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Lady Bird Sep 2018
everything seem in the distance
but with a closer look within
the deep shadowed darkness
coated with fear flowing and
penetrating in ash and smoke
with the choking pressure
trapping souls in chains
of barbwire with no chance
of escaping the crumbling walls
of sorrow that hovers in the fog
reflecting on yesterdays’ rain
forming behind the red flames
are blazing rays of panic fading
every where the hopes of surviving
yet the confused minds attempt to
conquer the emptiness left behind
in ashy shadows covered in silent
screams and invisible tears deep
down inside the empty space
of the reflected silence that remain
mirroring the unsolved yet darkened
dreams the hearts crying every beat
I saw this inspiring image on google.. ---
Lady Bird Jan 2015
its beauty cant be ignored
this underground queen
hasn't yet been crowned
its just too supreme
yet haven't been found
unique and magnificent
sparkles and shines bright
all eyes are opened wide
brilliance is something
it just can not hide
Lady Bird Apr 2015
In a Skype chat room
Topic : I Like Haiku's

Me--- (LadyBird)

Haiku's I do like
for they are so easily
written in three worded lines


Writing in Haiku
forces me to think about,
what is important

Me--- (LadyBird)

indeed you are right
writing them is important
and can be therapeutic

would you mind if I
add your words in my Haiku
giving you credit ?

this conversation
we are in is very fun
what are you thinking?


I find great solace
in the idea that my words
are that important!

I have no problem
with allowing you to use
my simple verses!

Pining for someone
who I love very dearly
takes most of my time.

Me--- (LadyBird)

awesome Thank you so
much; I really enjoy this
writing is a passion

as you can see I
enjoy the flow of my words
and all that inspire

you are so kind I
will for sure keep an eye on
your wonderful wods

thank you very much
hoping I was no bother
to you my dear friend

I try to keep my
pen with me jotting down all
my thoughts from within

it is so nice to
meet someone that shares the same
passion for writing

please do keep in touch
I will for sure stay in touch
with you my dear friend


The pleasure is mine!
To meet a friend is always
an enriching thing.

My name is Tony!
It is always nice to meet
new internet friends!

Me--- (LadyBird)

your name is so cool
it is indeed very nice
to make a new friend

it is so funny
I knew your name was Tony
from your user name

this is the most fun
I have had in three long days
I do enjoy it

Haiku-ing is like
text-ing with out a cell phone
it is fun indeed


The pleasure is mine!
To meet a friend is always
an enriching thing.

Me--- (LadyBird)

I find great solace
to know that you share the same
interest as I do


Names are only words,
I am nice because I am
who I want to be.

I am Tony Stark,
at least in my heart and mind.
Money? Not so much.

It was a pleasure,
this banter being quite fun,
maybe again soon?

Me--- (LadyBird)

Wow that sounds so cool
Tony Stark is so good looking
very good actor

names are only words
they don't describe who we are
inside is what count

thank you for talking
to me my friend it was fun
indeed again soon

gonna end convo
nice chatting with you my friend
now I say goodbye
this conversation was not planned but we kept the haiku's flowing...
Lady Bird Aug 2018
a sense heavy wind
blowing the memories
with poisonous spirits
wandering aimlessly
altering foggy trust
visions of a shattered
mirror with broken pieces
to remember or forget
Lady Bird Jun 2016
once treasured like a gem strong and free
withered and withdrawn now like a falling tree

I arise to seek the questions as to why
this once sparkling gem is becoming so wry

my heart can endure love; upset it cant take
but overdose it with pain it will soon break

my mind holds thoughts that no one can comprehend
my heart holds feelings that only I can understand

I am my own trapped prisoner struggling to break free
yet the fragile woman I am can break in two so easily

buried deep in both hopes and fears
a locked door hides all my falling tears

anger its biting every bit of my pondering soul
causing me to loose the shape of my whole
Lady Bird Sep 2018
the mist that vail fog before the eyes
lost pondering drench in thoughts
paddling so madly, it begins to rise
a journey exploring darkness
walking a desired destination
traveling the many winding roads
intertwining purpose and reason
with answers unknown
Lady Bird Dec 2014
What Am I?

