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Juliana Mar 9
i have never understood when
someone tells me that snow is beautiful
the shimmer of white dust
settling like a veil on the now dying grass
the grey clouds they’ve descended upon
the yellow of dog **** giving it its only color.

how is that gorgeous?
don’t you want to make a snow angel?
let’s go sledding!

i want the summer
i want the springtime
i want to open my sunroof
feel the cool breeze on my skin
take of this ******* hoodie
go outside
go on a walk
look at the trees
remember that people exist.

i’ve never liked flowers
i don’t have a good sense of smell
but I would take the pain of a beesting
over the tears of a snowman any day.
Gemma Davies Oct 2018
The magic of winter, is all around.
The magic of winter, every sight and sound.
Snowflakes and snowmen, getting cosy in bed.
Soft scarves and mittens, bobble hat on your head.
Red cheeks and noses, warm homes all around.
The magic of winter, every sight and sound.

Happy Winter.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
At four, you took my hand and pulled me to your bed,                                                            
your small form cuddling, curling, you urgently said,
"Tell me… tell me a story! Story, make it long",
I began to tell the story, the story of when you were born.

Drums and bugles, bubbles and balloons,
somersaulting clowns and calliope tunes,
you came out to meet them, on the day that you were born,
and they were there to greet you, through a January storm.

Lions and gorillas marched to military airs,
snowmen and snowwomen danced without a spring time care,
somewhere in the harbor, a tugboat played a note,
and all the while you smiled a smile, upon a birthday float.

Just like a circus troupe, we formed a great parade,
and sauntered to the birthing bed where your mother lay,
she picked you up, she held you, as close as close can be,
her hand in mine, she softly said, “Now... we are three.”

Copyright © 2003 Gary Brocks

Children always want to know who their parents are; their thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and actions at stages in their lives.
This poem, a poem in several parts (only the first part here), portrays a father for his child, through the manner in which the story of the child's birth is retold at various stages in their life together.
when winter is saying goodbye
our nature prepares for a high
all juices start flowing
the farmers start sowing
but the snowmen are beginning to cry
sunprincess Dec 2017
Somewhere snow is falling
from the sky
just not in this city
Not here, not tonight

Anyway goodnight,
Merry Christmas,
And sleep tight
I love you snowmen
TD Aug 2016
She's plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush her hair...unn..
et cetera, et cetera.
"Do you feel used, doll?
Perfect! That's what I wanted you to feel like."

"Funny baby, you go right ahead painting your face!
Do you shave, do you pluck, do you?
Do you.. what rhymes with pluck?"
(Do I? Of course, doesn't everybody?)

Little girl it's playtime again.
___(insert name here) wants you to come out and play.
Do you cut?
Do you wanna blaze?
You should fit in a box,
a world-shaped casket.

Broken dolls, cracked china doll faces.
***, hatred, self-hatred and just a pinch of pretty ponies.
That's what dreams are made of.
( I blame the snake or the apple or.. Adam, atoms?)

Let's pretend.
Warm hugs do melt snowmen.
OH my g!!!I'm an Olaf killer!
I eat carrot noses for fun. (evil laugh)

Why do some women rarely go out in public without makeup on?
-Because they feel ugly, that's why!
(Yeah I realize that wasn't a very intelligent joke.)
It was my latest intro to self-hate.

...I am having so much fun!

What is 50 Shades of.. hedonism.
I don't have to write dark poetry.
Me and the world are living it out loud.
Oh, I love you, Ken!
The words in italic were song lyrics slightly modified.

Prompt: write something dark
Lady Bird Jun 2015
the flapping wings of a dove
waves crashing to the shore
stars that glow from up above
a bride's beautiful wedding dress
holey sheets across children heads in October
a graceful swan, Santa's beard  or snowmen
ice melting in springtime rain
daisy peateals and summer clouds
the light that shines from heaven's door
a royal color fit for kings and queens
pearls of the earth; beautiful yet unclear
rey Feb 2015
i can see myself in you,
and i might like that*

last winter's first snow
do you remember?
we were salt that won't help defrost
and hoped summer was in permanent slumber

pebbles and branches
three ***** of snow
our little snowman was ready to go
then i thought summer stayed on your lips

i wonder what's so great about snowmen
do you see yourself in them?
Jingle Bells and Mistletoe
Christmas songs galore
Plastic crap marked down again
Sales in every store

Santa Claus in Shopping Malls
Photos for the hoards
Teenage girls dressed up like elves
Looking rather bored

Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
Get me through the Christmas Craze
Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
I can not take much more

Christmas shows and pantomimes
Put on by theater groups
Old actors who we used to know
How low will these folks stoop?

Boxing Day and crazy crowds
Houses lit up like the park
Even when the power's off
They're still glowing  in the dark

Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
Get me through the Christmas Craze
Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
I can not take much more

Charity is on the wane
People confuse want with need
The population's gone insane
They're full of Christmas greed

Snowmen out in the front yard
Decorating Christmas Trees
Carolers from up the church
...that is Christmas Time to me

Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
Get me through the Christmas Craze
Hollydaze, Oh Hollydaze
I can not take much more

— The End —