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The moment I first looked Into Helen's eye's I was
hooked, beautiful blue eye's but Helen had that kind of
always smiling, take you to bed eye's, she had this way of widening her eyes quickly so
would mean she fancied me make me want to melt Into her Helen had a very wicked laugh
everybody loved her she was naughty but nice
but she had a sweetness
loveliness about her
couldn't help but wanted to
be with her, sometimes It's
just little things I miss about her I know I'll never stop missing her, but realise I have to learn to live with the loss In order to make something of
what left of my
Helen was an Incredibly **** real naughty wicked laugh but also a genuine sweetness about her almost like a schoolgirl Innocents
First time I met her to the first time I held her hand the first time I kissed her was the time I
knew that I loved her, just wanted to marry her wanted to make love to her wanted her to have my baby, just proud of being her husband to be man and wife for the rest of our lives
The time ever I saw her It was then I knew that I loved her
Pamela Chan Dec 3
It’s easy to smile and go with the flow
So they will see you as one of their own
It’s easy to say what they want to hear
So they will see you as their peer
It’s easy for you to turn a blind eye
To twisted minds and crooked souls
Just to survive in the jungle
*** knows what the price we have paid
Where have all the kindness gone?
A heart of gold
A genuine soul
Is it too much to ask for
May not be easy
and maybe even a bit lonely
But it never hurts
To show some empathy.
Hope One Day Nov 29
Let me tell you, I set you all free,

Be it a family, a friend or an enemy,

If you genuinely care or are the one out to hurt me,

You definitely know where I am, reach out to me

If not, then rethink if by any chance you want to set me free
I set every one free, the ones who are genuine and honest will come and find me or else someone will find them..
J Nov 4
To me,
you are
not just
means to
an end.

You are
the end.
The End
For yourself
For someone else
Yanamari Oct 5
The relentless
Ingenuine serenades,
Swirling around my ears
As I try
To encompass
Your entirety,
What energy we share
For your tireless
Unfelt soothsaying
To pile around

Serenade me,
Whether we share or not,
For I will let peel
The layers of your serenade
And watch
As the energy unveils.
But know that when
Your words are empty,
You should leave.
Because I'm
Beginning to have enough.
Ceryn Sep 15
It was ****, but I called it love,
And the whispers of regret became my favorite sound.
Your half-hearted love is what I look for in a crowd,
The games that you play kept me hanging around.

Like a garden of roses of black and purple hue,
More of thorns that cut, leave no mark or clue.
The worst place for hearts so fearless and bold,
Yet the perfect abode for a love that's stone-cold.

Heard my name resound; did you call out loud?
Glad you need me; you know I'm not trying hard.
I held out my hand, but where are you now?
I thought you'd be here, but you're not around.

You always surprise me, was that even fun?
Staying for today, so tomorrow you'll be gone.
Oh, how could you be that despicable someone,
To a girl who just thought you might be the one?

It was entirely ****, but I called it love,
Deep down, I know, it will always be.
But a love like mine won't forever survive,
Someday, I believe, it will set you free.
Pyrrha Aug 11
I liquidate my words with love
As I drink and dine with you
To poison you with my perfect drug
The only stable cure for a world of webs
While you may be caught in mine
I'm no spider but a simple butterfly
Meant to drink the nectar bleeding from your genuinity
I'm writing this at 3 am and I have stayed up till 5am every night this whole month. I can't tell if my words are ready or if i'm delusional from exhaustion.
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