ali brown Jun 10
She says
"if you've loved me for 3 years now
you're probably not overreacting"
but every time i see her lips
on his
i know i shouldn't feel like thisanymore

its been over for years now
and i still love her like the first day we met
in our art class
in high school
and now im graduating but i don't want to let go of the hallways
where we held hands
i don't want to let go of the art room
where i got a first glance
at the girl
I've loved for 3 years now

She says I'm not 'over reacting'
Then why do I still write poems about her
Why do I still try to have her when she has given her all to someone who is not me
When I don't have a chance
Why can't I just let go

I'll still call her my snowflake,
Because she said okay.
I'm everything but.
Rone Selim May 23
You swirl around,
as you make your way
to the ground
Never come back as same one
But together you become one,
as you gently cover the land
Light up the entire field, the entire hill,
the whole forest and
freeze the entire ocean
Even the trees try catch you to stay,
they don't want to be left astray
Your beauty is unique,
but it's not only your physique

You choose where you fall
Then some would never witness your sight,
but in the depths of their mind they just might

You are the inspiration for our dreams,
This creation of nature,
so perfect with all its imperfections
The nutrition for our hopes

You bring warmth in the midst of cold,
So soft, yet so bold
So tiny, yet together so huge

You are Snowflake.
One day i looked out the window and watched how a single snowflake makes it's way to the ground. I imagined being that snowflake, the things i would experience..
Dream Fisher May 9
I've been having a war with my bathroom door
Cleaning my closet feels like a waste
When I have all this dirt on my face
I keep wearing my mind on my sleeve  
Look at the mess the brain matter started to leave
And the fiends only stopped knocking because
I never lock these gates anymore
All these thoughts mentally start to swirl
Stuck arguing with myself
Unravel my second being like Professor Quirrell
Now who's got the stone to make me melt?

They make work miserable, act unique they'll smash though
"Here's a black suit, black shoes, now that's you"
Act passionate and we'll laugh at you or stare
Until you have no personality to share at all
Now take a pat on the back and another task to attack
But we won't pay you any extra for any of that.

I'd rather melt with these snowflakes
Than be a powder keg of suppressed emotion
Snap my fingers in a quick motion
And blow up these baby boomers
Then assume I don't have my mind in check
While you drink through pain a wreck
I'm two hundred percent proof, you sit loose
About as real as hi-c implying it's juice
If my twenty year old body screwed this world
You made her a whore
And she was only looking for a better player to score
H Phone Mar 15
Rationality over heart
My brain is always on guard
Big Brother is real
And he controls how I feel
A platoon on patrol
One parole
Control my soul
Fill a hole
How did that hole even get there?

Any runaway feeling is immediately detained
Used to entertain
An audience
What audience?
It’s just me
As I’m forced to see
How my sadness is instructed to do a dance
Like a circus animal
My anger gets beaten with a baton
No one bats an eye
There is no one
It’s almost comical
I’m the one hosting this show, aren’t I!?
Did I forget to send the invites?
Why else go through the motions of setting this up?

Sometimes, I feel like happiness is the only one I can trust
Every once in a while I look over my shoulder
Force of habit
And it’s like nervousness overtakes it
“Don’t worry about me,
Just, uhm, get excited!
About this new game
Or the name
Of the new person you just met!”
Encouraged, I jump in, face first
Getting ahead
Of myself
Only to be stopped dead
In my tred
Who am I faking this for?
Do I want to be seen as random or positive or…
A special snowflake perhaps
Why am I obsessed with the concept of faking a smile?
I’ll just take a walk for a while…

Sometimes I wonder how that looks
A hooded figure through the woods
Head cast to the ground
Accompanied by the sound
Of a deep sigh
Bouncing of against the night-
ly sky
And another one
And another one
Do I look edgy yet?
I bet
People are wondering “what’s up with that kid?”
Just the way I like it

And then, in the most meta of ways
I become aware of this play
This ploy
A decoy
For my lack of personality?
Just who exactly is to blame?

He sits atop a throne
All alone
Keeping everything in suspension
And he commands just one thing:
The title only makes sense when you read the last word of the poem...
Erin Kelly Mar 4
Beautiful water crystal, formed in the heavens
In billowy clouds, plump with expectation
A mystical wonder of intricate design
Breaks free, from her cool womb
Floating in a zig-zag pattern of delight

I tilt my head back
My tongue a resting place
Falling, snowflake
Melts away winter blues
Madeleine Feb 25
As all leaves have fallen to bare empty trees
Temperatures begin to drop
Colder and colder each day
From not being able to see your breath to seeing
And all the long sleeves and pants come out
With hats and mittens and boots and all other snow gear
Its time for the delicate and soft things to fall

