you took me to my highest mountain
to a place I'd never known
I rose up to the greatest moment
a happiness I wouldn't of found on my own

you showed me another side of myself
full of joy and laughter and glee
I closed my mind and focused on you
I closed my eyes, to see

you created another side of myself
full of sorrow and sadness, and gloom
I lost myself thinking of you
I cried alone, an empty room

I plummet from my highest mountain
to a place I've never known
you threw me to the deepest darkness
an abyss that is my own
wow #cringe
These tears shed
From the empty spaces
Left behind
Within the walls
Of this old heart
Where you belong
Ceaseless rests
Between tired beats
Of this old
And battered heart

...this feels a lot
Like death

M•(e). Díaz
Me Díaz Mar 13
Bubbles of cold
Trickle down my
Cracks in my
Where rivers run
In shapeless
Tiny domes so cold
Dancing across broken
Old leather
This weather
Makes me think
Of you

M•(e). Díaz
Sam Mar 13
She lost every reason she had to smile
Shoes worn out from walking the same sad sidewalks
That careless city holds eternally gray horizons
She dreams of a day the clouds will float away
She dreams of a day when she can feel... anything
Vexren4000 Mar 10
A note written,
Upon a lone slip of paper,
waiting for its recipient,
Solemnly upon the desk,
Which the sender placed it,
The not unaware,
Of the passing of its recipient.

Sam Mar 9
Her skin was pale
Like the moon kissed by a midnight sky
Snake bit piercings
Blessed her catastrophic smile
Beauty beyond conception
Beauty in it's purest form

Our lips met in the glow of stagnant stars
A moment of serenity
Met by utter shock
Something was amiss
I tasted poison in her kiss
Her eyes locked on mine
Sinister yet so divine
There was no escape
As she bit my lip

Dropping to my knees
She ignored all of my pleas
An angel of the night
Set on sending me below
Tears I need not weep
She consoled my every dream

She took the life from me
Singing lullabies ever sweet
I climbed into my coffin
The minute her gaze met mine
Vexren4000 Feb 21
A dreary day,
Of destitute gloom,
Draining Rain falling upon the lands,
Removing reason from people,
Yet the rain,
Calms me so.

Sam Feb 21
And he set the world on fire...
A futile attempt to revive her long deceased smile
His eyes more manic, more frantic, as the flames grew higher
Embers danced through the sky to the song of the crackling orange and yellow hues
Yet, as more and more ash filled the sky,
Her pale, porcelain, face remained blank
Her eyes remained in the same melancholy, empty, gaze
For her smile perished long ago
His fruitless efforts could never bring it back to life
Karen Nicole Feb 10
maaaring ako'y nahihibang na,
dahil alam ko namang wala akong pag-asa
ngunit ano ang aking magagawa,
kung sa masilayan ka lamang ako'y masaya na?

nang dahil sayo muli kong naramdaman,
ang mga paru-paro sa aking tiyan
at ang mga ngiting hindi ko man lang namamalayan,
kapag ika'y dumadaan sa isip ko paminsan-minsan

hindi nais na mailang ka,
kaya nama'y pagtingi'y ginawang sikreto
sinubukan ko rin ang lumayo, baka sakaling damdamin ko'y magbago
ngunit alam naman natin na ito ay malabo,
kasing labo ng minimithi kong "ikaw at ako"
walang titulo, parang tayong dalawa.
Sam Feb 3
Eyes lost in a dreamy haze
Thinking of you puts my mind in a maze
Your blank stare catches my heart
Ensnaring my soul and binding it to yours
I'll follow you through the darkest of nights
Holding your hand when you lose your way
I could be the one who never walked away
To fill the emptiness you feel within
Like a broken alarm clock, you're singing in my head
And the tear drops in my eyes begin rolling to my bed
Hold me in your arms and claim my soul today
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