Shofi Ahmed May 2017
At last the sun is out and about
indulge in your piece of summer.

Today London in bloom
white clouds, white swans
roam out to the sky.
Welcoming the punters
the sun is rolling down.

Come never wonder,
for once, what they're worth.
Hop on, pop in, drop by
bask in London summer!
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
When all in all
is beautiful.
To face it
the rest is too small!
Can a fabric,
a piece of the veil,
eclipse it at all?

Yet the sky is
upside down.
Every morning
lits up a sun.
The little earth
is hiding in the core.
Willow Jul 21
These are the words I would never tell you,
Your smile, your eyes, your hair, that is just a plus to you, but your personality is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I thought after one year, the crush would be over but I was wrong.
7 years later and I'm still completely and utterly in love with you. You're the person I look for when I walk in a room, you're the person I can mess with their hair and wouldn't care. You're the person that I can throw a pencil at and make you pick it up and wouldn't get mad. You're the only man I trust, and you know how much I don't trust them. But I know I can tell every single secret but one and you wouldn't tell another soul. When you told me you believed in me, a piece of my broken heart went into it's place like a puzzle piece.
Wasn't sure if I wanted to publish this or not but fuck it.

The secret I can't tell him is that I love him :)
Alicia Allen Jun 25
All food has lost its taste
and wine its buzz
there is no comfort in the sounds
no familiarity in the smiles
empty is how I feel inside
an important part of my soul is missing
I do not sleep, I do not dream
the emptiness yawns to swallow everything
return and take the missing part of my soul with you
come back and anchor me
for I am empty without you.
Tara Jun 18
All puzzles you have need to be solved
Some pieces will never be found
My mind is a puzzle
Each night it falls apart
Sometimes I don’t put it back together
The pieces collect cobwebs
I’m broken but I don’t want to be fixed
One day I’ll open up the Skeltons
I’ll spend hours trying to be “together”
My 1,000 pieces
Always missing more each time
I’m scared the day I’ll loose all my pieces
Death Horizon Jun 16
I just saw god,
not your god
not mine either
it was our god
the good god that makes us gooder

outside the licor store,
he was catching some air
after he was done killing with is stair

he told me i was lost,
I said the only lost soul here
was his

cause god is fake
and he lead me and us to our ending
he traded love and peace
from war and vengeance amongst us
he was the reason we hate
he was the reason we take
and he was the reason i wrote this poem

cause god should be writting with a minor g
as him should not be more important then we
Kivanc Jun 7
A piece of broken glass is in my heart.
It fall down from poor lamp.
Lamp's fire undergo,
Cause of the cold.
That feels it
Marsha A May 22
From the time we met
I knew you were not trouble
You're the missing piece.
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