For how could this be so soft yet hard at the same time?
Soft when first falling from the white clouds above
To being packed into spherical shapes to become hard
That is white all year round from cloud to ground
Yet when gone number one in or stepped on many times
Turns a different color

On those nights with the lights outside seeing them flakes fall
And looking so peaceful it just seems so relaxing to sit and look at
And watch gracefully fall for hours at a time

Thinking how pure it is to have something glide to earth
Making the round land we are on so beautiful you look in awe

To be outside no longer warm
To dress cozy to enjoy the weather and play in the fluffiness
Or stickiness and build with it
Just too much fun sometimes
After to come inside and heat up with some hot chocolate
Or maybe some tea and warm fuzzy blankets

The outdoors becomes cold and sometimes like ice
We choose to stay in and play some games and have some family time
Read a book
Or even a movie with some snacks to enjoy

Before bed as it continues to fall and watching it
As you begin to fall asleep makes the night relaxing
And followed by peaceful dreams

When grown and with the significant other or married spouse
For some to be outside and kiss under the elegant shapes
Is magical and sometimes cooler than kissing in the rain

To be able to build igloos and snowman
Making snow angles and snowballs
To tunnels and riding down hills
Snowshoe and go cross country on skis
To finding a sled or tube to ride down hills
Gaining speed and once in a while crashing
Or falling off with laughter to top it off
To catching them on your tongue
Sometimes even in the eyes but that’s alright
Because it is just water after all just a different form

With water freezing and some roads turning to ice
And lakes, rivers and other bodies of water freezing over
To skate on, play games on, fish on

It’s a wonderful season
Another time to get together with
Family from both sides
Enjoy homemade foods
Cookies that get made once a year
To ending the year and beginning the year
With the snowflakes that glide and shimmer

For some who don’t like to be around it as much
Or even as long
Vacation time is around the corner
To leave the white beauty to travel to warmer weather
For a week or maybe some months
But to come back with it still here
But not always

When it begins to fade and the inches become centimeters
To seeing the grass again
It is time to say goodbye
Goodbye till the end of the year
Goodbye winter gear
Goodbye but not for good all them long sleeve and comfy clothes
To the hot chocolate we all love
But secretly still have throughout the year

Saying Hello to warmer weather
Temperatures rising
Rain coming
Storms coming for May to bring flowers
Once again

Goodbye winter for not many will miss you
But there of us who will and
Be waiting till you come again

You are many things
Many ways to describe you
Even though you can make us cold
And yet enjoy your presence
See you again
You may call me a Snowflake,
        But I will not melt.
You may call me a Snowflake,
        But we will blanket the ground
You may call me a Snowflake
        But my fist will remain
        In the air, emboldened
        And Inflamed
You may call me a Snowflake,
But my chapped lips will Breathe
Warm Winter air
You may call me a Snowflake,
     But remember
             you are nothing but an old tin can
     Rusting away in the cold of
             Our Snowflake sand
             for we are everywhere you will stand
You may call me a Snowflake,
Cause I will be back again
        And again and again
        Waiting here on the ground
        For you to come join me
        under this blanket
And be a *friend.
Britney Lyn Jan 28
I, of snow
You, of sea.
Cold, yet warm to touch,
Warm, yet cold to depth.
Our hearts, protected by barriers,
Our love, formless, constantly raining.
But yet you admire the pale snow,
And I, forever longing for the touch of sea.
I was inspired by a picture I found about a snowflake and the sea. Even though they take on different forms and temperatures they are still only water.
Ethan Hartley Jan 21
floating in a sea of falling snowflakes,
the bitter cold entwines to me so pleasantly.
a soul starts sinking to such bitter mistakes,
life is a graceful tidal wave of unpredictable misery.

eyes closed,
untouched within,
the outside is always open
the gentle breeze invites itself in.

hearts break from this safe haven like wildfire,
all the pieces scatter on the delicate cold surface.
air tightens when walking this irrational frozen wire,
hot and cold swirl together as we resurface.

feet lifted,
mellow pace,
ashes from the winter air appear in our place.

paint drips in the snow like a delicate snow-angel made of glass,
it's intentions are vivid though it's presence seemed colorless,
insides fill like watercolor into the true colors of a canvass,
eyes brighten deep to gaze into the soul filled with new purpose
the canvas has been watered,
paint drops down our skin.
art appears,
our hearts start to fill in.

colors brighten,
the center darkens.
the canvas gives new life,
hearts are not forgotten.
Written January 2018 - Ethan Hartley
Crystal Freda Jan 17
Snowflakes shaking and dancing
onto the roof of the old brick house.
Prancing and lancing
toward the ground.
Each flake with a different structure
but each one is glimmering
one after another
with a whispering windy sound.
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