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Bekah Halle Dec 2023
Every moment is precious,
even the mundane and superfluous.
The torment, grief-stricken and disastrous,
all these moments, yes all, are the days of MY life.

New secrets discovered,
more moments cry out to be recovered.
Embracing all, nurturing, to be mothered,
anew, renewed, refreshed and restored.

Press in; delight.
Expand; day and night,
rejoice; praise despite,
living as new, but in the old.

Maturity births sweeter wine,
wisdom pearls are mine,
all these gifts are thine,
I drink this cup now and forever.
Bekah Halle Jan 1
The time taken was not what I dreamed
of, craggy paths, dead ends, or so it seemed.
But now, with back a turn, I see a glimmer,
of the bigger picture, that calls me nearer.
With eyes wide open, listening ears;
a heart full and my spirit clear,
peace and acceptance: my purified pearl.
Beau Scorgie Apr 2022
Hit after hit
head under water (inebriated)
unable to swim,
I choked,
unsure if by God's hands or my own.
But by God I swallowed it all
then begged for more.

I sank until my feet hit the bottom
stirring the sand around my legs
then upwards.
The ocean floor obscured,
my vision obstructed.
Desperately I swiped
in vain,
and swiped again,
but still the obstruction remained.
And God laughed
and I choked
either by God's hands or mine,
by miracle or design.
Am I Him
or Him me?

Seething with questions
sung and unheard,
then yelled and ignored,
I finally lay myself to rest.
A deep sigh escaping my breast,
I surrendered to rest.

Sleep overcame me
and I dreamt of pearls,
that one day this heaviness
would give birth to pearls.
But alas I awaken
and in my night terror
I had stirred the sand again.
I do not remember.
God let me remember.

I dream of pearls
and of pearls I dream.
Yet still am I to awaken
to this dream.
The sand begins to settle
but the hand stirs again,
never lain to rest,
the obstruction remains.

Sometimes I see glimmers,
gleams and glistens
of the pearls I've only
seen in my dreams.
And by God's hands they gleam
as they always did.
But my hands became rough
from the sand that stirs
and I fear to ever touch,
a pearl,
to ensure that I never
grind her back to sand.
For God shall laugh
and I shall choke.

"Stay sleeping, little one.
Dream of pearl,"
He said.
And deliver He did
oblivion and pearls.
Akriti Feb 2022
My perfect midnight summer ocean,
is how I'd describe you.
Sometimes stormy,
Sometimes windy,
Calm most of the times,
and never ending layers of love for me.
I can sink in deep, deep in these layers,
and yet won't touch the ground.
oh, look here! What I found?
I found my life in you,
With endless pearls to treasure around.
I S A A C Jan 2022
it is your birthday today, the first man to show me
there are layers to masculinity and femininity
and each layer you kissed
today I am led to reminisce
funnily enough, I still dream about you
you were the only healthy thing I ever liked
you were the only man who ever did me right
You washed me clean of my trauma and make me shine like pearls
I dreamt you met my momma and you kissed my curls
but you are happy now and I am too
maybe in the next life
I hope I can find someone like you
John McCafferty May 2021
Shadows rise to confront the sun,
stationary swirls continue to twirl.
The grey of which is hardly seen,
within those fragments of duality.

Pearls found from darker nights,
gleam direct in this moonlight.
Black and white are convexed,
whilst time itself is condensed.

Golden opportunities appease
those who can view with clarity.
So step aside and think freely,
to see the repeated disconnect.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Sa Weol May Apr 2021
In the dark,
In pain,
In sorrow,
I see you walking beside me,
Catching all my tears away,
Turning it into pearls,
Telling me my worth,
But having you is more worth than this.

In the rays of light,
In healing,
In happiness,
I can't see your sadness anymore,
As I look into your eyes,
I see brighter days with you,
Rainy weather may intrude,
But we will just dance in the midst of it.

Sa Weol May Apr 2021
I pray for a lucid dream tonight,
In a sky colored carpet floor,
Seasoned with bluish tulips
on the ground,
In a pure white long dress,
decorated with pearls,
with happy people beside,
Seeing tall pine trees,
With a calming cloudy weather,
Bits of sunshine
that balances the mood of the setting,
Singing behind the white cottony curtain,
Someone's listening
and waiting for me,
Curtain opens,
Ended the song,
Take down the microphone,
I see someone from a bit distance,
A sudden music played,
That made everyones happy tears fell
and touched,
I walk towards where the man is,
Blurred, but as I go forth to him,
Little by little,
He is getting clearer
From afar, I know
That it is you,
At the end
Of the altar.

Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Blistering words stab blades in my heart
Cut through with agility
Feverish whispers are deflected
Reflects inner tranquility
You glimmer within scope of my vision
Treasured pearls of peace
Flicker like a candle flame
No intention to cease
I will not believe shiny veil
Hollow vows of devotion
Hot embers in the pit of my soul
Blind the onset of emotion
I charge forward
War cry loud
With sword I defend my love
The perfection too good to be true
Angel from above
For I know you are the pinnacle of deceit
Moments I spend in confusion
Make it so hard to deny sweet confessions
I've grown too used to convincing delusions
Sometimes you dont realize how far in denial you are until it all comes crashing down
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