leeannejjang Aug 17

This time my intentions are pure.
This time my feelings are true.
This time my heart is sure.

But, this time you're not here anymore.

fairyenby Jul 17

the words that whisper inside your head,

the thoughts that hang on feeble thread

sowing silent stories inside your mind,

unwritten, lost, the kind

that never reach the lips.

the conversations exchanged in glances

in the darkness of night, an eye that dances

I hold my breath and let my eyes speak

"what are you thinking”

“I don’t know"

but in all honesty

I'm thinking,

I'm weak.

May 2016
everly Jul 1

In my lonely place, I grieve for you
My loneliness is all about you
While you were here, there was no lonely
And yet Im filled with sadness for the moments we spent together
I didnt hold you enough
Kiss you enough
Caress you enough
Nor did I tell you i loved you enough
Too filled with myself to know how much of me was you
Never dreaming how empty i would be if you left
Youve sandpapered my soul
Too late
I grieve for others
Because youve made me understand
Now i cry all the tears i should have cried and more
As if to make up
All the years i did not feel

Written by John M. Tobias
prema Jun 19


When the both of us just won’t——just can’t stop trying for one another because to you quitting feels like dying, a near death experience, but moving on and trying is just what comes natural to you, a survival instinct that fires up even when the hopeful flame is fading.

unspoken words never suited me well
I’ll whisper the reasons I’d like to see you in the morning,
mostly for the way the sunlight and shadows dance across your skin
If your fingertips promise to adore more than my body in the dark
I’ll always wish to be more subtle and you’ll wonder how a broken heart could remain so open
the wounds he left when I was six never healed but I’ll let you nestle in-between them
just please don’t make me feel weak for shouting how I feel from rooftops
I’ve never known how to love with anything but all of me

Melissa Jun 19

My mind is a locked window,
Do you dare to come in?
Insides a little messy.
My thoughts are a little Hazy.
In the counter to your right, there's a pile of unspoken thoughts.
To your left, is the constant overthinking and the flashbacks of the past.
Down the hallway is a river of tears, where a girl hangs out but has only cried for years.
if you look at the ceiling, all you see is cracks.
Ones that are patched, and ones that are ready to cave in.
Enter at your own risk.

JuliaLazareto Jun 18

I stare at you, every now, and then,
but my feelings for you remained unspoken.
I wish, I could just tell you what I think of you,
Cause if you only knew, and it's okay with you, I'll run to you.

I screenshot every picture of you,
look at my gallery, It's full because of you.
I didn't liked you since we met,
It's just.. like.. one day, when I saw you, It felt like magnet.

Ever since that day,
I'm always following your foot way,
I wanna know, who's with you,
I wanna know what you do,
I just wanna know more about you,
In every way, I can do.

Months, years, Decades, passed,
I still like you, I still love you,
You still like her, You still love her.
It hurts, it hurts, because I know, you won't love me, the way I do.
It hurts, to be bypassed by you.

I loved you for 10 years.
I know it's not your problem anymore.
But please help me,
If there's really no chance, tell me.
Cause I'm tired, I'm tired of getting ignored.
I think I can't do these things anymore.

I need to stop my feelings for you,
It will hurt more, if I'll continue.
Maybe you're not really my forever,
perhaps, you're the epitome of game over.


I was listening to sad songs on the way to work and crying in the grocery store before it was over
as if my heart knew before my head that you were too good to last
& it's not about how little or long I knew you or the way your lips felt against mine
time was never a deciding factor and I didn't lose sleep wishing I were kissing you
maybe it was me and my tendency to make things so much more than they are
but I always felt like I lost you before you really left

alan May 28

Keep those words unspoken,
hide those perennial problems.
And when every bone is broken,
let it perforate your heart.

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