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Ronza Jairy Mar 2019
Not feeling feeling
Cut myself out from the box of pain
Coasting through
Fixating ***** it up
Just getting by
Taking a moment with the sky
Saying hi
It’s cool to be here
Visualizing what I desire
I want more
I want so much more
Than what we had together
Taking risks to risk it
All or nothing business
We only get this moment once
Embrace each one
Even pain has purpose
The beauty that comes from it explains its worthiness
sadness should transpire into art
Utilize it
As long as we are living
Truly living
I promise to pen these bubbling words
And paint pain
To the end
I inspire
I won’t expire
I transcend
I won’t descend
Aspire to transpire
Make pages
In His Story
Make a name
That won’t fade
Through the ages
And paint your images
With full colors
That time can’t erase
Mount your fears
And they will take you far
Like a feather
Blown by the wind
Fear is the weakness
It cripples your mind
And weakens your faith
Lady Bird May 2015
they linger tease and deride
tugging and pulling at my heart
the pieces may come apart
sometimes they don't transpire
yet they keep me ......
my creative thoughts......
    Hang on threads
        In my brain
          Nagging  just annoying me
             Knotting and tangling up
                In tight knots causing
                  Normal feelings that got me
                     Going insane.....
                               ......nope not me ....
                                        .... I'm Just....

— The End —