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Chicken 4h
If she is blessed
As the blessed be
She will have moved on
Got help for where she went wrong

Her tiny lying face
Might have softened
At least for her children
Who suffered longer than I ever did

Her raised vulture shoulders
Might have lowered
At least for her own self
Who will suffer for the rest of her days

If she is blessed
As only the blessed be
She will know her own way
Through the words of this song
and move on
move on
move on
I’m on my way back home.
Stalking has to be the #1 terrifying experience, made worse if it’s a creepy little old lady pretending to be everything that she is not.

I was stalked by a very sick woman. In speaking out and helping yourself, you help them too because they have to face the reality of what they’re doing.

There are helplines that can help if you have been through stalking.

For every person who is going through or has been through stalking, my heart goes out to you all.

You have the personal human right to freedom without continued unwanted intrusive attention.
Jenn 18h
his name is andrew
i met him once
he seemed like an *******
but like
in a good way
we met.
i stayed at his house.
he was an actual *******.
we had ***
while i was half asleep.
i cant remember if it was consensual
in the beginning.
i left the next morning.
he started being weird.
sending me gibberish.
i blocked him.
he added me back
and again
and again
30 times now.
making usernames
calling me fat
and again
and again
please dont find me
Elle Vee Apr 20
One day,
I thought about you.
The next day,
I iust can't stop.
The day after that,
you haunt my dreams.
A week later,
My are around your lifeless body.
A week after that,
I found a new one,
And turned you to ashes.
Jaedan Shaine Apr 13
She’s back and she’s lurking.
Schools out.
No work.
She’s now behind every corner in my house.
In closets.
Under my bed.
My house
Is supposed to be my safe space god ******!
I can’t sleep.
She whispers in my ear every time I drift off.
I can’t eat.
“You don’t need that!” she’d say.
I can’t leave.
“What if she finds you?” she’d ask.
She never leaves me alone.
She refuses,
Leaving me anxiety ridden.
Quarantine has officially gotten to me
Kale Apr 4
He’s waiting for you
In the corner of your eye
With a creepy smile.
He wants you to give in
To follow him down the dreary road
Of Madness
Hoping you’d want him to relinquish
You from the confines of safety.
He is chuckling,
Smirking ,
Watching intensely.
He wants you to make a mistake
So he can **** on
The sweet blood of innocence
That was delivered
Archer Mar 4
Sometimes when I blink
I keep my eyes shut for a second longer
In hopes that you wont be here
When they open
Sometimes when I breath
I hold it in
So when I exude my humid breath
You leave with it
Why are you following me
I wish you'd just leave me alone
Tommy Randell Feb 11
Yes, that was me
      in your dreams last night
But I will keep to myself
      the promises you made -
I saw you this morning
      glance at me as we crossed paths
Although I too almost believed
      we were not lovers
So good was your performance -
      Bravo, my Love -
Please don't reply openly
      my wife is suspicious already -
I have mentioned you
      Once or twice over breakfast
But I was suitably vague
      making unwavering eye contact
Lying about how unfit you are
      at work, and how young & naive -
I had to pour hot coffee on my own hand
      to disguise my growing arousal -
I know the way you walk home
       I will step from the shadows
To surprise you where we can talk
       finally alone to plan our joining
You will recognize me I know
       our destiny will drive us on -  
Never before has such certainty
       been mine and all before
We have even met socially or talked -
       So clever of you to call me to you -
So clever of you to wear blue
       like the others...
Storytelling, I love Story telling.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 11
for a woman
all too often
it's not about
the reputation
that precedes her
but rather unfairly
like a stalker
it's what follows
closely behind her
Kale Jan 22
Your breath
Inching closer to my neck
You have me trapped
by your spell.
My every thought
Consumed by  your scent
Consumed by your touch
Consumed by your smile
You are a wicked human
Leaving me to suffer
Without you
Now my heart is poisoned
Because the breath you
provided was the last
and now you are slumped beside me
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