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2.9k · Feb 2019
nights feel like years
when your heart lies awake
trying to grasp the last moment
when it felt at peace with you
i wish you were here to hold me
2.4k · Feb 2019
for so long, i have been watering my own petals
aiding in my own growth
soaking my roots with positivity and love
growing to my fullest potential

and then you came along
and i thought you would continue to help me grow
but you put me into a drought
leaving me thirsty and gasping for air

now because of you
my petals are wilting away
from your harsh abandonment and apathy
and my soul will now rot
because of this terrible lonely drought
hindering my growth
and leaving me utterly and completely helpless and alone
how can i grow when you are pulling me back
2.1k · Feb 2019
her connection to music
she acts as if music is her entire world
her only survival mechanism
her only escape from the hateful world around her

and when she plays her music, she plays with the force of her entire heart
truthfully and genuinely

so much care is put into every note
so much precision and thought and meticulous attention to detail

she embodies the attributes of her music
she is beautiful, powerful, fierce, loving, passionate

when she plays her music, she blocks everything around her
focusing solely on forming a dramatic symphony of wonder and delight
not giving attention to her anxious wandering mind

she closes her eyes to take everything around her in
the beautiful feeling of her fingers sliding along the keys
the wood smell of her reed atop her instrument
the exquisite attachment she feels towards her silver plated beauty
the passion she feels in the deepest part of her heart when she lets her emotions flow through her horn

she plays her music seemingly effortlessly
although so much effort is put into her meticulous practice

she believes her purpose is to form chords and tones of delight,
because its all she has ever loved doing
music is her one true and deep passion
her one true love

she wears her emotions on her sleeve and everyone thinks they understand her
but she is far too complex to see straight through
nobody knows the pain she has been through
nobody knows the despair that has passed her
nobody knows the hell she has suffered

she finds that it is not very hard for others to tear her apart,
but music mends the holes inflicted on her soul
when she feels like she is drowning, music saves her
when she feels like she is falling, music picks her up

she uses her emotions to strengthen her music
to show her deepest hidden wounds and to free herself from the sorrow that has been inflicted upon her

her entire story is too complex to fully comprehend,
but music allows her to let her feelings out in a comprehensive way

music heals her heart and soul
it saves her from any pain that may arise
music is her everything
her life, her passion, her utmost talent, her world
her personal purpose at this time
her coping mechanism to fight the cruel world surrounding her
1.6k · Feb 2019
serotonin overdose
when i was with you
i was on a serotonin overdose
my brain released chemicals derived from you
1.3k · Feb 2019
our bodies match in an absolutely flawless manner
they sing together with a fiery passion
theyre symphonies writing themselves
theyre perfect harmonies within
like a cadence of sweet victory
our bodies together sing in the perfect key
1.2k · Feb 2019
two roses (wip)
two roses-
growing in the same bush-
surviving off the same soil-
growing into something beautiful-
becoming something greater-
growing as one

the sun-
shining bright upon them-
encouraging their growth-
lighting up their future-
calming their senses-
kindling the passionate affair-
moving them closer together-
more intimate and dear

the sun neglects its obligation to one of the roses-
refusing a light source for the bloom-
leaving it wilted and begging for nutrients-
brown and fragile-
dying as the sun proceeds to rise over the other rose

the second rose continues growing along with the sun-
in spite of the downfall of the latter-
almost mocking the lesser decaying bloom-
because it has a source of light encouraging its growth-
safe and sound-
not giving any pity to the rotting flower beside it-
soaking up its own source of light-
and not sharing any rays with the decaying blossom-
rendering it useless and unwanted

