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Starry Aug 21
And many others
Bring the hippocratic oath
Hippocrates Cries with
And spits in his grave
In rage.
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ZWS Jul 16
Let me tell you a story that’s told, a place that’s dark and filled with brimstone
A place that can feel hot or cold, a place where brightness can unfold
Where men abroad are worn thin, some seem to think about little else, but skin
And as they walk their walk and talk their talk what they truly want passes like a gust of wind
The body and mind are acutely fixed, they lose their footing, they’re crossed and tricked
Head strong yet clumsy, tempered like an iron bar, these men will tell you what they think from afar
No real who’s, what’s, where’s or know how, their tongue trebles, it declares, without care or clarity, it cracks like a snare
Preaching strong and wide and broad like the big churches of St. Sinclair singing songs throughout outdated speakers, oh god
The opinions of shepherds are often the rumors of sheep, trapped in gossip like the bonds of viral news excused for tweets
They wear it on their arms and nationalize their pride all while being humble, they claim, but knows not who it harms
They make a point to point fingers for points overwhelmed with the poignant denial they pass off as practical
Cracking irony with their minds white washed from the wash and their thumbs I mistake for calloused ******
This human condition we oft’ know well, is dying right under our nose
Medicine won’t help those who are only concerned with what happens above or below
Aa Harvey May 23

I will make it through to the other side of the light;
The light which you cannot see for you have sun in your eyes.
I have focus, you are my locust;
So I will ignore all the insults you send my way.

All your words begin to fall,
Because your mind has become so dull,
By the simplicity of your ignorant thoughts;
Your life of id, you sold, I bought.

Leap onto another love,
Feeling oh so happy!
I kiss your kind goodbye, good luck,
You will never be my future family.

I will find one love who will be faithful to me;
She will push me forward towards my destiny,
For I can see beyond the horizon
And you are stuck in your eternal night,
With the person you sleep next to changing all the time.
Goodbye to you and good riddance.

I have escaped your rot, your kind of kind,
And all the lies, so many lies, I leave them all behind.
You are welcome to use them; I hope they use you always.
I hope you have a happy life and soon enter your grave.

I need the future which only I see,
The steps I need to take do not need three.
My heart beats like a humming bird's wings,
And you?  You do not need to tell me anything.

Creating things out of nothing.
No feelings to be found without understanding.
Just new meaning and already knowing,
You are lost to me; you should start going.

Your life a hedonistic self-indulgent existence,
And that part which was you, for me no longer exists.
All your hopeless, pathetic needs!
Are yours to seek, just do not follow me,
For I have already disappeared so far ahead,
By years and years I left you for dead.

You have a pathetic kind of love;
I hope I never cross your mind.
There was a time when there was an us,
But you are just born rotten and I hope you die.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When you persist in delving despite their refusal,
And they say..."F**k it, here's what's wrong",

I wish I hadn't done that!
Sometimes we think we can help every situation,..... Wrong!! Sometimes, just leave it the he'll alone!
(c) [email protected] 3/4/2019
Toxic yeti Mar 19
As I look at the
Hands fulll of cherries
And the colours
Going back and fourth
I realized that
I didn’t take my **** meds.
Empire Mar 5
I fell in love
With the feeling
Of sadness
Of pain

I knew all its words were lies
But they sounded so true
But they felt so honest
I listened

Knowing full well
That this love was poison
I drank myself drunk
Into a dumb stupor

Because what is
But the act of filling oneself
Full of poison?

But I liked its flavor
I liked its rush
Again I filled a cup with sadness
And I drank deep
I’ve discovered this twisted relationship between myself and the feeling of sadness. It has this intoxicating euphoria that feins honesty, but it comes from somewhere dark.
I have seen

That confidence
That temptation
That impatience
That freedom
That urge
That mindset
That stupidity
To compete

Where they beat time
Where they beat life

How prepared
We are
To bid goodbye
Let’s RIP ourselves
Before we die
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Everyday Life
Wisdom, a wonder
stupidity, a dread
The perception of both
deeply misread.
The more you know.
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