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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I think I'm startin' to get that feelin' again
That sinkin' sensation followed by intense anticipation of the end I feel I'm facin'
The hell my life is based in
Then I meet up with my fear of drownin'
Thoughts not safe havin' come crashin' in
Will I ever learn or is this far beyond teachin' a lesson
Up against my dark passenger, the undisputed, heavyweight champion
And the challenger, in the blue corner noticably panickin'
Just some guy with a crazy look in his eye but no business challengin' his demon
My Hyde side stays undefeated while I've never recorded a win
Bringin' my mental discipline into question
Knowin' my armor's thin
Knowin' I've already taken one to many to the chin
It's  constant whisperin' drowns out everythin'
Top tier manipulation allowin' the interjection of it's own spin
On this tailspin my doomed zeppelin always finds itself in
I feel like I should mention, it's not one, it's Legion
Not a friend, it laid claim and became kingpin
I could only watch like I was fifth in a five deep bullpen
No consent given, not even a conversation
Rushed past me like I was a doorman at a Motor Inn
And I stood there silent, broken, incapable of motion
Often thoughts and feelings are left unspoken
Paralyzed with fear, just standin' here like a dollar store mannikin
Behind a display of 151 and Heineken
Made it easy for it to find it's way up under my skin
I hardly even knew what was happenin'
Now I don't know where it ends and I begin
Not sure there's any separation

Sally A Bayan Jul 2021
Billows of fog
are quickly creeping in,
white as smoke, forming
into a wavy set of steps
and now beckons to me,

a soft voice calls my name
tells me not to be afraid...that it's
okay to climb the foggy stairs,
"i'll be there to meet you at the top,"
the voice assured me...

i must see the owner of the soft voice,
i feel i know him...he knows me well!
my right foot hesitates...but rises,
to take a step...

suddenly, a blow on my right arm
makes me open my eyes 👀 👀

my sister, sound asleep,
turns to my side, and
accidentally hits my arm
just in time,
i was dreaming of my late father,

sally b

Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(My late father often visited me in my dreams when I was small, until
I became a teenager.)
muteD May 2020
I feel my body,
The tension
is there,
this anxiety
is pumping
and it’s bringing
the Calvary.
the one I can always count on..
Welcome Home.
i feel like I’m falling.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Thirty crept upon me slowly
with feline caution and a slowly-twitching tail;
she waited three decades for the winds to shift;
now, claws unsheathed, she lies ready to assail
her defenseless prey.

Keywords/Tags: thirty, age, aging, maturity, time, creep, creeping, ambush, feline, predator
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

after Baudelaire

Lynx-eyed, cat-like and cruel, you creep
across a crevice dropping deep
into a dark and doomed domain.
Your claws are sheathed. You smile, insane.
Rain falls upon your path, and pain
pours down. Your paws are pierced. You pause
and heed the oft-lamented laws
which bid you not begin again
till night returns. You wail like wind,
the sighing of a soul for sin,
and give up hunting for a heart.
Till sunset falls again, depart,
though hate and hunger urge you—On!
Heed, hearts, your hope—the break of dawn.

Originally published by Sonnetto Poesia. Keywords/Tags: Baudelaire, cat, catlike, cruel, creep, creeping, claws, paws, talons, huntress, heart, prey, hate, hunger, alliteration, sonnet
Colm Jan 2020
With that
A weariness crept up close upon me
Without a word or caustic look
More silent than a shadow stalks
More lonely than an abandoned Rook
It jumped and I fell fast asleep
Surely as weariness, consciousness, and companionship exist
I feel, as if only one of these can be
Whence awake
A creeping weariness alive
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
I try and stay calm but I'm starting to pace,
Memories discarded, a projected sequence
Of broken imagery through my mind start to race.

These demons singing to my soul
I can no longer face, they eating at my being
It's a gourmet meal,
they can't get enough of this desperate taste.

I'm directionless, even times time I waste
Losing myself daily
Even the air that I breathe,
Hates every breath that I take.

Without you my worlds just an empty space
You took my heart with you,
I can feel it faintly beating, in your trash case
Sprinkled with the hated words, floating in a river of hate.

I have to hold on to my sanity
Or it will get lost in this state
Was any of it even real, or was every moment just fake

My discarded feelings
Scattered and misplaced
Constantly searching for happiness
When you left, it packed up in a haste
Now I'm left with the broken shards,
Of a life that was never meant.
The feeling we carry can sweetly sing,
At times it plus at your code
and love start to sting,
the angelic voice, now screeching
Just hold on for dear life, remember
Your heart is still beating.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
people come and go
leaving impressions behind
but does it matter?
will I be remembered?
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
"hush dear, be safe with us"
of whimpering
"liars, don't listen, don't make a fuss"
"you can't pretend, in your head it's all about us"
My reflection
mirrored in a strangers frown
creature creeping
underneath my gown
is it me, sweeping
give to whom it belongs, this heavy crown

In your pictures
the conflict hides
through pretty gestures
beauty subsides
and love with its tiring lectures

I don't give a ****
about your empty phrases
turned down praises
Watch me pull the plug
Your insincerity amazes
as I watch you feast on a deers pluck

You're not a dog
all you do is bark
getting rid of carcasses at the bog
listen closely and hear the lark
we all get lost in the fog
see if you can catch a spark
listen closely and hear the frog
you will see me in the dark
Dog Years Jun 2018
The tired old Tortoise
painfully creeps across a
desolate desert
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