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Oct 2021 · 169
Love Letter
Lady Bird Oct 2021
his pen takes the wild side
giving me the butterflies
seducing me with every word
I smile feeling so complete
when my heart skips a beat
we’re making love on paper
each and every time we write
spilling our ink like passion
across the hot moisten sheets
thoughts seeping through the
secret places of my body from
the invisible ink of his tongue
strolling caressing up and down
exploring lines between my thighs
strong and powerful yet gentle words
lancing pages galloping ******* peak
spacing legs wide for his touch to seek
every word sailing veins feeding my mind
guiding my senses with such a soft touch
his lance pen of ink slides coursing my body
excelling deep down my chambers of pleasure
fueling an ending stream of our burning desires
savoring the unbridled passion melting us as one
Oct 2021 · 162
Tumultuous Moment
Lady Bird Oct 2021
flowing with sweet whispered melodies in my ears were his words
holding me tight as if I was in his arms listening to his heartbeat
touching me with such passion as if he was using his hands
searching for just the right place to control; arousing my valley’s bloom; burning with his desire arching my spine feeling his passionate fire; caressing me as I feel his galloping warmth across my skin; longing for his trotting steed riding and charging his oh-mighty lance; combined with lust building up that tumultuous special moment; pleasing me as I return to him the pleasure moaning his knightly name; only his written words can whisper so sweetly to his devoted maiden
Oct 2021 · 119
INK me !!!
Lady Bird Oct 2021
with your royal fingers write your poem inside me; use your lancing words to touch every inch of my soul; lick your lusting tongue of thoughts; across my bare body trembling with desire; gallop your royal steed; caressing every arched curve of my ******; press your moist lips against mine; strike those hard passionate worded shivers down your maiden’s spine; ****** your written desires deeply penetrating my core; as I yearn for more; stroll down the chambers of the empty well between my thighs and release your knighting ink; INK me !!!
Oct 2021 · 133
Emotions Soar
Lady Bird Oct 2021
caress and kiss me; my thrusting knight
joined together as one in pure ecstasy
our expressed desire just feels so right
moans of more; be-cuming a part of me
pull me close; holding me so very tight
exploding our passion through the night

knightly serpent do strike
*** in with your steed-rod
deeply dry and very thirsty
I’m your only maiden’s bush
oh how my inside quenches
that sweet and salty taste
your royal lance drenches

moaning for it to ***;
slow deep and in;
thrusting your tongue;
softly against my ****;
faster and faster;
your maiden wants it
hard and yet so kind
body on body
desire yours and mine
in a frenzied torrent
slam me from behind
with lust and passion

I want you to wet my lips tantalizing my tongue
elevate my heart rate and make my vines hum
burn like fire inside me as I swallow you down
I will drink you so deeply; intoxicating myself
with your presence imbibing my essence
make me dizzy punch-drunk on your passion