the selfishness of the one rose-
refusing to share its sunshine with the latter-
results in solely one rose-
instead of two roses
stop taking my light, i want to grow, too
1.2k · Feb 2019
last night i stayed up
until the stars lost their warmth
until the constellations rearanged
until the moon departed back into the galaxy
just thinking about you
the night sky is clearing but im still awake
1.0k · Feb 2019
because of you
your fire still burns in my heart
my lungs are gasping for your air
i mourn the loss of you
vulnerably and emotionally
i scream in agony as i think of us
my heart belts hymns of you
you were always so concerned about hurting me
because you knew that one day you would rip my heart apart
and leave me too broken to be fixed by anyone else
will i ever get over you
1.0k · Feb 2019
red light green light (wip)
driving in my car
nearing the next intersection
green light
its okay to go
i see you
perpendicular to me
a red light illuminating your face
you appear to be stopping
an illusion of safety
because you are not stopping
neither of us are stopping
we are hurling towards each other
becoming closer and closer together
nearly inches from each other
my life is flashing before my eyes
i look into your big brown eyes
bracing for inevitable impact
and we crash
debris flying everywhere
fire kindling over our engines
metal scraping upon metal
our cars dragging across the cold hard cement
sirens blaring in the distance
i feel blood running down my body
im gasping for breath
unable to move a single limb
but i scan my eyes over the scene
searching for you
i need to make sure you are okay
i see you step out of your vehicle
not a scratch upon your body
i call out for you but no words come out of my mouth
only murmurs
i try to reach out for you
demanding your attention
but i cannot seem to muster the strength
and then your eyes meet mine
and my heart refills with your passion
i remember all the love you have given me before
all the moments we have shared together
you look at me with a cold stare
like you dont even recognize me
then you turn around
begin to walk away from me
and flee the scene of your crime
you left me in ruins
destruction to smithereens
and then walked away like i meant nothing
you were never concerned with me
you were just a reckless driver
and i guess i was just at the right place at the right time
our love ended like a car crash
1.0k · Feb 2019
my drug
your love is my drug
i need more although you are bad for me
i need your body on mine to ease the pain
i need your lips pressed against mine to fuel my addiction
i need you to drift me to sleep at night
your love is my drug
and i am helplessly addicted
i overdosed on you
995 · Feb 2019
adventure in love
your body is my compass,
and its leading me down a fragmented path,
but i dont care because its everything ive ever required.
i follow your map to places ive never seen before
and its horrifying
all this reliance i waste on you,
because you dont care where you are taking me,
and you never really cared.
you continue to lead me to nowhere
977 · Feb 2019
he embraced the crevices and ridges of her body
like an adventurer exploring new terrains
he would not be staying for long.
909 · Feb 2019
putting him together
his heart is a puzzle
too complex to solve
but all she has ever wanted was to own his heart

so she gathered the pieces
accounted for them one by one
and began to assemble the puzzle
although in her own heart, she knew it would never be completed
you are so complicated
902 · Mar 2019
maybe im the puzzle
but youre still the pieces
899 · Feb 2019
kissing you
kissing you made all my problems go away
it made the world stop altogether
and in that moment it was just you and me
forming a symphony of pleasure and delight
with synchronized heartbeats and lips
our eyes closed, breathing hard
i let your fingers venture to places unknown
a place i have never let someone into before
our heated bodies on top of one another
swaying to the beat of one another
seemingly perfect lovers
and in that moment i was yours
all of our desires fulfilling
and our destinies linking in perfect harmony
but it cant be
it can never be
i wish you were here with me right now
874 · Feb 2019
contact high
when we touch i get a contact high
the strength of an overdose
when you touch me, my entire body tingles
822 · Feb 2019
mass destruction
i am a bulldozer,
and everyone is in my path of destruction,
and i cannot stop because there are no brakes,
and i cannot breathe because i am so weak,
and i cannot end the destruction,
it continues until i have ruined everything,
complete and utter demolition to smithereens.
sometimes i feel powerless
750 · Feb 2019
sealing my emotions
a pen
in my hand
touched the paper
and spilled out my emotions haphazardly

then i put the paper
in a glass bottle
sealed it with a cork
and pitched it into the deep ocean
sealing up my emotions and throwing them far away
739 · Feb 2019
i trusted you to guard my emotions
but somehow you captured my heart and managed to let darkness into my chambers
your attack managed to make my heart vulnerable
susceptible to breakage
and just when I thought your invasion was over
you decided to crush my heart to absolute fragments
an unforgivable plot
yet you were forgiven
and although it took me forever to rebuild after you
i would take you back in a second
and suffer all over again
i dont understand why I keep coming back to you
712 · Mar 2019
his fingers traced every angle of her body
like a mathmatician conjecturing a new formula
slowly yet profoundly
671 · Feb 2019
night sky
the only thing that puts me to rest
is knowing that we are looking up at the same constellations
and sitting underneath the same moon
you, me, the moon, and the stars
670 · Mar 2019
he looks into her eyes like an astronomer completely mesmorized by the constellations above
and mapping and plotting every crevice of her body
660 · Feb 2019
its hard to realize
that you are not a fool
for being fooled by a fool
just realizing that it wasnt my fault
654 · Mar 2019
each morning when she brushes her makeup on her face
she feels like picasso painting a masterpiece
she is a beautiful piece of artwork
624 · Apr 2019
sea of sorrow
in this sea of sorrow
i refuse to drown
615 · Feb 2019
a hymn to you
and before its even started again
its over
i cared about you
you didnt find me significant
i loved you
you didnt even care about me
i needed you
you didnt want me
i appreciated you
you used me
i cant get over you
you are already gone
my world depends on you
your world continues to turn
i want closure
youve already moved on
the second time ive been fooled by you
577 · Feb 2019
heartbreak warfare
my heart is a warzone,
and you invaded just so you could attack.
you were never careful about how you treated me,
you just wanted to cause as much destruction as you could and then retreat.
but i will soldier on,
pretending everything is okay,
although the scorched earth around me is crumbling and burning.
but everything is okay,
its okay.
its hard to pretend everything is okay
553 · Mar 2019
through your fingers
i kept pouring myself
into your palms
but you let me leak through your fingers
and drip onto the cold hard ground
i gave you everything i had
534 · Feb 2019
still wanna be yours
i shouldnt lose sleep
over someone who isnt afraid to lose me
but i cant stop thinking about you
505 · Apr 2019
the oceans black
they say the oceans blue but its black right now
in the dark, on the sand, looking out at the clouds

