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Lieke Jan 26
I will put in a box
How our eyes locked when we first met
When we finally kissed in the light of the dark party
And when I found out- this was getting heart-to-hearty

I will put in a box
The way you'd gaze at me biting your lower lip
Tension when you pulled me closer
With both your hands on my hip

I will put in a box
Every time we hugged goodbye
How you adapted to my liking
The breath-taking look in your eye

I will put in a box
Our late night walk
How you'd pleasure me anywhere
The way our lips would perfectly lock

I will put in a box
The texts that made me smile
Your shield of protection
Even if that means I won't be happy for a while

I will put in a box
Every **** remainder of you
I will put in a box
All the tears, all the blue

Every cry, ever scream
The pain of not belonging
Hoping that one day
I'll wake up, and no longer be longing.
21 January, 2019

                         B   R   A   I   N

             ­                                shake
                                                      this    ­        
                                                        ­   feeling
                                                       ­    That  
                                                      ­       the      
                                                     Infected sickness
                                                Covered with dull pain
                                         A rabid                          werewolf
                         ­             I’m trying                             to tame
                                     Almost off                              the leash
                                    I tug at                                    the reigns
                                    Hold              on  ­       with       sheer will
                                    Have          nothing   ­    to                 gain
                           ­        My                       efforts;                  A joke
                                   Fighting               a freight                   train
                                    Through              gr­it teeth             I smile
                                      Demeanor             ­                       I feign
                                          Failure          ­    coming            soon
                                      ­       My life,         one more        stain

                                             ­                    Lost
                                                          ­         sight
                                                                ­      of
                                                                ­      it
                                                                ­        all
                                                   ­               To
                                                            ­ it
       ­                                            Spinning in
                                       the drain
           ­                             Forever
                           ­  Of

            No                   longer                    I’m                   sane………

Written: May 1, 2018 (finished June 27, 2018)

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Pentameter format]
Alien On Earth Nov 2017
honestly sometimes i get this weird feeling in my soul that lets me know I shouldn’t b on social networks…it is the weirdest feeling and i can’t even explain it… i mean i even get the same feeling when im looking thru my i don’t belong there. i think my soul is just trying to say. leave the technology alone…your soul doesn’t want that
3 years ago
Gaurav Luthra Jul 2015
“Keep that mask on, it will make you look stronger.” They said,
Constricting my empty veins,
Shielding my vulnerability,
Hiding my humanity,
Making my bones stronger but my soul much weaker.

All ‘real men’ must take on this mask,
Exposing fraction of yourself is your task,
‘Real men’ are…
Physical, Strong, Independent, Powerful,
Scary, Hard, Stud, Muscular and
List goes on.

I am scared and I need help,
Scared to rip this mask,
It is such a hard task when,
Wuss, Wimp,
*** and *****,
Are what defines the ‘True men’.

Sitting in this narrow box,
Suffocating from these shallow thoughts,
Attempting to jump out,
Thrown back by societies mouth.
Lady Bird Apr 2015
boxes full of the reasons
why I can’t begin
holding the memories
that should have been
an empty closet of
my lost thoughts
forever unwritten
I guess this could be  WRITERS BLOCK !!!

— The End —