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You deserve the love
That will dance with you
In a garden full of bloomed tulips
And in a garden of dead roses

You deserve someone
Who'll drink whiskey with you
Even under a starless night
When you got yourself defeated
Amer Pelides May 19
Words were thrown into a turning wheel,
Twisting and turning their meaning,
Humble and thoughtful they were not,
They were intended to hurt and dismay,
I felt their sting and cold touch,
Why was I the target of such accusations?
Am I the carrion and they the scavenger?
I did not deserve this,
Or maybe I did.
Akira Apr 20
I promise
to give something
you deserve.
This love,
will always
be yours.
for my love
Anurag Apr 6
If she was diamond,
I was a stone.

If she was gold,
I was old.

She was an angel,
Me the Devil.

She was a star,
I was a black hole.

I tried my level best.
I never deserved her.
I always feel I never deserved her.
alexa Mar 24
last night i begged and pleaded with you for hours,

tried telling you that i deserved to bloom like a flower.

i’ve never asked you to save me,

but now i’m asking you nicely.

please, let me be happy,

and please, i beg of you, let it be for me.

im tired of being superficially happy. or it being temporary. what did i do wrong? why can i not get this one thing?
Euphrosyne Mar 23
You deserve the love
That I have, a true love,
You deserve flowers everyday
Because I want to show you I'm not cliché

You deserve a cup of joe
That every morning you sip, you glow,
You deserve poems that I write
That I'll send it to you every night,
You deserve ice creams at midnight
And I'll tel you that it'll be alright.

You deserve to be reminded
Every second I am attracted
And that you are beautiful
Every moment that you're blinded
By them, don't listen they are all mindless

You deserve honesty
Forget those awful sanity,
You deserve my consistency
And I believe it is still not dead, my chivalry.

I know you're scared
But I'm prepared
Don't worry too much
I'll be here, I'll keep in touch.
You deserve what we both want in love.
Jieun Mar 7
even if i deserve someone better
even if i deserve someone who'll be there
someone who'll care
someone who'll genuinely love me, for who i am...

deep down...
i've always wanted that "someone" to be you
Mansi Patel Feb 28
I will not let the world
Make me bitter

No matter what happens
I will try to spread

Not because the world
deserves it
But because it needs it
Mito Feb 25
you deserve better,
love yguys
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