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A B Faniki Jul 21
There once was a youth with  huge dollars
he squander it on drugs use for cough
the youth now is not fine
the virus in him is immune
his handkerchief is filled always with cough.
L© A B  Faniki 7/21/2019 limerick for my book banal Tells . This one is about drugabuse
jacob charles Jun 30
Ill give you a power
Someone's traveling a life's storm, a shower
Imagine this is your dealing your payment your dollar
Now imagine you are the one with an answer that doesn't cower
the answer is you're both of these and now is your hour
Another person is living exactly as you are. You are them, just not in first person. You have the true power to change another you's circumstances. If you were that person-to control the world in a sense and effect in an honestly good way.
H3L3 May 18
I found a buck on the ground!
i cried.
just for twenty minutes
trapped in my brain
*send pleasure
Its me again like 5 minutes away from the other one I just posted, hi.
Osiria Melody Feb 14
With nimble hands, the opening of a plastic
bag transpires,
Dire need to consume food, edge of bag rips
A roar of condemnation, sneering at you
Contents of food fly out from its captivity,
Dispersed across the floor like lawn sprinkler

With frightened eyes, overcome with the rush
of tears as if they were competing to fall out of
Food stares at you and relishes in its final
Should I abide by the five-second ru–
A gargantuan foot bears down on food, like one
slamming his foot abruptly on car brakes
Cccrunchhhh, cccrunchhh...

Such a tragedy!
But, by the way, this pair of shoes sure look
better than mine
With nimble hands, you seize the individual by
the neck and–
Sssnapppp, ppopppp...
Dire need to feel remorse, but none embraces

With nimble hands, the opening of a plastic bag
Don't ever touch my food.
Thank you.

Don't you hate it when you eat a snack from a plastic bag, open it up, only to witness one of the edges ripping?
Brian Feb 11

Long Crypto - Short Banks!
it is a niche out there, but a few people might like it :)
Kirsten Hunt Jan 2
Tape is a dollar.
Glue is Two.
I'd do anything just to fix you.
ashley lingy Nov 2018
Sometimes I wonder
if the dollar that paid for my soda
was ever in a strippers underwear.
And then...I wonder
if the cashier is ever thinking the same thing.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
If all it takes
just a kiss of death
to be gone
for good forever.
I wonder how
a life becomes
'so worthy'
to live it
in the first place?

The truth is
all present times
span out to the future
to realise the potential
of a newly born one!

How could dead death
can take it all in one ******?
Or it just dumbs down
on the surface digging
deep into the diverse layers
of the grand design of a life?
“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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