They used to tell me all the time
The way that I'm living
Is gonna cost me a life
But it never cost me mine
Ridin' with the devil
He's a Mastermind
They used to say that I was evil
They way I used to giggle
& collected skulls
From whatever I would kill..
..I mean find,  it was such a thrill
Sitting next to my black candles
With skeletons in wax shadows
I still thought about Jesus & angels
And how it wasn't so cold
I was the bible story never told
About a lost sheep that never was searched for
He just wandered through the gates of doors
Bewildered, battered, & beleaguered
& I guess they were right
Because I felt the seizures
& I'm gonna die in the middle of Gods theatre
I wish I was the main feature
But I'm just the commercial that tells you to turn off your phone, buy some popcorn & grab a seat there
In fact I already ended and nobody cared
They just kept eating their tub of popcorn and applying more seasonings on top of the melted butter
Ridin with the devil
Was the title
A movie about an immortal suicidal insane life insurance provider
It only cost you one life to provide for the cost of five
If you succeed you receive the approval at your next gravesite
If you don't you'll just be remembered as that one guy that tried
It was scary comedy but not really
Because when everything is fake you don't take it seriously
I'm that one sheep, people count before they sleep
So tell the shephard you found me
I'm not lost
But at the feet
Of some red guy with horns and teeth
And he looks hungry and angry
Tell him
Its not too late
To save me

I wish God put one of them chips in me like they do for pets when they get lost. I think his tracker is off in his old age.. just saying  he's a bit slow to react these days. I might gotta put a tracker chip on him now!
JΛΧδΡ⑧Z Apr 8

There was a forest in a jungle
Tigers and bears lion about old news
My newspaper asked me if I could Google some cartoons
I told it I didn't like bright screens
And the best anime is Death Note
She confirmed I was old
And that's not a cartoon anymore
So I turned on the weather
Jackie Johnson was much better
Sunny days in California
Then a snake walked by and asked me if I had seen his slither
He wore a nike symbol but didn't have any feet or sneakers
Nowadays people wear jogging suits but not to sweat in
I saw a handicapped dude wearing an old school pair of air Jordan's
He couldn't walk
& they were in perfect condition
But they didn't match his condition
And the snake swallowed him quickly and took his position
I got away before I was the next victim
And that's when I ran into bunch of dudes fishin'
I stopped by the pond of words
They were all swimming around
Like abandoned pets at shelters
Begging to be used
The poets were fishing them out left and right
Some of these words were huge others were small yet tasty when spiced properly
So many different varieties
I was hoping for something different
Everyone was pulling out these extravagant words
I waited patiently for the tug on my line as the others caught their maximum
I was the last one
Surrounded by the crowd of words,
I feel one on my line
and I fought what seemed a lifetime before I reeled in the word...
I put the word in my pocket
And a dagger on my hip
Either one could cut
Both are prone to slip
I saddle up the zebra looking for the right spot
In the forest of the jungle cheethas own a lot
I prefer stripes
But I need black dots
I have a few things I need cover up

The cheetah purred by
And said she heard my call
She said she used the last spots
for the surfers black balled
I need those bad
Or the sky will fall
She gave me them back
And inside I crawled

Fade to black
Problems solved
Um.. hello...
Wth! who is that?
It's me.
Who is me?

I'm "be.

Um.. you kinda fished me out of a pond earlier.
Dude, I already ended this story.
I'm faded to black, dawg.
Well.. I'm still here..
you may want to unfade from black
I unfaded from black
With two letters strapped

   "B and an "E
Will cut your whole alphabet
In this world we explain comprehend
The meanings of words in language
For even a sign is braile for the blind
Hearing for the def and being for life

So you ask yourself, what is the lessen?

"To be,
             or not to be,

      For that is the question"

This was a freestyle throw together a bit different of course hope you enjoy this oddity

Your wobbly wobble in your wibbly walk
Will one day surpass in majesty the Alphas walk
And your squished little heart and timidly&forgotten; feelings will one day overthrow the whole neighborhood's Dogs
Jealousy and Respect your crown
And to drink,
strength your wings~

