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Sanjali 4d
Donuts don’t make me happy
I don’t feel happy anyway
But there’s a taste I prefer
Bitter chocolate, dusted sugar
Together on a donut.
"The simple truth is that the truth does not exist;
it all depends on a person's point of view"
Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
candy is sweet, most of it anyway.
some salted like cara
some spicy like
my favorite is bit
what does that say about me?
a bit mascohistic when to comes to bitter chocolate.
izzn Sep 23
In spring, I'd blossom for you
Like dandelions, I'd stay fragile for you to care
Like dandelions, I'd dispersed myself out of thin air
just to be one with the same molecules you'd breathe

In summer, I'd stay warm for you
Like the sun, I'd bask in you 'till I'm tanned
Like the sun, I'd capture that golden smile
and let it burn in the deepest part of my mind

In autumn, I'd fall for you
Like leaves, you're the ground I'd surrender myself to
Like leaves, yellow, orange, red,
Those are colours of my cheeks when you stare at me like that

In winter, I'd blanket you with my love
Like a hot chocolate, I'd melt in your eyes
Like a hot chocolate, I'd indulge in your heart's decadency,
let it savour every bits and pieces of me

It's the seasons of love
My love for you will never change,
it will always remain the same
and I will love you again and again.
for when I finally find this kind of love,
I would write a whole collection of poems about it
Anais Vionet Sep 19
A lot of people hate algebra - they think it isn't useful.

They are SO wrong - here is some practical Algebra:

Chocolate comes from Cocoa,
which grows on a tree,
which is a plant,
therefore:  Chocolate is a salad.

You're welcome.
Algebra can be useful, chocolatey, and delicious    =]
Safana Sep 12
A white flower
wearing an eyeglass,
her eyelash rolled
Like calla lily,
her bright beautiful
sciera looks glassy
like, brown iris and
chocolate pupil rouned,
Stood up
her face
Brighten the Android
phone is softly touching,
when Funda closed the
shop door, she turn
her face to me
and she said
a beautiful flower
Caitlin Aug 21
I wish I was a box of chocolates
That could open up to you
You see
It was a long process
To make these chocolates
But they are oh, so sweet
Unlike anything you've tasted before
Eat me
I want you to enjoy them

If I could give you
Just one of my sweet chocolates
I know I wouldn't be able to stop
I would give you my recipe
Craft your chocolates for you
Forget I had a box of my own
And deplete it entirely

Years ago,
Your chocolates
Fell right into my mouth
I swallowed them whole
And I didn't enjoy them at all
Because I was starving
I hadn't eaten in months
But now I've starved you completely

My trauma left you with nothing
I would do anything to change that
I can't help but want to
Because I'm better now
I've replenished myself
I want to return the favor
Break me
Bruise me
Eat all of my chocolates whole
It only seems fair
That I let you consume me
In the way that I consumed you

But now I have to accept
With all the hard work I've done
The work I never thought I could do
That I only have enough chocolates for myself
And you have to find your own recipe
Chris Saitta Aug 17
The horse breathes in the city, the world of unrelenting pistons
And steam from the jingling harness, and the jangling windows
That reflect the bolting sparrows like fire arrows in the coming night,
Viennese darkness is like the smell of the chocolatier mixed with snow,
Sealed in a sachertorte with the alley-crack of the riding whip on coach,
Viennese sunshine is like the baker’s soul, rising on flashing coppers and tins.
Sachertorte is the famed dark chocolate Viennese cake.
Ainsley Aug 11
You turned out to be the chocolate
I go crazy for
You turned out to be the moonlight
I would sing a Serenade for

You were my beautiful disaster
I let all the calamity infiltrate through

That I lost myself
That I broke into pieces....

My brain then warned and pleaded my heart to not fall in love again
"Never fall in love,it in love it's paradise"
He was the drug she got addicted too..
He was the soul she was searching for....

But did she receive it back...
In some cases people do get their feelings back...
But in most cases true love always ends up unrequited....
LOVE finds YOU....

Will be waiting 😂❤
Thanks for reading 💝
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