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When people can’t save value
     In their money system, because
          Of debasement of the currency,
               Then they learn to save in assets.
                    Houses remain the top choice to
                         Save and preserve monetary value
                              Which leads to higher priced homes
                              If we have a hard money that holds
                         Value then people can simply save
                    In money and home prices will drop
               To the normal utility value of a home
          This will make homes more affordable
     For more people across the world
Bitcoin is the hard money solution
You can see this poem on a background here -
Do you know how Bitcoin solves this problem?  Do you know why houses are priced so high?
Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It’s a permanent SOLUTION
For the PROBLEM of inflation
It’s a timely revolution

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
When the money printers run
But it is a bold SOLUTION
And remains the only one

When the money that you earn
Buys you less and less each year
It’s the money printers fault
So blame inflation for your fear

Though Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It has a hard and fixed supply
And a steady rate of issue
So the time is right to buy

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
Against inflation, it is true
But it is a great SOLUTION
To keep wealth for me and you
You can see the poem on a background here -
Inspired by Parker Lewis and his video and article about Bitcoin not being a hedge against inflation.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Solves problem

Theme: In some ways
Descovia Aug 2021
Tragedies will arrive and depart

Just like the problem(s) you did not ask for.

A solution(s) never fails to assist the occasion

Life will always have a way.
I love you Kimberly Anduaga.
Happy Birthday Queen!
Sergio Gonzalez Apr 2021
I’m scared of failure
As if my life would end if I met her
I face my problems head on
Because I can’t stand
To stab a ***** from behind

I’m the problem to my solutions
And when I let go of this toxic life
Then maybe I’ll see the light
Even though I’m right outside

I’ll fly to the moon to start a new life
I’ll run away from these judgmental eyes
That have been staring at me for too long
Too bad I can’t gouge my physical self
It’s a matter of perception,
These eyes only serve as tools
To allow the light inside

Our minds are so simple yet so complex
Reality is an illusion
But please,
Don’t throw that brick at my head

And when I reach my point of clarity
I’ll stop and reflect the struggle within
Life seemed so rough at that moment
But it’s what helped me love myself again
Once I went for a diving school,
it does not look like a swimming pool
when I jumped inside the turquoise blue,
i found myself at bottom of blue
by chance i got a shining pearl,
which reflects the tale of hidden past
once, the pearl got hit by the rays of sun,
soon it will end up the curse of blue
but the hurdles to win is not so clear,
the path is got to be simply hard
and if the mindset is the crooked way,
then I'm sure you'll be the mightier...
We all face/faced hardships in our lives.
Sometimes crooked way helps to achieve.... rather than straight one
This is a reminder gifted by my dream
Live with expectations.
Dreams get higher but never come true.
People give a lot of motivation and provide solutions.
Some say to dream as high as possible. Some say live as realistic as it is.
Some say keep trying and never give up.
Some say love yourself now as it is.
Some are silent.
Some talk a lot.
Some don't care who you are.
There are those who need each other. There are those who help each other. There are those who choose.
Some volunteered.
Some write poetry, but get nothing.
There is me among them.
Indonesia, 11th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho

There's only one way I know of to get rid of a problem, and that's to solve it.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
I disqualify
With a simple

If I'm not
A part of solution
Probably, I'm the problem

There most
Be a way

Order in the chaos
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Facts
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