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Maria Etre Nov 2018
You were
the most

but your
was short

"unwraps another"
Stepped on, squandered, smashed.
Thrown, trampled, trashed.

Everyone passing you by,
Not wanting to look you in the eye.

They think you're ****,
Glancing at you smugly.

What they don't know,
Is that you bestow

A beauty they can't even comprehend.
For I think you set a trend.

A trend of great love and beauty,
Who's splattered cement still smells fruity.

They'll never know you like I do,
So let's bid them all Adieu.
I am walking in the park
After a night of empty talk -
Looking for something beautiful,
I find myself reaching down
Taking from my pocket a piece of gum.

Now, I am actually chewing God -
I’ve taken him from the trees,
I’ve stripped him from the fields,
And I haven’t even tried
To look for him in town -
Why bother?
I've got him in my mouth.

Compact and easy to manage,
At worst he might get stuck
To the outside of my lips:
So what?
It's a small price to pay,
For the luxury of compacting all divinity
Into a single pointless blob.

Once, he breathed life into the world,
Now he breathes minty freshness
Up my nostrils:
What's the difference?
He was, at first, the nonsense of the universe;
Now he is the nonsense
That I ****** with my tongue,
For no particular reason -
Same thing.

I often imagine a little face
On his lumpy plastic body,
Whining petulantly
As I chew him with irrational force -
And I find this very funny!
But then I think:

Perhaps he does not mind
How hard I squeeze,
Because really he is sad
That his real home is, you know,
And instead he's getting chewed,
Whilst I’m laughing at a piece of goo,
When I should be laughing at the world.

Now I'm not laughing
At my gum anymore.

I've cast him out,
To this open graveyard on the floor -

And his epitaph reads:
'I was only ever paste'
And he becomes another God
Who I have no desire to taste.
Bleeding Doc Jun 2018
Barsat ki Ek raat dil ne dimag se pucha,  jo Badal raha wo 'waqt' hai?  
  waqt to Aaj bhi waisa he hai  bachpan me jaisa hota tha wohi savera wahi sham Or baki cheeje tamam
Par tab naa bhigne se lagta tha darr  or  naa sardi jukam,
or wo pani ki shrarate tamam
Jinki Yaad bhar se aa jati hai hothon pe muskan  
par ab aisa kya hua jivan ki iss Dagar me
kahan bhatak gaya in jhuthe rit riwazo me
Kaise jivan ke Arth badalte gaye
Kyo ek funny poem likhne wale
Emotional likhne pe majboor ** gaye

Hawa k jharoko se kashti hilti gayi
waqt k sath mein tau badlta gaya
aur yeh zindagi chalti rahi

pal pal nayi hasratein
har pal naye khwab bunti gayi
aur yeh zindagi chalti gayi

raah mein manzar tau bahut aaye
bulate rahe mujhe mere saaye
mein tau ek pal ko ruk sa gaya
par yeh zindagi chalti gayi

yaadon k saaye mein zinda *** abhi
lagta hai tham sa *** *** mein kahin
par zindagi bewafa sanam si nikli
mein tau ruka reh gaya aur yeh chalti gayi

jindagi har pal apne arth badalti rahi
ham hanste rahe chahhe rote rahe
par woh apni rafataar se bas behati rahi
kabhi ban ke sawal ,kabhi ban ke utar
woh  hame har mod per milti rahi
ham tutate rahe, bikharate rahe
 fir khud hi gir ke sambhalte rahe
aur jindagi yun hi jalti bhujhati rahi