Drips of joy and some of pain
peel me and find yet more restrain
but if you expect something deeper
water won’t cover up my given name
you will shed many drops from your eyes
so don't take these words by surprise

I know I may be a nuisance
within the growing fields
many may have complained
of my aroma and sight
I can't help how I was named
by God's given Light

who I am is just who I am
liked or disliked I am all the same
and I go by no other name
Can You Solve This Riddle?
Lady Bird Dec 2014
A mirror
..... with a
scratch .....
..... is not
unbearable .....
..... stand and
face it .....
..... fix it
make it .....
..... clearer !

No one .....
..... is perfect
people .....
..... can change
so don't .....
..... overlook
the qualities .....
..... a scratch
can sometimes.....
..... hide !
Lady Bird Sep 2018
eyes so scared
they weep the
tears that run
falling so hard
cutting so deep
drowning within
every drop of this
a see of tears
sorrow's empty
hole full of tears
  leaking the pain
sadness swallows
the heart with the
constant crying that
causes inflicted scars
decorating a reddish face
with melancholy eyes
it is impossible to hide
the portrayal of fragile
hopes and stained dreams
like the rain tears fall
and they just wont stop
every moment is dimmed
with pain clawing the depths
of a heart struggling to keep
the pieces from breaking
the head hangs so low as
despair and hatred fills the
pit of the shattered soul
a cry for help is a cry for solitude
Inspiring Image From --
Lady Bird Jun 2016
the road in front of you is a simple dirt road
in the the middle of nowhere; one step too far
one step beyond the point of no return.
the directions has lead you astray
one winding dirt road after another
you can’t seem to find your way
you're so rattled by where to turn next
at every corner there's another road to follow
only to end up where you begun
it feel as if there's no way out of this maze
no matter how many turns you take
the right turn is the one you want to make
your destination may be unknown
with so many directions to choose
take a minute to think as you continue
you might come across some obstetricals
things might get a little puzzling
there might even be rocks blocking your path
you might get confuserd but continue to walk on
kick each small pebble and toss them aside
don't let them stop your flow
life can sometimes keep us down
there will always be a dark cloud
we cant seem to get rid of but we have
to stay strong and try to blow it away
there is a piece of sunshine for everyone
you just have to keep on walking
Lady Bird Sep 2018
each fallen letter
scattered the tabletop
sliding their shadows behind
from the darkness into light
A through Z
the alphabet yearns for
their wording placement
Inspiring picture here---
Lady Bird Sep 2016
within the transparent lonlyness
tainted emotions are every where
through a gust of grayish gloom
with each fallen leaf fear flows
lingering in the stale dry air
passing over each wounded branch
that absorbs the shadows of sorrow
leaving behind one bare silhouette
of a tree rooted under the moon
standing alone through all upcoming years
with no way to escape the crumbling tears
from the fallen leaves of Autumn ending
and the night chills of Winter begining
Lady Bird Dec 2017
snap snap snapping away
three birds upon the wire
in my backyard the other day
so high up in the sky on
the tall electrical tower
tried to capture just what I see
camera pointed up with no flash
in the grass on my blanket was me
each flap after flap they all flew
hoping each bird did not clash
three directions to fly they knew
my computer had a virus so I sent this as a text to myself (11-15-17)
I was in my yard with my camera on a blanket snapping pictures
I have to check my SD card to actually see if I got a good picture of those birds
Lady Bird Feb 2017
lingering in the dry air
that passes each branch
it stands within loneliness
yet staying strong and bare
it still shows its beauty
loneliness bare alone branch beauty tree strong lingering
Lady Bird Mar 2016
you didn't even cared to know
my sadden soul was dying
twisted in crumbling emotions
drowning me in such sorrow
the dark shadows continue to
stain my heart black with pain
the stench of worry lingers as
the tightening barbwire of stress
clawed through my mind crevices
cutting away my desire to dream leaving behind deep scars that still holds hurt
I haven't lost complete control of my heart now it's covered with fading perfume of sadness
Lady Bird Dec 2014
the smell of happiness it is no more
the stench of worry lingers the air
a wall of thorns covered with ugliness
holds a rose that use to be pure and white
but now is stained black with pain

