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I eat my morning cake of chocolate.
Mmmmm, delicious.
Grace Haak Sep 2
sugar lips
kiss me twice
got me thinking
this boy is nice
bubblegum pink
blow my bubble
got me thinking
this boy is trouble
candy coating
see it in your eyes
got me thinking
this boy's told lies
but you're so sweet
cure all my cravings
got me thinking
it's a love worth saving
no chocolate swirl
no caramel chew
i'm not addicted to sugar
unless it's you.
when he grows up

he'll be a chocolatier, he supposes.

yes, a chocolatier.

what dim light holds money

compared with the brilliance of cocoa's richness?

many times he traded a crisp dollar bill

to the cashier, for a Hershey's bar —

the cashier, he knew, had drawn the shorter straw.

he could not understand big people

in their big buildings

with their big cups of coffee,

aching with bitterness all day long.

what they needed, after all, was a bar of chocolate.

what do you like to do? they'd ask him, those big bitter people.

sometimes he wondered the same thing —

what did they like to do?

did they like to sit at their big desks

and hope for bigger checks, someday?

he knew what he liked to do.

i like to make people happy, he told them.

and i like to eat chocolate.

they laughed at him, sometimes.

he didn't think it was funny,

but he liked to see them smile.

would you like some chocolate? he'd ask.

they would look confused, almost

like they weren't sure he was talking to them.

they said sure, they wouldn't mind some

chocolate, and he

would give those big people

a little piece of chocolate.

but their eyes would ask him what their

mouths would not:


he was practicing, he said,

to be a chocolatier.
Megan Joseph Aug 26
i am like a box of dark chocolates:
filled with disappointment
a short poem for today!
Carl D'Souza Aug 25
I take a bite
of a ****** and chocolate
and chew
pungent ******
and sweet chocolate;
soft crumbly cookie pieces
roll over my tongue
as I chew;
my mouth waters
and the flavours
of spicy ****** and delectable chocolate
mix in my mouth.
Alan S Bailey Aug 17


Yellow light peaking through,
I get to wake up and look at you.
We turn to each other and cuddle close,
nose to nose.
Lines of light strike your eyes...
I can no longer breathe.
Deep brown pools of chocolate,
I wander into your forest eyes and can't find my way out,
I'm lost.
They turn to coffee and then you are there,
standing in the kitchen, no clothes yet,
asking if I need cream for the coffee you made me.
You are coffee.
I need you every morning.
It's hard to live without you.
Wait, not too much cream!
It needs to resemble your eyes.
My feelings about waking up next to him. Also he makes me coffee every morning.
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You knew it,
You knew how much you meant,
But I didn't know,
I was the chaff
And you were the grain

I was ready to withstand,
I saw how you drunk with them
You came tipsy
I didn't mind
In the name of love

I am not a dreamer
Neither do I see visions
How could I know?
I was there like a stream
For the sake of lack

You dropped me in an ocean,
You were sure I couldn't make it out,
Waters washed my scent away,
And you poured darkness upon me,
It's only you who knew.

I'm sending a drop,
It's carried by the rains,
Save me from this ******* of fake love,
I need my free air,
I'm suffocating, you can trust

Taste that tear drop,
It's salty unlike the raindrop,
Make sure it's bubble doesn't break,
Just that,
Just let me down slowly
That's a love poem, just asking to be released from love that loves a part and I'm not loved back
I wanna chocolate ice cream.
I wanna hear that crunchy wafer screaming.
I wanna feel the taste of cocoa on lips.
I wanna smell this fresh aroma.
I wanna chocolate ice cream.
But shop is closed.
I want chocolate ice cream but shop is closed already, ****... Don't come close to me...
Ruhee Jun 21
Sweety Sours
Spicy Chocolates,

Salty Showers
Milky Biscuits,

Tasty Powers
Really tastes..

Fathima Ruhee
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