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Let me:
Sail into your dreams
Cuddle your fantasies
Hear your silence
Utter your thoughts
Read your unspoken words
Touch your imagination
Embrace your desires.
Sing to your heart
Kiss your soul
Taste your sweetness
Touch your kindness
Feel your happiness and
Dance inside your chest

Let me be:
Your gentle breeze,
The spring of your life
The inspiration of your love and
The whisperers of your being

Hussein Dekmak
Brant Jul 10
The most useful lesson
conveys itself in the shadow of your words,
waiting for me to catch on
Jack Jul 2022
Walk through the dark woods,
Those eerie eyes keep prying,
The night sky and the moon as witnessed,
For the weakened man make his last hurl,
This is war,
As the soil become damp with red,
The sky gets dimmer,
Let the stories of broken man written here,
Land of unspoken hope,
Where dream and desire meet the end of the road,
The unforgettable sight for an innocent soul,
All those beautiful words,
Remain untold,
Become a tale for the wind,
Wilkes Arnold Aug 2021
He looked me in the eye
And demanded to know
Why the car wasn't running
He needed to go
And I stared back
Without expression on my face
Thinking he's trapped
And running for the cage
He saw it then
The truth in my gaze
His panic grew and then rage
Then everything vanished
But his silent plea
And I stared back
And I stared back
Nicole Aug 2021
The young girl had so many letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs that she pondered
but every time she opened her mouth
the scratchy invisible barrier, that was dug and buried deep inside of her halted her
Wilkes Arnold Jul 2021
To know what
Of things condemned
Are needed,

To know that they
Know you know
Of their need,

Without words
Hesitation or remorse
To act,

To be
In totality
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreams and dreams will be remembered:)

a nightmare or a dream???
the day you wrote a poem to me
titles stumbled on the versus our desires declared
gone in the drop of a lit matched flare
guess that love will remember us
stared promises tangled even the unspoken trust
i think of the time of all lasts
hourglass sand stolen so fast
nonsense traffic faints
in the path of the cuts this hurt paints
bruises in surrender to the knife
like when two plus two makes five
Venus on the window pane
whispering to others about the ****** stain
till this day

The words I could never say
Fall as silent tears now
By tomorrow theyll be forgotten
But I can only escape them for so long
he knows its wrong, and I cant stop him. Ive tried, and no one else will. No one else listens. And we're all going to suffer the consequences.
Lyn Apr 2021
Sunny day
feels like
there is only
you and me

the sun light
hit my sight
curtain down
on their own

few inches between us
could feel your fingers
exploring my hair

on that sunny day,
only we knew
what happened
between us
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2021
Concepts can be expressed in many ways; and are mostly explored using words, yet words convey the smallest fraction of our true thoughts and feelings.
Perhaps the limitation of language is why I love art and music so ? they are the perfect compliment to a *** of tea.
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