glistening bodies; exquisite torture;
indulged in a passionate war;
two hearts enslaved with desire;
our emotions they being to soar
striking each others heated fire
my heart pounds as you part my thighs;
then I feel your moistened tongue inside
awaiting to enter my valley’s wetness
your royal manhood it begins to rise
my legs open wide to straddle my knight
easing your hard lance into my glory hole
your maiden rides your steed with delight
Oct 2021 · 130
Fantasies Edge
Lady Bird Oct 2021
keep me on the edge; make my imagination go wild; torture me with pleasure; pull me against your muscular royal chest and pour every single word on my trembling **** body; looking into each other eyes as we get more deep into the endless passage of time; consume my sumptuous lips; kissing; with each taste giving my heart a sensational riot; as you’re cradling me in your royal arms; use your lancing tongue and stain your marks all over my soft skin…control my mind with your fingertips sending electricity galloping down my spine; make me the reflection of your soul and at the end of the day when our strength has faded; I’ll surrender to the aura of your presence; purring and begging you for much more…..keep along the edge of my fantasies penetrating my mind; through the depths of my desires keep galloping your fingertips in all the places your hands can’t reach; hollow me out thrusting your royal lance of passionate words; leave your maiden gasping; screaming for more; I surrender my body; soak my inside canvas; *** paint in me; creating our art….pressed together savoring the honey of our **** bodies; with no lusting limits to every moment of our passion together as one….sexually aroused by the sensation of our soft lips; kissing from each position and licking in every direction; knight and maiden united; intertwined grinding on each other; searching from front to back; through every glory hole of intimacy…the most intense ****** erupts in ****** pleasure; offering us the sweet taste of cuming together; finding our hidden
Dec 2019 · 268
The Light Of Life
Lady Bird Dec 2019
personality can be a life taker
full of weight; a heart stalker
a manipulator; a mirror breaker
hold on to the pieces
smooth and sharp
love from others around you
can glue the shards back
yet cracks my still show
no one is perfect for the
light of life still will glow
stay positive; have faith
don’t let go...
Sep 2018 · 331
You Are...
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a powerful
radiant soul
a promising positive
treasured heartbeat
a thrilling pleasure
indulging in beauty
you are…Be(you)tiful
I Was Given This Prompt: Be(you)tiful
Sep 2018 · 708
Meeting Over
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a sip of coffee
a puffed out cigarette
a nonchalant nod
with a goodbye
Write In 14 Words Only Using This Quote Prompt --
" There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person" ~~Fred Rogers
Sep 2018 · 284
Lady Bird Sep 2018
slowly cracking not
yet lost its control
the heat it keeps rising
with no hesitance of just
warming yet its flames
of distrust craves the burn
of the wild fire’s temper
I Was Giving The Prompt "FIRE" In  32 Words Exactly
Sep 2018 · 179
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a puzzled face so flushed and bent
thinking over it hard and so effected
with a broken heart saying goodbye
to the broken soul that gave up
yet no one really knows why
Sep 2018 · 682
Guess Its Name
Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
Sep 2018 · 558
A Through Z
Lady Bird Sep 2018
each fallen letter
scattered the tabletop
sliding their shadows behind
from the darkness into light
A through Z
the alphabet yearns for
their wording placement
Inspiring picture here---
Sep 2018 · 199
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a gentle touch
so vivid
held in so deep
this moment of passion
a promising sweet taste
of true love
Sep 2018 · 194
Lady Bird Sep 2018
crumpled paper
shoved in the corner
of the desk drawer
holding in thoughts
not meant to be seen
fingers unfold and unravel
the darkness of hidden wonder
while scanning eyes slowly
read between the lines its
true meaning was discovered,
understood and delivered
yet this paper tossed a side
still its words will remain the same

....C R U M P L E D....
Sep 2018 · 281
Time And Earth
Lady Bird Sep 2018
time is a funny thing yet even
the Earth doesn't like it sometimes
when the blue sky has lost hope
rain drops tears that fall from
gray clouds that hover and mope
the wind blows a misty whimper
a gusty and a breezy attitude
thunder then throws a temper
crashing with a loud tantrum
lightning strikes random rods
packed and full of emotions
and all together nature's tune
storms Earth up a bad mood
yet it amazes me how Earth
spins and hits nothing
Sep 2018 · 726
Gleamed Beauty
Lady Bird Sep 2018
springing through the tall trees
the misty drops danced as moisture
blossomed a rhythm with the breeze
surrounded dewed flowers softly swayed
gently overlapping the green grassy hill
moonlight walked across the peaceful air
floating with such an extraordinary thrill
like pearls around the neck of life raindrops fell
and nature's beauty gleamed everywhere
Inspiring Word Bank Challenge; Using These Words:
Moonlight, Flowers, Raindrops, Blossom, Extraordinary
Sep 2018 · 210
Reality and Imaginative
Lady Bird Sep 2018
dreams of the future and the past
all shines under the sky of the mind
a touch of transparent curiosity
lingers a glimpse of light and with
every step imagination hovers right behind
intertwining the prisms of hopes and dreams
shining rain-bowed paths though skies of infinity

if one were but mind alone, a spirit of thought
then would things imagined be real?
can the mind stand upon a rainbow bridge
and cross over to lands beyond? or should
one fall back to the gravitation of reality?
all depending on weather an open mind can or is willing
to weigh the gravity of a rainbow full of light and color
or the *** of gold underneath; the scale between the two
"Reality" and "imaginative"

can one man alone move a mountain?
he can sit and dream of a world without one
or rise, and make his dream a reality
if he's foolish he could take up a shovel
and continue dreaming; if he's wise, he could
rally an army and conquer the mountain
if he's powerful, with a click of his fingers;
"****" the mountain is gone;
but it all was first a dream
a "*** of gold at the end of a rainbow"

