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The idea of what we don't need is, much better than the idea of what we actually need!!
You know people run behind for many needs. But some things are actually don't need!!
Instead of running behind the need of huge amount of money, let's get what we deserve!! And help for those who need our help!!
Like Gandhi said, "there's enough for everybody's need and not for anybody's greed!!
Let's act right!!
Do not fall in love
Go before you break in two
I don't deserve you
You are too good for me
Jehzeel Apr 12
When was the last time you felt loved?
When was the last time you let down of your walls and be vulnerable?
When was the last time you said "I love you" sincerely?
Dates? Months? Years?

Nah! it was all because of that stupid person whom you gave your all and received none in return that made you skeptical after all.
The butterflies that used to be in your stomach already left,
gone with the person you thought were your meant.

But hey, lovelies!
Blame not the love but the lover.
It's time to give yourself some love.
A love coming from you,
not from others.

By the time you are ready to love again,
By the time you find the person to be vulnerable with again,
By the time you speak love sincerely again,
It's no longer for someone else's sake
Because you know you are worthy of the love you deserve.
Lunar Mar 24
don't settle for less.
don't be subtle to want more.
I deserve those annual leaves and they deserve not to be wasted any longer.

Lee Aaun Mar 14
your rainbow deserves a better sky
you deserve more
Lee Aaun Mar 5
i am never gonna cry in the rain,
as i can show the world
who has hurt me and let me bleed pain
just the way you never cared
either if someone will watch you
tormenting my blood, flesh and bones
i will not stop telling my saga to those
who need courage to get out of that love
which is just a fake illusion
as souls like me deserve love whose
stars shine on the sky
you deserve more
chi Feb 24
Please be patient with me, I spend most of my day swimming in the ocean of my thoughts.
Please be patient with me, sometimes I'm too scared to speak up but there are days where I speak too much.
I always loved too much and received a little, I got used to being treated like ****.
I do not know what I deserve so please be patient with me.
I cry over the slightest inconvenience but there are days when I cover it up with a smile.
Please be patient with me, a lot of days I breathe because you exist.
I'm a mess, like a sudden drought, but this mess loves you without a single doubt.
so when times get tough and you realize it's hard to love me, just remember, please be patient with me.
can you be patient with the me?
Aquila Feb 23
okay, but I don't π’˜π’‚π’π’• to be the bigger person.
I want to be the person who looks out for their own needs.
being the bigger person for what?
the benefit of someone I hate?
the benefit of someone I avoid in the halls?
you don't 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒆 for me to be the bigger person-
so I will throw my fits.
like what pride is there in putting yourself aside for the sake of someone who wronged you? im all good.
dailythoughts Dec 2020
sometimes you know you deserve better
but better isn't always what you need  
better isn't always real
the heart wants what it wants
Farheen Khan Nov 2020
I find myself searching for something
That can comfort me
Some old memories
A scarf and piece of paper
Searching something that is dead inside
And debating whether it is good to let go or to hold on ,

I find myself searching for memories that I'm proud of and some that I regret.
I think of it everyday, I think about you everyday .

Somewhere deep down I know your happy but stillΒ Β I deserve to miss you,
And to love you for all .
In memory of my lovely aunt ❀️
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