You wanted
to have your
cake and eat it too
well honey
take a bite
I am spiked

Strawberry frosting
can be deceiving
They think I am too nice.. let them.
mint 3d
i so desperately want to fold into myself
want to burn myself and make something of the ash
i feel like a great almost completed puzzle
expansive and vast
dull pieces
but still connected
now one piece has been taken from me and has been replaced
replaced by a misshapen mess in the guise a puzzle piece
and as i desperately try to shove it in its previous spot
i scream
and push my hands across the table
disconnecting the pieces in my plight

i can never be complete again
i’ve changed so much since last year. I dont even recognize my own thoughts anymore.
Mike D Feb 16
I'm tired
I'm wired
I'm up
I'm down
My tie's red
My head a tomato
I'm frustrated
I ask the same question
I always end up asking
'Why....errrrr...did I do this?!?'

On a quest
Looking for salvation
A salvation that never comes
Instead a dead end
Try to steady unsteady hands
My demeanor is calm
But inside a storm
Blood rushing like storm troopers
Storming down a barricade
I can not cave
Don't give into the paranoia

In my cave I hibernate
Withdrawing further
Any progression halted
My pen I draw with
Try to convey my aggression
Bouncing off the walls
I'm annoyed
A failed 'hi'
It's too late
I'm bound and restrained
Handcuffed in my brain
These actions must be retrained
Or I'm bound to redo
Same habits; not new

No redo this time
Put it all on the line
Pushing the limit
Crossed that line
Buy that lie; same old line
A Pavlovian chime
Please don't chime in
Or cross me
Not now
This linear path has an end
And I'll end up ending it emphatically
A fact; you'll see

Getting seasick
From a change of season
That's seasoned with sickness
Coming on too quick
Delivering one or two quips
I'm not equipped to deliver

Should not have come to this
I shoulder the burden
It's burned into me
But never I show
In my den
Buried deep below
From the noise and attacks
Sit alone with my facts
Not emotionally stable
Can not handle; not able
To withstand the taxing
Or strength needed
To sit at the table

A final letter
I let her know
Knowing no words
Could truly let her know
No note, not noteworthy
Or worth the time
It would take
To make it worthwhile
While I know
Deep down inside
She's not worthy
But worth less
A passing sigh
Every sign
Not true love
Not this time
Piece of trash
You were nothing
But ass
Written: February 15, 2018

All rights reserved.
Rebel Heart Feb 12
She always saw the best in those
Who were the worst for her heart
She let those in who didn't deserve
To see the broken pieces of her art
(An old gem from the infamous lyric wall because I'm too drained to post anything else.. Enjoy~ BM)

(Front Page 2/13/2018)
Tsunami Feb 2
One day,
I will write a book
He'll claim it is about him
“Why couldn't you get over me?”
“Why are you still stuck in the past? This was years (months, days, minutes) ago”.

I’ll say it's about how you made me feel,
How you left me.
How you broke me,
Then made me pick up the pieces.
How you fucked me,
Told me you loved me.
Choked identical words out of me.
Deserted me.

I wrote a book about loving someone despite everything he had done to me.
Encompassing me
Hurting me.
Not him.
hating someone is better
racist man with orange skin as if tanning beds are not just an excuse for us to pretend like we've got more melanin
Rachel C Jan 21
You love me.
You love me not.
You loved me.
But then you didn’t.
Why didn’t you love me?
I still did.
And piece of me always will.
Dess Ander Dec 2017
Life threw me down until I smashed
Little by little I pieced myself together
I'm not perfect and sometimes I feel weak
But despite the cracks, I am not broken
May 2018 be a fantastic year for you ☺☺☺
You're my chocolate, baby ", She said;
"I'm gonna eat every piece of you and throw away the wrapper", she never said.
Scarlett Nov 2017
The monster boy ATE her soul

And tore her I  n  t  o

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