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Bhill Aug 7
Hummingbird, Hummingbird, buzzing around
So dainty and delicate with wings so unwound

How you can do it, with speed and such grace
Hovering and darting with a snappy fast pace

Seeing you land is a rare sight I think
Then I saw why you're frantic and gave you a wink

Your nest was well hidden, by the pine cone on the tree
Your secret is safe and I'll just let you be....

Brian Hill - 2019 #198
You never know what is right in front of you...
Amanda Noel Jul 4
How do you do it?
You leave me inspired.
Frozen in my tracks,
Your presence admired.

Lovely little hummingbird,
So fragile and small,
project feelings of comfort,
that stretch, oh so tall.

Confidence overwhelms me,
When graced with your time.
You whisper knowledge,
Everything will be just fine.
Seeing a hummingbird can feel as if the whole world stops, for that brief moment there is peace and understanding. I am unsure of the reason but I appreciate the feeling.
Tatiana Jun 6
I thought of flowers today when I heard your name
and wondered if I should pick one so you remain
in my head for longer than a beat
of a hummingbird's wings in summer's heat
but I can't allow for the great leap
of my heart to my head
I think I'll go back to bed.
How are we doing today?
I want to press your kisses between the pages of a book
     Like dried flowers from a June day
Your lips flutter over my cheeks, my nose
     the throbbing valley of my throat
And I'm convinced you must be a hummingbird

Each kiss feels like a bouquet
     You must have drank from the foxglove and yarrow before you
     flew to me
Your heart stutters under my palm
      Throbbing fast and full of sweetness

Tell me
     Do you understand how delightful you are?
Drink the sugar water from my garden
The cottage is always a little sunnier with you around.
S Bharat Apr 10
The Hummingbird

The golden egg, an Owl put
In the nest of nerd,
Out of which came then
The Hummingbird.

A gemmy nestling saw nerd,
the sooty Raven
He was terribly shocked and
in grief driven.

Aware Peahen asked Raven
Eyes aren wet?
Seethingly he answered her
The little I hate.

The restless little flatters,
As a bee unstable
And hovers above flowers
Which do wobble.

Belated Peahen took Raven
To Peacock White.
The incident she explained,
And story did recite.

Let my wisdom penetrate,
In thy empty brain,
Love begets love; hate hate
Said Whitish sane.

Take care of her, no her liberty,
The little be free.
Wish she pearches on loyalty;
A branch of Tree.

S. Bharat
abigail j s Feb 20
I think I would like to be a hummingbird,
flitting around on my own,
pausing on a branch for several seconds
to catch my breath
before moving on.

as it is,
I am constantly stopping and starting
starting to learn and then
stopping to think.

perhaps, in a way,
I am already
a hummingbird.
written November 2018.
I had always imagined your heart to be tiny,
Small like a hummingbird's.

Not because you were incapable of love,
But because you had the capacity for so much of it.

It fluttered at the briefest of glances
And jumped at the slightest of touches.

So fast did your heart beat that I had often mistaken you for dead
When I would wrap my hands around your throat.

You ran and you called and you pleaded
But no one could hear your little heart.

Even as it stuttered frantically
Against your rib cage, brittle as paper.

No one wants to love a quiet heart.

And so I took it and strung it on a chain of gold
So it could sit silently atop my own heart.
This is my very first posted poem. Please be kind.

Permission to use with credit
hj Jan 26
You could see death
In her brilliant brown eyes
But in those same eyes
You could see
A glimpse of paradise

She's the humming bird
Who fell
Into the wrong nest
She's the little girl
With the weight of the world
On her little chest

She's the cries at night
And the echos of fear
She's the blurred eyesight
Because of the tears

She's the girl standing at the mirror
With teary eyes
She begs herself to hold on
She tells herself she can go on
She holds her tears back
And sings herself the same song

Hold on
Don't cry
Hold on till the moment passes
And passes you by
Hold on
Don't cry
Hold on
if they ask
Hold on
Until you die
all over the place...
Deb Jones Oct 2017
I watch my little hummingbird
The **** on my porch

He perches on the nearest branch
Waiting for the worse

His fellow hummers try to sip
And he rushes to bomb them away

I hide feeders
In the hummingbird tree

Where the other hummers
Nestle the precious young

I have six other feeders around the yard
He thinks they all belong to him

I watch him from the window
His fat little body at rest

He has picked a strategic point
So he can see all six

He seems to be more aggressive when I go outside

As if to prove he is doing his work
I never doubted it once

When I read on the swing
He rises silently till he hovers above my book

Like a little Blackhawk copter
Eye to eye, trying to give me an intimidating look

His beautiful breast iridescent
Green and purple in the sun

Little filigree wings
Like intricate ironwork

His wings beat so fast
He flys backwards

He lives with me year round
In the warm California sun

Little nature’s jewelry
Thank you Sir.

You have given me great joy
Over the years
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