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Prister Sep 21
Prior risk
Running away from puns the size of
U SEA what i did there?
If I had known that twenty-six
Would look so much like thirteen,
I would have kept at least one
Elastic training bra to
Remind me I’m better at
Working under the wire now.
Zoe Grace Aug 20
Let me get this STRAIGHT.
Hold on, I'm gonna run this BI you.
I wanna see how this PANs out, ok?
LES just see how this goes.
I need you to TRANSfer those papers.
Come on, I bet you ACEd the test!
It's late and I'm delusional and my sleep deprived brain thinks I'm funny. Shhhh, don't tell me I'm wrong.
I'm a proud panromantic potato btw.
Anastasia Jun 4
she ran
from non-existent footsteps
kicking in
from a lack of meds.

a white
with the stench
of bodies.

a stuffy nose
at the worst time
promised her demise.

a peek
in the window
her curiosity.
with only a splash of red.

another window
left open
to air out the stench
led to
no-longer-****** bodies

and she screamed
but not for very long
because the knife
peirced her neck
and the scream
turned into silence.
Ray Dunn Apr 20
Sink with me—
down the drain...
Just let the water
cleanse old stains
Basically a massive-*** pun. Also kittens deserve better even if they’re treated the absolute best they still deserve better
South America:
It's not cold down there, only
a little chile
i cackle at this like a witch i tell you
Joe Bandini Mar 30
In any case
The state of Things
The Morose state
The state without T
It's a onomatopoeia
The T of the state
This is the term
Born to be finished
In any case
The state is at
Its term
This is the state of the state
Made to be T
To be finished
Because the state of things
The state without T
This is the state
The state that buries itself
The state that stubbornly
and buries
And tangled in our heads
The state
In any case
It must be cut
Cut off the head
Whether the state is without
And without land
Without land mined
It's air mined
of lead
It's no, it's no
It's no, in any case
We have to bury him
So that the state without T
The state of Things
In any case
So that the State without T
At its end
Has his T
To end him
To bury him.
A Psalmist Feb 27
They pat me on my head and feed me some food
When I run into the rain to fetch them their fruit.
Dripping on their porch, I give them their prize
Then they close their door as I remain outside.
My tail no longer wagging, "Good boy" they call me
But I am a watered melancholy watermelon collie.
What part of any of that is good?
Sam Dec 2018
she was far too sweet
like a tooth-ache on two feet
whispering sweet muffins in my ear
savoury refrains on drury lane

she was a pain au chocolat in the ***
but (if i'm not sugarcoating) eye candy
she'd kinder suprise me
that she was kinder than many can be
Maya Oct 2018
the hens
have raised their fowl fists,
protested the pecking order,
debated the Cuckoo Clucks Clan,
and started a coup in the coop.
they have a bird's eye view from their fort,
truly an eggcelent perch to reside in while they gather resources and
duck when enemies fire.
joining is a nestcessary evil to end the corruption.
so, my dear,
please don't chicken out.
i have sinned. i have faced god and walked backwards into hell writing this poem. forgive me please i couldn't resist.
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