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Giovanna May 2020
You finally found someone who understands you more than I,
so I guess I will be saying my final goodbye.

When the night will dawn,
the departed will be looked on.
With them will be I,
whispering in your ears a spooky lullaby.

I wish the nights never end,
cause our bond needs to be amend.
I will sit right next to you,
all the nights through.

Bite off more than one can chew.
Your nights I will haunt.
Black and blue to flaunt.
We will always be together,
my hand holding tight to your death tether.
When you think you are the most important for the one who you love the most.
But the ends are not always happy. Losing the person may tear your soul, taking your life out. Then is the moment you want the person you love with you and try bringing them with you.
Bite by bite their soul you take away, leaving back the body with bruises.
You keep your promise to always stay next to them. You take them with you, to your home- THE HELL.
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Why is it people bite off more than their willing to chew?

Bhill Jul 2019
It's only as tough as you make it
Do these words seem right or wrong
I've heard them spoken, almost all of my life
It's natural to think they belong

Let's take the word tough, and define it
What exactly does it mean to you
The meanings it has are many
As an adjective: it's tough to cut or chew

As a noun: your cruel and brutal
And learned to fight in the streets
It also means you might have some pain
And that fabric can take on some beats

So you see it's only what you make it
It's all a point of view
Be ready and willing to take it on
Just remember it is hard to chew....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 183
Is it too tough?
bite it,

chew it,

it just holds,

around again.

just like,

my broken self respect.
Chew it and dump
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I'm showing him new
ways to *****.
Try to forget the past
lovers, especially the last.
I let him bite and chew
on my recipe for the stew.
Let the precious events glide
while I sat and lied.
But I wouldn't call them
lovers, as they made me numb.
They would sit and stare
with another affair.
They wouldn't want to do
the things he asks me to.
Maria Etre Nov 2018
You were
the most

but your
was short

"unwraps another"
George Krokos Jun 2018
No one should try and bite off more than what they can ever chew
because they’ll get themselves into difficulties if and when they do.
Everybody usually tries to get by with what they each can score
but sometimes their greed backfires on them if they go for more.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Poetic T Jun 2018
I never bite my nails,
the taste is just not for me.
I see others chew on pinkies
and much to my disgust
        they chop on them between
                                      their teeth.

Do you know where they
                          have been,
do you know you didn't
                  wash your hands
Now your biting the tips.

I noticed that those who chew,
have stubby fingers
                           looking grossly.
Use a pair of scissors manicure

Please don't bite your nails,
              then spit them out near me.
Its not the wild west there isn't
       spit buckets to collect rejected
                                      nail clippings.

Paint them,
                trim them,
manicure them properly.
but please don't chew them,  
its unhygienic and is so unsanitary.
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