gum mile kuch is tarah ki gum hi gum na lage
khushiyuon  ki baat bhi hame gum ban ke milti rahi
kya kare kisi se shikva, kya kare kisi se shikayat
apne hi jab todate rahe......
toh saans meri har pal ghutati rahi
bas jindagi yuh hi chalti rahi
har pal apne arth badalati rahi
neshamah Apr 2018
you were my favorite flavor
until you left my taste buds burning
you came back
but i guess
my taste changed
meGaThOr Mar 2018
bubble gum died Sunday of strokes at his home ,
The pink bubble gum ...
had a tiny comic *****
Little children wanted to read the comic.
in an adulterous liaison
and is born homely and with green skin.
under the hawkish gaze
in retro pastel uncool-they’re-cool-again cans,
a big splash with a peppy
emoji-like smiles on the side and some polka dots
oh oh oh oh oh oh thus liked
consumers should felt free
... to be relentlessly
Has almost no bite.” “Full-bodied.
This tastes like a Twizzler...
“Sharper bubble feel.”
acrolein, acrylamide, acrylonitrile,
crotonaldehyde and propylene,
flavorturned into a huge mess like 'unicorn ****'
and bubble gum."
oh oh oh oh oh oh thus liked
“All those teenagers was twerk,
take selfies and curse up a storm. …”
oh oh oh oh oh oh thus liked
...turned into a huge mess
Have you ever reached
beneath the underneath
of a desk or table?
as you reached,
the lush wooden maple

Find no treat you'd like to keep
Nor gift you'd want to have
Nothing good,
I wouldn't encourage
one reach or grab.

Gum is there to meet your thumb
soaked in germs and goo
residue left mocking you
smells of grandpa's chew

May my learning be your warning
not to reach nor grab
beneath the underneaths
of a gummy trap
I think it's funny. Someone ask me once to write about the most important lesson I had learned. I thought it was a dumb prompt so I went the funny route.
periodontal disease the bane
of **** Sapiens,
   and many a canine species
   such as Great Dane

or an alien pet smart tumblr trying to feign
bing the best faux pas footed friend
   to kind hearted primates of man kind,
   which latter perhaps an aristocratic
   Anglo Saxon overlord
   generously re pay hay'n

his/her diligent indentured serfs,
   and more importantly air
unlimited pro bono dental care
at Ivy League storied University of Pennsylvania

   School of Dentistry
   which demonstrably crafts aspiring
   reputable Dentists,
   many anon dis track did Engineer
or among other additional
   competitive uber pursuits

   nonetheless, said accredited blessed charges
   per this institution of higher learnin'
   paying back every single buck
renown for plethora of duck
quacking supremely smart graduated students
   drooling to bark out

   bone a fide intelligence fluct
chew waiting genius stratosphere
   comprising grueling vetting process
   scoring acceptance,

   a combination menu demanding
   eminent genetic luck
incorporating top notch
   flying colors and pluck

   initial pre admission screening interview
   (from prospective students
   leaving a positive first impression stuck
   thru rigorous quizzing presentation paces),

   which gauntlet on par with Olympic ardor  
   assiduously, modestly,
   swimmingly convincing board
   with collective listening ear
   comprising decision makers, judging fair
   how fated genetic sprig wrought
   (from imponderable hereditary blend his/her
   that above average intelligent head gear

to be applied at afore
   mentioned die hard lessons here
trials and tribulations didst ap pear
at timely juncture at me then young life

   when onset
   of periodontal disease didst rear
innocuously unbeknownst then,
   that...nada one tooth experts could spare
though grievously sad to bid teeth adieu

     now, tis gratitude these words
   pour favor at a tear
and second to none false teeth
   at age LIX doth veer
rill lee inspire this
   very satisfied patient
   February of 2018th year.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
back in the day
aye gladly placed trust
   asper resigned then questionable oral fate
   before hairs turned gray

joining high achiever pact (and pack)
to endure academic gauntlet
   divesting global incentive
   with alacrity, humility, tenacity
and thus this poetic disquisition

to pay homage to aspiring successful
   and alumni sporting ring of brass
aye honor within elite chattering class
   one significant summa *** laude graduate
   sum decades ago,

   perhaps reclining, reflecting, and reimagining
   latex  gloved gloved hands (now retired)
   'pon some tropical island paradise,
   or freshly mown grass

incognito with sun glasses
   revels Doctor John Brent
   perchance bred (bingo) begot astute lass
or lad exemplary instructing

   thru his own blood, sweat and tears
who (for x number of years)
   treated patients in an ever growing mass
sieve lee tending a family dental practice
   within Harleysville, Pennsylvania

asserted superb reference (on my behalf)
   via telephone to Doctor Montgomery
(aye presume) also enjoying
   his twilight phase (if alive - I hope).
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