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df 2d
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
Be like chocolate
Not because of the sweetness
Or because of the health implications, no

Be it milky white or dark devoid of light
Be rich like chocolate
How it's void of all time

Because chocolate is always so well received
Often described as full
In the remnants of another person's mind

And to those who are alergic to it
We say how sorry we are for that
Because it tastes so flavorful richly fine
Kale Feb 5
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
Aisha Jan 25
Do you ever hear songs that aren't playing?

Like my own personal radio
that I can jam out to whenever I please
wherever I please,
and it never turns off.
Banging my head around is like the universal symbol for a really great song

Except they're not always songs in my head.
It's me, myself and my thoughts.
The creamy filling in a chocolaty, opaque truffle.
The shell of potential.
You'd never know what's inside unless someone told you.
You'd never see the inside unless you ***** it.
I'm not chocolate, and I don't melt.
I'm made of steel- you can't break me.
It's been a while, but I do exist
Shlomo Jan 17
I want a beautiful ring from you.

With rare stones and diamond encrusted too.

Are flowers too much to ask?

Or maybe just chocolates, 'cos I might be moving too fast.
Bastian Pop Jan 12
Being accused
drug possession
my fried
swallowed chocolate
on teary eyes

Uknow truth
she is a liar who
never learned to draw

Cutting white soap
sniffing in

Who is my lover
when blank sketches
get trough  

Being switched inside
my friend Jeremy died
inside my weeded brain

   sniffing in
   shooting out

Who knows?
Neither I
Whit Jan 8
that crick in your neck when you're looking at books

sometimes violets pop up early

there is always chocolate

it's fun to get letters in the mail

things are going to be ok.

rainbows happen (or you can just draw some)

there are babysitters getting bored of peek-a-boo

drinking really cold water when you just finished exercising

again, chocolate

i know this looks like
nothing more than a list
but, it's a new year and
for some reason
in the middle of
silly traditions
we can get a little
booster of hope.

things are going to be ok.
Its always a pain,
to have a ****** day,
can't walk, can't talk,
just eat everyday,

Its only for a week,
yet every month of my years,
Its only for a week,
give me a chocolate please
A Jan 3
Hidden in street corners
Dark alleys
Backseats of cars
It’s a shame your parents don’t know what you get up to
You make me smell like chocolate
Which is a flavor i’ve never really admired
And even mixed in with your smoke rings
I still feel the desire to quit
You or it
I don't really care at this point
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
When life
gives you lemons,
you can't just give them back
and say you want chocolate.

Because life
throws things at you
and you just need
to learn to take them in.
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