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she acts as if music is her entire world
her only survival mechanism
her only escape from the hateful world around her

and when she plays her music, she plays with the force of her entire heart
truthfully and genuinely

so much care is put into every note
so much precision and thought and meticulous attention to detail

she embodies the attributes of her music
she is beautiful, powerful, fierce, loving, passionate

when she plays her music, she blocks everything around her
focusing solely on forming a dramatic symphony of wonder and delight
not giving attention to her anxious wandering mind

she closes her eyes to take everything around her in
the beautiful feeling of her fingers sliding along the keys
the wood smell of her reed atop her instrument
the exquisite attachment she feels towards her silver plated beauty
the passion she feels in the deepest part of her heart when she lets her emotions flow through her horn

she plays her music seemingly effortlessly
although so much effort is put into her meticulous practice

she believes her purpose is to form chords and tones of delight,
because its all she has ever loved doing
music is her one true and deep passion
her one true love

she wears her emotions on her sleeve and everyone thinks they understand her
but she is far too complex to see straight through
nobody knows the pain she has been through
nobody knows the despair that has passed her
nobody knows the **** she has suffered

she finds that it is not very hard for others to tear her apart,
but music mends the holes inflicted on her soul
when she feels like she is drowning, music saves her
when she feels like she is falling, music picks her up

she uses her emotions to strengthen her music
to show her deepest hidden wounds and to free herself from the sorrow that has been inflicted upon her

her entire story is too complex to fully comprehend,
but music allows her to let her feelings out in a comprehensive way

music heals her heart and soul
it saves her from any pain that may arise
music is her everything
her life, her passion, her utmost talent, her world
her personal purpose at this time
her coping mechanism to fight the cruel world surrounding her
Badshah Khan Feb 4
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 4

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Try to know your creator, don’t make him to show his signs,

As, His every signs are havoc and frightening,

Creator, Himself the truth, and an eternal,

As, He is the truth, He adapts his verity to his love,

He created by Himself The (Al Sadiq) Truthful!

Who is my loved One! Who is my Beloved!

With the guidance of “Truthful” (Al Sadiq),

I am, an eternal truth’ of his own creation!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
You unravel my love
and it opens me up.
Towards a place in me where every
single thing tells me to stay.

And ever since I met you
my faith has been stronger.
So I wrap myself around you;
For Us.

I love you and I believe we are right.

Though our distance between us is big,
my soul and heart to you I will always give.
Johnny walker Jan 12
In the last year, I've grown so tired from struggling to
just survive In this world I've been left alone
When I think I'm turning the corner to making a go of things "wham hit again a bolt from the blue more demanding
More threats on top of the grief  I'm trying to deal with thought I was doing so well how foolish I was
to think
I was right all along this world Is to cruel
to even want to be part of
makes me wonder why life was ever started at all doesn't seem to have a place for me
In truth I don't think there ever was at such a low I'm going to have struggled so hard not sure
If I have that fight left In me anymore or more to the point I have to ask myself do I really won't
A very honest and truthful write of how I feel, more to point of this world and the way ordinary people like
myself are treated the disabled
homeless the poor how those In present government sleep at night Is beyond me one day there will be a reckoning they will answer
Liam hopson Dec 2018
Love is independence
To all but as one
Self love as dependent
On everyone but none

Freedom as a choice
To fly but alone
Attached to a voice
But only to their own

Let go of the finished
To be begin at the start
Negativity diminished
To open your heart

A mission to help
Our purpose to serve
Together as one
Help those that deserve

A uniqueness amongst many
Its Silence in the storm
The zero in twenty
It's love but pure form

Driven to the edge
To find only more
Unaware of the pledge
To miss but to score

A guess in the question
The path but unseen
A mind of expression
The bridge inbetween

To know only tolerance
To go but to stop
The answer in ignorance
To jump but to flop

A child of innocence
The cold to their hot
To notice the difference
To guess but to not

Pushing the boundaries
To the point they appear
Exercising the options
Dressed in passion
Without fear

The cause the direction
As the purpose becomes clear
Conceive through connection
The soul
Of the sphere

The lesson to grow
As to be as but one
Our seed but to sow
As individuals
But none
Liam hopson Dec 2018
The standards of evolution
Resepected within verse
The toxins of pollution
Progress in reverse

To learn to forget
In the world of plenty
To fish without a net
The zero in twenty

Conscious but changing
An investment in youth
Fresh but rearranging
Impartial to truth
eve Dec 2018
Miserable and unmotivated,
Mood swings from time to time,
Lying, it has evolved daily.
I can’t control myself the same way anymore,
I’m discovering a new side to myself,
I proclaim that space is what will cure this pain,
However, that’s not the claim.
That unfamiliar side that remains,
Is the one that nobody seems to understand,
They’re getting tired of me;
I wish I could reach out,
Nah, I’d probably just freak them, like ****.
I call them friends,
They’re merely as important to me.
Quick judgments, slow reaction times,
If they ever need assistance,
I’m always available.
If the tables turn, role switches,
I’d be let down,
Yet again.
The irony resides here,
Trust within myself no longer exists,
Entirety has been reduced to half of a whole,
I’m a worthless piece of —
So sick of being misused,
Treated differently, and most importantly,
Never fully acknowledged of.
You notice my presence when you want,
Not when you can.
Your effort is only being wasted,
Referencing me as a “friend”,
Just an acquaintance,
Actually, a stone cold stranger that wants nothing to do with anyone or anything.
Emm Dec 2018
Let there be lightings, thunders, and fire when we meet
So that we can see our faces clearly
So I can see your every scar, and you can see mine
So that we are used to each other's voices
and fire
and heat
Let the grounds be wet with the pouring rain of tears that follows
so that the soil would be damp enough for the flowers to grow upon,
and fertile enough,
for the seeds and our communion, fruits of thoughts
Thereupon, let me choose to stay, or sail away
But with the thought that we know we can weather future storms,
or for the clear skies that follows,
or any other weathers we couldn't fathom.
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
From the foundations of manhood
I send you this letter.

Right now might seem the worse
But the end will be better.

I’ve longed for someone  
While we’ve been together

I’d try to do both
But I’m not that clever

And I know I said never again

******* with randoms
A friend of a friend

Lies on top lies
That **** never ends

But atleast this time
I told the truth like a man.
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