LNI 7d

I encountered an old Lady Poet in the underground last night.
Gloom crawled around while hope faded.
I looked for consolation in her mouth agape.
I hurried home to be alone and write about her.
Her ageless provocativeness electrified me.
I was left wholly.
Thank you, Lady.
You might be homeless
but don't you know you're a Queen?

Laughing in the darkest of nights.
Screaming in the daylight.
Fighting to keep what little sanity you have.
Because at night you know,
The insanity will only grow.
It will creep farther into your mind.
Farther into the clutches of insanity.
Because you know your minds already gone.

Love lasts forever,
Or so people say.
They say that love is in everyone's heart,
And that everyone will discover that love.
And yet if this is so,
Then why do the lovelost exist.
Those whose despair and sadness swallows them whole,
Alone forever, Until a bright light,
A lighthouse in a sea of sorrow appears,
A beacon to guide them to happiness.
Only to be dashed away by another,
For the lighthouse has crumbled,
Whether it be male or female,
The light inevitably goes out.

All the hope and joy,
Drains out of them almost as if,
Some being, Some monster, Had cast a net into the person's mind,
Catching the hope and joy stealing it away and then destroying it.
And so the light blinks out,
Leaving the person to inevitably become,
A Lovelost.

For all the broken relationships I've been in and all the times I've put to much into something that never lasted.

Flowing through the woods steady as snow.
I never knew I could help you so.
But now it is I who need your help.
For I am being stalked by the darkness,
That so enters ones heart in dismay and despair.

had a really bad year in freshmen year at highschool this one was made at the end of the year
adrtybdy Nov 16

it all began
in the beginning
when it had begun
to begin
in the beginning
when it began
it had begun
to conclude

Sienna Nov 16

Loneliness encasing me
And closing all around me
Falling into the depths of great defeat
And no one can hear me
Mistakes being made are those of a weaker mind
And a weaker heart
Or so told in the dark and made into art
Here is the product
Of a time long lost
A battle never defeated and memories not gone
A clock to be heard ticking away
But all silence is remained
A tear receding into below
Yet once was a glow
And learned is the fact
You cannot outrun the past
Hiding in your own cave
The past is the present now made

I toss
Around in bed
Wish I
Then suddenly
Waking up in a
Cold Sweat
Dark room
Can’t perceive the
Wants to
Go to the bathroom
What about
the hand
About to grab me if I do?

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Nandan Sharma Oct 18

The undrawn curtains,
The dark room.
Laying inside,
The optimistic gloom.
Unburdening himself,
From himself.
No plans today,
None for tomorrow.
The pensive soul,
Elluding him whole.
"Time heals",
The canvas read.
"It injures again",
He said.

Sam Oct 2

Her eyes were like a broken window
Deceptively offering a sense of security
Past the shattered glass
It was obvious to see
The broken home was still living in her
Even if she wasn't living in it

Sam Sep 18

Staples on a heart
Long ago fallen apart
Staples on a heart
The tears begin to start

Memories are truly dark
Everything is stark
In sorrow I embark
Memories are truly dark

Sadness is a gift
Although it carves a rift
A mind cursed to drift
Sadness is a gift

tears or tears ;) You pick.
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