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I met a woman who I felt was more important than all the women I had met before her.

Letting go of my previous life was the only way I could ensure I had the longest time on earth with her.
Aaron Gubang Apr 3
Once her sadness forgets the pain of every miserable day, her smile starts to bloom again into its ethereal form like a paradise that had just been found.

Seeing your genuine happiness makes me feel alive. Your warm touch keeps my soul ignited. It's as if my soul wants to flow and rekindle your lost flame.
Euphrosyne Feb 27
She walks in beauty
Like the night
Of cloudless clime
And starry sky;
And all that's best
Of dark and light
Meet in her aspects,
And her eyes.

Thus mellowed to
That tender light
Which heaven, to
Gaudy day, denies.

One shade the more,
One ray the less
Had half impaired
Her nameless grace,
Which waves in every
Raven's tress,
Or softly lightens
O'er her face.

Where thoughts serenely
Sweet express,
How pure, how dear,
Their dwelling place.

And on that cheek,
And o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm,
Yet, eloquent;
The smiles that win,
The tints that glow:
But tell of days
In goodness spent.

A mind at peace
With all below,
A heart whose love
Is innocent!
Another piece for diane. You walk beautifully like the heavens abducting me.
Euphrosyne Feb 26
How I'd like to
catch your nightmares
with my bare hands
and put them away
out of your reach.

How I'd love to
take away your insecurities
and replace them
with the wonderful thoughts
I have about you.

How I desire to
rip out your frustrations
and make you smile endlessly
maybe then you will see
how beautiful you are.
I'll still be the one who's ready to listen to your rants every single day and I'd love to love you unconditionally.
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