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Sara Kellie May 12
With leather clad hands
and old plastic sheets
he makes up the reasons
for the people he meets.

They'll feel nothing's wrong
for he sings a sweet song
where false promises are made
with a smile from a blade.

And on a cold knife night
he'll extinguish their light
as they struggle for air,
for their pain
is longer than
the chair.
For seconds in the electric chair.
Peter Gareth Apr 27
I miss you
Rocking in your rocking chair
Watching that lame talk show
Staring at me obliviously
You barely even talked, to be honest
But yet you made an empty house feels like home
Some simple lines I wrote about my grandma. Lately I've been missing her so much...
killian Apr 23
There’s a reason the rain doesn’t fall all at the same times
And then a rainbow is tied and tired in the air
There’s a reason a rocking chair creaks and rhymes
And doesn’t stiffen and silence into a chair

There’s a reason the leaves will depart from the trees
And planes won’t fall into the wintry skies
There’s a reason we get sour and stung by bees
And there’s a reason we all tell lies

There’s a motive
And there’s a moment we know that it’s become mobile

There’s a moment
There’s a motive we know that it’s become global

April’s Snow
I used to know
Has shocked us and blocked us
May’s meadow
I used to know
Has sunburned us and unconcerned us

June’s ember
I used to remember
Has grilled us and killed us
July’s December
I used to remember
Has chosen us and frozen us

There’s no reason the rain has to fall all at one time
And the rainbow has to lose color like hair
There’s no reason the rocking chair has to lose its rhyme
And it’s creaking to the silence of a chair

There’s no reason the leaves have to depart one last autumn
And the planes have to cremate in the skies
There’s no reason we have to feel a sharp bee’s bottom
There’s no reason for us all to tell lies
In honor of Earth Day, I suppose
Jenna Apr 18
This chair does not get any older
sitting here, it dents with old emotions
no longer still but a swelling embrace
a cushion to my exhaustion
it becomes weary in wait
holding me like my legs can do no more
it resembles your hair in a way
choppy brown and representing age
sometimes I wonder if this chair will
become brand new again
like a new random chance
of good luck that I wish your body
could sustain whilst gazing at you
pondering if you can feel my passive stare

Perhaps it would have been better
to lay with you on your bed
making it a little less lonely
being provided with your warmth
compared to this thin blanket
it was another reminder of how
I cannot feel your body heat against mine
your bed dips a bit more every day
showing your weight, may be a little deeper
though it sings me good night
while squirming in your presence and
the fact this chair is becoming quite uncomfortable

I wonder if I will ever get off it again
waiting for your eyes to peer at me again,
again, to tell me that your leaving now
and the coldness really will settle in
Heidi Franke Apr 11
So many vacancies. Halls and streets vaped.
No air. No hearts. Vacant lands and souls.
Be a hand.
Be a thread.
Be a source.
Be love.
Be the patience.
The light
     the chair.
where you can invite someone to sit. Spend time.
Where each other can
fill up the world again.
Willingly wise using time.
Fractures will fade
Patches of hope,
will grow again.
Sweet fragrant spring grass.
Simone13 Apr 1
Young child , his father would say
Dont ever let them coerce you away
But he as a child he had a mind of his own
How else was he to fully grown?

Strong and brave they came marching on
All the young men who came along
Old cowards would pass them by bandaged in bags to say goodbye
Blinded by what they think they know
They saluted to join the show
his fathers chair just rocked away
Hoping his son would come back one day

But Old Soldier ,why do you run ?
The war is over the battle is won
envied by the young cherished by the old
Your Fables are written from the stories you’ve told

Maybe its your eyes that turned to stone
From the truths you’ve come to know
A Third leg and a stumbled walk
Is this the dream that they all talk?
The past is lost of what the future holds
All your days you had lost and sold
Out the window you sit and stare
Just like your father when he was there.
I am an empty seat waiting to be filled.
All I want is to be seen and claimed,
Only to be released
Once a better seat is open.
In another life,
You and I,
We sat here for forever.
I gave you support,
And you stayed on me for comfort –
And that was fine with me.

I am the empty seat at the table,
Glanced over, and never heard from.
Louder voices grasp your attention,
While I’m squeaking out for your affection.
The server reaches over me,
You place your bag on me,
Hang your coat on me,
Place your feet on me,
And never before have I felt so important
So please get comfortable
And stay here with me.

I am the empty seat,
Unclaimed and forgotten.
Maybe it was my position or over-eagerness
That repelled you on to the other chairs around.
But at least I can share in the moment –
Quiet beside the table –
And pretend like you wanted me there.

I am your favorite empty chair.
The building is being torn down;
The chairs are being pawned off.
I wait to hear if you want me,
But before long, I’m thrown among the pieces of my friends
And wait until that glorious moment
I’m no longer an empty chair.
Mrs Robota Jan 28
We didn't start out in love
But there was something in your madness
My familiar
I realized what others couldn't
So I stay holding your heart
And find comfort in your sadness

You stopped listening
While I'm patiently waiting
Still a Stranger
I thought we'd be okay
When you said you cared (about me)
But you'll always be sitting on the edge
And I'll always be saying goodbye
To the man I think I know

When you show your flaws
I find comfort in your sadness
So take my hand, take my hand
Cause the rain is turning to flames
And you won't be sleeping
When your mind keeps leading you to the chair
Say "Goodbye", Say "Goodbye"
Cause you find comfort in your sadness
I'm not sure if I'm happy with it
Stuck in a chair,
Mind disappeared somewhere,
No time, and no care,
No place out of there
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