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I am happy to hear you are happy

I love happily ever afters

You deserve fairytales

Like we had once upon a time before midnight struck and switched everything back to ****
Not every person gets a happy ending
Bea Rae Feb 10
Words I wish to hear

Your heart is worthy of love

Your soul merits happiness
Did you wait & procrastinate?
Or act ahead of the curve?
Well, you will get your bitcoin
At the price that you deserve

Start right now and do the work
Strengthen your will and nerve
And then you’ll get your bitcoin
At that price that you deserve

Keep your mind steady and firm
Stay focused and never swerve
In order to hold your bitcoin
As it becomes the world reserve

Learn about money, study well
Be quick to judge and observe
Then act to get your bitcoin
At the price that you deserve
You can see this poem on a background here -
Fox Jan 6
he brought me flowers on our first date.  
I had never gotten flowers before

he brought me flowers on our second date

       I tell him he shouldn't have while smiling    expecting nothing more

he brought me flowers on our third date
    I tell him he needs to save his money..     this can't be sustainable

he brought me flowers on our fourth date

   I tell him he shouldn't waste his money on me

     not that the flowers aren't beautiful or
       appreciated I just worry he'll regret being so generous to someone that doesn't deserve it      

he brought me flowers on our fifth date

 I tell him he can't keep buying me flowers and ask him why would he waste his money on me?  

    he just shrugs and says pretty girls deserve flowers, it's worth it to me  as if it were that simple

I come home from our sixth date
  I stop and look around my home, filled with flowers, another bouquet in my arms

  apprehensive to trust this could be my new normal; consistent, loving, kindness without expectations, heart on your sleeve, gentle, earnest

     and to think that maybe, just maybe, after all this time

I might deserve it

 that maybe, just maybe

 I might be worth it
maybe it was always that simple
ky Jul 2023
I'd rather be hard-to-get
and end up with a guy
who's willing to fight for me
than be easy
and end up with someone
who doesn't truly deserve me.
ky Jul 2023
Looking back on it all,
I don't understand why I gave you
so many second third fourth changes.
You treated me horribly
and I let you back in
every. single. time.

I guess I thought that
when I let you back,
you would be different.
You would treat me better.

But each time,
nothing changed.
And the last time,
I just had to say
I was trying hard to chase the HORIZON

just to get your little appreciation,

but you denied my efforts again and again...

And perhaps, that only forced me to pull out in the MIDWAY..!
How can I continue to serve
When u can't give me the recognition that I deserve?

Hello again, hope y'all are doing well.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2022
I saw truth plain as day
Knew I did not mean much
Didn't possess the sense to leave
Desperate to experience your touch
Now you are running away from me
Too cowardly to say goodbye
I am left looking like a **** fool
Just another passerby
Your silence says it all
Want nothing more to do with me
After effort I put forth
Cast me aside like worthless debris
Now true colors are revealed
I caught a glimpse of them before
Gave another chance because
Believed you were capable of more
I worked hard to be somebody you wanted
To improve my imperfections
Did little things to make you smile
Hoping to avoid rejection
Only for actions to be in vain
I am still all alone
Changes made were a stupid waste
If only I would have known
You were just biding time
Til better opportunity came along
May not have been Mr. Right
The way you treated me wrong
I was fine keeping us the way we were
Simply wanted to clarify where we stood
I asked if this was a relationship
Maybe I misunderstood
And even when you lied to me
Disloyalty breaking trust
Still forgave all your mistakes
Until emotions were stomped into dust
I was ready to settle for bare minimum
As long as I could hold you close
Warm sensation was enough
Even if I wasn't what you desired the most
But despite being tolerant and understanding
Still decided to shut me out
After sharply slapped in the face
Finally realize I'm better without
Should never have waited around for you
Because I enjoyed your caress
Deserve so much better than that
I've learned I'd rather be lonely than settle for less
That was a hard lesson to learn
Rea Feb 2022
now i'm trying to look for someone who makes me feel like
i don't deserve them.
like it took the power of all the celestial objects
for you to want me.
i'm tired of thinking i deserve things,
it's good to be reminded of my faults.
want to feel like i am the one girl in the crowd
you chose to come on stage and be by your side.
i want to say "i don't deserve you" until my voice stops working.
i don't want to deserve you but i want you to love my anyway.
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