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Äŧül Nov 2019
Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To make out in seclusion
Coz no water is on the peak
Penetrated deeper inside
Stuck in captivus
Ov'r the hilltop
Into the horizon after
My HP Poem #1801
©Atul Kaushal
Jule Aug 2019
I wish i knew the words
to heal what you feel
Sometimes it's hard to understand
something so real
Like when Jack and Jill
went up the hill
to fetch their pale of water
They were only trying
to find ways to live a little longer
I wish i could see her
hold you in her arms once more
Come on momma
I don't want to see you cry anymore
Äŧül Sep 2018
How are you?
And how is Jill?
I gathered in KG,
That you fell down,
Broke your crown
And Jill came tumbling after.
You must have grown up by now.
My HP Poem #1718
©Atul Kaushal
Seema Nov 2017
Yes..., "Jill"
What is in that sack?
Nothing... "Jill"
Isn't it time to fetch water
Ya, but......
I want to know
It's trash to throw..., "Jill"
Then why you climbed up this hill
You could have thrown elsewhere
Yes... "Jill"
You are lying to me
I am not..., "Jill"
I felt I would miss this moment with you
So I forgot to throw this on my way
Sitting here with you......
Open the sack, "Jack" !
Why? You don't believe me?
I want to believe you, "Jack"
But my eyes wants to see
Why not, "Jack"?
Because it will smell...
Ofcourse, it will "Jack"!
Yes! The blood is dripping from the sack
What have you done, "Jack"?
(silent sighs)
What, "Jack"?
It's another ****, isn't it?....isn't it?
Yes, "Jill"...
He's the last of the gang, that killed you
Now you can rest in peace, "Jill"
I will just tumble this sack over
Then fetch some water, down the hill
I miss you, "Jill"
Do you miss me to?
Yes, "Jack", but you shouldn't have killed
Why not?, "Jill"
They took my life away
So I took their knives and slittered same way
As, they did to you...(cries)
I will join you shortly, "Jill"
I will join you shortly...

A dialogue poem.
Lady Bird May 2015
kicked the bucket down the hill
what should I do next?
I have no clue... maybe
I should find Jack for your Jill
or Jill can find Jack for me
....I'm feeling a bit lonely...
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
I went up to the hill
that Jack and Jill
once tumbled down
quickly becoming the talk of the town
a terrible reminder of youth
the scene from this hill
one fall down this grassy *****
and your life
becomes the tale of legends
of stories
of perverted wonderings
one tumble down this metaphorical hill
and you leave the land of butterflies and fairy wings
and hit your childhood crown
on the rock of adulthood
merlin this is a not as good as it sounded in my head.
Lamb Sep 2013
Jack and Jill Remix

Jack and Jill went up the hill
If they didn’t they’d be killed
They had to fulfill a task
On the floor they found two masks

Jack fetched a pail of water
Jill was a naughty daughter
Jill was bad and pushed Jack down
Till this day Jack was never found

With the mask on Jill’s face
The police could not close the case
In fear Jill had to hide
And if they found her, she would lie

She was not very wise
For she had forgotten her disguise
Frantic, she tripped and fell
Accidently into the well

Trapped so there she waited
Boiling all full of hatred
Their mother was full of worry
She stuffed herself with bean curry

The police found out who killed Jack
They had to find Jill at last
After along time they gave up
A man went to the well named, Pup

Jill jumped out, free at last
Hoping people forgot the past
But really she was wanted dead
She just needed to be fed

Mother found her, put her to bed
Next day Jill was off with her head
Mother stayed happily fat
Replacing daughter, got a cat
tyler Jun 2014
Silver foxes are better than young bucks

2. Love is the answer to everything

3. Jill Scott can evoke any emotion

4. Romantic comedies are horrible but sometimes they are necessary

5. Praying is a release whether you're religious or not

6. Art is more than paint on canvas

7. Hurting someone doesn't mean you don't love them
Dhaye Margaux May 2014
Like a moth
blinded by such froth
wished to touch the flame.
Wrapped with swath
Burnt wings dropped the cloth
Time to take the blame...
A response poem to "Jack and Jill" of Ae.
Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
With Bill And Ted
To buy two bottles
Of mineral water.

Jack and Jill
Came tumbling down
Fatally cracking their heads open
And the local council was done
For corporate manslaughter.

But Bill and Ted
Came down on their mountain bikes
With the mineral water
towed on a skateboard.

And having buried Jack and Jill
At an environmentally friendly funeral
They headed for the Amazon
On solar powered surfboards.

Thus they concurred
This was yet again
As vinegar
Bed and
Brown paper-free
As there ever could be
Excellent Adventure.
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