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onyx Aug 26
i wish you would share a piece of your soul with me
and i wish you would let me share a piece of my soul with you

i wish you knew that ive never wanted to give my soul to anyone
but i want you to know my soul better than everyone
Gerald Jun 2020
You gave back only a fraction of what I gave. Leaving me to wonder where all the other pieces went.

And I gave you all of me.
Jessica Jul 17
I want to be like the radio
Was in the 1920s
To you
My love;
Filling the room with expectant joy
Triumphant with news
As the music
As the time itself.
Maybe I'm crazy but,
I can never replace anyone.
Because everyone is made in such beautiful small details.

Like, I remember the night makes your skin glow.
Or you always smell of the color yellow, and everything makes me think of tomorrow.
How your eyes sparkle brightly as if stars are inside them.

It's probably the way your hand feels,
when I hold it it's like the river streams to your palm.
Or the start of your smile forms a contentment where I feel that,
I can be saved.

Little things.
each of them, beauty exists.
Descovia May 21
Back and Reloaded
I rock waves
My voice controls chaos in motion
Every breathe I set off explosions 💥

Split you ***** ****** apart like the ocean
I have the power, feeling like I'm Moses
Praying with spells to return home
with expectations from expialadocious!

I am feeling alive for the moment!
Murderous mind, might slaughter my mother loving opponent
99 Problems, Team Beat It Up, None of you don't want it!

Walk it like I talk it.
Make you hustle and work
Like crossfit!
Be on ****** *** like debt
I am on it, like I own it!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Except dreams

Corruption Ruins Earth AlignMENT




Smara May 10
"Be bold instead of broken."

Piece by piece
I created my Heaven.

Each time you entered;
took something from my garden.

Keep coming and keep going,
in an endless loop.

Rotting everything,
whatever comes to your way,

A voice SHOUTED from inside.
Don't give all to someone, who ignore your efforts and love.
Be careful.
"Be bold instead of broken."
Then she met the sun rising above the sky
superior to its servants, for 'tis the bright light
giving shelter to trees and flowers —
her morning is as rough as the dried sunflowers.

She ne'er-do-well at nights that seem to haunt her every time the moon arises from below —
the moon whom she hates when it strikes at six o'clock and the sun sets at five o'clock, she never gets the time to smile.

Tomorrow with her is never home.
A night with her could be considered as the curse.
From o'er the horizon, she looks up above, and scream, “Even songs I love I could not hear!”
Her little hymn and tones turned into lulla-byes —
a lullaby to good-bye.

“Tis the time to go home,"  she said, but what if night ne'er sets down and tomorrows turned ashes and good-byes?

When will she go home?
I just turned 20 a few days ago and this piece was made months ago haha. Hope you'll have a good day.
Left To Rot May 4
I'm a mere mirrored reflection
of all the mistakes I made.
I'm a mere piece
of an unsolved puzzle
that's always missing something in the end.
Sarah Mar 12
It hangs in the air. It’s stifling. We carry it in our hearts. It’s heavy.
We grieve the missing pieces, but also the empty spaces they belong to.
The parts of ourselves with muscle memories that no longer have a purpose. Parts of ourselves that become inaccessible, and try as we might, we can never enter that space again.

How do you hold a hand that isn’t there?
Lee Aaun Mar 10
when you will seek peace
and you will find it in your pieces,
it's the real peace
peace is in your pieces
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