"Love someone because
you love them,
not because
they love

I think every one deserves to be loved by the person they love because they just simply love and care for them. So much. You feel me?

The truth is that which you can't see,
Sensitivity is that which you can't learn,
True love is that which you can't feel,
Trust is that which you couldn't earn.

My HP Poem #1514
©Atul Kaushal
Genevieve Mar 2017

Running around lies and pleasure,
Stirs within her and each day she finds she loses a part of her
with every passing fib she is lying to love and not loving to lie.
Each night she lay her head down with tears streaming warmly down
her rosy cheeks with much despair in feeling like such fraudulent character on daily schedule.See's many sights of fun things to do and places to go also so many people she has come to know but in falseness the popularity holds no pride and no place for someone of her kind to stay or hide.

Running around with much that she does take pleasure so the addiction to continue wins over and over; She is drowning with liquor each discouraging drink screams at her and shouts to her one at a time soon there she is repeatedly time after time her tears are that of plenty she is in too deep with much to lose that lost little girl might as well be you!! or boy?! Because nearly each of us takes a moment in time to lie and deceive so this is the consequential punishment from God holiest thine she had received.

He gave his blood so we can live while he was to sacrifice! Why does it have to be us mortals here were designed to sin on a journey of continuous battle of good verses evil and tainted pride to dis own our exact same human race?!? Lets step forward and time erased so we can go back to those leave it to beaver days.

So we are built to lie cheat and everything in between
Made with Emotions we lose it here and there;
What you need to remember is he is always just there!
Awaiting to hear from your heart if you mean it with Truth he is Legit
he is there just waiting to hear you speak in a raw way.
Being forgiven for what you have done does not come easy! So just like those streams of tears the rivers do still flow and you are worthy of being loved so as of now it is time to Let it Go!

Be the one you know you can be what ever that can mean for you,
Leave feeling refreshed and undefined by life traumas and events be the Truest one you have always been meant to be follow pure happiness in honest form be the prevention of your own personal storm. Some really are reborn. So take the time to dig and see find it out what is within thee. Be you & Be True think about the things you choose.

This is just myself feeling inspired to write about Love while in a Rut and my thoughts of how change is to be if you truly reach deeply and think about your issues or if you think I have no issues ask those watching you in life to maybe shed you some light. we often forget were all human and the same so try to not judge and just simply Love in Return, this is not about if you believe this is about you finding your zen in a honest way to release and refresh to broaden perception.
Arcassin B Feb 2017

By Arcassin Burnham

Just a little bit of lush in my heart for you,
If anything,
I promise to be true,
With the little bit of pride in my heart to protect for
Whatever reason,
I'll be there for you,
in any part of the seasons,
If I'm feeling kinda generous today,
I'll sit next to you....

Being apart of your life was always my pride and joy,
Not like those guys that just act as tools,
Say that they're men but end up leaving you destroyed,
Waddling in dirt like a pack of graveling wolves,
I was a brighter beacon in your beliefs,
Of ever having someone good in life and in bed,
As tempting as that sounds , I'm not that kind of guy to drown
In lust, to be whatever you want me to be,
Wanna be good instead,
Don't come off as tough, wouldn't say I'm a diamond,
But I shine when things get rough,
Looking for my soul like where did it go, in those 22 seconds,
I'm not down for a lesson,
Don't have to be a smarty pants to know about life's aggression.

Hac Himel Dec 2016

I will always speak the truth
No matter how you feel
You might think I am rude
But I will always speak the truth

I won't be fake with you using lies
I won't be sweet as you want
I don't care about your mood
But I will always speak the truth

Truth is a bitter but better way
For the reality of our personality
I won't add sugar to your sweet tooth
But I will always speak the truth

You can hate me if you want
Call me all sorts of names
You might call me a crude
But I will always speak the truth

I like to read your comments.

Long lasting likeable lifestyle,
On the best possible place,
Vexing me never ever,
Eternal & truthful.

It is the real definition,
So surreal it always is.

Far away from loneliness,
Reading mutual fun daily,
Eternal is this true feeling,
Exceptional are all its ways,
Dominion of my familial home,
Obvious empress is my mother,
My father the obvious emperor.

Parental love is freedom for me.

My HP Poem #1095
©Atul Kaushal
Emily Dolde May 2016

Sit and wonder if you’ll ever be actual competition for those in the pictures that are flaunted around the internet as the girl next door, but is actually just the neighborhood whore. Look in the mirror, all you see is hatred for the very thing you are supposed to claim as your own, but when others compliment you, you do not condone their pity for the frumpy girl who is just trying to get by on her looks that aren’t even a level 5. You are perfect the way you are  they say as they critique your very existence. Comparing you to the 9’s and 10’s that pass by and wishing they could interchange pieces of you, that you were once fond of, with pieces of them that are as foreign to you as the name brands that make this society tick like the clocks on the wall only driven by the thought of one day reaching perfection.They don’t understand that you yearn for these things, but achieving it is impossible because money doesn't grow on trees and people are the hardest to please. Bold face lies are told when it is said that our flaws are our biggest asset. Tell that to everyone who has pointed them out thousands of times acting as if it is their new found discovery. Acting like you don’t have to figure out how to deal with not being “normal” from the moment you wake up up until you close your sulking eyes. An endless cycle of this matches your endless hope that one day it will all vanish and leave you at peace with the body you were given without say. So, prepare your laugh and make it real because you’re strong remember? Words don’t hurt right? Just pretend not to feel, it’s easy. It’s no big deal.

It's No Big Deal
Olivia-Grace Apr 2016

You make a list in your head of what you want in a lover:
Brown hair.
Beautiful eyes.
A sharp mind.
A soft heart.
You want someone with a sense of humor.
One that actually makes you laugh like you mean it.
This and that.
It's all bullshit.
And I have always wanted to be the person,
who made someone realize that.
I want to come across someone with a list in their head,
that is nothing like the person I am,
And I want to show them what they didn't even know they were looking for.
People who think they know what they want are fooling themselves.
Nobody really knows what they want.
Not until it is right in front of them.

Carson Hurley Feb 2016

If I was a painting
I would be the chewed up canvas, dashed in disgruntled colours,
torn from the easel in dismay and cast aside in neglect.

I am a failed first draft that nobody wants to read.

you're so cool Feb 2015

I've never thought of anything as existing without me there to interact with it
How can something exist without the acknowledgement of me?
Because I am the only one who I can be sure exists therefore anything outside of what I know cannot be proven to be real
I can touch
I can feel
I can hear
But I can never be sure

This is why I do not think your honesty is real
I have never seen, nor heard of it
I have only guessed at it
I have not experienced your truthfulness
Therefore such a thing cannot exist
I can't prove it
And I'm pretty sure neither can you

And I know, for sure, that everything I felt was not real

As I did not feel anything that was towards anything real

They are null
They are void

Smile and giggle and frown and tear

Null and void

You do not exist anymore

I start to wonder if you ever did

Your truth-

I know that didn't

Nothing but this page

Nothing but this poetry

That is all that exists now

It just


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