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“for when the mind has no solution to the rough and tumbling lives,
lived in glass shackled confinement, the poet’s desperation equals theirs”

The Bus Poet Stop “The Glass Shackles” ^


~this one for Eliot York, who gave us a great gift - opportunity~


The mandated city buses are largely denuded of passengers,
so the drivers, peruse the enriched, enforced silenced life of the
streetscape, and as they pass, call-out a fisherman’s plaintive wailing,
“here we are, where are you, do we exist?” Too few nibble “I am!”

Bus Poet Stops, stumbles on an older writ, now seemingly prophetic,
once again, he is back, living in a glass shackled confinement,
his 16th floor perch, besmirched, the mirthless empty outside well matched by the isolation inside him, a new kind of shackling bereft.

For these glass shackles are not new, but different, the glass is poorly blown, cloudy, pockmarked with air bubbles entrapped, useless
for fresh breathing, many containing a question mark, some ask
what, others when/where shelter, all, harsh pleading tones, why me?

“For when the mind has no solution” poet wrote in twenty eighteen,
unaware that this predictive value would return to rent & render mean,
his composure, no longer a savior, now he weeps copiously for thee,
those that he, in prior life, came to save, now too, another faceless face.

no, no!

Your writing saves self, and a thousand more, you infiltrate, penetrate     our conjoined quiet, giving name to each of our unsalted tears, no fear poems that make us say, Merry, Merry to us all; God bless us, every one! Bus Poet head-hung, shamed, pained, looks away, mask-covers-gratitude.

Rough and tumbling times, we discount ourselves blameless, but voices
say time for gifting varietals of solace mysterious, this! is your business!
words, instruct to touch, to transport us on a poet’s bus to Delirious,
enable arrival+survival to destiny’s destination, “for all, a good night!”

Fri May 1
twenty twenty

in anno autem coronavirus plaga
from NYC, the. epicenter
What a wonderful day to breathe upon the earth,
We're now aware there is a moment for death and birth.
The time is not ticking if you notice this,
But our very precious kicking life is.

Every second life is ticking passing away,
Is it sensible to be happy each and every day?
Don't forget when you wake up if you wake up just smile,
Life is ticking for all of us, make your life worthwhile.

We're here today and maybe gone tomorrow,
Is it time to be joyful and forget about the sorrow?
Everybody is just passing by if you notice this;
Within you, there is a hidden bliss release it, don't resist.

Happiness is a choice so please don't frown;
Despite the circumstance create positivity around.
We all have ups and down if you notice this,
Kindly face it gracefully it's just the way it is.

How treacherous is death when he comes;
He will **** all the air in our lungs.
Sooner or later he will arrive;
Thrive to spend time when we are alive.

Gone in the wind see you no more;
Death had come knocking at your door.
Can't escape even how fast you run;
Your day is done death hunts everyone.

Yet though we've forgotten where we come from,
The closer we get, the happier we become.
Remember when we were born we have none;
There is enough for everyone but have we become numb?

Some say our time is up when our candles melt;
Then lonely to whom is left is what they felt.
Candles melt but it shines so bright;
Death comes like a thief in the night.

Can't fight, can't fight death always win;
Unseen but stays under our skin.
It seems we could never cheat death;
He holds the key to every breath.

Hey, death! Hey, death! Why do you come?
From time to time you steal from some.
You are the one we want to overcome;
But in the end, you always won.

None not even one escapes from you;
We run we hide but you always knew.
So few, so few want to be with you;
You leave no clue when our time is due.

True so true you are only there;
As the wind blew you flew in the air.
Unfair for us that always care;
You share the burden we couldn't bear.

Unaware where we will meet;
Bittersweet the way you greet.
Beat heartbeat it pumps so fast;
If it ceases! Dust to dust we wouldn't last.

We trust, We trust to you mankind;
take care of our land if you wouldn't mind.
It's time to be sensible that would kind;
Negativity could blind you drop it behind.

If there is nothing  best when you say;
Kindly not destroy everyone's whole new day.
Could we not waste the You and I;
Can we respect each other as we try?

There are greater things in life in plain view but still unknown;
But sometimes when it hits you, you tremble on your bone.
There are things in life our hearts could understand but the mind and mouth can't say;
Beyond any words can express the happiness that stays
forever and a day.

