From the time we met
I knew you were not trouble
You're the missing piece.
Kit 7d
I must admit I am more damaged
after you left, less whole.

There is a piece of me
you stole.
I look at pictures of me now and compare them before you hurt me and they just dont feel right. There is something missing in me now.
Sanny 7d
I used my triggers again.
To check my feelings.

Our songs and pictures of you.
I felt nothing.

Somehow it's frustrating.
To feel nothing at all.

I never thought I'd get over you.
It seems like I did.

In a way I feel sad.
Cause you don't mean anything anymore..

I thought you'd always keep a piece of my heart.
But I've let you go completely.

That hurts too.
Nayana Nair May 17
For me, every moment of contentment
is often followed by the realization
of having a lack of either ambition
or the means or ability to achieve it.
And though I can live with the lack of both.
I often wonder
why do we feel the need to be validated
by some measure,
by some reason,
to belong in one of the circles
that the world is divided into.
When we end up questioning our self,
“Who would be actually there for me
if not for the pieces of me
that I am feeding them everyday?”
anya May 8
sometimes i hope you leave.
sometimes i hope you never come back.
sometimes i hope that little piece of you—
that i am holding on to so dearly—
lets go of
m e .

i hope that little piece of you sets me free.
a fraction of the birthday message you never received. (you never deserved to.)
Vexren4000 May 2
A space set out before me,
Blank with the bright snowy electronic white.
A mechanical canvas,
Made of pinpoints of light,
Hopefully we will never lose,
The sight of a normal,
Blank piece of paper.

Bas Aeon Apr 19
struggle to reach the destination
talking to the shadow
from the reflection of the rays of sun
energy is dropping
gasping for air
craving for echoes
crumbling piece by piece
ash is all remain

- Tres20 -
empty shell i become from the love i once knew
Amanda Apr 19
The hellish conditions I lived through last year
All the sad truth in painful lessons I was shown
Each one took a piece of my happiness
Because of the dark my heart has grown
It's crazy to think that me of all people are capable of growth...
Madeleine Apr 19
My life
a puzzle
a boarder forms
piece by piece
my insides are made
each piece so unique
the boarder,
my looks,
the insides,
my personality and emotions
each piece
with intricate details
telling a story
of my life
each new puzzle
a panorama forms from
age to age
chapter to book
each piece unknown
till connected to another
some 2D
with choices yet to make
before becoming solid
making it permanent
piece by piece
my life revealed
japheth Apr 14
i thought

you were

the last puzzle piece to complete me,

but we

were both

have missing groves asking to be filled.
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