plucked from it's tree is a
black rose withering slowly with
a fading perfume of true sadness
crying with its petals closed

eyes filled with hesitation
so soft to the touch yet so
dry like a sandy desert island
a soul that dreams just too much

pokking through the mind's crevices
covered in rust completely deep within
is a growing disease of emotions with
a heart that ticks but too full to beat
yet pumpimg slow is cold yet thin blood
this face is a fountain spraying out dust

a wall of distrust holds bricks burning
just like a fire thats has lost control
a stomp of hatred has just taken over every
part of this heart once filled of love

with no time to enhale it all in
a soft and warm yet crying soul
is dripping wet with darkend fear
strangled by the tightened barbwire
cutting through each and every petal
leaving behind scars with shreds of pain
covering every inch of this garden of hell
Lady Bird Jan 2017
torn by the blade of lies
the core of the hurting soul
hanging from the thread of love
a trapped heart no longer whole
Lady Bird Sep 2016
caressing the tree tops stale wind blows
like a stalker creeping on their tippi-toes
transparent darkness across the sky it flows
lost in this view where just a bit of sun shows
blaketing day the night through time it goes
Lady Bird Jan 2017
a kiss with a gaze
life that will catch
the faded stars

normal qulities
active in the mind
highly above dreams

the soul speaks
fighting to find
a pair of fresh eyes

a peaceful voice can
silently be Loud
yet love is blind
Lady Bird Dec 2014
bottled with emotions of
impatient confused  thoughts
hopping lily-pads and jumping rocks
my brain holds it all
like a shooken soda bottle
....fizz...fizz....fizz...zzzzzzz..  ..

WAIT !!!  don't twist the cap..

my mind is like an incubator
for it may take a while for a good
idea to develop
Lady Bird May 2015
seeping from  my wounded heart my tears are
dripping down the damp pages of my notebook
my pen  it pours the ink deep from my tattered soul
my sadden puffy covered face reveals all the pain
of the stressful, messy and  misty bottled up thoughts
that rolls across every straight line untangling  each
and every confused knot that was held within too long
it is time to force them out though these words I write
thoughts, untangle, words, dripping, ink, notebook
Lady Bird Dec 2014
a knotted kiss
in a bow of lies
bounded in bliss
yet undone in sighs
Lady Bird Sep 2016
walls closing in
no where to turn
in this dark room

four corners
sealing the cracks

being cautious
closed doors

lost thoughts
cubed inside

four huge walls
must get out of
this locked box
Lady Bird Apr 2015
boxes full of the reasons
why I can’t begin
holding the memories
that should have been
an empty closet of
my lost thoughts
forever unwritten
I guess this could be  WRITERS BLOCK !!!
Lady Bird Oct 2016
depression is such a pain
throwing curve ***** of
downfalls in the membrane
my written words has pulled me
from the pits  of the brains pollution
and this I know to be a true fact indeed
"Writing" is the best cleaning  solution
Lady Bird Sep 2016
I'm confused so confused
what's going on in my head?
normal emotions  just don't work
I can't think...
           I'm floating,
     further away
I drift roaming
A ...  I ... M ... L ... E ... S ... S
what should I do
to free myself  ?
....breath in....
counting... 1.2.3...
....stay calm....
... 3. 4.5...
....breath out....
... 5.6.7...
      ....stay calm....
      I feel....7..8..
9..10.....I feel
N ... O ... T ... H ... I ... N ... G
WoosOut !!!!!
Lady Bird Aug 2018
waiting along the bridge
listening to the whispers
and illusions of the heart
beyond waves of promises
walked with high hopes
unfulfilled yet never kept
Lady Bird Sep 2018
slowly cracking not
yet lost its control
the heat it keeps rising
with no hesitance of just
warming yet its flames
of distrust craves the burn
of the wild fire’s temper
I Was Giving The Prompt "FIRE" In  32 Words Exactly
Lady Bird Jan 2018
Do You See What I See?

