The undrawn curtains,
The dark room.
Laying inside,
The optimistic gloom.
Unburdening himself,
From himself.
No plans today,
None for tomorrow.
The pensive soul,
Elluding him whole.
"Time heals",
The canvas read.
"It injures again",
He said.

Sam Oct 2

Her eyes were like a broken window
Deceptively offering a sense of security
Past the shattered glass
It was obvious to see
The broken home was still living in her
Even if she wasn't living in it

Sam Sep 18

Staples on a heart
Long ago fallen apart
Staples on a heart
The tears begin to start

Memories are truly dark
Everything is stark
In sorrow I embark
Memories are truly dark

Sadness is a gift
Although it carves a rift
A mind cursed to drift
Sadness is a gift

tears or tears ;) You pick.
Bexly Sep 17

Fears Tears regrets and gloom,
The fog rolls in under
The two horse moon.

I've two ways to go, with a choice of three,
The fourth swallows everything as she whispers "follow me.

Laughter through the lies now fill the room,
All now shines bright under the two horse moon.

Hold me back, two is now one
Hold me steady until the wild one comes.
What lies beneath you can not see,
For I will take your everything and whisper" follow me.

Laid apon my soulful side,
Empty transparent and consumed.
"Stand me up, refill this life!
screams the man on the two horse moon.

premonitions and

impending gloom hanging high

over our bowed heads

natalie Aug 24

hummingbird lover, set me free,
i want you to be all that you can be.

i want to close the holes in my beak
set me free, let me speak.

i cannot speak when you take my breath.
let me go, lay me to rest.

Sam Aug 21

The gloom pours out of the withered remnants of my soul.
Aching bones tell me that I'm alone.
Cast aside by the shadows of you and I.
I fall once more to where even the stars can't fight the dark.
Turning pages to reveal more blank.
I throw the pictures to the flame.
And slowly, I walk away.

Nylee Aug 18

A lovely gloom
floats over her
it glows
as the night slows
the silence grows
the setting stills
and her beautiful smile hurts.

Sam Jul 22

In a dream I felt nostalgia
And it brought me to my knees
It wouldn't let me breathe
My cold, dead, teary eyes

When I awoke it hit me hard
Cause the pain did not subside
The vice stuck on my heart
Sinking me deeper in the dark

So my dear Nostalgia
Please just leave me be
I know I'm getting older
And the past I can't relive

So my dear Nostalgia
Please give me back my wings
I am sick of falling
And struggling to sleep

Please just let go of me
Can't you see I'm suffocating?
Have you no compassion?
I'm hollow
Broken by your kiss

Nostalgia I'm running out of words to say
I've been fighting far too long
I'm tired and weary
Decimated by your fury

So my dear Nostalgia
Hear me as I cry
Grant me one last wish
Stay the hell away from me

piercing nimbus layers,
sun asserts light's reign again.
doom to pall of gloom.

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