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Leah Carr Oct 2021
it must feel good to wallow
in the shallow waters of
ScaryGary Sep 2021
where are you located on front street?
i'm the last house on the end
which end?
depends on which end you're coming from

is it on the right or the left?
it depends which way you're facing

well, how do i get to you from the south side?
from the south, i am north
from the north, i am south
from the east, i am west
from the west, i am east

so...where are you coming from?
i guess i don't know until i find out where you're located!
If this confuses or offends you, then it is for you
Rama Krsna Aug 2021
what’s the point of history
if we keep flying
paper kites into a level five hurricane?

© 2021
Graff1980 Aug 2021
Greed is sloppy.
It doesn’t care
about the air,
water, or land
that we share,
so it makes messes,
local populations
whilst decimating
their habitats.

Greed is lazy.
It seeks swift returns,
so it doesn’t matter
if all the bridges are burned.
If the profit is turned
then shortcuts are ok
as long as it
can find a way
to not have to pay
for its own mistakes.

Greed is entitled
and when it
doesn’t get
its way
it invades,
lies, and betrays
the values it claims.

Greed is
a ravenous beast
that eats itself
right up to its eyes,
and keeps chewing
till we all die.
Black Part 2: The Darkest Room

My whole life is one big dark room
Somehow I ended up dragging you down too
There's a hole in my head
That leads to the infection within

I tell you time and time again
I'm broken I'm no good
Just a washed up toy that's never in the mood.

Roses are red
Our love is turning blue
By the time this is over we will probably be through.

My whole life is one big dark room
I never wanted you to have all my gloom and doom.
They say come to the light
But my heart knows it's a lie
An addict for dramatics

Our dynamics aren't the same
In this unfair game.
My whole life is one big dark room

I ended up hurting you
And all I loved-I loved alone.
there is a point of no return;
unthinkingly dismissed
a line crossed;
instant regret
up until that moment;

i have just crossed
that threshold

the hangnail was bitten
and pulled
until flesh was torn
and blood ran
now there is nothing
but discomfort

knowing full well
what i was doing;
there is no excuse for such idiocy
Brumous May 2021
Reaching out,
what was out of reach
the mountain of air
built by the ignorant, I

                            a waterfall
forms an empty sea

shouts of anguish
                         , whispers


               m e

a faucet
with nothing to;

n(a)ive girl
weeping from the sounds
of mockery
I feel so angry, sad and I hate myself.

As irritating as it is, I can't seem to cry even if I want to.
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