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The words I could never say
Fall as silent tears now
By tomorrow theyll be forgotten
But I can only escape them for so long
he knows its wrong, and I cant stop him. Ive tried, and no one else will. No one else listens. And we're all going to suffer the consequences.
vllxch Apr 8
Sunny day
feels like
there is only
you and me

the sun light
hit my sight
curtain down
on their own

few inches between us
could feel your fingers
exploring my hair

on that sunny day,
only we knew
what happened
between us
Concepts can be expressed in many ways, though they can only be discussed using words, yet words convey the smallest fraction of our true thoughts and feelings.
Perhaps the limitation of language is why I love art and music so ? they are the perfect compliment ?
Brittany Ann Jan 29
Here I sit,

amongst a silent chaos.

Desperate to find that

poetic literary justice

to my current life.


here I sit,

finding nothing-

but feeling everything.
Dez Jan 5
Being Lonely
is just me longing for you
Together we were lovely
But what am I if we don't make two
Dez Jan 5
When your head left my shoulder
The light left my heart
I felt colder
this is what its like when we’re apart
As I get older
I realize with a start
That to leave you just tears me apart
Zhaina Angelica Dec 2020
These unspoken words,
Has it really become absurd?
A declaration left unsaid,
Or is it something we both dread?

These hidden words yet to be known,
Concealed expression ought to be shown
Has it sparked a mutual connection?
Or this might just be a case of a one sided confession
alyssum withers Dec 2020
the problem with “unspoken understandings”-
words never said but meant to be known, is that sometimes
there is no understanding at all,
just hushed words
whispered into a telephone
with a muted receiver.
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