I fell in love with the boy with hot chocolate eyes and long coffee lashes.

The boy who strums his guitar by day and writes stories by night.

I fell in love with the boy whose heart is made of gold and classic cars.

The boy whose kisses are a mix of  sugar and ecstasy.

But most importantly the boy I fell in love with fell in love with me too.

Veracity Jul 17

Everybody loves coffee
It became Miguel's song
But everyone needs a whole lotta milk in it
They can't handle it strong

When I say strong I mean black
Black has a very wide range
Everyone loves the light end of the spectrum
And I find that quite strange

Tanned and caramel are popular
They are exotic and sexy
But chocolate is not attractive
Apparently dark is ugly

Being dark-skinned is looked down upon
As if it is a deadly sin
Many many beautiful women
Feel the need to bleach their skin

Many men have a light preference
Some women reject melanin in chocolate genes
And it is these same people
That do not know how to treat kings and queens  

Dark people hate how they look
Because no one gives them a reason not to
They should be taught to love themselves
There is undeniable beauty in African roots

They have hair like fluffy cotton candy
Those with the skin of midnight
They do not need makeup
For they have a natural highlight

Their wide noses are cuter than buttons
And they glisten just when they sweat
If you are lucky enough to kiss their thick lips
You will surely never forget

No one is shaming other skin tones
The point is that dark skin is gorgeous too
Every single person is beautiful
So don't make coffee turn blue

There should not have been a need
For this poem to be written
Because at the end of the day
Beauty shouldn't correlate with the color of your skin

Julie Jul 16

Dear Chocolate,

You come in many shapes and sizes,
Sometimes with fillings full of surprises.
Whether you're dark, brown or white
You never fail to make my day bright.

Now that you're so close at hand,
I'm finding it hard to withstand.
I'm sorry, you're too good of a bait
It's now time for me to annihilate.

Telling one of my older brothers about it all, from last Fall's shenanigans to now, he said, "it's sad."


Not when a summer's lengthy hours avail,
But now the blackness of night's cooler sense
Culls crickets to play serenades frogs thence
Reply in bass notes to, write in betrayl.
As Mozart's timeless strains lend that detail
Of class I did not feel ere, and lo, hence
A notion of too many years 'go, whence
I nestle like I"m twenty' gain, what's bail?
Joe's contact info.  Ha.  What is that fer,
Eh?  I've called twice, to tell him of it to
His face ("yes, if I'm gone to bed--") and were
La, texting useful, I have done that too.
Oh silence!  Friday evening's late, and's poor
To harp on that.  But how I miss who'd woo.


...I suppose the question was what exactly he labelled as sad?  I pressed him to no avail after wearing his ear off detailing it all.

A canorous music perforates my opaque
Quivering chromaticism smears me
With osculance and solidarity
I solicit solitude
And altogether, I'll be accompanied
By my only one ally
We, anon, will rally loneliness
Imbibing a cup of chocolate
With zest and dally
Oh!... An ameliorated hallucination
Do not! I beseech! decimate
My incipient, redintegrating mate ---
I cannot delineate now any line of this smooth... lie!
Oh... What love dove above!
Blinked delving and desperarion
Scintillated once whilst falling apart on my face!
With a liquor of ink... and... tears
Penetrated any level of my flesh and sunk into my sole soul
Letting a chrysalis breed into a labyrinthine verisimilitude
Lulled by loop and fetching,
Fetching equanimity
I'm sorry... I cannot any more equilibrize anything
This is my alibi desuetude
I hope desynchronised is not my goodbye!

Kim Johanna Baker, Crazy Diamond Kristy, Someone you used to know, yasaman johari, Lady RF, beth stclair rejuvenated my poetry.Je vous remercie mes amis.Merci.
Donna Jones Jun 25

Dunking choc biscuit
into milky coffee..''tis
like day kissing night

Yums yums xxxx
Had choc biscuits n coffee for breakfast yesterday morn reminding me of this :)
Gavin Barnard Jun 11

I may not believe in a god,
But I do believe in magic.
I hear it in music and voices,
I see it on a TV screen
And feel it in my dreams.

I know it exists,
Hidden in the will of humans,
How the hungry make it through alive
And how the suicidal ones survive,
And I even see it broken ones eyes.

Maybe its just hope, luck, and imagination. It probably is.

Writing is like a drug and I really needed a fix.

I went into work expecting a five hour easy shift, but instead I got a ten hour day because the person who was taking over for me got sick. As for the other two people who can take over, one is a long ways away, and the other didn't even answer her phone. Fml

"One thing I want to say before you all leave
And begin your lives as adults,
And you probably already know this,
But you aren't special, nobody is.

"Maybe in your posse of friends you are,
But in any other aspect of life
There are millions of others just like you
And you can be easily replaced with a few signitures.

"Even if you climb to corporate ladder
Up to CEO or President of big dick industries,
You can and will be replaced
To keep the world rolling.

"As a teacher, if I'm murdered
A substitute will replace me
Until a new, permanent teacher takes my place
And will do what I'm here to do.

"Now, just because you aren't special
Doesn't mean you aren't valuable.
We pay for candy bars and pops
And expect the same thing we bought yesterday,
Humans aren't any different.

"There are people who will kill
To be sitting in those chairs you are in,
People who want to be the next Stephen King
And the next President of America.

"Now what do you think is more valuable,
A single Mountain Dew or a truck of them?
Life isn't about making a name for yourself,
Its about living for something bigger.

"Its why governments work,
Many people die to establish and maintain them,
And its why feminism is so popular,
And how religion still exists in the world.

"My point is, even as a strong individual,
You are weak if you do not stand for something.
Its fine if you want to play World of Warcraft all day,
But those who get up and do
Are the ones that get all of the goodies."

Brain pls, you know I have to be up in three hours for a seven hour shift.

I will welcome you in my dreams with roses and chocolate, just promise to wake me up before it's too late.

Afiqah Apr 27

she could still be coming home
to handfuls of
boxes and little packs of
those sweet, savory,
heavenly made chocolates
you’ve melted this sullen soul with
to cast the sorrows of her past
from trapping and fueling up
such ugly, wicked fires in her body
but however well,
it has sugar-coated her scars then
she was soon told
to stave off
those sweet preserves entirely
as it could be a little irascible
for one’s flaw to bear


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