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RobbieG 5d
A journey, a dream
to become better
I desire, regardless
the statistics
or what they say

To be realistic
I was captive
to past patterns
they nurtured
but not me

It wasn’t until
I realized this
that I could ever
be able to see
the difference

Once I did
I felt tricked
I was a slave
to bad luck and
a sinners way

Lost love
the cost of
my heritage
my only inheritance
but that was before

Criss cross
no longer parallel
to their views
I now will remain

They love me
they love me not
I’m no longer bitter
they loved me
the best they could

The bandages
are all gone
the scars have faded
I’m no longer adapted
but rather accepted

A soldier in war
coming back home
cannot be that man
that war made him
or had created

A doctor in surgery
trying dearly
to save a life
that has barely a chance
to be able to survive

That doctor
cannot take that death
to his home, nor be proud
of his failures when he
truly tried his best to be a hero

However he shouldn’t feel
ashamed but giving
the circumstances
how can he feel any different ? welcome to life

A board game that never
promises any winners
regardless the talent
or the efforts, wrong or right
no difference sometimes

I’m no mathematician
but it seems lately
it’s all just numbers
and all the smart ones
keep becoming more wealthy

You, him, her and I
the young , the old
And even the babies
we all are just numbers
they add, subtract. divide and

I scream because it doesn’t matter what they do nor what they did , I am who I am and know what it is .... that makes me or takes me to where I need to go

My mind the sky . My brain the star , like a compass to lead my heart just below , the right way , our souls float within our whole environment amidst our shells, this is our gravity to attract other like minds , this is our deterrent too, to the ones that try to dispute what we know is true

                Heart ❤️
​​​​                      Soul

Our energy consumes our world and protects us all , but until the energy is pure the light will never shine bright for the heart to see the star that leads us in life’s night or creates day !

imagine the souls that would fly

what a world this would be
what a life we all could live
For you and I
Dilshey Apr 8
Another facing the screen
writing profanities
thinking insanity
stitching verses acrimonious
or playing pungent words-harmonious
fabricating delusive fantasies
in feelings of pure ecstasy
melancholy or malignity
forged in the bliss of minimalism
or the complex art of maximalism
inspiring poetic athleticism
pressing keys with blazing passion
in an 1880's typists fashion
or pondering by the window
creating a marvelous crescendo
evoking curiosity,
a poetic monstrosity
of thought provoking quality
for questioning our entity
or embracing the obvious,
in whimsical simplicity.
A poetical society
behind my pixelated screen
indulge in poetic impropriety
in Hellopoetry!
written in free verse, as liberating as poetry should be
Sat before a cake, I ponder
What life has stored me yet:
Trains delayed;
A mortgage repaid;
Perhaps a holiday, or two.

Entrapped by colourful balloons,
But certainly not grounded,
I look forward,
Though seldom back.

I look forward,
In pleasure;
In fear;
Nonetheless in hope.

Hope that we all emerge
From behind closed doors,
Safe as the houses in which we have stayed;

Hope that there's a role for me
In a company,
In my society,
In our world;

Hope that love embraces me
And shows the way
To a better love,
A better life;

That this cake actually
Tastes rather nice.

I should probably start on the cake.
It looks scrummy.
Wait... I'm 21 now? ****.
Jason Jan 28
Song of love, twisted by welling darkness.

Vengeful art, practiced with vicious subtlety.

The softest lips whispered the hardest lies.

She exhaled an evocation of ethereal dreams,

Whose only prophecy was eternal sorrow.
©1996 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I was going through old notebooks, as you do, and found this. Circa ~ 1996

I usually don't post many of my darker pieces, don't think I liked this one much either tbh, but I felt like I should post it anyway, idk why. Feeling a bit dark today I guess.
Starts with the cool wind
and the drizzle flows down
The heaven turns into grey
can you hear the cloud burst loud?
wondering where it came from and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

he said; Hey! see the drench green layout
and hear the sprinkle falls around,
I looked here and there, and no one to be found,
wondering why did he say that and why
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

In between the green, along with
the big cut down trees,
while the teeming street and the lawn
spread out with dry shredded leaves,
eyes met, and i swear they didn't lie,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.

unending rain, thundercloud, remarkably beautiful
hopefully this creates a huge leisure pool
I chuckles and he sneeze,
and with the cold breeze,
we hoped we hold hands and fly,
and yet
we lay on the grass, gazing on the sky.
This is a poem regarding a day of me and my love with the nature
Jason Jan 5
A sky overrun with clouds
Can bring gentle rain
Or torrential flooding

A soldier following orders
Can be the backbone of an army
Or the downfall of a people

