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Amanda 6d
And then I saw it,
At dusk, beating its small wings.
A guest from heaven.
My grandma passed away a few weeks ago, and today would've been her 88th birthday. She loved hummingbirds. I saw one today, at dusk, while talking on the phone with my aunt. It felt like a sign from her that she was okay, and that's she with me.
A little hummingbird
sun flitting
heartbeat living
so vivaciously

in just
one blink

some things
have only
a moment
to be seen

kind of like you,
true smile
warming me

kind of like me,
whisper song lulling
you to sleep
For my niece, I have been blessed to get so many fleeting joys with you these past months. Joys that I will be missing, though I know they won't end
Amy Perry Jul 3
Right in the center
Between my brows
The third ajna eye
Calls out to the crowd
Consciously choosing
Who to meet
Consciously moving
The world ‘neath my feet
Consistently bruising
Ego’s covering,
Shell so battered
It’s nearly shattered.
Hovering like those
Sacred birds
Iridescent wings
In my dreams
Answering to nature’s
Haunting calls
Answering to future
And destiny’s pulls.

It was a surly heart
That I received through
The facades of this place
Where I could no longer
feel the intensity
Or the port thins
In Hummingbird.

The pavement.

From where I reach
The households that were lively
as it is,
Now is just a muffled
Lullaby — not wanting to be heard.

For once, I knew,
We are the shambles.
We let them in
We let them see
Until now we follow;
I could not find the dimmer.

The light.

Has gone through
The running walls of this world
The pit was so deep—ghosts passing—tireless, ageless
Lost for once again.


From where they are reborn
Into the blackness
Where the void remains — an imagination — a fantasy
Where the minds
tackle for the parallel,
From which they waver and perish;
An ambush.


Now I drift and ramble
till I picked up the ticking second
falling from the top — from when it lost me,
'Ti's now the moment to be created again.
When a soul is fallen — that is when he is found.

Vigorous colors.

Memories of warmth colors
bringing back the place
Of yearning,
Now from the muffled lullaby
Is a peeking peekaboo!
If uniqueness as it is
And that later than mortal;
Is now a vital colors
glow as it is — In the pavement of Hummingbird.
My last piece was a wreck and I am quite satisfied from this poem! :)
Passionate flyer
Amused the swarm of spellbound onlookers
Hummingbird splashing in shallow water
zxndrew Nov 2019
My heart sits like a hummingbird in my chest when I see you
Fluttering and beating in nervousness
My mind a two ton weight
Heavy and frozen by your voice
“I miss her! I miss her!”

I fall to the well does heavy tears

“The Hummingbird IS Gone!”

“I miss it’s visit and song”

where does one fill these empty halls

where this girl made her voice boom for so long?!

Even though it was not yesterday that the evil ones took her from the world

I became the Joker… My anarchy and laughs

Were forces ,now, to unfurl .

He reminds himself to spread her legacy through your own artistic hand

True love filled a once empty heart.

As well as music’s wedding band.

I must do my best to spread my words, her messages, from her songs

In my pages of Photos,Sketches, and Poetic Verse

As her spirit smiles, next to me, arms around my neck…

She hears my soul and heart perform in every moment

of my artistic strength that my pen or music starts to rehearse.

Dedicated to two fallen angels. Selena Quintanilla-Perez and My Sweet Christina Grimmie
Jim Davis Aug 2019
hummingbird boy
hummingbird girl
(seeking only a long summertime of hum
sipping dark red flowers and then some)

summer hummingbird
hummingbird hummingbird
hummingbird unfurls
hummingbird whirs
hummingbird twirls
twirling hummingbird
twirl twirl hummingbird
hummingbird whirls
whirling hummingbird
whirl whirl hummingbird
hummingbird pearls
pearls of hummingbird
pearl hummingbird pearl
humming hummingbird
hum hum hummingbird
hummingbird hummingbird
humming hummingbird
hummingbird bird hums
hum hummingbird hum
fuming hummingbird
fume fume hummingbird
hummingbird fumes
watching... waiting
for any hummingbird girl
humming hummingbird
hummingbird summer

Heard hummingbird’s whir
Within a bright summer day
A whir... now... heart beats

©  2019 Jim Davis
An experiment now - posting the poem again!   I posted this poem yesterday / did not get any likes/loves/comments - nothing?  Didn’t think it was that bad... but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!  Just sorta strange that my last few poems have trended... but this one - nothing!  Anybody out there??
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