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Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Time, kindness and knowledge
are above the price of
That is where true gold lies.
Thanks so much for the comments on my 'Pandora's Box' poem! ^-^
I saw that it was trending! Man, I love this page and you guys!  
Lyn ***
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
When you smile, my heart skips a beat
When you sing, I move my feet
Your bright bubbly personality is a breath of fresh air
It always makes me better knowing you are there
You brighten my day and make me smile
You possess a beauty that is always in style
You shine like the sun and the stars at night
You are a constant source of warmth and light
You are my friend, this much is true
You are my friend and that's why I love you
Seanathon Nov 2017
Rare metal doesn't substantiate
The substance within
Just as the height of a skyscraper is not the sky
But instead
Be just as you say you are
And am
Worth it
Sonia Paruthi Aug 2017
My dear Ayachi..

I am blessed to have a friend like you...
You are my soul
Who lifts me up mole by mole..
I am blessed to have a bestiee like you...
You are my benevolent best friend...
You belong to my heart....
I am blessed to have a angel like you..

A friend like you is hard to find...
Which touches the core of my heart from inside...
Our bond is very special...
It makes the world seen favourable..

You are always there for me
Whenever I am in trouble..
I too want your trouble to vanish like a bubble..
You help to heal my injured heart
Whenever I am sad.
Your friendship is the bestest gift I have ever got..

Even if we are far from each other now..
But our souls are still and will always be together...
I want you to be with me till my doomsday arrive..
I aspire for your ravishing life..

The bond between us is so strong
That even demise cannot breach to do wrong..
I'm glad that God blessed me,
With a good friend such as you....

I will always stay beside you
Whenever things go wrong..
Even if I am not with you in your happy times but you better understand  I will never let you be alone in your bad times..
Never turn away from me,
I can't bear to be apart.
All the pain and suffering,
Will be too much for my soft tender heart...

I wish you have a beautiful life
Cut the problem with the love 's knife..
You were my best friend..
You are my best friend and
you will always remain my best friend..
Keep the smile..
Leave the tension...
Feel the joy...
Forget the worries..
Hug the peace..
welcome the happiness..
It really hurts me
When you are in a problem..
Keep in mind I am your chingles and you are my mishri...
The doors are always open for you
You can seek my help anytime you want..
I will always be there for you at the odd hours too my bestiee
You are sweet, kind understanding mishri...
I eagerly wait for the 25 december 2025
The day we have woven to meet again..

Penned  with lots of love.. miss you my friend..waiting for you.. god bless you my friend.. May the bond between us be immortal.. May God speckle his blessings on you and make your life overflowing  with joy...happiness... have a beautiful path in the journey of your life... i wanna see you blooming like a flower.. god bless you my friend.. my bestiee.. My sweet mishri..
This poem is dedicated to my sweet best friend ...
Through a veil, I see it all.
A building big, a building small.
Dressed up in its qualities --
An experience my sense recalls.
Sombro Jun 2017
Reproaching, leaning against my attention
Her cupped body, my eyes trickle down her
Luminous hair, jealous dress against her earthenware, earnest skin
Framing what she knows like the book in her hand, her palm
Eagerly charitable, arms
Unconcerned, unlike eyes
Describing tempests I only assume she has
Found within, espoused without, our gorse lining
The blooming of social trials
And her look, glance, flitted worry
Grey eyes not surrendering the reflection
That's not there
Luminous, grotto ragazza
Is what I see, what I see
Your touch;
Like milk and cookies,
Comfortable and familiar.

Your love;
Like that of parents,
Never ending and assuring.

Your intentions;
Like a homicide,
Vengeful and disheartening.

Your words;
Like those of a bully,
Meant to hurt and without restraint.

Your thoughts;
Like a psychopath,
Unpredictable and without reason.

You want to be loved, yet you do not love;
You want to be cared for, yet you do not care.
Your actions affect more than just yourself.
You are my happiness and my downfall;
The remedy to all my issues, and the base to all my problems.
The words you spoke:
"Think before"
"Act later"
Words that will never stick but never fade.
As you have
Stuck by in spirit
But fade in emotion.
Lady Bird Sep 2016
I am afraid to imagine  
I don't know what
could make me happier
to shake the hand of
a new found friendship
to really get to know someone
talk for a while
never judge by looks
or just a pretty smile
what really matters is
whom we find inside  
we have to see whats there
we might be surprised of the
friendships we could share
we have to analyze, ask questions
and take the time to get to know them
yet it's not always easy to open up
never judge their book by its cover
don't over look the qualities
that looks can sometimes hide
I received a note from "Desire rod"  in her message she sent this link---

I didn't really understand what she was asking... but  I think
she wanted me to write a new poem with the same meaning...
and I wrote one as I replied to her message....
and ...... here it is.....

What do you think???
(9/21/16) 2:26am
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
Am waiting for a courageous mind
who'll place her head on my chest
listen to my beating heart and hear
every truth embedded in each beat
Am waiting for a big caring heart
which'll be patient enough to tend
to every septic wound till they are
all mere scars, an appreciative eye
that can capture natural beauty
amid the twinkling stars in the sky
Am waiting for soft palms
to wipe the tears I cry
for kindness that can
make a soul sigh
not for perfection,
I just want
Scott Horror Dec 2015
The people
I hate most
have all
of the qualities
that I hate
about myself
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