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Let me be the spring of your life, and bring you a touch of:
Sweetness, and
Ever lasting happiness,
Like a beautiful flower.

Hussein Dekmak
Mwende Graciella Aug 2020

The generation of today is living an insecure life.
Life full of comparison
Possession of things without thinking of what may happen
A generation trying to prove others that they are the best

A generation where young and energetic men are trying to prove themselves by destroying others.
A generation where big and high class daddies destroy the young with material things
A confused generation showing their happiness and wealth through photography
A confused generation  hard to love people from a broken family
         Everything is invalid!

We suffer insecurities we didn't create
Many are becoming insecure
Completely unstable
Trying to compare themselves with our today's models and celebrities of our century
Probably hiding behind makeup
Cause probably without the makeup!
They,themselves are a hot mess!
They pay a ransom to look great!
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
Then,why suffer so much trying to look spectacular?
Why spend to your last coin attracting a whole lot of people?
They say beauty comes from within
Our generation need to stand courageously
And fight against the enemy of self insecurity!
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2020
After sinking deep into darkness, a glimpse of hope has gently whisked me away to a magnificent world of beauty!

Hussein Dekmak
G A Lopez Jun 2019
Out of style, out of place
Who would like this unattractive face?
Unable and sometimes called cattle
I failed, they chuckled.

I cried a bucket and I just dodge.
Losing my self-esteem.
I need to recharge
It's difficult being different
But dear, you're magnificent.
Euphie Dec 2019
Ciao Rome, you were a splendid dream.
Au revoir Paris, you were like an autumn kiss.
Adios Barcelona, your crevices were filled
with the scent of cayenne pepper.
La revedere Bucharest, may your skies be filled with summer love.
Antio sas Athens, your temples are magnificent.
Hunter Green Nov 2019
Twisting of beauty should not deform the idea, the beauty itself.
Why oh why do clouds of black, rain down on the subject of shame and pain?
Why can’t the weapon be materialized?
Why can’t the lies be realized?

Beauty is the best source of pain.
Take a thing high in glory,
Pure and pleasing,
Disturb the foundation,
And watch it fall.
The height lets it into the darkest hole.

Why is this so?
Why must what is made most magnificent,
Suffer from a subtle switch of substratum,
To break and bend hearts so badly beaten,
Until it becomes easier to drown in poison then,
To take a breath of oxygen?
starstrike Apr 2019
Fire and brimstone.
Smoke, ravaging sweet oxygen, clouding eyes, suffocating lungs.
And there you stand in the middle of it all.
Eyes ablaze, a grin that could drop a king to his knees.
There’s something else in you:
A liveliness I’ve never seen before.

All at once there is dark.
Then, light.
And you, a shimmering ethereal figure:
A pinpoint, billowing out to encompass all.
Rebirth is the only word I have for it.
I stare, because what else is there to do?

Who are you? A Queen?


No, my dear, I am a God.
starstrike Nov 2018
The Universe
an ink drop in water
a single point all at once billowing out in magnificent swirls

Cosmically, we are nothing
Individually, we are everything
supernovae exploding
destroying all that is near
leaving black holes in our wake to devour existence
without hesitation
without discrimination

But also
galaxies whirling and spinning with ultimately undying grace
filled with billions, trillions of thoughts all coalescing
birthing and dying

Careful now, do not let beauty make you a fool
We are the cosmos
grand scheme brimming with rage
harboring cataclysmic disaster
spectacular color contraster
born of ink in water
Everything, yet nothing, beneath The Alter
Joey fonseca Aug 2018
I notice when I leave my home
The beauty from across the way
Such perfection can not be mine
So small and petit
I apologize if I stare for to long
At the red worm proudly every day
I wish something so amazing could be for me
My heart stops when the dancing starts
Such grace cannot go unnoticed
beautiful songs pour filling the otherwise empty street
Captivating me and leaving me paralyzed
For any movement would ruin my listening
For some the ethnicity would intimidate
But for me it peaks my enthusiasm
The thought that such vibrancy comes from so far
But Gone just like yesterday, uprooted from my heart
I haven’t been graced by the magnificence in so long
I see similar here and there
But nothing like the beauty across the street
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