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Strung Jan 25
Was it you, who burned a city
At my fingertips?
I’ll blame it
On the rampaging fire wildflowers
Suffocating California.
Either way, I cannot breathe.

What haunts me?
It’s you, isn’t it.
The 12-33, code 12-56,
No help is coming,
“Refusal to comply” morphs to “missing persons,” reporting
The silence.
The screech, the blip
Of a scanner, seeing red,
Like I could hear the pain
Of a few thousand shaken children
Who lost
Their mothers
To a cloud of noxious smoke.

That’s what haunts me.
Isn’t it.
Children, charred and homeless,
Roaming crumbling streets.

That’s what haunts me.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Vibrations near unison
Result in resonance
Bridges come crumbling down
Creating hiatus on the ravines
Waves beyond the range of sound
Are called ultrasound
To make diagnosis profound
Cure may still not be around
Human relations work around
Similar fashion
As vibrations and ultrasound
Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes,
Crushing the positive oath
To live healthy,
Away from all the
Evil belonging,
Follow me
Everywhere I go,
Persuading to lead
The old road,
Self destruction, oblivion
To self love,
Chiming vile verses
Demons lurking
To abduct
My trust
Not free falling,
Old chains rattling
My nerves,
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes

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annh May 2020
Better to stand on my own two clay feet,
than bolster someone else’s crumbling tarsals and fallen arches.

‘I didn’t want to deserve better as long as I had you.’
- Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity
Nylee Apr 2020
Tumbling and crumbling
I get up and go back to sleep.
Isabella Mar 2020
My heart is heavy, my bones trembling.
Help me, I'm in need of mending.
Broken body, shattered soul-
I'm crumbling, but no one knows...
Mehek May 2019
Together we crumble
Under our own heaviness
surrounded by fumes
that make our souls tremble
cemented together
demented away
living in this toxicity
we perspire
nothing but love we require.
Nothing but love.
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