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The false spiritualists
Said enjoy & revel
Serving only the rich
To abuse the poor.

They rot in HELL forever.
Matthew 25
My head's spinning
with the flaws of the earth.

Commit to the tailspin
and let the truth wash over us.

What I want is a mystery
yet I ruminate over our prospects.

I'm so afraid I won't ever be strong enough
to be in a relationship.
I find myself dreaming of strange tides
and awesome shores. I mix some ***
and ginger, in my headphones I hear
a storm. Now everything goes dim

and I feel it. Drink is a writer's drug,
It allows one to lose their poise and swim.
Remember when we cared less and felt more.
I lost this when I yearned for a normal life, but

it is in my nature to seek this thing.
It is within me, it will rise again.
I tried to forget about a world
but the world remembered

and said:
We are lost,
We are lonely,
We are forgotten,

We are ephemeral,
We are the next gen,
We are the algorithm,
We are the new ****.
SwanMansWoMan Oct 2021
I thought I knew love
I thought I understood it

But there are twists and turns
Unexpected loopholes

Like loving someone who society shuns
Who they deem as ****

But I suppose his past is what makes me love him even deeper
Made an ocean before a drop
Of water dried-up before it's mopped
A shoot before the backdrop
creative feeling before she gulped

Beauty before the beholder
or let say before he behold her
Grown before she could be older
Timid before, She is bolder

Loved, before realizing they are ****
Yet to get the love-in, but he has come
He's here, she will yet describe him as gun
Only shoots around, like he's as* god

Now, she wished what was dim was clear
Like courage coming before the fears
She hoped this affair could be fair
Like seeing the future before it appears

If only we can know Tomorrow's end from to Today's end
But Today's end is just a start
Well, will like to stay a start can just be the needed tip for the trip.
Pyrrha Jan 2020
Your angelic words wrapped with demonic intent
Wont reach me from all the way up there
Your pedestal is too high, I'm afraid I can't hear a word you say
Your godlike vocabulary can't hide that devilish motive
And for as much as you lie, you are one awful liar
That angel light of yours can't blind me anymore
I have a special pair of sunglasses now
They block out all the repugnant **** from sight
‘We all better lives,
very few of us, want
to be better people’

With the keys to immortality, I sold
my soul, the prices was cheap, walking
into church, holding Nietzsche's hand,
bursting into a ball of flames,
on the hall of fame when it comes to
pill popping, turned clean, I’m on
the wall of shame, should not be walking,
we got nothing in common, I’m a
white trash god.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Like **** on sewer,
Dark news floats on the page;
Sick, nauseating!
Simon Woodstock Jan 2018
The sun will go down and like a vampire I awaken
I'll drink and smoke myself broke
Scream at the bartender after last round
**** IT
I needed that whiskey
like a sinner in a church
I feel the blind hellish rage ignite
I attempt to rip the bartender apart
However the bouncer's sledge hammer like fist has already kissed me on the left cheek
The next thing I know I'm laying down on the concrete
My head is lost among the wreckage of the titanic
the contents of my stomach howl in agony
After forcing myself to my feet
The rage from before returns suddenly like an absent father
My cheek was swollen and a few of my teeth felt loose
I was on top of the world from the basement
I spit blood on the concrete and begin to taunt
The bouncer to come outside
Like a lone hyena picking on a lion
I laughed drunkenly and screamed every word in the book
Finally provoked he launches out of a cannon slamming into me
I awake in a hospital bed  
Thinking only one thing
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