Small Turtle Nov 30

Grey clouds are all over the horizon
Snowflakes fall slowly on everyone's coats
Hands start to be coldly numb
Wherever you look, you see freezing, red noses
Silent nights come faster
Surrounding me with pitch black darkness
I stand alone in this world of loneliness
I lay in bed brokenhearted
betrayal taste sour on my lips
Lips once kissed so sweetly
Now left alone to speak thoughtlessly
Screaming sadly "Love me! Kiss me!"
Snowflakes still fall all around me
So innocently white
They don't know love or misery
Just falling down with mission to cover whole world with white, cold coat
I want to ba a snowflake


The blizzard howls in the night time sky,
Yet a lone snowflake falls that winter,
The sounds of the strong winds chimes,
Yet, the oh so lonely snowflake, falls from the sky.

The calming fireplace looking upon the midnight sky,
The first one to fall in the pure dark sky,
Is the lone snowflake.

There the lonely snowflake sits,
As it melts into the sorrowful ground,
And withers away like a paper being set a light.

Where did it go?
Where will it go?
I guess we'll never know.

A Christmas/winter related poem for you all :D
harlon rivers Nov 16

in the quiet of stillness
I can hear a snowflake
gently land
upon my cheek
a flurry of gossamer
frozen lace lilts ~
the ennui
of chilling silence
into a wilderness symphony

thank you to all
for stopping by to read
"The sound of a snowflake"

written by:  h.a. rivers ... 11/13/2017
Brianna Love Nov 11

Look for the magic in winter
in each and every day,
in every little snowflake
for their different in every way,
the coldness plays its part
with the wind so sharp and shrill,
blowing the fallen snow
to cover every hill.

There’s beauty in winter’s glow
making everything so glittery white,
and the stars shine like bright diamonds
on those long cold winter nights,
the green pines blend so beautifully
among the ice and snow,
with glittery spots of silver
making all sparkle and glow.

Take wonder of winter’s boldness
and it’s frosty freezing air,
marvel at the winds magic
to build fluffy snowdrifts everywhere,
with each day a new masterpiece
it can leave you buried deep in thought
at just how beautiful winter can be
and all the magic that it’s brought.

Rachel Oct 25

I’ve pulled men away from religion
as they sunk their teeth into my soul
gave them hope with every photo
as I simultaneously cut tiny holes

They called me Snowflake
so pretty but so cold
or maybe they called me

Because of the way I melt
so quick on their tongues
as I melt down their throat
and fill their empty soul

I'm a freakin' autonomous creation of my mother.

Sean Hopps May 28

Like feathery pearls,
The snowflakes unfurl
And glow as they slowly float down

The snow - winter's seed,
It falls; never cedes
Builds up as it reaches the ground.

This curtain of white
Blows on through the night,
At dawn coming up to our knees.

It falls without sound
Though the wind sometimes howls
And doesn't forget not to cease

I know it's not snowing in most places at the moment but I wrote this a couple of months back when it was winter. It always gives me an incredibly serene feeling when I look out the window and see the snow fall so delicately.

he keeps me
trapped in a prism prison of different shades and tints of red
crimson, scarlet, marlot
follow me down into some kind of thing we'll drag on for months
keeping the dead animal of our situation-ship around until the neighbors complain of the stench
i dont know, dude.
i open myself up and i see the same shades of red flowing out
the stench is there as well- i smell like a gun
anxiety chews away at the rest of my body,
gnawing on my ear, feeding me more information i didn't need to hear
you say i'm trigger happy when it comes to jumping to conclusions
if i'm a gun, you're the smoke from the shot.

you're difficult. this is going to kill me
The Trumpoet Feb 21

Snowflake is a word that the trumpists will use
to describe those of us who have different views.
They say we're entitled, they say that we whine,
they say give Trump a chance and we'll all be just fine.

They claim that we snowflakes are spreading fake news,
and cannot accept, when a battle we lose.
They say snowflakes get angry each time we don't win.
They claim we have tantrums and very thin skin.

Let them call us all snowflakes, and reason will show
that the number one snowflake... is someone we know!

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written January 23, 2017
PuppeteerV Jan 12

A snowflake kissed me
Upon my bright cherry cheeks
The softest kisses

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