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sage silcrow Oct 4
i stitch myself back together

with strands plucked from conscience

glistening points drawn out into gossamer

you come to me in comets

bringing the dawn to an astronomer

scried in seams of aether
The Vault Sep 26
You have stole my heart
The poetry you write
Seeps into my soul
A beautiful cup of tea
Hot and ready
And I will drink deeply
And give my tea
Back to thy
My perfect
J J Sep 24
Council house dilapidated and brittle as the bones
     That inhabited it, invalid mother bedridden,drugdazed
With a prescription-based carnival skull and sore lungs
   sustained from years of cigarettes and TB.

In the night there was machine gun coughter, foxes
        howling frost -if you looked outside you could see them
stringing silver from their fangs on the street below-
   And I went downstairs to fix her some tea
          because for the first time in years she asked me

And the storm outside lifted the window to the edges
     of it's brims

And I felt a stinging ping as an ache
    Spread the crevice of my spine

And I thought 'is this it? is this the life I've instore?'
        and as it turns out,it was it.

                                        It is it.

I remember once lying on that cold kitchen floor
     after getting home from school
worried about something or another,
   biting my nails and dreaming a hundred million
Futures on the ceiling and wondering how they could ever

           Come true.
Not as polished as I'd like but oh well
alexa Sep 7
i'm overwhelmed. overworked. under appreciated.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed. she feels as if everyone's under the spell of a lotus. all she wishes is that everyone could focus.

focus on the ups and the downs. the ins and the outs.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed.
i'm both mentally and emotionally drained. i dont know what to do anymore. my head hurts. all i want is to sleep forever.
The Vault Aug 31
I love you deeper than the ocean
And higher than the galaxies
But you need to trust me baby.
And lose your anxieties over me.
Alexis Aug 29
a heart is not a bone,
i suppose it can not be broken .

it's a muscle,
strained far beyond its proper use .

it does not work the same anymore,

i'd be surprised
if it wanted to work at all .
Cameron Alix Jul 31
hazy pounding in my brain
waves, shoving the storm closer to my skin
my eyes on the muted desk
my eyes brimming with the rain
Mara W Kayh Jul 20
Less I am a fisherman
with patient gaze on
undulating seas

and more bait
heart on the hook
for you,
to cast away this
Spontaneous,  shortpoem, short, poem, fisherman , trapped, hooked
OpenWorldView Jul 19
fifty years ago
mankind took a giant leap.
time to learn flying
we can reach
the stars
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