You cling to the bars
And hold tight to your chains
Your mind blinded by stars
made by marketing brains

Working and slaving
Never sated, wanting more
Respecting, behaving
Raising your spiritual score

Right now, I am stating
You’re lost on earth at high noon
I shall be watching, and waiting,
from the far side of the moon
It's all a paradigm.
Diana Garcia Aug 3
Thick thighs
an open mind
set to be
one of a kind
at least
i can try
meant to
all seems like
bullshit to me
know what i mean?
grab life by the seam
stand out
dont lean back
im hard workin
& on the right track
back in the day
i used to rack
its time i earned my place
now ive got expensive taste
hope you dont mind the chase
Don’t let this opportunity go to waste
gently grab my waist
i said easy baby
no need for haste
take your time
let me sip my wine
play no games
pay no attention to other dames
Let me show you me pleasuring ways
on my own im spick and span
all i need now is a good man
Preferably six foot two
I want you standin while we screw
lift me up, lick my shoes
Tell me you like it kinky too
Pull my hair, spank my ass
I want a man whose a little freaky
But still has class
when im all set and good
just need a man whose understood
Josh Jul 26
What's the smallest living being on earth?
a graduate of music school
First class degree won with some leeway
but that can't pay for my MOT, no way
four hundred and thirty seven quid and 26p to pay
for new suspension ball joints and wishbone, wiper blades and an emission test pass grade
and now my car has scraped a "pass with defects"
I hope someone made a wish as the old bone cracked
as they took it to the tip with the entire contents of my bank account
I wish I was back home again, scared to answer the phone again
but now every phone call I'm praying for a gig.  

For nine grand a year I wonder how well she would do in the next few tests
if she'd have a long career ahead after a short rest or if she would still be run into the ground,
one day kicking the bucket at 90 miles an hour on the M4 back to Cardiff; I recently found
she won't quite make it to one hundred.
One hundred miles an hour!
Such power, so close, but no cigars for me any more - I can't even afford to smoke rollies.
When I'm seventy I'll start again
whether I want to or not, I need that one lifetime guarantee.
If I make it to seventy.
Hopefully boredom, rejection and masturbation aren't causes of early mortality.
Another day of reading meters

Walk all day, for kilometres,

All the time avoiding dogs,

Tired legs, no evening jogs

Apartment blocks, access Fort Knox

Voltage testers, reveal live box

Sun leaving me, with a red neck

Turkey warning on the front deck

Don’t cut across of my front lawn

Fake rubber snakes, from dusk til dawn

I.D. Badge, utility keys

See a red back and surely freeze

All sorts of warnings and messages

No time to eat my sandwiches

All of this is just to say

Another chapter, another day

So long, farewell to all the meters

Poems now, with different readers
Just a bit of fun about my last job
dina Jul 15
i'm a hard worker
i've been a hard worker
almost all my life

i get good grades
and i get rewarded

but i feel as i advance
my hard work
will not pay off
and my hard work
will not be enough
Gray Jun 15
Here i am again working at my uneventful office.
If I am here any longer i think i am going to be nauseous.

Just simply being here is extremely boring.
To prove that to you just listen to my coworker snoring.

I am literally tired all the dang time.
And to be honest I am barely making a dime.

I’ve been here so long I don’t even care anymore.
Do you think anyone would care if i just died right here on this carpeted floor?

Everyone around me is braindead and cruel.
Maybe i shouldn’t have dropped out of highschool.
Steve Page Jun 14
Work through the rubbish
through to the other side
where words may make more sense
and your mind be perhaps less dense
and where your poems may at last materialise
The first line is from childrens author Judith Kerr, 94 and three quarters.
have to
get up and
shut up, and work
on my paperwork, they aren't here, it's fine
I'll get through this night, some friends they stay but
not all walk out
with a sigh
just get
I had just lost someone I considered a ‘love of my life’, I lost some friends, others started genuinely picking on me. I was livid. I know it wasn’t the friend I had the conflict with in particular, but I envied someone I knew for the worst thing ever.

Not having emotion.

I wanted to limit myself, I wanted to stop feeling because I felt maybe my feelings were the reason why everything tore itself apart (when in reality, it was faults on both sides, including mine).  I discovered a new love, work. I actually adore work to this day, but I know sometimes I do have to restrict myself otherwise it becomes an unhealthy amount.

During this time, my channel started becoming viral (or more or less, it was very active) and in reality it was a lot to handle at a younger age; It’s why whenever I see younger youtubers leave, I can understand why they do.  

One thing that bothered me for years to come was the fact someone a long time ago stated I was always playing ‘Victim’ when in reality that individual barely acknowledged me as a person. So, I actually thought I was in the wrong and tried to stop feeling, everything. It nearly worked.

The saddening thing is how much people can impact insecure individual’s lives. I was severely insecure at this point of time and saying these things left me to believe I was always the problem, even when I wasn’t. So when I started limiting my emotions, it became almost easier to ‘Get over it’.

But I missed it all! I missed being happy at something I liked! Hating something I hated! I loved those emotions, but at one point it genuinely felt impossible to feel most of those emotions. Depression didn’t help either, as much as I hate to say that.
Jo Barber May 21
I was fourteen
when my mama told me
you work until you die.
Came home my first day.
Had a few bucks in my pocket;
was flying pretty high.
Didn't know what she meant.

Now I've got a lot of money,
(at least more than before)
and I think I understand.
It never ends -
the up, the down,
the coming back around.

I'll work until I die.
Pay the rent, buy the groceries.
Pocket change for a pack of smokes
and a coffee, black and piping hot.
Once you start,
it never ends.

If I ever had a real shot,
I must have missed.
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