that I seek
Your eyes remain lights in the shadows of my life

Everyday I live in fear and dread
That in a chance that we meet again
You will flash a lovely smile at me
Lovelier than those you had with me

Every night I pray in earnest agony
That I never have to see you again
Knowing that the happiness you have now
Won't ever be caused by me again

So here I am
Writing the unspoken feelings
Etching the hidden truths
That even now, as I write this poem
I want to run to you
Bury myself in your arms
And never letting you go
I want to return to that time
When I pledged myself yours
And you, mine
I want to hold your hands
Hearts connected
Fingers entwined
I want to say I love you
Whispering in your ears
Planting kisses on your cheeks
I want to disappear with you
To a place where you and I
Can freely speak the words unspoken
15-minute rushed write.
Let me know what you think.
Enjoy the read!

Hemlata Roy Aug 4
I am anything
But not less than amazing.

I can see
the deeper beauty in me.

I can feel
the pain which is real.

I have the fear
of losing my dream.

Unspoken thoughts
are roaming in my heart.

Beautiful life blossoms
Don't want to confine myself.
Don't want to confine myself in this way
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