there is a piece of rainbow
for everyone upon a magic cloud
a dream world elusive as a butterfly
a place where only they know
a world only their minds can go
an open mind dreaming the dream
reaching for the stars making it happen
following, believing in the beauty of the
Sep 2018 · 286
A Sea Of Tears
Lady Bird Sep 2018
eyes so scared
they weep the
tears that run
falling so hard
cutting so deep
drowning within
every drop of this
a see of tears
sorrow's empty
hole full of tears
  leaking the pain
sadness swallows
the heart with the
constant crying that
causes inflicted scars
decorating a reddish face
with melancholy eyes
it is impossible to hide
the portrayal of fragile
hopes and stained dreams
like the rain tears fall
and they just wont stop
every moment is dimmed
with pain clawing the depths
of a heart struggling to keep
the pieces from breaking
the head hangs so low as
despair and hatred fills the
pit of the shattered soul
a cry for help is a cry for solitude
Inspiring Image From --
Sep 2018 · 256
A Close Look
Lady Bird Sep 2018
everything seem in the distance
but with a closer look within
the deep shadowed darkness
coated with fear flowing and
penetrating in ash and smoke
with the choking pressure
trapping souls in chains
of barbwire with no chance
of escaping the crumbling walls
of sorrow that hovers in the fog
reflecting on yesterdays’ rain
forming behind the red flames
are blazing rays of panic fading
every where the hopes of surviving
yet the confused minds attempt to
conquer the emptiness left behind
in ashy shadows covered in silent
screams and invisible tears deep
down inside the empty space
of the reflected silence that remain
mirroring the unsolved yet darkened
dreams the hearts crying every beat
I saw this inspiring image on google.. ---
Sep 2018 · 173
Answers Unknown
Lady Bird Sep 2018
the mist that vail fog before the eyes
lost pondering drench in thoughts
paddling so madly, it begins to rise
a journey exploring darkness
walking a desired destination
traveling the many winding roads
intertwining purpose and reason
with answers unknown
Aug 2018 · 169
Lady Bird Aug 2018
day has broken into night
up within the painted air
now a sickle-moon hangs
pieces of light like confetti
the stars starts the music
as night begins to dance
Aug 2018 · 268
Written Therapy Session
Lady Bird Aug 2018
paddling madly
like a lost sailor
dark thoughts rises
hovering my mind
yet I fill blank pages
pondering so drenched
foggy words they crash
waves of true emotions
in my determined mind
yet across this journey
miles away exploring the
gloomy woods in my brain
the white paper it shines
forming inspiring shadows
a written desired path with
a destination thats unknown
through winding roads entwined
confusion of purpose and reason
I keep traveling the mapped blue
lines leading the writer inside me
the words I write takes the wheel
durning my written therapy session
Aug 2018 · 178
Bridge Of Promises
Lady Bird Aug 2018
waiting along the bridge
listening to the whispers
and illusions of the heart
beyond waves of promises
walked with high hopes
unfulfilled yet never kept
Aug 2018 · 302
The Unknown Land
Lady Bird Aug 2018
the brightest of nights
are lost in the shadows
cloud’s are sighing arched
over the unknown land
waving knowing that star
will fade and the sun will set
the eyes are remembering
the act of its beauty; yet the
heart will never forget

holding on to the sky;
staring a little longer
just can’t help but drown
in the hues of silence
nothing describes it better
than the unreality of the moon
holding the world together
Inspiring Image --
Aug 2018 · 210
Altered Trust
Lady Bird Aug 2018
a sense heavy wind
blowing the memories
with poisonous spirits
wandering aimlessly
altering foggy trust
visions of a shattered
mirror with broken pieces
to remember or forget
Aug 2018 · 240
Lady Bird Aug 2018
stimulating melting colors of the soul
drowning in beautiful insatiable drops of
the emotions awaking the many powerful
senses of lust, ecstasy, passion and
the desire for true love
Aug 2018 · 159
Made For Two
Lady Bird Aug 2018
on the very edge
lightly at times tip
upon my thoughts
a small drink of ink
slowly fallen dew
dance with a flip
of written words
they make me think
tear drops of beauty
weeping stars sing
songs made for two
Aug 2018 · 272
Walls Of His Heart
Lady Bird Aug 2018
he kissed her yet still
felt the pain of acrimony
when saying his goodbye
he just can’t let go
however he wondered
was it possible to avoid
the shattering pieces of
the effervescent confusion
filling the walls of his heart
Jan 2018 · 299
...If You Knew It...
Lady Bird Jan 2018
if you knew it you
wouldn’t want to wait
if your not too busy
don’t take it for granted
today might be all you get
it isn't promised tomorrow
you’ll surely regret the day
if it never comes
just in case you’re wrong
take the extra time to
spare a minutes or two
don’t let it slip away
stop and say these three
special and wondrous
words of "I Love You"
Jan 2018 · 247
Lady Bird Jan 2018
stripped love
rinsed in pain

