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Despair 2d
Judge if you want,
we are all
going to

I intend
To deserve it.
This is supposed to be kind of dark but also this is a train of thought I have had and most likely will continue to have for a long time.
Rose K Dec 6
Give an eager FOX
MEDAL  engraved

All FELLOW FOXES  know, who the king is
And the LION don’t bothers to prove it

A ROAR is enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Jungle Rule
Being abused as a child
totally destroyed my
childhood, the excuse
for humans who abuse
for their ***** disgusting gratification

That not only destroys childhood but also these poor victims for them It's never ending the pain shame guilt leading like myself to self-harm

Its time those In  authorities started to consider and give more help to these poor Innocent people
who are suffering so

Don't waste time and money on the evil things who commit these disgusting crimes against humanity
With there feeble excuses
they came poor
upbringing they were abused as a kid, no way, I came poor background abused both beaten and sexually

I who have a son he's 20 years old happy smiling simply because he was bought up as a child the way he was with

That's the way It was me for despite my own child abuse, so forget about those who commit such crimes there's Is no cure
let them out they'll do it again, stop wasting time and money on

And let's help the poor victim try and get their life's back and help them try and live a normal life they so richly

I say *** bless the abused for one day they will be
freed of there suffering to live as they
Written In hope victims of child abuse or any kind of abuse that should never ever happen, to find a voice and to be heard, demand the respect you all so richly deserve by all of you, authorities stop wasting time and money on those who will never change
and let's spend time on the victims help them get the life
they so richly deserve.
Daksh Nov 22
Don't just read, feel
The very essence these words give you

When you do, I have a special place for you in the multiverse
Neither the stars, nor the galaxy
Just hear;

You never have enough words to write and present
That's when you see and feel
May the exquisite ones tamper your soul
Nudge your heart, tell it the Beauty in every beat

And you never know the hostility of a place
That you so rightfully deserve

I got a special place for you in a universe inspite of infinite multiverse

It's in my heart.
Kalarav Nov 15
To the people who were a part of my life, my people,
You were just like clouds.

Gave me the day I deserved.
Some days it rained, some days it shone.
Some days I got the best views at dusk,
Because you were just like clouds.

I wish you stayed longer,
But you were just like clouds.

I wish you were my Sun,
Then, I could see you all day long,
But you were just like clouds.
slr Nov 9
I love you
But you will never know
Because I am too afraid
Of myself
Messing it up again
So I won't
Tell you.

Not yet.
Maybe one day.
Maybe one day
You will see it.

Maybe one day
We could be together.
Who knows
If you can't handle me at my brutally honest, then you don't deserve me.
Can you handle it?
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