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arsonpoet Feb 25
fragments of us,
cerulean skies,
rambunctious weather, we sip our coffee.
the warmth feels like family, the touch of love,
the familial memory is now obsolete,
the the vapor prickling the skin,
rasorial in it's habit,
the flames have a life too.
the windshield wipers, convulse, wipe off,
the stains painted by a stranger's drops,
the sky weeps, in unison with the growling clouds,
they are hungry, because they are tired,
of hiding under the sun.
every person feels like a distant memory,
every feeling feels like a vapor of fantasy,
unbodied by objects,
this life has become a chairoscuro for my body and soul.
fragments of us,
i have come to love objects more than people.
because they cannot hurt me,
as they are metaphors i can understand,
but not feel.
Nigdaw Feb 24
what scares me most
is the crazies could be right
the **** stirrers and cynics
could have a point
what if the non believers
have the truest religion of all
what if the doomers and gloomers
hold the light
and the true path is oblivion
into meaningless night
Eloisa Feb 16
As naive as the moon,
I often seek light
from the dark.
And as I chased love in my ruins,
I heard his whisper from the wind.
For nights I wander
through my starless, somber sky.
And while I pick up
pieces of my soul,
I felt a soft and sudden brush
to my wings.
His breath wrapped me
with stardust.
His heartbeat was singing
a promise of love.
But I’m a bird.
Still chained to this gloomy sky.
Eloisa May 2022
I became prey again to grief’s treacherous maze.
So I dashed barefoot
in the forest last night.
Though the Japanese redwoods welcomed my rage and wild.
I’m still lost beyond
the gates of gloom.
The beautiful melodies
seemed to whisper dreadful things.
Then it started fading,
the music’s gone.
Even the stars are nowhere in sight.
The silence is deafening,
I need the moon to keep my light.
FunSlower Oct 2021
Five seconds of illumination
Is all the time I need
To pace the halls inside new walls.
I’ve found my place indeed.
You spring to life in dreams.

Four months of new sensations,
Planting pretty seeds.
Like a basket in the bulrush,
You nest in my mind’s reeds.

Three minutes of tantalisation
Danced a year in my eyes to the nth degree.
And now somehow you’ve found a home in me.

Two weeks with a shared sixth sense,
As patience made way for our wishful wings.

One life to live & learn. I love the way she sings.
Halfway to Halifax,
Over hills of gloom.
Pools under cataracts,
Encasing two in bloom.
Eloisa Aug 2021
Watching the clouds
float across the sky.
But I know a hidden sun’s
still there watching.
The sweet scent of the morning air
in the midst of this dreary gloom,
Someday I’ll meet my fate up there,
up there among those feathery clouds.
And though I’d get rained on sometimes,
there was never any storm
I couldn’t handle.
Zack Ripley Apr 2021
A day of fun and sun
In a world of doom and gloom
Is a nice change of pace.
Happy Easter 2021 everyone!
My rail tracks seem to have disappeared
Only the red autumn leaves seem to have covered
A cold melancholy in the air hovers
As I look beyond to see what uncovers

But the truth is that it is an endless journey
There’s no special place ahead, no sanctuary
Just the train, and the passing estuary
The destination seems lost, as I realise it was only imaginary.

Now I yearn for meaning.

What is this train journey,
Where is it leading?
Maybe it’s better to just hop off
And enjoy it from the beginning.
Enjoy the journey because there's no destination.
JKirin Feb 2021
One must know drizzles and days of gloom
to see the beauty—a rose in bloom.
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