a silenced heart

absorbing hurt
just falling apart

still breathing with
agony poring rain

every beat un-zips

feelings deep inside

yet in the chest
is where they hide
Jan 2018 · 354
Ticket Of Life
Lady Bird Jan 2018
strands of gray in my hair
always a smile on my face
with such a heart of gold
stress it is everywhere
yet I still feel old
I'll say this to us all
age is just a number
a ticket of life to hold
Jan 2018 · 342
Wish Upon The Moon
Lady Bird Jan 2018
wishing upon the moon
hiding in the shadows
darkness silently moves
across the nightly sky
the pale moon undressed
right before my eyes
so much beauty in bold
the truth shall now rise
I call on dawn's true gold
with a single wish of desire
Jan 2018 · 336
Unfulfilled Promises
Lady Bird Jan 2018
ankles bound in silk
once walked with fierce
now in an endless chase
grasping midnights anguish
along the edge of darkness
the deep illusions escapes
waiting to unravel the soul
the ears perk up listening
to the spoken whispers
held down and under
steel bars around the heart
broken in conjunction of
never fulfilled promises
Jan 2018 · 343
Clock Strikes
Lady Bird Jan 2018
tick--tock-- strikes the clock
in circles two hands flow
counting seconds to minutes
then minutes to hours yet
moving just so very slow
with every minute that tick-on by
the more "tocks" we think we have
the less time we actually do
no matter how hard we try
there is just no way we can
slow or speed it up the clock
it still will tick and tock
quickly tocking and slowly ticking
both fast and slow never stopping
time seems to continue
and yet forever flows
we lose a little and gain alot
on and on times goes
INSPIRED By Xaviera Allan's poem -- keep time --
Jan 2018 · 230
Empty Pages....
Lady Bird Jan 2018
yet there to unleash our unspoken thoughts
catching them before they vanish and disappear
yet will always listen absorbing words from our soul
that may want to escape our frightened, shy or silenced lips
yet unclogs and un-twist confusion from our mind
with help from the "Ink Pen" one of its many handy side-kicks
yet has the power to preserve almost forgotten memories,
stories from our past and knowledge we pass down through the ink
yet waiting for our writing hand to choose a weapon of choice
the ink wants its turn to touch the white paper; our battle field is ready !
blank wide range of free space; the pen taps breaking silence
there isn't much we can do now but pour our words into the pages...

....Empty Pages No More ....
Jan 2018 · 204
Friendship Caressed
Lady Bird Jan 2018
a gust of beauty passes
over each swaying branch
of its strong rooted trunk
listening as the whistling
wind caresses the many years
of their true friendship together
Jan 2018 · 175
Lady Bird Jan 2018
Do You See What I See?

hidden within the shadows camouflaged
behind lines of jungle vines slithering
slowly and silently waiting trying not to be
seen with eyes piercing determination
a black serpent ready to pounce on its prey
I Was Inspired By This Image From --->
Jan 2018 · 179
Shattered Blame
Lady Bird Jan 2018
sadness clawing behind
stained glass windows
emotionally packed faults
with the possibility of rain
an endlessly heart beat
not yet to cry  but still
feels the leaking pain
swallowing the soul’s core
laced with betrayal marks
dug so deep within the
inhaled shattered blame
barley serving sorrow's blade
leaving empty holes full of
nothing but trapped tears
Jan 2018 · 175
Lady Bird Jan 2018
a glimpse of light
with every step
a lonely silhouette
hovers right behind

