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Brad post Sep 28
“I don’t know what to do”,
she says quietly.
“I know it sounds paranoid,
but he’s following me.”

“I talked to his sister,
she said he’s out of state.
Supposedly in Ohio,
cause he needed a break.”

“But no one’s heard from him,
since I got the P.O.
He always said they were useless,
just false safety for show.”

“Well of course he isn’t,
he left this last night.
He has the only spare key,
and I know I locked up tight.”

“I’ve never seen that picture,
but I still have that dress.
He bought it for me,
and it’s the one he liked best.”

“But turn it over,
and look what he wrote.
It’s ******* filthy,
that part about *******.”

“I’m just really scared,
because I know he’s watching.
I constantly have the feeling,
someone’s following me.”

“Would you do me a favor,
and stay with me tonight?
I probably won’t sleep,
but if you’re there I might.”

“Thank you so much,
you are such a great friend.
Just having a man there,
makes a difference in the end.”

“I’ll see you tonight,
thank you so much again.
He always hated you,
even though we’re just friends.”
I watch out the window,
as she climbs in her car.
She doesn’t suspect it’s me,
at least not so far.

She didn’t ask why I was sweating,
or see the dirt under my nails.
Thank God she was upset,
and didn’t notice the smell.

I keep watching,
till she drives away,
touching myself,
as I play out the day.

She was right about one thing,
he’s still around,
but he won’t leave my basement,
once he’s in the ground.

Maybe I’ll get lucky,
and she’ll wear the dress.
He did have good taste,
cause it’s the one I liked best.
This is a piece I wrote for a “stalker” challenge.
Chicken Sep 22
She’s like a corpse
Following me down the street
Brushing past me in the shop
To get her kicks, because she’s deadened
All that lives
Is her hair
It’s still there, somehow
Charged by something other than her
Maybe it’s 5G.
Amanda Sep 14
Summer is leaving me behind
Though I wish I could go with
Following seasons is like
Chasing a monster you know is a myth

It does not make much sense to me
Living a stalker of the sun
The glare makes it hard to see
Smoke left rising from the gun

She is too smart, too fast, too fly,
For mortal man to hold
Many have given a lifetime
To catch her until they grow old

I know my place
I'm not ashamed
Let her slip away again
Just another way to reload
Ammo for my empty pen
Inspired by nature which seldom happens
Mark Sep 10
Sights from within a lonely hotel
Never revealing my peep hole
No maid service, room smells like hell
But never starring in the main role
Beauty I could almost kiss      
With your luscious lips for sure
Just what the urge is      
I can't explain anymore
'Cause I see you
Yes, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Staring at people
Some face to face
Just watching how they feel      
They dare not flinch, just in case
While some try to avoid me      
Thinking they can escape my stare
Just hoping it won't be      
They can try to hide anywhere
And I see you
Yes, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is old.
As old as time.
Love is following me.
I wish it would die.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Randy Johnson Jul 18
She was very young when she was shot and killed by Robert John Bardo.
She starred in 'One Life To Live' and 'My Sister Sam' over 30 years ago.
Bardo had stalked Rebecca for three years and tragically ended her life with his gun.
Fans were forced to say goodbye to this great actress who died at the age of twenty-one.
Amanda Apr 16
I stare while you peacefully sleep
Trying to peek inside your brain
It is the trust issues plaguing my thoughts
Driving me this insane

Why do I act crazy
Every time I get too close?
All I desire is a guarantee
That I am the one you want the most

You say you are happy with me
But something won’t let me believe
Hesitation in your smile
Betrays truth I long to receive

A confession would ease my worries
You show no honesty as evidence
To prove promises are accurate
Strengthen your defense

I wish every word you said was true
My heart would have relief
It’s hard so unsure I ponder
Your emotions as you sleep
Yes I sound like a stalker I know
Anita Feb 27
There is a boy whose name is grain,
In a place of mental pain,
And he sits across the room,
And he looks at me.

There is a boy named grain
In a place full of pain
And he sits across the room,
And he watches me.

There is a boy who is grain,
In school
And sits across the room,
And he stares at me.

A boy called grain,
In school,
And sits across the room,
And he stalks me.

Grain who is a boy,
In school,
Sits across the room,
And has pictures of me

In school,
Across from me,
Annoys me.
I have a bit of a stalker issue, this is twice that I’ve been stalked, the first time that I know him personally. People don’t like him, I thought it was wrong, I became his friend, he became infatuated.
CL Fjell Feb 26
End this suffering
You won't stop
The buzz buzz of the phone
The words, one after another

Begging me to stay
When I've told you
Go. Away.
I can't take this anymore
I'm not your doctor
Or your *****
So please see what I say
I'll say it once more
"Please stay away!"
He won't leave me alone
Manda Kolav Dec 2018
We lay on clean cut sheets,
Bedouin Societe draped
Over her shoulder
And I
Cold. Behind her Always.

Peach fuzz silk, skin
Flushed pink at the ears
To die at the nape.
How prudent the light is
That falls to her side
Obedient and strange
Clinging to the figure like
Tailored satin.

Christ, even breath
moves with grace
Along the shoulder blades
So supple and sweet
Back down again in progression.
Slow dancing to the ballad of dream.

I hear hesitation in the footsteps
Something is wrong
Two left feet lovers
Trip and trample
She stirs, amorous,
So sweet and simply.
Lips parted, wet.
I take the time to watch

Music stops.
Fresh panic takes hold of her skin
From silk to braille.
Months of work reflected in
Eyes quickly swelling with dread
I forgot shadows aren’t invisible.

Swift lover in the night,
I collapse through the window
My lady, her banshee cries
Plucks my heartstrings
In the chord of betrayal
How audacious.
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