depression and drowning screaming out their full parts
lightning reveals where the ocean stops and the sky starts

and a random strike of light reminds me of what is true
but right now the oceans black and the sky is too
478 · Feb 2019
love and hate
you had a way of making me love you and hate you
all at the same time
i hate the way you made me love you
but i love the way you made me fall in love
maybe there isnt much of a difference between love and hate
461 · Feb 2019
yours forever
if you would only look at my heart
you would see that your initials are carved deep inside
and im etching away at my heart trying to remove the marks you have left on me
but it seems to be too late
they wont etch away
and my heart will be forever branded with your name
i need to move on
but its too hard
460 · Feb 2019
fire and gasoline
we went together like fire and dynamite
something was bound to explode
you and me together was like lighting a match and igniting explosives, nothing went well when i was with you
he wrote poems inside of me
he carefully inscribed each letter
allowed my moans to fill the blank pages
and ended the story with one last rhythmic line
leaving me begging for more
386 · Feb 2019
i loved you first
when you are kissing her
i want you to remember that you kissed me first
when you are touching her
i want you to remember that you touched me first
when you are loving her
i want you to remember that you loved me first
376 · Feb 2019
a one way street
love is a one way street
and i always go the wrong way
and love the ones i shouldnt
going down these one way streets causes me to crash
369 · Feb 2019
i had all
and then most of you
and then none of you
367 · Feb 2019
your hands on my body
breathing hard
bare skin exposed
flesh on flesh
i let you into me
into my intimate places

my sweater still smells like you
i will never wash it again
my mouth still tastes like you
i will savor your taste while it lasts
i can still sense your hands on my body
i will remember the sensations i felt
i can still feel the rhythm of our lips moving together
i will never forget what kissing you is like

the remnants of your body are still on me
and i am trying to remember every detail of you so i never forget
because I may never have your body on mine again
i will never kiss you again, i will never touch you again, i will never have intimacy with you again
364 · Mar 2019
protect your body
love your body
understand your body
care for your body
because there is no home quite like the one you embody
357 · Mar 2019
oh the serenety of the snow
blanketing the earth
sparkling irradescently
a glowy facade of icy bliss
i could watch it fall for hours
flake by flake
appreciating the uniqueness of each one
until they dissapear into the ground
combining together to form a pile of glistening beauty
354 · Feb 2019
thinking of you
if i wrote you a poem
for every time ive thought about you
i would be writing for an eternity
never lifting my pen
i would write you a novel
341 · Feb 2019
still on my mind
its been so long
since i got to hold you
but i still cant seem to get you off my mind
its taking me so long just to say so long
my first kiss
my first love
want to remember.
the heartbreak
the abandonment
want to forget.
i want to remember the passion but want to forget the heartbreak
338 · Mar 2019
rewind, fast forward
is there ever a point in life that we are
not wanting to go back
and not wanting to go forward?
we forget to cherish the present
335 · Sep 2019
the very last time
if i had known it was going to be the very last time i was embracing you
i might have taken notice of the little things
like the way our lips locked together and moved in such a beautiful rhythmic motion
and the way our bodies fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
and the way your voice sang perfect harmonies along with mine
if i had known it was going to be the very last time i was embracing you
i might have taken notice of the little things
its only been a single day since our breakup, i miss every little thing about you like hell
329 · Nov 2019
people ive never met
my heart aches for people ive never met
my heart recognizes what it wants although its never witnessed it before

not everything i crave is from memory
to my future soul mate, the future love of my life, i will never give up my search for you
312 · Jun 2019
i like his chaos
the way he blew into my life
like a storm
tearing the walls from my soul
and freeing me into the world
your love freed me
306 · Feb 2019
the last time
if i had known it was going to be the last time i saw you
i wouldve taken in every detail of you
the scent of your cologne
the softness of your hair
the feeling of your hands on my body
the sense of comfort i felt when your arm was around me
the sound of your voice
the rhythm of our lips locking together
the emotional connection between us
the safety i felt when you touched me
the feeling that we were the only two people in the world
if i had known it was going to be the last time i ever saw you
i wouldve remembered every little thing
i am starting to forget what you were like
305 · Dec 2019
perfect storm
but nothing good came out
of our perfect storm
303 · Feb 2019
to kiss your lips again
to have your body against mine again
to feel heat radiating between us again
would be like rejoining heaven on earth
i miss you
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