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el Mar 20
i've tried
many times, i have
but i cannot single handedly put together a puzzle
with all the wrong pieces
perhaps in time
some people just cannot fit together
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
No time to find a piece of mind
Tried and lost it all this time
Beg to be kind and please rewind
But this ain't 1989

Coleen Mzarriz Oct 2023
Do you know I’d circle around the globe, just to be greeted by those lovely eyes of yours?
I'd cross even the sharpest nails I will step on just to hear and carry your gentle voice.

Vacillate between the warmth and the cold.
The sea and the clouds—even the steep avenue or the slippery cobblestone—just to get near you.

For I will carry all your deepest sins and cleanse them with these calloused hands—far enough to call it love.
My heart will leap from me the moment our eyes meet again for the ninth time.

And surely, the vastness of the sea cannot amount to all the words I can make up for you.
Even the most tedious piece will be turned into a faithful painting—so long in memories.

It will remain just that.
A silent, cacophonous whisper—inside of it was all the love I have stored for you.
It will remain just that.

When the time finally freezes the moment you walk in, my eyes will still be locked into you.
And I’d cross once again the sharpest nails I could step on.
I wrote something. It has been 136 days and I am still here.

Unknown/Nth - Hozier
Darina Forgacova Oct 2022
piece by piece I am coming
closer to you
showing me your face
recognizing you
from my deepest dreams

you appeared like angel
in my life
I want you see more
want to feel more
make me feel more
piece by piece
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2022
Who said that
watch the moon
but can't touch?

Truly a full moon picture
broke the mirror.
Stacking all of it
the sky fills the full jar.
Empties it though
sparing a piece
to every shining star.

Yet a full moon Kohinoor
eyes on all the stars
no one can touch!
LC Apr 2022
I am forged in a ceramic kiln,
and the sweltering heat embrittles me.
their withering stares set the kiln ablaze,
expecting me to stay rigid and brittle.
I attempted to constrict and be good,
but the fire slowly cracked me.  
the heat still scorches my pieces,
but each piece inches closer
to the outskirts of the kiln
so I can find the sticky glue
and put myself back together.
Escapril Day 20! Prompt: trying to be good.
I had a few ideas for this poem, but I wanted to use one major theme.
I hope you enjoy this one! I loved writing it.
Robyn Little Apr 2022
You invited them in
You let them at your table
You let their child play with yours
You let their cat near your dog
You let them wine and dine on your account
You let them bind you and your spouse
You let them put a gun to your head
You let them put your child to bed
You let them take you to their car
You knew what they wanted
You knew you had the answers
You knew it was your fault
At least one of these is a lie
Can you tell which is which?
Mark Wanless Jan 2022
differentiate between
   the obscure of time
and the real now
   falling forward

no place is here true
   but a piece of what
can be is whatever

i smile and drift
   my mind and this
is but a short poem
el Aug 2021
i wish you would share a piece of your soul with me
and i wish you would let me share a piece of my soul with you

i wish you knew that ive never wanted to give my soul to anyone
but i want you to know my soul better than everyone
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