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Hunter Apr 16
The shadow of our tempest is a devil to curb.  
Allow it to simmer,
lest it shall disturb.
Tamara Lynn Apr 3
Tears rolled down my cheek
Moistened the Earth beneath me
I sunk to my knees
Gazed upward at the sea of turbulent skies
I closed my eyes and felt the downpour of twilight
Guess we have that in common tonight
Mother Nature must also want to cry
But she tells me that this will not last
As I open my palms
My hands begin to dry
April showers can empower
For when the storm does pass
The land will glisten
The flowers will thrive
And so will I
Anyone heard of "escapril?" It's "escaping into poetry every day in April," (on instagram) in other words, a 30 day challenge where you write a poem and follow prompts each day. Here's one of them :)
Marley Fritel Mar 27
By: Marley Fritel

Surprise surprise gleamed her honest eyes,
for a day of bliss and love shot by.
I’m the target down range, yet far from the center.
Whos pessimism looms like the fly.

Surprise surprise morns my solemn mind,
as that day drew colder so did I.
In life's game of questions, I carefully mention,
That just part of us can die.

Surprise surprise with a taste of time,
Your happiness turns to a crumbling climb.
To whom you owe the greatest debt,
Be those in deaths sublime.

Surprise surprise echoes natures chime.
It’s choices governed in sanctioned lines.
For all who read will reconsider
Their path will change with time.
Erian Mar 25
last night I found
myself in a different place
everything had changed
I didn’t know the difference

the night was gloom
with sprinkles of light
all I saw was emptiness
all I saw was me

“Just a dream,”
they say
“Just a dream.”

How do you know
If it wasn’t reality?
Mohsin Latif Mar 24
As the ground gleam with the gold
As the grass glow in the glum
As the mist settles on the petals
As the blooms begin to sob
As the oaks speak nothing, but silence
As the leaves chatter together

Oblivious to the pains, and of the endeavors
Masquerading tears, hiding sorrows
Buried in the memories of the burning past
An inexplicable melancholy in the air
Intoxicating everyone in the twilight gloom
I hope this dusk never settles
And we could relish this moment together
uv Mar 23
When the gloom weighs down heavy
Your presence becomes my story
Your love is my shinning glory
Everything else is transitory
When things dont go your way
And life is difficult, no way to sway
Those small blessings you forget
That mistake, you will forever regret.
Liddi-k Mar 9
On this rainy day,
I listen to the sound.

I tune in deeply and hear thousands of droplets meet their death.

I close my eyes and am taken away.

To a place where my mind is as blank as an untouched journal.

Rainy days remind me of you.

The last I saw the rain tickle the windows, I had your body wrapped around me tight.

Our fingers intertwined.
Your heart beat against mine.

Even though it's cold outside,
my skin remembers your warmth.

Your lips running down my centre
like the drops down the glass.

The scent of the rain like the scent of your hair, as you bury into my neck.

The moisture in the air like it is between the sheets.

Escaped from the world and its troubles, when it's us two.

On this rainy day,
I miss you.
Sam Feb 11
Roses by your grave
I guess I'm just a bit depressed
Hiding shadows in my eyes
My heart's put to the test

I only saw the side of you that always tried her best
Captured in the pictures still living on my phone
Your smile has this liveliness
It puts breath inside my chest

You were better than this world
So you left it all behind
On that Monday morning, you climbed up to the sky
Leaving me to live
In the memory of you and I
Eloisa Feb 10
The winter fairy has again knocked on my door with a lovely gift of today
With a little sunshine hue
this morning she arrived with tiny friends
Still sulking in darkness and in my melancholic silence
I got up and tried to peek
A little smile then curved my lips
happily singing their winter songs
on a frail tree branch were birds with tiny feet

The gift of laughter that I heard suddenly gave me hope
Winter is not only a season of gloom, of tears and of despair
Its beauty is also a season for peace,  for thinking and for memories
Because of my new feathered friends
a reminder so I write today
That for any season that we have
to feel untroubled or miserable is our choice to make
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