Make us humble when we are so proud;
Take away our grumble when we're so loud.
As we face the cold cloudy storm;
Embrace us hold us tight and warm.

Yes, we’re lost in confusion, all the illusion, delusion,
our life in transfusion, but where's the conversion?
It's like a cosmic explosion, and we're in seclusion,
is death our conclusion? have a positive emotion.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem;
In what so ever circumstance just try to solve them.
Complaining will do nothing if you notice this;
Even the world is fixing itself, it's just the way it is.

I reminisce as I write you this;
A simple letter sealed with a kiss.
Sincere regards I'm just no one;
I fear my words are already done.
Piecemeal, a Coronavirus poem
by Michael R. Burch

And so it begins—the ending.
The narrowing veins, the soft tissues rending.
Your final solution is pending.
(A pale Piggy-Wiggy
will discount your death as no biggie.)

Keywords/Tags: coronavirus, plague, Trump, final, solution, stat, statistic, number, ratings, reelection
Dana Apr 17
I always feel too much, and
you never feel enough, like
two halves of the wrong circles
fighting to become whole.

So is this how it ends? Or we
could try and make a square.
I always care too much and
you care just the right amount,
so this one's on me.

You usually know what to say.
So we try sine and cosine.

They work. We're waves.
It's a throwaway sunset.
It's time.

The devil is dancing on
your shoulder. All the
angels are asleep on mine.
The Key
That locks
The Door

With the same key
The Door
Genre: Observational
Theme: Solutions ||Vaccine
|| In the background of COVID-19
Wealthy people have a knack
Of making contributions
They don’t let trials get them down
But focus on solutions

So don’t let anger conquer you
Or seek out retribution
But seek to take the higher road
And offer a solution

Of several ways to undertake
A problem’s diminution
The best by far is simply choose
A mindset of solution

So cultivate this daily choice
There are no substitutions
To making it your daily goal
To seek out good solutions
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Kai Feb 7
An idea that everything has an answer
defined by a set of numbers all together
letters and ideas mesh with them
creating all that is and will ever be
a solution to all even if it isn't found
the ability to make new variables
to make sense of all the nonsense
symbols that make up the connection
such comfort in knowing this now
that everything has a defined answer
no guesses and no wish wash maybes
a yes and a no a right and a wrong one
mathematics can solve all of it for us
math is everywhere and that is lovely
I'm not very good at math, but I thinks it's beautiful. The idea that everything in life has a defined straight forward answer. It's in chemistry, physics, medicine, statistics, and even in our language formats. It's nice to know there is something that will always have a right or wrong answer. There isn't any guessing or risks if you do it right.
मलाई सोधियो
"त्यो मुर्ख छ, कसरी व्यवहार गर्ने ?"

मैले प्रतीप्रश्न गरे, "के तिमी पक्का छाै कि ऊ मुर्ख छ?
[ हो जवाफ आउने प्रवल सम्भावना थियो, म सुन्न तयार थिए ]

"हो, सबैलाई यो थाहा छ।" सोही जवाफ आयो

सक्छाै भने दूरी बढाउ
टाढा बस
त्यती सक्दैनै भने..........

"भने के" सोधीहाल्यो

"उ भन्दा मुर्ख बन"
"ठूलो मुर्ख देखि, मुर्खपनि डराउछ"

फोन राखेको संकेत आयो.......
शैली : प्रयोगात्मक
विषय : दैनिक जीवन
ध्यानाकर्षण: कृपया संवाद सुनीसकेपछि सबै श्रोताले पुष्पाञ्जली लिनु र मन्नन गर्नु ।
Empress Asa Jan 12
May we have other changes ?
May we can being together ?

You know that I am a woman..
I can't give you first move..
Why you can't be like them..
Some of them come to me..
Some of them come to my parents..

It that really difficult ?
Why ?
Why ?

Why my destiny is really complicated?

Please, tell me what should I do in this situation?

In the name of love, you just silent..
In the name of love, my brain like burning on with that silent..

Please, tell me what should I do ?
I can no longer silent..

What should I do?
Would you please give me solution?

My mind has crossed the line..
My feelings can not be dammed..

Tell me, what should I do?
Would you please let me know?
May you give me a first move?
Asking to you
Amanda Dec 2019
A sweet smile is an important part
The formula to capturing my heart
A sweet smile + amazing sense of humor = key to my heart
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