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A beautiful white cat
sits on a
perfect piece of
and shows no interest both,
in the seduction
and the composition
of the
post *** zone

I think of it,
as the
possible future element...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Her dying hand goes back into his, time relapses as she becomes healthy again. Take it back to the begining. Staring at eachother across the hall, he smiles, she smiles back he acts big and tall. He wants to impress her, make her his. Not knowin what to say he acts like a gentleman. Time flashes forward. 2 months later, the commitment payed off, he walks with her in the hall not knowin what he has really gotten givin by ***. Flash foward 6 more months, she lets him inside, the day hes been waitin for his whole life. 1 month later he finds out his life has changed, a test comes back sayin hes a dad, his familys ashamed. They decide to keep it, flashfoward 9 months later he finds beauty in what others cannot see, tears filled up the room at the beauty they have seen. A beatiful baby girl he holds in his arms, never wanting to ever let go he holds her close and crys. Flashfoward 5 years, hes dropped out and began construction, on a whole new life, one on a path to destruction. His babys so big he can barely hold, his babys so big he can barely afford. He starts working and slaving away, makin ends meat just to provide for his family. Flashfoward 4 years, his daughters 9 now, he cant fathom what he sees, a baby turned grown in what seemed a matter of days. Lifes gettin easier, got his g.e.d, college dropout turned grown man, he cant believe what he sees. A certificate saying hes gotten the job, one that can better the whole family. Fastfoward 5 years, daughters now 14, got a boyfriend, daddy bein overprotective as always. He seems nice but he remebers the intentions of boys, afterall she was born off that moral choice. First date, be back by eleven, shows up at 10 crying to his shoulder he asks what happend. "He kept asking me to do stuff and when i denied he kept bein mean and stuff, he kept pushing and called me a ***** and i had to call an uber to drive me home" he swears if he sees the kid he'll **** him. He holds his daughter never lettin her go, he will always be her protector. Fast foward 4 years. Baby turned grown women, crazy how time flys when you love her like no other. Off to college, she packs her stuff to leave the house, she hugs him goodbye as he holds back tears, he swear he wouldnt cry.
Lorelei Gill Sep 10
Here's a piece of my mind
A puzzle that is me
I'm a little blind
And all of my thoughts are lost in a sea
But that's a little part of my mind

I seem fierce and confident
But in actuality, I'm the opposite
This mindset is not always constant
Everything in me is like a conglomerate
But that's just a little part of my mind

One minute my mind is a green meadow
The next is a burning forest screaming
Everyone in the afterglow
Meanwhile, I feel I am a nightmare dreaming
But that's just a little part of my mind

Every day I feel my heart-breaking
Craking more little by little
The pain becoming backbreaking
Wanting me to go to a hospital
But that's just a little part of my mind

In the end, on the other hand, I try
With only one savior in the waiting love
I've tried many times to say goodbye
But I can't because of the want, thereof
Hidding the pieces of my mind
nishta Sep 7
i'll tell you my woes
peel the corners of my skin
and though the whispers turn into silence,
i am whole.

i found the missing piece
heard the echo of your words
and though i know it is a little too late,
i am whole.

i fall apart
fragment by fragment
and you are finally here just as i close my eyes,
i am whole.
Hi! My attempt at explaining this feeling i can't really identify except for in maybe one word- 'saudade'.
I remember sitting on your back porch
Back when we first started hanging
I knew at that point that I liked you
But I wasn't ready for the feelings
That consumed me when the sun
Met your eyes and mine
I knew you had brown eyes
But when the light hit them just right
I fell so far
Into the golden flints reflecting back at me
I lost a piece of myself that day
And you never gave it back to me
The cardinal is pecking
in the bird feeder
making cardinal out of seed.

Here I am
looking for a small piece of the divine
Dimitri Ali Aug 24
It was said,
In stories told to those who lay to rest,
That Zeus created us with four of each limb and a single head,
With two faces, mankind at its best.

But fearful he grew,
At the strength of his creation,
Each man split into two,
Scattered about that very nation.

And so we live,
We search to find,
A piece of us not left behind.

But apart from us till this very date,
Hence was forged the term, ' soulmate.'
Maxim Keyfman Aug 19
this candle fell
fell somewhere
she fell
into the abyss

this candle fell
this candle is now
ball of ice
a piece

this candle fell
fell somewhere
she fell
in the sun

They called me in to a room unfamiliar
air smelling of guilt
A vase of roses left to die on the table
"take a seat" there voices distant

I know why I am here
They do not approve of my actions
heart pounding
"we just want to ask you some questions"
I do not have your answers my mind screams out

They believe I am guilty of a crime
I believe i was helping my melting mind

"your test was positive, your actions could hurt someone"
They can't understand my actions saved someone
No one notice's when your saving yourself
One puff to ease my thoughts
One puff to them causes death
Little do they know it prevented mine

Take this pill and that pill, "It will fix you"
No thank you doc i'll stick to natures crop

Synthetics are safe says the man with a certificate on his wall
Corruption is everywhere, lies upon lies

I am in trouble for smoking a plant
He's a business man for creating addiction
I pay a fine for feeling fine for the first time tonight
He receives money for causing another to suffer a helpless plight

"Are you sorry for what you did?"
Can they hear what they just said?

I wont apologise for helping myself
I wont give in to money and decpetion
you have all be led into inception!
   layer under
         layer under
              layer of wrongful perception
Stop fighting natural progression
Let me be me, I'll let you be you.
This is a opinion piece on cannabis if you greatly disagree i respect that and me no offence. I have seen it used and used it myself for medical reasons with great results. I would never push its use on someone else but i do not believe it should be illegal for it has such good benefits with the right knowledge and careful use. I am aware it has had negative impacts on others and I do not wish to cause any harm only to express how it has effected me and how the medical system is often corrupt, prescribing all manner of synthetic drugs causing more harm then good.
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