hidden within the shadows camouflaged
behind lines of jungle vines slithering
slowly and silently waiting trying not to be
seen with eyes piercing determination
a black serpent ready to pounce on its prey
I Was Inspired By This Image From --->
Lady Bird Sep 2016
satisfying, slightly sweet
an orange spindle shape
something enjoyable to eat  
very good for your health
crunchy in every bite
yet full of robust wealth
to improve your eyesight
with a hard and rough texture
it's green bloomed leafy top
helps balance out its flavor
such a great nutrient to savor
diced, grated, wild or raw
shredded even sliced when fresh
in any cookbook there are so may
ways to prepare this delicious and
enjoyable golden orange vegetable
Lady Bird Dec 2016
a stone castle of beauty
standing on the edge of day
where freedom's spirit lies
a lonely wounded beast
with eyes up to the skies

a dream plain and simple
streams of gentle chills
winds creassing the skin
spreading arms like wings
to jump the tallest hills
Lady Bird Jul 2016
I finally got the chance
To change the tone
It was just right
A brand new one too 

...Days past...
...No calls...
...No text...

I sat in my quiet room
In front of my desk
With no sound  around
A good time to think
A good time to write
Yep all alone
In my own world

Always before I begin
I take in a deep breath
Just to get things flowing

...WOW !!! ...

At that very moment
I heard it
Loud as day
It Echoed
Through the room
With good acoustics
Because of all the
wood floors

flipping out my chair
I flew just sliding
Across the room
I hit the floor hard
I was punched off guard
Choaking on my enhale
Laughing with my exhale

Yep! no scratches
No bumps or bruises
Up off the floor I jumped
Just fine I am

Oh yeah
That's right
I just remembered
What tone it was
I set
My own high pitched voice

"Someone's Texting You"

LOL...LOL... LOL...

This has really happened
Yet it is all so very true
I'm still laughing on the inside
And yes if you were there
You'd be laughing too...
Lady Bird May 2015
I Chew...Chew...Chew
Keep Focus On My Gum
I Chew...Chew...Chew
Don't Want To Bite My Tongue

Can't Walk and Chew
All At The Same Time
I Chew...Chew...Chew
The Sweetness Its All Mine
I've bitten my tongue many times when chewing :)
Lady Bird May 2016
muddy ice
white as
empty heart
soul darkened
with thoughts
chilled deep
to the bone
so hard
very cold
never warm
enough to thaw
this frigid yet
frozen fire alone
Lady Bird Sep 2016
tick tock strikes the clock
in circles two hands flow
counting seconds to minutes
moving just so very slow
year after year
all in one loop
round like a sphere
minutes to hours
a time full hoop
tick tock...tick tock
circling within the mind
the flow will never stop
searching for answers that
are so very hard to find
Lady Bird Jan 2018
tick--tock-- strikes the clock
in circles two hands flow
counting seconds to minutes
then minutes to hours yet
moving just so very slow
with every minute that tick-on by
the more "tocks" we think we have
the less time we actually do
no matter how hard we try
there is just no way we can
slow or speed it up the clock
it still will tick and tock
quickly tocking and slowly ticking
both fast and slow never stopping
time seems to continue
and yet forever flows
we lose a little and gain alot
on and on times goes
INSPIRED By Xaviera Allan's poem -- keep time --
Lady Bird Aug 2018
day has broken into night
up within the painted air
now a sickle-moon hangs
pieces of light like confetti
the stars starts the music
as night begins to dance
Lady Bird Apr 2015
when the pen caress the paper
its able to keep the roll of thought
through every word written
the ink soaked so deep shows
a fragile soul that continues to flow
Lady Bird Apr 2015
tore down my walls
bleeding me dry
laughing aloud
and I couldn't even cry
Lady Bird Sep 2018
crumpled paper
shoved in the corner
of the desk drawer
holding in thoughts
not meant to be seen
fingers unfold and unravel
the darkness of hidden wonder
while scanning eyes slowly
read between the lines its
true meaning was discovered,
understood and delivered
yet this paper tossed a side
still its words will remain the same

