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He's critically ill
He desires to write his will
Bids are hereby invited
Submit separately technical and price bids
In sealed envelopes
First technical bids would be opened
Those qualify
Their price bids to open
Highest bid higher than double
The net worth
Would be accepted
Otherwise all bids
To be rejected
Critically ill wouldn't be allowed to die
On a ventilator
He would be kept alive
Hospital bill his networth twice!
MSunspoken May 2020
You aren’t broken
Emotions are a constant flow from you
-a growing stain on your perspective

You aren’t sad
Tears may leak you a river
But you haven’t looked up in ages

You aren’t lonely
Always surrounded by onlookers
-you just don’t feel involved

You aren’t depressed
A cloud has only passed over your head
Raining down on your conscience

You aren’t scared
What even is fear to someone
Who always has the electric bill paid

You aren’t a liar
Experience just hasn’t caught you yet
Wait until what you say is true-
Naive-don't say what you don't know.
A universal word.
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
"What are you thinking about?"
"You. Me. The world. Life. Happiness."
You smile and say "is that all?"
"You know me.
I think about everything.
What are you thinking about?"
"Well, I WAS worrying.
About bills. Insurance. Our health. The future.
But then you distracted me."
"And what are you thinking about now?"
"That I wish I had your optimism.
But for now, no more worrying. It's time to breathe.
I'm just glad to be here in this moment with you."
Albuna Mar 2020
Jeah you will pay for your bills
No darling dont be afraid !
Cause someone named "Karma" is watching you anyways ...
Jeah Darling Karma is watching…
Cody Smith May 2020
The problem with being poor is;
If money buys happiness I couldn't afford it.
Money makes the world go 'round so I'm at a stand still
because mothballs and lint don't pay the **** bills
Maybe if I had more I would still be a mess
but I don't think I'd be better off with less
I wish my two cents was worth more
but I'm really just a dime a dozen at the dollar store
I don't mean to sell myself short but I've been short changed before
I think I need a change of mind
I've heard that change makes sense
But all these nickles and dimes
aren't going to pay for the rent.
Danny Dec 2018
They don't make a sound
Creeping out from the darkness
To cause suffering
Scrutinizing fortitude
Never traveling alone
Laura Jul 2018
In America
You're either rich or ******
Or privileged enough
To be ****** by the rich
Medical bills
Car insurance
Student loans
******* that nobody can afford
Yet everybody pays for
Because this is America
And we need to have it all
In America
I'm ******
Because I'm not a millionaire
And that's the kind of salary you need
In order to survive
tobi Jun 2018
“money can’t buy you happiness” sure, but it can pay bills that keep you afloat for a month
shower thoughts
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
In the morning her eyes paint the cities horizon.
Stretching and yawning.
Getting dressed; Her blue tapestry.
Opening the door to her apartment
She climbs down broken stairs.
It's payday Friday.
The mail man is late again.
Opening her box closing it right back.
She considers direct deposit,
Climbing back up those old creaks in the stairs.
To a notice on the door.
Excessive noise complaint
Rent past due
With loathe and resentment
I wish for contentment
But there ain't too much of a thrill
When my emptiness cannot be filled.

With pills and black heels
I'm paying my bills
But my emotional debt
as you bet, I tend to neglect.

Yes, I acknowledge
it has gotten to be a bit of a pleasure
feeling so much displeasure

But ****** has mothered me so much
And now I am mesmerized by her soft touch

And people ask WHY
But don't they know that I swore to die?

I need sleep,
But Morpheus must be a Scorpius
As he is my star, my king
with his burning sting

I don't mind
If I've become blind
As I've already survived from that tainted spring
where Tiresias got his mortal drink

And maybe
I'll transform myself into a man for seven years
Penanced to **** sacred deers
But my ******* are blessed
to cut them off my chest

How could I eradicate myself?
death, deathmonger, soft, touch, pleasure, debt, heels, bills, mesmerized, addiction, ******, addicted, pills, why, die, Scorpius, Morpheus, king, star, sleep, deer, sacred, years, blessed, breast, transform, man, chest, cut off, penanced, **** eradicate, myself
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