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Faith Jul 20
i used your love letter to spit out my gum
An old horse smiles behind my mouth.
Scars of time hang from its gums.
Physical renditions of the ticking hand,
Going around the sun,
Beating down,
Weighing down.
bite it,

chew it,

it just holds,

around again.

just like,

my broken self respect.
Chew it and dump
Z Apr 22
i’m a flytrap in Saran Wrap
Definition clingy
shouldn’t be satisfied to be qualified
as the gum that’s stuck to your shoe

This anxiety could be all from nowhere
It might not be real
But honestly and actually
it’s just how i feel
Nikki Danilov Mar 30
your aching gums would only want that.
I bet your girl would adore them.
breathe...because I know you are dying to again.
ty Mar 29
i'm feeling dead
my heart's full of dread
my body aches
my hands shake
my mind's numb
i'll just keep chewing my gum
to stay attached
to this world that's come
and torn me apart
just how i'm feeling i guess.

p.s please critique i'm bad at poetry and i'd love your feedback
Maria Etre Nov 2018
You were
the most

but your
was short

"unwraps another"
Stepped on, squandered, smashed.
Thrown, trampled, trashed.

Everyone passing you by,
Not wanting to look you in the eye.

They think you're ****,
Glancing at you smugly.

What they don't know,
Is that you bestow

A beauty they can't even comprehend.
For I think you set a trend.

A trend of great love and beauty,
Who's splattered cement still smells fruity.

They'll never know you like I do,
So let's bid them all Adieu.
I am walking in the park
After a night of empty talk -
Looking for something beautiful,
I find myself reaching down
Taking from my pocket a piece of gum.

Now, I am actually chewing God -
I’ve taken him from the trees,
I’ve stripped him from the fields,
And I haven’t even tried
To look for him in town -
Why bother?
I've got him in my mouth.

Compact and easy to manage,
At worst he might get stuck
To the outside of my lips:
So what?
It's a small price to pay,
For the luxury of compacting all divinity
Into a single pointless blob.

Once, he breathed life into the world,
Now he breathes minty freshness
Up my nostrils:
What's the difference?
He was, at first, the nonsense of the universe;
Now he is the nonsense
That I ****** with my tongue,
For no particular reason -
Same thing.

I often imagine a little face
On his lumpy plastic body,
Whining petulantly
As I chew him with irrational force -
And I find this very funny!
But then I think:

Perhaps he does not mind
How hard I squeeze,
Because really he is sad
That his real home is, you know,
And instead he's getting chewed,
Whilst I’m laughing at a piece of goo,
When I should be laughing at the world.

Now I'm not laughing
At my gum anymore.

I've cast him out,
To this open graveyard on the floor -

And his epitaph reads:
'I was only ever paste'
And he becomes another God
Who I have no desire to taste.
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