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Bardo Jan 27
Into this world we all come
Great Kings and Queens
Every last one

But pretty soon this world
It has reduced us to mere... scared beggars
Thieves, outlaws...robbers.
Ever felt like a criminal/ an outlaw in your life.
Mark Wanless Jul 2023
i saw a man waiting for a rat
to come out of its hole
so he could eat it

the snow was menacing but i
did not notice i passed by
no avalache ever came

standing naked on a small ledge
thinking waiting to drop hard
i masturbated and left
Ikimi Festus May 2023
In quietness, a handful finds its worth,
Than burdened hands, filled with toil and dearth.
The conflict within, the eternal fight,
Between who I am and who tempts me in sight.

Who wouldn't desire a higher living grace?
Yet, it brings torment to the human race.
Is this all there is? Where lies true meaning?
I gaze around, souls no longer gleaming.
Humans turned machines, always on the run,
Busy, hurried, with no time to feel the sun.

A solitary figure, no kin or brother,
Toiling endlessly, eye unsatisfied with riches' smother.
For whom does he labor, his soul bereaved?
An empty vanity, a travail deeply grieved.

Hedonistic pleasures, vanity in reign,
Significance lost, drowned in a material plane.
Money, the new measure of one's character,
A vast desert of souls lost, our society's grandeur.
Hope fades away, replaced by absurdity's plight,
Blindly following rules till death's eternal night.

The fallacies of our age, we cannot deny:
Standard of living, consumerism's cry,
Media's influence, shaping our desires,
The pursuit of a wrinkle-free life, beauty aspires,
And debts, chains that bind, our souls confined.

But if we stumble, there's a hand to uplift,
Woe to the lonely who fall, no one to gift
A helping hand, a friend in time of need,
Birds of a feather, together they succeed.

In a modern world, mono fidelity a test,
A lone runner tires, company brings zest.
While immersed in trends and empty chatter,
We fail to realize the weariness that shatters.
Yet, the greatest advice, a double-edged sword,
To be yourself amidst a world that tries to mold.
The greatest achievement, staying true and strong,
Amidst the constant pressure to belong.

I contemplate the living under the sun's glare,
The second child who follows, burden to bear.
Endless generations, yet no true rejoice,
Vanity and vexation, our eternal choice.
Tony Feb 2022
Every Action
A reaction
Sick of settling
An aversion to average
Always meddling
Being below average
Full potential
At arms reach
All mental
No day at the beach
What's stopping me
But me?
Getting older
I think.
I hope
All my knowledge
What for?
If I don't act
Even rats act-
Anything for the cheese
Dreams do come true
Can I be rich please?
Can I get a blues clue?
Life's a risk
Don't know when or how
Your day will come.
In the meantime time
Nigdaw Oct 2021
everybody wants you dead
bad guy
in every tale
told to children
looking under beds
for nightmares
disease ridden vermin
universally hated
no more than fifteen feet
from any Londoner
on the street
above sewers where little feet
scurry among excrement
waste from those above
what did you do
you furry little **** faced
******* to obtain the moniker
of the embodiment of all evil
looking almost cute
oversized mouse
who missed out
on the distribution
of love among creatures
Cami Jan 2021
Why couldn’t I be something
Something other than me

Why couldn’t I be
A fish under the sea
Anything but me

Why couldn’t I be that pestering Rat
That runs in fear daily chased by a cat

Why couldn’t I be something
Something other than me

Why couldn’t I be in the blue skies
Like that blue Jay with wings that can fly

Why couldn’t I be something
Something other than me

Why couldn’t I be so beautiful Like I see
Of the imagine in the mirror looking back at me

Anything other than me.
Timmy Shanti Oct 2020
i'm thirty six now
thrice a rat
and i must say
it ain't that bad

you'd think i'd shed a tear
or two
but after all
the sky's still blue
the sun still shines
the rain still falls
my fam would even take my calls

i'm frens with cats
i'm frens with dogs
some people too
a couple hogs

i walk and saunter
skip and hop
taking my time
around the block

i'm looking back
and all i see:
those things i did
were meant to be

i'm looking forth
and realise:
you can't prepare
for each surprise
that life may throw
at you or yours
you can't predict
as to which doors
will blow wide open
and which will ever
be protected

no key, no lock
how to get past?
to secrets guarded
fierce and fast...

another thirty six to live?
so full of joy, and toil, and grief...
or, one day, have just what it takes
to boldly go and up the stakes?..

mid-summer autumn
rat three times
feels good as hell!
unshod and blithe...
a moment of self-reflection for birthday boi timz! :)
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2020

Under the light of the moon,
my mind races as I chase its tail
The sweet taste of happy thoughts
soured by the bitter screeches of life

Everything seems to scuttle through the cracks,
jumping and voiding every lance of light
As the flowerheads bobbed in the hooting wind,
ever earnest and every more grateful

But I am voiceless. Agile I may be to skip and
stay keep my cloak of shade, the panic grows in
its fat and I can't stop hearing hums
For the warmth in me comes in waves

In flames that flicker and smoke my lungs without fear
As I race forward to find my tranquillity
so I can stop feeling so wild, to **** that feeling so fierce
And not face the light that will scorch me so

Been a while since I did a new form of poetry. This one is called a Nocturne - a free form poem that set at night. It has 16 lines in total and sometimes can come in 4 stanzas.

Not feeling 100% but I want to make use of what's going on in my mind,
which is a thousand things a second these days with anxiety burning very hot in me.

The more I remain lost in my head, the more the urge there is to escape it. Have you ever thought of the mistakes you have made, and feel like the worst person alive? Even though I am scared of being in the dark,
I fear the light more as it feels somewhat like a scope at times, y'know?

Especially in this day and age, so I suppose the symbolism of a rat scurrying in the dark is rather apt. But it is a cycle of thought I am trying to break,
The more I read about poetry and study it, the more I am both grateful for it...and in a way, heartbroken too. I feel like I need to trust my skills more, I suppose.

I'm still making the list for the Women of Myth series as I have some new ideas in mind. Maybe next year, I will take a short course on poetry as well.

It feels good to write free verses again, I'll admit.
I miss writing really long ones so I'll definitely go back to doing so.
Please stay safe and hale, everyone.
My regards to your families.
Have a wonderful day!
Be back soon with more.
Much love,
Lyn x
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