My heart
feels like it ran
a marathon
I am
in my
t facing
y   o   u
Richie Apr 4
Loving someone is like you're always ready to let them go. Most people tend to hold that tiny string so as not to lose the knot. We are so much afraid of losing the people we love. When in fact, it was just a mere attachment. If we love someone genuinely, set them free. It sounds like a cliche, an absolutely overused one. But, no doubt that's the bittersweet reality. Let that someone find his/her true happiness. If they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were.

Yes, we are always euphoric if we're in love. Being with someone we love is like you are living in a fantasy world that you don't want to wake up. You always feel that ecstatic, deep and profound happiness. No room for being lethargic. When you're with that person, most times you'd feel that you're lost but you're not. There's a feeling within you that you cannot fathom, that you don't want to end. But then again, there's no guarantee. We don't know what tomorrow holds.

And, to the ladies out there. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay.

And, to the gentlemen/man out there, please stop giving false hope. If it's really over, please tell it outright that you're not coming back anymore. No more run around. We can't continue doing this. If you must go, please do. And, I'd be glad to hold the door open for you.
natalia Mar 18
"cookies and cream is my favorite."

she said as she closed her eyes
and felt the bliss of the coldness
the ice cream swirled on her tongue

he looked at her with a serious face
just thinking what it would be like
if she never came in his life

she opened her eyes
and caught him staring
and so he smiled
and thought of how beautiful
she was with the smile she had
how she had light up the entire universe
that not a star as bright could replace
what she possessed

and so she asked, "what are you staring at?"
and he replied,"nothing"

and he held her hand
and thought how he had his entire world
his entire heart
and all that he can offer
in the palm of her hands

and at that moment
even as she rolled her eyes
he thought
"i am truly in love with all of you."

and all she ever did
was smile.
9:10 PM 2/10/2018
Presley Mar 9
your eyes met mine,
and it was instant attraction.
you shared yourself with me,
and i discovered
that your face was your greatest facet,
and i needed someone
whose heart was the prettiest thing about them.
Where peace prevails....
I have sought.
In my exhaustion,
I just want to breath... clean, fresh air.......
Deep, desperate.... breaths.
I'm drowning in this sadness
I'm dead while I still breath
I just need a break.
M Feb 24
Everyone tells you it's simple
to get over a spill of depression.
That's what they think it is.
but it's more than that.

A spill ruins what's around it,
the liquid often stains the
surface where the initial spill
happened, but emotions
such as depression can not
simply be summed up into
such a simple solution.

They tell you it can.
They tell you it'll get better.
They offer up the reprieve of a
swift conversation to make 'you'
feel better, but it's not entirely
the truth.

Such a conversation is offered up
at your expense.

They want to not feel neglectful.
A feeling of that magnitude would
weigh too heavily on their

So, they tell you to get better.
They tell you another day
is a day to turn around, to smile,
to he thankful, but it's not that simple is it?

Should it be?
They tell me it should be,
but how can I believe them
when my body rejects such a sentiment.
My mind detests those words
because such a powerful mechanism
knows the truth.
It isn't a spill.

My body harbors depression,
letting it leak into my mind,
my thoughts, my actions, and
my knowledge.

It shatters away at the tethers
of happiness I have,
leaving them practically
bare and decrepit by the time
the process of joyful
malnutrition departs from
my system.

The system that they say
will get better.

They offer advice,
but no solution.
They act is if they know,
but have no experience.

Can joy be considered a spill?
Can sorrow be considered a spill?
Can hate be considered a spill?

Spills are temporary.
They are overflowing,
lapping away at the sides of
the fixture holding it in.

Spills can be taken care of,
they can be forgotten, but
depression can not, and yet,
they treat it as if it's a simple
emotion, but it's far more complex.

Liv Stefoski Feb 20
i think
that the most beautiful thing in life
is finding genuine happiness

finding it with the people you love
and showing each other
what your idea of it is

whether it be
waking up at 5 to see the sunrise
having breakfast for dinner
laughing until your stomach aches
seeing your favorite band in concert
or just being in the presence of someone
who shares the same love for you
that you do them
SeaChel Feb 7
I'd much rather hear
your lonely silence,
seemingly with no end,
rather than
your empty words,
which never held any sort of value
to you

nor to myself

Tori Jan 25
Feeling everything in depth
used to be like aching alone
all the time- even when I was happy
I used to think it was such a burden
to have a soul like mine
Being in love with you now
and feeling everything in depth
it's like being the only person
that can see and hear heaven
Everything is so fucking beautiful

For the first time in this life of mine
the thought of engulfing myself in someone else doesn't feel as if I'm drowning me

It doesn't feel like I'm overwhelmed
with the sound of someone else's voice
while I can't hear my own anymore
It doesn't feel like I am all of you
and nothing of myself
or who am I at all anymore?

The idea of anything else
anyone else's hands carrying me
feels just like a bad dream
And You, my love,
you feel like coming home
Home to clean sheets
on a place that feels safe
and I am sound.

I say for the first time many times with you,
It's like words I've known my whole life
I've just now barely heard them
with meaning attached
Everything sounds like something different now
Everything I see and every word I hear
It becomes depth
Being in love actually feels like being IN love
And safe and sound,
Well you make me feel safe
and the definition of sound says to be whole, healthy, unharmed, in good condition.
I've never thought of what sound meant before.

Now I am still all of me,
just wrapping myself in all of you
I want you in every crevice of my life
and I am better now
And I am a better me
I am whole and I am healthy
and I am safe and I am sound
and I am home.

Holy shit I love the sound of home.
All I see and hear in everything is you.
I think that is all I ever want to hear forever.
Carter Ginter Jan 24
I love you
More than words can explain
I fall for your voice
And how it characterizes your words
We talk for hours on end
About everything and nothing
It feels like time stops
When I'm in your presence
But once we check the clock
We realize it's passed at double speed
Alone we are strong
Together we are powerful
This love outweighs all the bad things
All the difficult conversations
The anxiety-provoking misunderstandings
For once I don't feel the need
To attempt to control everything around me
Because this time around
I trust you
And I trust in us
And that's a beautiful thing
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