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Brynn S 6h
Raining within the theaters
With wounds I was given new life
With words pervading no meaning
A mute sound would escape
The lips never to speak
Yet they moved constantly
Buried in the weeds
Returned to natures ocean
A maze of divinity
The miraculous promotion
I float at the feet of a ***
She confuses me a lot
She is different now
A winding unstoppable force
And I hate it
I am unable to hold her
To understand what she has become
She is so far away from me
Stepped miles towards somewhere I cannot follow
I do not know her anymore
Who is she to me?
What do I owe her?
She has lost the right to call me anything
She acts as an acquaintance
I just want her back
The way I remember her
When she used to care
To inspire
To be there
When she was still known by my soul
I am deeply torn by her
And she doesn't even know
Idk. My thoughts are ******* me off.
We need to finish this
But I don't know what this is
Is my heart yours?
Or, is it his?
My heart is breaking
I don't know what to do
After two weeks
I thought I was over you
Why did you do this to me
You locked me in your eyes
You smiled while you spoke
You will be my demise
We've had this unspoken thing
Why couldn't you let it end
It could have gone away like it never happened
But you drew me in again
It's been almost a year
That I've had these feelings for you
If this doesn't end soon
Who am I being married to?
Yanamari Oct 16
One more thing
Before I lay my head to rest,
I must say
Hoping that my last words
Won't need to be repeated
And my essence unfelt;

A hole has manifested
In my sincerity
And no person has been
Left unaffected.

Many times I mention
My lack of drive and
To passionately
Reach for the moon
My words as if delirious
Wander unintercepted
Into the horizon.

Of course in your insincerity
I slowly cared less and less,
But unable to be resilient
The hurt bore a hole
Pierced my soul
And left my energy
Diffusing low
Into the deep...

Drawn apart
In my end.

And in the darkness
There is nothing to
Let the light flourish again.
Your “I miss you” were drowned deep to wine & beer.
My ears were drunk with all the words that poured in, it was intoxicating to hear.

I want to hear you speak,
Your voice is my favorite kind of sound that my heart wants to keep.

I can imagine how charming you are when you say those words like, “I miss you” and “Good night”.
It’s my only weakness that I cannot fight.

I hope that alcohol won’t wash away your memory. If it does, you know that I will still take the things that has been washed away.

It will become an unspoken treasure to me.
Rashmi Oct 14
Whatever I want to say in real went wrong everytime....
The gap between my heart and my mind never gonna combine...
Those eyes which seems magical, if they have any real thrill?
That mind which I love the most, Can I get a chance to see it's coast?
Trust which I built a long time ago, do i show it everytime to make you roast?
Yes, I feel jealous when I see the ducks around you,
"Sorry" ain't the word I want to listen but your heart beats,
I love to stay quiet when it's only your babel,
"Self-respect" I know what it means, but is it necessary everytime to scream?
Do I need to say things to prove everything?
Or your mind is enough to read the unspoken words.
Shane Rowe Oct 5
Are you against me?
Answers are not always what is heard
I see
You are a mess of words,
Do you hear me?
Tied together with a longing
Strong enough to bend steel
Holding onto a belief that
Someday might not be as dark as today
Hold on, my dear
Even if the whispers are getting louder
I chain myself to words
that I can never speak
some voices sing in silence
some come to me in dreams
unspoken breath inside me,
what secrets do you hold?
these ruinous desires
that set fire to my soul

some truth lies in the silence
but you don't want to know
this veil is a delusion
protection from the cold
sometimes I lie unconscious,
as darkness enters me
when dreams come to collect me
I let it set me free
Seanathon Sep 19
Would you hide with me, unwind with me?
Would you sew my home for an hour or so?
Would you let me cook for you into the night unknown?

Would you listen to me, would you speak the words?
Would you fall back into the quiet, until, we can hear the obnoxious chirping birds?

Would you want my hand as I want your mind?
Would it matter if I asked you for just a little more time?

And your body, your spine, in its perfect align.
Is but a hopeful wish for distant tomorrow.
One that belongs to the keeper of heart in due time.

But then, in such situations as this, to ask...
Would my courage not fail me?
Would such moments now last?
Would? Should? Haha... Silly self.

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