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How could you end things so easily?
Was the love really ever there ? And
Did you ever really care? My heart
Is broken once again. Not once not twice but thrice .. you left me again. You’re
Verbally abuse and I’ve took this for long
Enough. I have to be done I have to get rid of you emotionally mentally and physically.
You just wanted to be done so bad over a
stupid argument .. shows your true colors
Shows me who you really are .. I deserve better than this.
Freestyle poetry
Serum sternly slaps
Unloosening your straps
Not as strong as other rhum
But still can bang on your heart drum
It's somewhat soft and somewhat oily
It doesn't taste rough, but rather sweetly
Beginner's drink, but not of avail
What shame, outside of Czech Republic it ain't for sale
A freestyle for my favorite alcoholic beverage, written in 2 minutes.
The bridge you've built is toppled
Don't you dare act startled
You are where this started
Cry for mercy choking on the apple

The curse of you is cyclical
First compassionate, then cynical
You act as though it's typical
Body of desire biblical

In the body of water a body to love
Hunt like an eagle, drop like a dove
Or would you rather dive deep in the ruff?
Contemplate regal, incomparable stuff
Freestyle written in 16 minutes (got stuck trying to think of a rhyme for 'cyclical').
Monica Sep 21
He eats me up like a dinner at a five star restaurant
Can’t deny that my taste is flavorful
No need to make reservations
When I’m all he’s craving for
Devouring this feast
Had to tell him to slow down
The plate in front of him wasn’t going anywhere
The system failed
I burnt my house
I seem so frail
As small as mouse
The ashes scatter
All around
It doesn't matter
I'm now unbound
Freestyle written in 4 minutes
I'd love to love
I'd hate to hate
I lived enough
My path is paved

I used to use
The good to know
My soul refused
To let it show

I filled the gaps
With violent pours
And now it leaks
Out of my pores

Catastrophe reject
The hollow amass
Let him hit the reflex
Let him stand aghast
Freestyle written in 11 minutes.
Stephen James Sep 19
the light
of galaxies

I spread my wings


with angelic beings

as the gray clouds
are receding
the darkness

the blind are
now seeing
while the gods
are meeting

so too
are mortals

who choose
the path of

they declare
to those
that's lost
hidden meanings

of signs
in the depths
that were kept
from those
less meant to bless

they were
not worthy

they sold
their souls
in exchange
for mercy

yet still
they cursed me

and then fields
were burning

the god of
stretches his
hand in

in judgment
they succumbed
to mental starvation

they could not
in his presence

lest they
be struck

they removed
their shoes
in sight
of holy ground

they committed
to a pilgrimage
to replenish
what was lost

the prize
was not
what they

still could
not grasp
what they
were taught

has a high cost
yet they lost
the plot

to dwell within
of their
own design

lean not
on your

should you
be trapped
in the snare
of an ignorant mind
a poem
Torn up shirt
Ripped up blazer
Hair of dirt
Occam's razor

Tries to stand up
Hides the inability
Takes a step, has to stop
Law of probability
Freestyle written in 3 minutes.
I've built on desire
My lungs to respire
The whole world entire
Till it goes down in fire
Freestyle written in 2 minutes.
Demented bandit
Redundant pundit
Fun time gambit
Screaming "Bomb it!"
Vicious *****
Cannot stand it
Mend it, bend it
Maybe tow it
How it goes
It goes all wrong
It wrongs no more
More than it should
But more it could
I guess it would
But that would hurt
Oh what a ****
The world is burnt
And I feel like a picture blurt
You've censored too much
Ventured too far
Gotten all such
Answers fewer
Violent fever
Violet furor
Volatile gore
Gory tumour
Coming back to something I used to do at the beginning of my presence here: writing actual freestyles. This one conjured up in 5 and a half minutes.
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