Crystal Freda Jan 12

Homemade, creamy
Filling, melting, tempting
Always a girl's best friend go to.

Laura Dec 2017

a fraction of an instant
leaves a salty-sweet taste in my mouth
an aching feeling of nostalgia
comparable to hunger
emotions like these aren't enjoyable
a war is fought
an intense battle
between happy
and sad
somewhere a stalemate is found
and outcomes bittersweet
crashing through the brambles to ruin everyone's mood
a confusion of the senses
with no satisfaction
a stinging injustice
that the woe dealt
cannot be properly mourned
due to the element of lingering happiness
milk chocolate is found to be too sweet
and 100% cocoa
too dark
and so a compromise is made
everyone's favorite chocolate is bittersweet

Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017

I faced the bunnies of the apocalypse.

Their glare - ever so piercing,

In purity, ceasing discontinuity,
the emotions so effervescent
Borderline present
in despair, the infernal chase

In a hellbent daze I secluded myself
From the vertigo of suicide, I was in a dazzle
The warmth of despair enveloping me
In golden hue.

                   ­                          near

The effulgence of the universe darkened
my eyes.

The spinning epitome, ever so frightening
Enlightening, it drew

The ambient visions speak       -       the devil sleeps
I stood amongst the burnt umber
in my heart.

The putrid dirt stains, the chocolate emulsion
Gagging me in repulsion, in absurdity of thee
The abominations dominate all

of my intention.


ambient bunny chocolate dazzle effulgent frightening spinning suicide universe vertigo
Blois Dec 2017

What do I know about you, really?
For certain, only a few things.
Nothing about pictures or loves,
about the ghosts in your heart,
or something as simple as your cigarette brand.
I've noticed that I know just enough
so I can't never reach.

We can die laughing, that's true
and that is important for someone
who doesn't laugh enough, as I.

If I told you that I wouldn't mind to know
what make your eyes like two burnt holes in a blanket,
would you shred my ears to pieces?

If I confessed that I hang on your words
like a thrilled coward, that I have died many times,
would you fell silent?

I accept that I also keep people in the dark,
flying blind. They must think "here goes nothing",
while they yearn for the ground. Have I done that to you?

If I was to fling myself onto you, for that matter,
absurd as the notion sounds, would you flinch away
and ask me to give my head a shake?

I know we are getting into the realm of imposible things,
of things that can blow up in my face. Don't mind me,
let me quietly keep on barking to the moon.

Let's get this to a conclusion.
I will be sincere and confese that
I don't see where you're coming from.
I tell you now, your are sweeter than
that dark chocolate you like so much.

You're my chocolate, baby ", She said;
"I'm gonna eat every piece of you and throw away the wrapper", she never said.

DCgirl Nov 2017

A cup of coffee
And a non platonic friend
I can cuddle with.

Brrr November's never been this cold before! PLEASE pay attention to climate change, folks. The poem may be silly but global warming is not!
Steve Page Nov 2017

Here's a favourite poem of mine:

And here's s poem of mine that it influenced:

Steal and recreate.
MysticRiddleton Nov 2017

Sweet endeavor
That awakens
The lively spirit
Of the children's joy
Whose eagerness
Exhibits a wayward future
Of the grown-ups' flesh
Whose excitement
Delivers to temptations.

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