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do we fear the love
we think we don't deserve?
"you deserve someone better than what I could ever be for you."
You deserve the best like flower. You dererve a love and hours speand with you at day and night. You deserve support and lover who will love you very well.
You deserve more hugs and power which is leading you.
You deserve romances and love songs.
You deserve the best my love.
Good person from elevator.
I wish you find your love.
You do have right to be yourself. You do have choice to choose.
You doesn't have to be used.
And you can love.
You do have right to shine like a star.
You do have right to smile.
Hey, girl you do deserve this.
Hey, girl raise eyes and dreaming. You got this personal right to be happy.
It's your own choise.
Lance Jul 23
I believe we are entitled to certain things
To be loved the way we choose to love
And to be treasured the way we treasure people

But despite such, Cruelty in the world prevails
Hate overwhelms love
Selfishness triumphs above all else

Maybe it was given to us that way
But Its up to us to change that..
This was written when me and my mom argued about entitlement how I didn't deserve many things and still acquired them.
larni Jul 18
i give all of my love to others
that sometimes i forget
that i deserve to be loved too
Johnny walker Jul 15
Each night I'd would hold on to her tightly for I never wanted to let go for the fear of being left on my own to much at
to think of and In truth the thought never really crossed my mind but In the end the Inevitable happened I lost my sweetheart to
The day is great ahead.
And even if is imperfect.
So I don't care.
I ready to take it and accepte it anyway.
In easy, simply ways.
The time deserve a happiness, a joy and laugh.
The humour of this life.
The day gets enough time for everithing.
For your biggest smile.
The sand in hourglass stream slowly.
And give you enough time for everything.
The normal rythm of the life.
Sometimes slow down.
And gifted calm and silence.
To rest your mind.
And it's deserve and worth each second of your life.
Johnny walker May 31
She was taken from me and
I had to say a final farewell to  
my sweetheart the day we laid her to rest 23rd of December
Is a day I'll shall never forget but she will long live on
In my memory long after I'm
gone from this
Helen will long live on through the poems of her as I
promised I'd do a promises made In
always said I would do for Its the leased I could do for she always
gave to life more than she ever took out she wanted for nothing In
But rhe air that she Breathed the love of her family was all that she needed
she who
always gave to life more than she ever took out but Its always the good die
Amanda May 12
I am sorry for being like this
Wish greatly I was not
Feeling unhappy constantly
I'm aware I ask a lot

Do not have a clue why I get jealous
It's evident you love just me
Eaten alive regardless
By invincible insecurity

You reassure me nobody else
Could possibly own your heart
Maybe, but if so how come
You smile more when we're apart?

The respect you had for me
Has diminished with attraction
Used to give me your whole focus
Now I get a fraction

I don't deserve your valuable time
The privilege of being the only one
Held in your arms every night
I'm begging you

Please don't run
I feel you slipping out of my hands
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