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vanessa ann Apr 12
god does not love me
i think he doesn’t even know my name,
yet i still wonder what he’d call me by once i arrive
at the gates of afterlife,
would he disregard what he wrote in the book of life,
look me in the eye
and call me by the name
my parents christened me with
instead of human number 99560000c, earth #05?

but who am i fooling;
i am but a donut flying across infinity in lightspeeds
one moment there, a moment later swallowed by the hungry monster who awaits
in the black hole

am i a snack for idle gods?
a cut of chicken running from the jaws of earth, unaware
that it is merely flopping from one bowl to another,
flour to egg to crumbs—
a breading offering for the deities

most people have come to accept that, i think
as i jump yet again into the bowl of flour
but i am not most people, as i refuse to believe
the reality that i am but a speck of dust fleeting through life,
an insignificant bug easily quashed by the stinking
foot of infinity,
that old hag.

life is temporary
too much breading does not do any good
i will soon be the trillionth dumped into that pool of hot oil

but **** if i’m not going to try scorching the tongue of a god,
and while i’m at it,
be the most delicious flying donut in the galaxy.
―a feast for the gods
Superficial feelings: a high of great command;
Introspective warfare in the palm of your hand.
Today I realized that I am only pixels on your screen. Merely a background character who you will forget in a matter of days.
Lace Dec 2019

The                                                                 same
tinnnafish Sep 2019
I love you.
That is the first thing I think of when I think of you. Love.
i love it when you kiss me,
your lips are so gentle and soft,
no one has kissed my like that before.
you haven’t said you love me,
But all I feel is love,
your touch,
Its gentle. it’s one I never want to lose

your eyes,
beautiful, blue, and gentle
i never want to look away.
the way you look at me, it melts me.
It feels like we can communicate
without words but
You are you and i am me.
We are a mess and probably never meant to be.

you are kind.
i cant get you out of my head.

But I know you’re going to brake my heart.
I will miss the way you kissed me
My heart will break
your eyes will no longer seem so gentle and things between us will fall silent.
I can't believe i actually let you in.
I gave you the things that were important.
I thought my heart was important.
But its just a heart..
nothing too special I guess
Starry Sep 2019
Try learning that
You very first love
Is druggie
And has ***
When she used to be so brilliant
And loving
And full of life
When you two had
So much in common
That is pain
Right there.
This is the poem of my first love  who is in a desperate situation
m h John Jul 2019
the moon pulled the tide
to new highs of extreme
scared to come down
the ocean forgot
all he used to be
until the sun came around
and the waves could now hear
the significance of its own sound
he thanked the sun
for bringing him
back to the ground,
“don’t worry”
said the moon
“i’ll be back for another round”
the moon is my enemy + friend
Lilly F Jul 2019
sometimes the shortest sentences
show the most meaning,
from the first "I love you"
to the final "I do"
the words either send chills up your body,
paint a smile across your face,
or, if you're lucky, both

Colm May 2019
This song is the sound
Reincarnate of love
Feels like to me
In the absence of be
And yet
This song is the sound
Of reincarnated love
Julian Delia Apr 2019
I am incomplete.
The great desolation.
Filthy desecration.
A heart’s laceration.

I dream of war, I wish for love.
Send a sign from heavens above;
What must I do?
Must I tear off the velvet glove?
Should I just give my heart a shove?
Just push it, onto life’s dance floor,
Act like I’ll live forevermore.
What must I do?
Must I willingly close that door?
Should I not think of love, anymore?

Someone’s missing, I can feel it.
Hearts must love, I can’t conceal it.
I wonder who that someone is;
In this world of state-run showbiz,
Are there any as angry as me?
Listen, hand each other the key,
Hear and understand to be free.

I hope she’s out there, somewhere.
I hope she’s running with her feet bare,
Freely, without a ******* care.

To be complete is to be alone and be kind to yourself. To be whole, the self and the other must be able to stand on their own...if we find someone like that, then nothing will stand in our way. Where is she? When will I get there?
and before its even started again
its over
i cared about you
you didnt find me significant
i loved you
you didnt even care about me
i needed you
you didnt want me
i appreciated you
you used me
i cant get over you
you are already gone
my world depends on you
your world continues to turn
i want closure
youve already moved on
the second time ive been fooled by you
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