a gust of gloom
transparent emotions
absorbing sorrow
a tender whistle lingers

an unsolved pathway
confusing the head
an overloaded heart
just cries instead

all alone and empty
darkening a lost soul
with unknown hope
and bitter dreams
Dec 2017 · 263
Away They Flew
Lady Bird Dec 2017
snap snap snapping away
three birds upon the wire
in my backyard the other day
so high up in the sky on
the tall electrical tower
tried to capture just what I see
camera pointed up with no flash
in the grass on my blanket was me
each flap after flap they all flew
hoping each bird did not clash
three directions to fly they knew
my computer had a virus so I sent this as a text to myself (11-15-17)
I was in my yard with my camera on a blanket snapping pictures
I have to check my SD card to actually see if I got a good picture of those birds
Dec 2017 · 252
Hologram Of Doubt
Lady Bird Dec 2017
slick and cold hearted
making tears fall like
hail in an ice storm
stealing sweetness from sugar
without touching a grain
a diamond once a beautiful soul
broken shadowed in false hopes
a hologram in a world of doubt
a heart without any answers
depraved forever
Jun 2017 · 315
Time's Yearly Tune
Lady Bird Jun 2017
the music of night and day
here, there, everywhere
lightness and darkness
within time's yearly tune
a slow yet beautiful sway
the sun verses the moon
around the Earth they run
not a race yet in rotation
one fading behind the other
as the ticking hours toc away
around the calender's notation
of yesterday, today and tomorrow
molded together by mother nature
Apr 2017 · 1.7k
Snuggle Your Pillow
Lady Bird Apr 2017
Every night you squeeze your pillow that comfort your sad thoughts
Every night your pillow hears your prayers
Inbetween Your flashbacks of the past
While whispering under the sheets
secrets told your pillow will keep
Every night you snuggle your pillow for security
Your pilliow is there to help ease the pain
A cushion to soften the strain
And collect your fallen tears
You will get through it
I know you will
sleep on it and think things through
Your pilliow can help you..
Mar 2017 · 749
Curved Creatively
Lady Bird Mar 2017
I write because the paper listens
to the tears and laughter of my soul
like blood pumping though my vanes
seeping ink drips down the damp pages
as I write across every straight line
the messy confused bottled up thoughts
turn into questions running through my head
high above my neck it sits holding it all in
just think of what my brain is going through
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

my pen takes hold of the paper
as I hold the flow of my thoughts
floating through the lines on each page
riding the waves of concept
that takes flight
thoughts are like birds
so many in groups
bunched together
one by one loose
feathers drop
here and there
falling out of line
yet finds its place
ether speaking in flight
or written in words
the paper listens
that's why I write

my words can hit instantly as you can see
I have to jot them down as they spark..
or they just might fly away from me
I write because the paper listens
for inspiration it can vanish so quickly
sometimes my thoughts may flow fast
if I stop in the middle I lose the imagery
causing my pen to trip over words
leaving behind a big mess of typos
then the bad grammar is exposed
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

just to let you know
my words can hit instantly
that's just how I be
most of my writings
are free style poetry
my mind possess the tempo
as each poem I write grows
I the poet hum silently as
my ink of harmony flows
from my quenching desire
my mind and fingers they
think much faster than me
unleashing unspoken thoughts
silent for too long I can not be
the paper listens and gets drenched
with thoughts of my hot to the touch
written emotions curved creatively
Mar 2017 · 856
Learn From It
Lady Bird Mar 2017
ignore yesterday's rain
let it stay behind
for today is anew
tomorrow isn't promised
so live in the moment
enjoy making it last
there 's nothing to do
about the past
but learn from it
Mar 2017 · 320
Lady Bird Mar 2017
non stop thinking
thoughts to decode
answers deep inside
and memories untold
endless mind wondering
Existence endless wondering thoughts decode untold inside answers
Mar 2017 · 959
Trapped Heart
Lady Bird Mar 2017
once treasured
like a gem
a strong, beating
yet fragile heart
struggling alone
caged now trapped
in hopes and fears
garding the only key
to its loving soul
Feb 2017 · 636
Held To My Ear
Lady Bird Feb 2017
sunshine lingers land
over receding tides
seashells on the sand
carring the ocean within
with a warm gentle touch
there silent whispers unfold
held to my ear I listen
as a beautiful story is told
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