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GL Thompson Dec 2019
It’s been a while,
I barely remembered your name.
But how could I forget
The curves of your face

We shot for the stars
And then aimed for mars
But ended up
In two for twelve bars.

Press replay on my broken heart
the starting blocks were just a false start
And even if I lose my throne
I’ll still have the memories we own.

Regardless, there’s always
Something on the radio
That makes me think of you
and diverges the sadness in me

And I don’t care if this moment is our last.
For if it is
Everything I’ll ever do will be past.
I won’t be there for the last laugh

Press replay on my broken heart.
Wind back the tape but don’t you warp my record
leave me melting, frightened in the winter heat.

Self focus and hibernate to chase the dream away
"Such narcissistic cynicism laid to rest on a TV dinner tray"
Alright, smart ****.
Your entire personality is a farce.

They hate the now. But hate the past even more!
Stick it to the man! But they’ll still clean his floor
I miss the crowd
I miss the bliss
I never thought it would come to this
Bhill Sep 2019
As the chilled breeze wisps across my covered face
I think about the life I've led and wonder
I wonder if somewhere along the path I wronged anyone
Anyone that crossed that path
Anyone that bid me hello or goodbye
Anyone that could have or should have made a difference

Not at all sure why this particular moment and this particular wispy wind has brought such thoughts to my senses
All I know is that thinking so deeply gives birth to the heightened awareness of my faults and weaknesses
What to do
What to do

Brian Hill - 2019 # 244
Let your deep thinking begin...
What will you find?
Amanda Mar 2019
Sequential flows of soft fluid yellow
Fill my hours of mind, restful mellow
Blank verse of limpid conversation
Fall silently into meditation
Electric nerves warm to a heated sun
And spark up against the pulsing electron
Sophoric I live in a world of blue shaded glow
It fills my mind and calms my soul
For I am to be lost in the yellow.
See me leave, Here I go.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Here is where it finally comes unglued
Darkness of our souls take control
Hear the words you're throwing my way
I have none of my own to console

Today could be our final meeting
Very last blow we each land
Just don't know how to try any longer
Do not expect you to understand

Confusion splayed across your face
Am I supposed to explain?
What do I say to make you comprehend?
Or are my efforts in vain?

I exhaust myself running laps
Trails encircling your decided disease
In front of you is a detailed map
You choose to stay down on your knees

Your heart has chilled to the core
Steps stolen, immoral, and misdirected
Lights inside eyes don't shine anymore
I have nothing but memories collected
I miss the sparkle you used to get in your eye when passionate about something
Mackenzie Nov 2018
Here I go
I will give you everything that I am
Here I stand
Hoping I would be enough to
Give you warmth
My heart in my hand
You accepted what I had to give but
My body felt the cold front move in
I knew because I felt it before
As if my heart had dropped on the floor
Here I am
Chilled to the bone
My chest is empty
I never knew you could be so cold
Your last kiss left me froze
I wasn't the one that you chose but
There you go
You took my heart w you because
You knew it was made of pure gold
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Silken buttermilk pudding
kissed by vanilla
With gelatin, it stands firm
and gently wobbles
Adorn berry sauce
Gems of fruit
Twelfth Epulaeryu!
Thanks so much for the support, everyone!
It means alot to me! ^-^
Lyn ***
eleanor prince Feb 2017
girl -
your silence tears upon me
a savage beast mute
for in your intermittent groans on gusts of ire
masked in murmurs curt
seepage coarse, acrid leaks

girl -
tell me straight, hide not my fate
your real intent upon these clouds benign
for when the heat of marinated fury bursts
erupts one day on bowed head sad
intent on living life in peace

girl -
will it ruin times of joy we knew
bursts of copper, gold and red
no separation there but alchemy of spirits free
so what is it that ails you friend
arms folded eyes aflame in chilled blind rage
Lady Bird May 2016
muddy ice
white as
empty heart
soul darkened
with thoughts
chilled deep
to the bone
so hard
very cold
never warm
enough to thaw
this frigid yet
frozen fire alone
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