....C R U M P L E D....
Lady Bird Sep 2016
a false clay mask
covers clenched faces
hoping the edges wont break
held together by the cracks
of the bitten lips
a single drop of pain
reignite the agony
for silent it wont remain
behind the quiet yet heavy
mind full of deep confusion
black clouds of frustration
overlaps the screams of the
crying heart
Lady Bird Jan 2015
whispering silken mist, delicate sighs
tiny falling droplets of mountain dew,
the diamonds from my teary eyes
are sprinkling showers of crystal blue
Lady Bird Dec 2014 burning questions... twitchy fingers...
they entice me with new things
I can smell the strong aroma of


there is one simple two-lettered word
that can change an entire sentence
it is best used when put with the word "what"
it can express the most curiosity in such a way that

What?...Who?...Where?...When?...Why?...and How?

could not possess alone
they are all good questions but
many people use this tiny word
to ask one simple question

What if…?

while chasing his trepidation and being
propelled by his unusual desires
he didn't notice that knowledge
had such a strong aroma...

Curiosity Is Innocent !!!

it never meant to **** the cat
but what brought him back was

Lady Bird Mar 2017
I write because the paper listens
to the tears and laughter of my soul
like blood pumping though my vanes
seeping ink drips down the damp pages
as I write across every straight line
the messy confused bottled up thoughts
turn into questions running through my head
high above my neck it sits holding it all in
just think of what my brain is going through
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

my pen takes hold of the paper
as I hold the flow of my thoughts
floating through the lines on each page
riding the waves of concept
that takes flight
thoughts are like birds
so many in groups
bunched together
one by one loose
feathers drop
here and there
falling out of line
yet finds its place
ether speaking in flight
or written in words
the paper listens
that's why I write

my words can hit instantly as you can see
I have to jot them down as they spark..
or they just might fly away from me
I write because the paper listens
for inspiration it can vanish so quickly
sometimes my thoughts may flow fast
if I stop in the middle I lose the imagery
causing my pen to trip over words
leaving behind a big mess of typos
then the bad grammar is exposed
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

just to let you know
my words can hit instantly
that's just how I be
most of my writings
are free style poetry
my mind possess the tempo
as each poem I write grows
I the poet hum silently as
my ink of harmony flows
from my quenching desire
my mind and fingers they
think much faster than me
unleashing unspoken thoughts
silent for too long I can not be
the paper listens and gets drenched
with thoughts of my hot to the touch
written emotions curved creatively
Lady Bird Feb 2017
echoed steps faster pace
shadows on every corner
running with no destination
tripping over her confusion
she's now on the ground
eyes covered with fright
Lady Bird Sep 2015
sometimes things feel unfinished
it's just not over yet
Its something not to remember
yet it still wants to be known
revealing itself in the present
causing confusion and trouble
somehow it found an empty
space in the present time
reflecting itself from the
mirror of the past time
looking for true closure
happening all over again
It's  ..... Déjà vu .....
Lady Bird Jun 2016
behind the deep scars
of a sadden soul
stained with pain
a heart so fragile
cant easily spot all
the falling lies

hard as stone
stained cheeks
a false smile
belly knots and ties
all because of the
over lapping lies

even though
there is a door
tightly nailed shut
through its crevices
are broken hopes
and shattered dreams

eyes droping tears
slowly reflecting
forgetton wounds
of hurt and pain
believe it or not
denial does exist
Lady Bird Oct 2016
been there done that
sitting under a desk
closed in with no leg space
rusted chair wheels
that won't even roll
one wrong push I'll flip out
phone ringing call after call
I'm answering question
so simple to answer
almost time to punch out
clock it ticks yet haven't
moved an inch
intense waiting
thinking positive
I know it must be done
the daily results that's
what pays my bills
Lady Bird Jan 2015
a lying tongue
beauty in the eyes
a mouth so vain
a devil in disguise
Lady Bird Oct 2016
my soul is alone
and wants to be held
my heart's dispirit moan
beats one ray of hope
for true love is unknown
I've watched a video
at the end a man mouths some words while  lying on the sidewalk....
this is what I imagined he said...
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