Leah 2d
Words spinning around
I'm now in the labyrinth of my head

reminiscing my first kiss with whom I barely know
in her room half naked
She says nothing, but her thought are as if they're hand in hand to mine

electrocuting every fibre of my body
I feel hazy about the times I spent with her,
yet I vividly remember every words she had spoken

She now speaks bout a little river she used to go with her first love, but when will she tell me the words?

I see now, I see that her fire was put out
personal thoughts
Thoughts unspoken
Silence is waiting;
Is this space enough to be filled?

Moments are measured
By words unsaid
Words that we package
Into different sized boxes
It has to fit perfectly
Or they will never leave my head

We keep waiting
For the right time
In the wrong way

When time runs out
All the boxes will be empty
By the thoughts unspoken
Forever in my head

Perhaps it is better
To speak up instead
Better to cause discomfort
Than find your thoughts dead
When we find ourselves in moments of silence that could be filled - but we wait for better timing. But sometimes the perfect time never comes. And the thoughts die.
when i open my eyes
all i see are the ghosts of yesterday
their silhouettes dancing along my walls
in the morning light
i see all of the promises broken
wishes left unspoken
and my heart longs for something
something it's never truly known

but when i close my eyes
i see you and i
lost in the forest of your eyes
your lips deeply pressed against mine
fireworks illuminate the sky
and for once my heart beats slowly
it doesn't long for anything
for once i feel at home
She Writes Jul 11
There is too much regret
In unspoken words
The quiet thoughts
Whispered only to the moon

There is too much longing
In wishful thinking
Can quickly become a nightmare

There are too many tears
Spilled onto pillows
Over suffering and longing
From words unsaid
Steph Cheng Jun 29
One river leads to heaven or hell,
meandering like a path into Wonderworld
Swearing upon a smile worth dying for,
we dived head first into the Styx with hearts like a lion's
Our fears washed away


You and me against the world
Our aegis spread his arms to shield us from the wars raging above
Thunder bolts roared and howled,
but we were bulletproof,
safely tucked away in the far end of the galaxy


A chink in my armour
Pierced by one fatal blow,
my corpse cried its last tear into the Styx
The voice of Cassandra ringed in my ears
Gone with my breath was my soul

You are my Achilles heel.
Letters I never sent - to my Achilles heel
Faera Jun 27
Take every second
of my skin
Rolling beneath your fingertips

Give every breath
of your shine
To the dark empty places within

Hate every one
in a million
Paper cranes creased by unsteady hands

Love every time
the snow falls
Frozen memories intact with every drop
Danielle Jun 21
These unspoken words,
They recall a moment.
Against the inky black of the sky,
Touch, whisper soft, on skin
Poetry spoken quietly, contented.
Movement, undone by moonlight.
Disquiet soothed by the stars.
A moment of peace in between.
Re-write. just a quiet moment that deserved to be remembered.
Steph Cheng Jun 19
Blinded by the radiance
Of your supernova drawing me in,
Moth to flame.
Glorifying the bravery shown by few
With nothing but my courage and adventurousness,
I fell for the dark distant sun

A self-proclaimed devil;
I looked into your eyes and all I saw was red.


A crooked smile on your face,
You tore me open with your pitchfork.
One look to stop my heart,
My life flashed before my eyes as you sucked away my last breath:
You were a black hole all along

Yet above your horns I see a fading halo,
On your back, lifeless white feathers holding on like the last leaf
And they wonder why I'd follow you to hell and back
Over and over
Letters I never sent - to my first heartbreak
Steph Cheng Jun 19
Stood out from chorus to lead,
You fell for the broken spotlight.
Sweet as a ballad was your attempt to ignite
A burnt out filament. A shattered bulb beyond repair.
Enamoured with the infinite possibilities,
You were blinded by the tenuous flame that
Could have.
Would have.
Should have.

Didn’t you see that the light was long gone?

Exposition in sonata
An allegro on tenterhooks
Your trembling bow on the violin strings
Played a duet for one.
An imperfect cadence

Your symphony; my impromptu
A would-be master piece diminished
You stared into the deafening silence
Where a baritone sang in the minor key.
I didn’t mean it.
The broken spotlight could only flicker for one
Ghost, leaving the stage in the dark
Scores unreadable

Don’t you see that I couldn’t play on broken strings?

An unsung finale echoes in my ears
As a last condolence to rehearsals wasted
Your keys painted a melancholy
I cannot bear to hear
Lost between the black and white, major and minor
Was a harmonised duet never played

Will you hear my Lacrimosa?
Letters I never sent - to the boy whose heart I broke
Shadow Dragon Jun 11
If you want to define love
you are not worth of such beauty.
Because love is not to be defined
just like you can’t describe
the golden thoughts of a crazy lady.

Her shine will forever remain
unspoken amongst the cruel men
who no longer know what to strive for
or what to do with the the puddle of shine.
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