A lovers promise
Can be a ray of light
Or darkness itself

The true promise
Resides within our own hearts
With each beat it is renewed
© 01/05/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
art, in any form,
helps deal with what is real,
an escape to a euphoric place
a way out of the sacrilege
that we now call living.

words can't often do justice
to such a beautiful place,
for even the love songs fail
whenever we embrace.

maybe the world is darker now
than it used to before,
maybe we have now raised our voices
to speak up,
our beliefs and fears
all out there
in the open now.

the world was as pure as the canvas before,
now that we are painting it
without ever knowing
if we will finish it,
tricking ourselves into thinking
we hold the brush
and decide the strokes
we decide,
our humble abode
rather than fearing
a loss of control
the world,
it is out there
for us to feel
as it has always been
through time,
an inviolate home
for those with beauty in their eyes to see.
Today, I woke up with an appreciation of art and how it helps give meaning, make a connection and save lives.

We all have an artist within us, just a matter of the medium of expression. I'm agnostic, but sometimes I think that there is a higher sense of purpose for every one of us and it can be shared through the art.

This one is for all you artists out there; never stop creating!
This lifestyle is so Un_ fortunate
And the burden that I bear on the regular
Is so Un_ fortunate
So should I go and
Report this
To all of these.. Dead.. corpses?
For my life is like.. An open grave
But this is not the way
That I imagined it
In the first place
Change Coarse
Yo.. I must abort this
And I mean this in the worst way
Cause I'm always being Cautious
Feeling nauseous in the worlds
Showing signs of Neglect
Guess I'm a Reject
Time to hit the Eject
Like invading Martians
In your state of... Conscience
And plus it's kinda common
For me to feel this way sorta... Often
Cause people always try to place me
In a Box
Like in a small Box Set
Like a foreign object
For a Hobby
But I must Object!!
Cause I'm not some freaking object
that you can place inside a Coffin
after you plan... Autopsy
Yo.. I prefer to be the Opposite
And change my position
I must oppose... The Opposition
Man.. I rather live by my own will
By my own Intuition
By my own Prophecy
Much like a lone PrOphET
With a bad case... of Moxie
May call it false proxy in the
Which in the case for thee
Just may be unbearably
Or at least for Me

Is so Un_ fortunate?
Lowkie Nov 2020
I bet you've heard of drunk texting
I bet you've experienced drunk calling
Now let me introduce you to drunk poetry
I'm intoxicated off these words I'm spelling
Truth in my cup and I'm spilling
These thoughts got my head spinning
Double cups filled with my pain
Mumble rappers think they got game
Trouble should be my middle name
Cause I can switch rhyme schemes
Like some people switch lanes
They say the drunk never lie (that's a lie)
I don't want to wear a suit and tie
So bury me in a T-shirt and track paints when I die
Promise not to cry
I know its hard saying goodbye
That's why we get high and drunk while we young
We just want to have a good time
Our day of reckoning
has cometh
So may I suggest that you
sit back  as we
And may I suggest
that you all   just sit back
and take note
Scope out this word art
See how my pen floats
Which is
Mightier than the Sword Art
Ad libs and spammed quotes
So please
Lay witness to the School
As I choose to break art
And  the rules
Man I pity a damnéd fool
But have no time to tell
So knock knock on the door
To your presidential claim
Culture Shock
Forget Fame
Who aims to cast vote?
On just another
Slight of hand  Magician
Just another  Lying
Here to flash folk a sign
Blow your mind
On some dumb  Ill advised
Which was hand written in that
White Snow
Now that's pure dope
Like a coke stench that glistens
But more specific?
I call it the Crack Rock
that comes with the
So do you  Blaze?
the dumbness
Or snort?
Little white lies on that
White line
Yo  don't you know
they're playing
games with your mind
Just to rid you of your spine?
Controlling your torso
with them there
Puppet Strings
Get it?
Like a Puppeteer
puppet strings
That got you  walking the
tight rope
Believing in false hopes
And strange
So go ahead  and sit there
As you soak it all up
Put on that dark coat of
with dignity
Yet  you will soon find
that it's all
blood soaked
in the morse code of a
Secret Society
While loosing all ties to
Welcome to the Mosh Pit
of  Vanity
With fits of hysteria
And if all fails?
You just might as well
Wave the white flag too
If you've lost all Hope
If so?
Then it's R.I.P time to
bury ya
But not all of us are so complacent
and content
Nor are we willing or choose
to live with
This docile vision of

-Written in 2015
At this point I don't trust politicians celebrities or the government... I should have posted this before or even during the election but the timing still seems right, I guess 😒
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