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I thought it was you
When my phone buzzed
And the notification popped up
I thought it would be you

I always think it's you
I always hope
But it never is

And I'm left here to wonder
Why I wait for it anyway
When I know it will never be you
I still hope though
Chezka Jan 27
The sound of the ocean,
And a goodbye left unspoken.
Dear you,

I wish you genuine happiness,
All the best for you.
Let God be the center of everything.

Ps. I miss you!

Love, me.
Alastair Fenn Jan 23
the rain's melting glass
moulding our views
and moving intentions
to rooms where it started

in grey skies and days
gripping tightly as tea melts between
afternoon darkness

the city at evening
turned pines into curtains
drifting on branches

and in sudden still we walked out between them
in tunnels so soft words can't escape we
shook them together
the snow freezing down
between coatings inside the stitched cotton
we're both waiting there as cars drive below

the rain's melting glass
and scatters through streets
and cracks in the frame
are beginning to show
Deb Jones Sep 2017
I see the doubt in your eyes
I hear the regret in your sigh
You wonder what to say
You wonder what to do
Every time I whisper
I love you

So you choose not to speak
And my eyes you refuse to meet
You gently pull me close
You softly kiss my cheek
I pretend it doesn't matter
As you drift off to sleep
But it does
It does

Because my heart knows
There will come a time
When the words of love
I now speak
Will go unspoken
My spirit and my heart
Will have been too oft broken
Where will we be
Where will we be
Laura Dec 2018
Aber all das war kein richtig lebendiges Gespräch.
Sie redeten zwar weiter, aber so wie Leute,
die es nicht schaffen, sich wirklich wichtige
oder berührende Dinge zu sagen,
sondern die zueinander bloß nett sein wollen.
blackbox Dec 2018
I’m not saying I wasn’t a good person, but YOU bring out the best in me.
I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy me time, but sharing it with YOU is most fulfilling.
I’m not saying I was ever expressive, but YOU’re always the only one to know.
I’m not saying we never fought, but YOU are the first to make amends.
I’m not saying we were perfect, but WE are happier with every passing day.
So, how can you think that I don’t love you just cause I’M not saying it everyday?!
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
Let me be,
the makeup on your skin,
The fragrance of your perfume

Let me be,
the breeze that grazes your face,
and the unspoken letters on your lips.

Let me be,
your hidden secrets,
and your full moon.

Let me be,
your smile, your laughter, your tears,
your wishes, and your happy dreams.

Hussein Dekmak

Caitlin Ellis Dec 2018
Words fight against waves to reach her lips
they linger till calm
and those that form in her chest
merely escape as a gentle whisper
Kaede Dec 2018
Hushed noise,
flowing river.
Hushed ****,
flowing love.

Frozen thoughts,
watered emotions.
Frozen truths,
watered lies.

Dusted iron,
sinking vessel.
Dusted keys,
sinking heart.
M17. My heart is really pounding hard this time. Could not help but to write something
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