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"If you hesitate it can be fatal
~ Ciel Phantomhive ~
Not my quote.
Another that needed posted.
Dougie Simps Mar 10
It’s been a while but wanted to write to you on better terms
Last time we spoke my life was taking a hard turn
Grew up a lot, learned sometimes its best to just let it burn
Nourish those who need the good in me their souls are starving ferns
I keep your memories because a good feeling is for good healing
Raise my hands up only to no longer just feel the ceiling
My vision changed and simplicity is way more appealing
Don’t need jump on people’s throats, take a breath and think about your feelings.
I’ve made peace with your son - look what I’ve become
I face the things that challenge me,  no longer look to turn around a run
Life has its ups and downs but you see me through my struggles
Trying lead my team but can’t always remember the plays in the huddle
My imperfections have sorta been corrected
Still need to be burn by the fire in order to learn my lesson
I found a new love, which is beyond a blessing
But I don’t feel I deserve it and that’s my own misconception
Gave up on being aggressive and showing off for the attention
I thank you everyday for your strength by the way...
That’s just something I needed to mention
You taught me I’m a product of what I go through
And even if they wrong don’t hurt them back just to help you

I gave up the drugs to numb my pain
I look up now but for the clear skies and not the rain
I don’t think I need to pull the trigger to help defuse my explosive brain
For the first time in my life I actually feel sane
The family good and seem more connected than ever
Feel we follow you and grannies policy of always keeping the family together
I’ve learned that I don’t need to escape nor think I don’t belong
Come around a bit more because my family needs me so we can collectively be strong
My past still haunts me and the demons remain strong
I’m working on letting that all go though and not trying to hold on.
That dark thought will sneak in and at times I’ll still ask for death
But I learning my purpose now and cherishing every single breath.
You’re the greatest man I’ve ever known and I miss you being around
The only man in my life I can truly say who’s never let me down
I thank you for your guidance
Protecting me from internal violence
Learning to listen a bit more
You get the most out of others through your silence
That little boy opens his eyes now and is no longer hiding.
Finally appreciating my life, which is way more exciting.
Inspiration has come back, that’s why I got the chance to write you this song
Feels good to let go of everything I’ve done wrong.
You taught me to remember when I get set backs
Been through the worst times to get the best back
Wish sometimes I could go back in time and give the low me a jet pack.
You was right about it all, Im finally learning for myself
I hope this is someway a thank you for all your spiritual help.
Promise to keep spreading your word and only improving myself
Hope the angels take care of you until I see you myself.
Letter to my opa few years later
brown sugar Mar 10
infected from head to toe,
it spreads
your movements

takes your life
rips it seam by seam
until there's nothing left,
but a string.

forces you into loneliness,
exiles you from your own life,
leaving you with nothing,
nothing but a shell of who you were.

memories are used as weapons,
torturing you with thoughts.

all that you had left is turned against you as if you're deserving of simply nothing.

because that is what this disease does.
it forces you to feel like
until you accept that it as truth.

but you can't, the only cure is to rip through the mirage.
you can't submiss to the negative,
when you can create positive.

you may left in pieces,
but everything is formed with pieces.
Pieces are everything.
JAC Feb 27
There's a little piece of you in me
and a little part of me in you

a part of me I miss and look for
a piece of you you think you've lost

when I find you with that part of me
and you see me with that piece of you

we'll approach each other cautiously
pulled together easily

by the part of me and piece of you

that will be, eventually
the piece that completes you
and the part that completes me.
Yassine Feb 22
There's nothing special about my depth,
but Misery and Incapability to live.
Just like the BlackBeard,
Take a step closer and You'll get swallowed by a black hole.
Can you name feelings,
A piece of someone's soul,
With a title?
Rowan Wolff Feb 10
They say
Suffering brings compassion
And I say
Just because I have
Does not mean I am kind
And just because I am
Does not mean I have suffered
Is when you say
“No one should suffer”
Not even me.
I can't stop shaking and I don't think it's the cold
I feel you resting on my skin and it's the same skin you used to trace and I keep burning my body in the shower thinking it will rid the residue of you
we said all of the right words at the wrong time
and I'll walk through a crowded room with a glass in my hand
and I'll try not to notice your voice in the noise of everyone else but I swear it's still the only sound I hear
I'll convince myself I used you the same way you used me and I'll swallow it down with a sip of *****
then swear this is the last night I'm drinking to forget you
I'm training my tongue to stop telling stories of us everytime someone says your name
and when 3 a.m. comes around and I'm tempted to text you my epiphanies on why we went wrong
hoping one might resonate with you and we can try again
I'll remember all the time I spent rearranging the pieces of me that got tangled with yours and hope I never have to love that much again
Lee Aaun Feb 2
It is not a
common story.
It is a
of our
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