He gets picked on, continues happy. Puppy
Pat Adams Mar 28

We were two objects of no value flowing down a river.
We bumped into each other and the experience was jarring but unlike anything either of us could explain in words that fit on the two dimensional space in our minds.
That was okay, I didn't need to say anything and neither did you.
So that's how it was.
Two objects of no value that clung to each other and flow down a river and for a long while it seemed we would never need to find the words to explain how we felt.
Then that storm came and the waters of the tributary flooded the land between rivers and we were washed around with all the debris.
Before I could come to an understanding of these events the river had become unfamiliar and large and wild and I was afraid.
I turned to you to say something but couldn't think of the words.
As I struggled in the waves and searched for the words I noticed we had been separated just a moment before and you were clinging to a branch that had floated too close.
As the river flowed ever forward we grew further and further apart.
As I looked around in my panic the river seemed to never end in any direction.
I thought we may float so far apart that I would never see you again.
I had been looking silently in the direction you floated for so long that, were I too unfix my gaze I would become hopelessly lost.
You, or the dot you had become, were my horizon. all I could see.
Too scared to look away from the comfort of your memory, I gave up.
Motionless, I was on shore. I had been for some time.
I stood up, because it was only then I realized I had feet, which is something of value, and it was as if a third dimension unfolded before me.
I walked out of a river, lost and alone and in awe of this wonderful world which had just been uncovered. Free.
I sometimes think about those days when I was subject to the current of a river and how you made it bearable. Now that I am out of the water and with two feet, stand confidently on land, I wonder,

would I have felt the same about you if we bumped into each other here.

Jack tierney Mar 23

tomorrow i hate you
tomorrow you make me not want to go to bed
tomorrow you bitch
tomorrow you stole me
tomorrow you take away my today
tomorrow, you come like an unwanted guest
tomorrow when i see you i wish you would just go away
tomorrow you drive me
tomorrow goodbye, forever   -today

Andrew Kelly Mar 20

When we went to university,
There still was a you and me.

Then autumn came.
The leaves,
They changed
Nothing ever stays the same.

All I can think about is how
I never deserved you at all.
The care for you should not have followed
The surplus of pills I swallowed.

It’s my fault…
My heart tends to sink,
When those autumn leaves fall.

Andrew Kelly Mar 20

You are
What the world
Sees you as.

Your posture is poor
Neck stooped,
With shoulders hunched.

You are too morose
To see the world
Explode in color behind you

You could be a prince,
Donned in pastel garments,
Yet, you see yourself as a peasant.

And especially lonely.

Andrew Kelly Mar 20

I turned ten two days ago.
You were born today,
Yet you will never draw your first breath.

Your lips,
Inherited the reddest hue of cardinal feathers.
Your skin,
Pale and soft like fresh Pennsylvania snow.

I never knew what your eyes looked like,
They never opened.
Infinite iris colors
That will never be discovered.

When I held you in my arms,
The guiding hand of God drifted away.
I gave the coldest of shoulders I suppose,
Dust drifting in the air conditioned delivery room.

I looked outside the hospital window.
The dead leaves fluttered in the bitter wind,
Time stood still that day,
For me, just a little kid.

Andrew Kelly Mar 20

Been riding this catastrophic carousel
For too many years.

I remember I was once happy,
Mother said she loved me,
I never believed her.

Crystal meth smells like cotton candy.
Balloon animals are filled with nitrous.

Everyone seems content here,
The horse on the carousel provides
A surplus of serotonin.

Crazed clowns cashing in
On their crooked version of capitalism.
Their ferris wheel of fear and loathing
Never stops spinning.

I used to berate the carnies,
Now the carnival is a part of me.

Andrew Kelly Mar 20

Beige carpeting,
Red suede seating.
This is the most comfortable
Holding cell that has held me.

Instead of blank white walls,
I see self help books,
‘Inspirational’ quotes.
With no signs of hope.

Wire glasses gleaming,
Clad with a sweater vest
And a smile
Sits opposite of me.

Interrogation methods
Of unorthodox origin.
Containing casual conversation,
And Rorschach cards.

Keep asking me how I reflect myself
On this psychotherapeutic propaganda.
Keep asking questions on how I feel.
This will be my answer.

“Say what you will,
Your prognoses and diagnoses!
You spout your medical mumbo jumbo
Through that faucet of false hope,
you call your mouth.”

“I cannot help that I carry
The carrion of my baby brother.
So no,
I will not just carry on.”

“I cannot help I daydream
Of killing myself casually.
As if it were a minor inconvenience.
Hour after passing hour.”

“I cannot help that I
Am determined to stay depressed.
I see myself as
A port city of demons and distress.”

“I cope with dope
Not with antidepressants or hope.
If there is a cure,
I do not care for it.
That is how I feel.”

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