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One will cross by
Many masks
Who will let us realize
What, love is not

Until, the one
When one truly believes
What love is

One deserves
Genre: Observational
Theme: Timeline
The other day, my 25-year-old dunce of a nephew
told me, constantly wanting *** was normal for his age.
Being in a kindly mood, I neglected to point out
that if he got laid, once in a while
he might feel differently.
Lee Feb 25
have you ever been stuck in a room with a door?
a rock and a hard place they both knock you to the floor
you've given up you can't get out
can't do your homework or your chores
you can't breathe in you can't breathe out
you just can't take it anymore
then you get a feeling
you know what's coming next
you've gotta move you've gotta step
you've gotta stand you've gotta stretch
you ***** your knuckles ***** your neck
you shoot your shot you try your best
you take a pencil to the test
you get the A you get the plus
you give it more you take no less
now here's a lesson for the class
so you can pass and come in first and never last
you take what's yours you take it fast
you hold on tight don't give it back
you carry on you don't look back
now it's my time I gotta blast
Sketcher Feb 1
I think that I've addressed that I'm obsessed in forty-three other heartfelt messes. Poetry falling apart at its best is completely normal when I'm loading my cart with formal vests to find confidence in the turmoil. Tinfoil type superstition is envisioned when smoking burnt coil above ripe ****** cakes, that's what it takes when push comes to shove, **** this kush, **** this fake love. Spilling out of every teens pores, killing off through peen spores in teen ******, essence lost from the core with no reward, guessing cost is fourscore then you're out the door. ****, it's a chore living out the lore of a giver and a saint freezing in a river with fresh paint running down the face. River of life and black paint that blinds, giver of strife, it's whack, no matter what the time. Whether you're drunk out of your mind or ******* high, the paint is soon to dry over your eyes and you'll be living blind. Stick your face in the water, it's so ******* simple. Sure, it might be cold on your cracked skin wrinkles. The solution is always right in front of your face. You just got to look for it before it's too late.
Woke up at midnight and this happened.
Ferns Oct 2018
I hardly tried to survive
Trying to erase every single bit
I barely made it out alive
Tearing these useless letters bit by bit

I've done the things that I haven't done before
Just to forget your innocent, angelic face
I indeed want to see you no more
For there are many fireflies to chase

I know I have not been yours
but you left my heart scattered to piece by piece
There have never been open doors
and my plans make fate to crease

There are plenty of reasons
why I fell deep in to your hole
With leaves falling, from dry seasons
I'm Alice, the rabbit is your role

Foolishness and desperation
got me entirely blindfolded
You barely even gave me recognition
Forgive me for being lightheaded

I've woken up from an absurd dream
For now, all I can see is reality
Where the sky is blue and the sun shows beam
And just see the kids playing under the tree

There behind a door, a person knocks
It left me wonder...who could it be?
I carefully unleash and open the locks
It's the faces of my chums, seemingly be happy
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
When the mind is restless
Ping the Universe

It will find a way
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Power of Prayer
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
If you have any question
Look into her eyes

No question will remain  

That clear
Genre: Observational
Theme: Mystery resolved
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
The easiest solutions to our pain
Are the most frightening ones
Anya Sep 2018
I’ve discvoered
A strange pastime of mine
I like to look for flaws
Little things I am ashamed of
Then use poetry
To slowly unravel them
Bit by bit
Like the
Small intestine
We unraveled in our seventh
Grade fetal
Pig disection
Just like that
The **** flaws
Are unraveled bit by bit
Left in all their original
Blunt grotesque
In my mind
To be analyzed
And on paper
-or a screen I suppose
Into something
Beautified and attractive
Still honest despite
Holding back
To an extent
In my mind
The flaws are
Picked apart
With little probes

A finite solution
And method to
Get rid of the
Placed on
My never ending
Bucket list

More often than not-
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