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AA May 7
You came to stay
from the very first day

And I let you in
Cause with you, I felt peace within

You bring me happiness
when I am buried in sadness

you can make me smile anytime
as if i've made lemonade of life's lime

But my goals you inhibit
Cause you make me addicted

And I'll fight, fight and resist
to let myself taste a little bit

But once again I fail
another one you win

A process I thought I was gonna nail
but this feeling of a sin
is just going up the scale

The perfect mix of good and bad
Is litterally the best thing I've ever had

In this zone, with just you and me
I hope that none else will see

How many tablespoons I ate

Of the most delicious chocolate spread
Funny, dramatic, relateable poem.
Akta Agarwal Apr 16
Whenever I became upset
chocolate is the one who brighten my mood
Whenever I cry
Chocolate is the one who brought smile in my face
Chocolate Is the smile of all kids Whenever I need someone
chocolate is only the one who stays besides me
I love you my 2nd ever love chocolate You are my 2nd ever love
Because my first ever love will always remain my parents
But you don't worry I love you a lot my chocolate
I love your delicious taste
By the way
Happy chocolate day my chocolate.
Chocolate is so delicious
Svetoslav Mar 11
Pink sunset caress gently pink dogwoods and lilacs.
They're guests at the arousing
of spring's bloomy breath.
I give you my sensual loving embrace
as the blossoms show my gratitude for you.

Milky-white trees flow
in the light waves of wind.
Cherry branches swing calmly and sing,
close to amusing forsythias and golden sands.
In the morning cityscape, I say "welcome, my spring".

Strawberry rivers in daylight cross my path
and hearts of crimson pomegranates
kiss its surface with passion.
Crunchy coffee's aroma lead my way
to thy enchanting love fit to stop our time.

Nature awakes for giving birth
to the colorful children of mother Earth.
We gather together in devotion
adoring our love by notes of symphony
and vibes of emphatic emotion.

Crunchy chocolate melts,
the sun has arrived to warm us.
Rain droplets drown it in a stream of unity
as we ought for a new beginning in our souls.
Let your ears open their senses to the musical goals.
Thomas W Case Feb 18
You used to search my back, arms, and even my *** for zits.
When you found one, you went to
work at popping it.
It hurt like hell, but I never
said anything, because it seemed to
bring you such pleasure.
Sometimes, I don't even think there
was a zit.You would just squeeze a
freckle or birthmark.

And chocolate, for God's sake, you loved it.
Whenever I could afford it, I'd
buy you chocolate bars.And when I
couldn't, I'd steal them.
You hated me stealing, but you
loved chocolate.

In those golden Summer evenings,
I remember carrying your son on
my shoulders into the pink and
lavender sunsets.
We had story time on the Shelter couch,
your head resting on my shoulder.

But time, as it always does, rages on.
You have your son, your apartment, your job.
I have my river, my writing. and my ducks.
I feed them bread, not chocolate.
And although they wake me up at dawn by
walking on my back, they don't
mess with the zits.

I've trained them to eat bread out
of my hand.Their little tongues feel
like sandpaper.
I'll never look at
zits and chocolate the same.
Brumous Feb 18
My love for you is inchoate.
No, not chocolate.
I may not be as sweet
but I'll be something worth craving for.

And, good enough to be loved back.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I am
gently munching
crunchy hazelnuts
which taste delicious
as they break apart on my teeth,
bits of hazelnut
passing over my tongue;
the hazelnuts are covered in chocolate
which melts on my  tongue
as I gently munch
and savour the taste of
sweet milky creamy brown chocolate.

I am
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
gently munching
fine European chocolate
of a milk-coconut flavour:
I am feeling
the texture of coconut flakes
on my tongue and teeth,
I am tasting
the sweet milky chocolaty flavour
of the brown soft chocolate.

I am
Dee Feb 2
Creamy deliciousness,
Entraps my taste buds,
Coating my mouth,
With each morsel,
Of sweet nectar,
One bite is never enough.
Reena Jan 14
Bittersweet is the proper way to describe it
But it's so much more then that
It's creamy, and smooth
Given at the right time, can be called dessert

Brown as the earth, but fragile as ice
It can make or break a relationship
A hot, but not talked about, topic
It holds so much meaning

It can soothe any pain
And heal any wounds
It brings happiness
As nothing else does

It's incorporated in so many things
Yet, it's original taste is unmatched
A beauty not yet discovered
When will my dark chocolate arrive?
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