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ollie Jul 21
we want to be in control
and stomp on places where the sidewalk ends
because we never met the right kinda boy next door
and just kept on walking down the road
shine your shoes with the concrete dust
works better than baking soda in a pinch
and mother doesn’t want you touching the foodstuffs
even though she hasn’t cooked in years
it’s a battle for you to eat most nights
when you’re gonna get your hands caught in locked cabinet doors
to prevent hungry bellies from looking for more than the nothing they were provided
we live in tired houses with slumped walls
where the summer heat made them wanna sit down too
no kid from a small town has ever wanted to stay in one
and i can’t help
being meant for more
than concrete dust
and baking soda
JT Nelson Jun 2
I’ve got better things to do
Than not drink orange soda
My winter is long enough
Without that summer in a bottle

It’s the taste of my youth
That magic orange soda
Fanta, Crush, or Sunkist
They all take me there

Carbonated sweet sun
This icy orange soda
Every sip is a portal in time
Take me back, take me back
keneth May 16
you're like poison in my hand
carbon in my blood
death was never this grand
holding your love, but dripping like sand

gulping down gallons of regret
enduring the sting, later we'll forget
as if our souls never met
i never noticed how the world was quiet

could've told me you were gonna run
so I'd never have to dive into these soda cans
our oath to be each other's suns
maybe it only lasted while it's fun
i was at the deep end of the soda cans / silly
Burst open a can of soda,
And sometimes what you'll get, is
An eruption onto your face
And a new mess to deal with.

Burst open a can of soda,
And sometimes what you'll get, is
A warm, addicting embrace,
And everything you'd imagined.
morseismyjam Jan 15
heat and humidity hit
as I walk out the sliding doors
of the 7/11 cream soda in hand
I walk yawning across the asphalt
where water still pools from
summer showers
as I open the car door I
notice the haze of smog
and starlight and fluorescent
lamps and smell the gasoline
from the thousands of cars
that pass through
I close the door.
ashley lingy Nov 2018
Sometimes I wonder
if the dollar that paid for my soda
was ever in a strippers underwear.
And then...I wonder
if the cashier is ever thinking the same thing.
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
To be poured like a drink.
The bubbles fizz.
Gathered around, enriched in desire.
To quench the pursuit of pleasure.
Snapping the top proceeding to pour.
Cold to taste.
This was the comfort I felt surrounded
in her arms.
A glass seen half full continuing to pour.
Filling the space around.
Drowning just beneath the rim of glass.
An extension of myself caught in great advantage.
The settlement before the first sip.
Compensating the thrill of being swallowed whole.
In terms of affection.
It was a hug I'd never forget.
A thought that leads into physical manifestation.
The bliss of the moment,
The moment her lips pop at the taste.
Bubbles fizz crackling in the midst of excitement.
Tickling her nose.
The memory of how things were.
Drunk until nothing is left
The reality of how things really are
Gray Jun 2018
You tossed me on the heated ground.
The way you could just get rid of me makes me astound.

One moment, you’re holding me tight in your firm hand.
Now I am resting here on the scolding beach sand.

I understand that you were once thirsty,
But was it worth it because now this place is *****?
Cjf Apr 2018
this is for you and the way my words are better written then coming out of my mouth. For you and the way you always say exactly what goes on in your head and being articulate and brave enough to say it. every single word i write down is what i want to say, but what freezes halfway up my throat. So, this is for you because you make me want to be brave.
Latina1813 Feb 2018
Letting go of what you never had
Is the hardest task of all
I wore that today with my coke cola sweater....
And a coke bottle figure
I wore it like i had something to prove
Cuz losing you is the worst newz
I recieved this year
I used to stare from afar and dream
Now i just wonder why u ****** up things
Or why i even tried
Now i try to live a lie
And try not to stare and try not to hate
Try not to love
The very shape of your face
And your smile
And your hair
And im in air
Im afloat
And today i wore my coke cola sweater
And a coke bottle figure
With a little missing you
And it was the hardest thing to do
U used to be a daydream
Now youre just misery
And u try your best to inflict the most pain
Im just insane
Youre doing nothing
AND im not a thought on your mind
I never got an ounce of your time
When all you did was occupy mine
You were a movement
So i wore my heartbreak
And a coke cola sweater
With a coke bottle figure
And it was the hardest thing to feel nothing at all
For you.
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