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Lani Apr 6
Next week,
Next month,
Next year

They're all the same.

"I'll lose weight tomorrow."
"I'll study tomorrow."
"I'll finish tomorrow."

But tomorrow never comes.
Horrible, I know, but I just wanted to publish something.
mark soltero Feb 5
it’s what’s done
that can’t be said
stupidity you can see
it’s just me
can’t tell you all the things i see
cause i don’t really know it all
i cry and lament of whats uncanny
sensibilities for unnecessary
points of grandeur
don’t help me
all they do is keep me awake
Betty Dec 2020
A stupid person
warms himself on the ashes
of his own pride
Couldn't resist one more!
Joseph Sopholaus Dec 2020
Sine arte
A satire against modernity in the arts

O modern beast our captive arts release,
The laws of Nature wished your reign to cease.
What beauties does this modern art restores
By turning vestals young to Russian ******.
How strange the painter draws his new reforms 5
Reducing Nature’s shapes to foggy forms.
All, I may add, by rambling thoughts conceived
If Nature’s order’s razed the goal’s achieved.
‘‘What then?’’ A tasteless judge if dared to ask,
To which the answer wears pretentious mask: 10
‘‘Dear Sir! ’Tis art, all ***** mere symbols made,
And *****, though crude, denotes the father’s shade’’
Go Man admire the fruits of twisted state,
Interpret ***** as something deeply great.
Let ***** Cupid stab his precious heart 15
To make our poesy more interesting art.
Let Cyrus wreck the might of Shakespeare’s throne,
And use her tongue to lick his hallowed stone.
Thus, give the verses blank to frenzied beasts,
Or let Rihanna burn Miltonic seats. 20
A simple critic might her craft enjoy,
But witty minds oft do their gift employ.
New Cornus comes with broken tools to teach
Yet none can bear to hear postmoderns preach.
They mumble days upon the wage and race 25
For them the world’s a strife, that is the case.
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
Andrew Rueter Sep 2020
If you’re having trouble discerning
whether specific discourse is satire or stupidity

keep in mind if it’s one of those
then the other version of that probably exists.
I don’t get why people torture
Or political reasons
Grow the * up you
On serial killers
Hurt others
Thou shalt not torture
Thou shalt not ****

‎لا أفهم لماذا يعذب الناس
‎ الآخرين
‎ للحمض النووي
‎ دين
‎ أو لأسباب سياسية
‎ تنمو *
‎ السيكوباتيين
‎ على القتلة المتسلسلين
‎ جرح الآخرين
‎ لا تعذب
‎ لا تقتل
My bracket collection of bangles,
Makes me wanna think less of diamond.
A satire of ending nonsense
Created my form of happiness below sunset.

The thirst for water that confound hunger,
Gives a sweet melody music that has no sound
To you, I'm broken and just seeking a shoulder
But I need no food neither am I dying any time soon.

This poem to you, can prove to have no meaning
Deep insight's only for those who can seek it.
I have spoken, I'll enter my dream smiling
since I'm making no sense to only those who can't read it.
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