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Persephone Dec 2021
Oh Darling, look at what you've done
Believed the tall tails of boys instead of the female at your feet
But why would you when you have an ego that towers over the David?
And you thought it was silly that I gifted you the name Michelangelo
I couldn't have picked more right
You though have forgotten that I am a master piece of my own creation, sculpted by none other but my own hands and never appreciated by yours
And my sweet Michelangelo, if you think to call yourself my muse then you are nothing more than a fool
For everything I have been through has led to my life's legacy
My family chiselled out the shape
My childhood chipped away at the detail
And men like you did nothing more than carve in the finishing touches
I am a beauty in my own right
And as always too much for some to handle, and never fully understood by the rest
But still she will live on through the ages
So the next time darling that you fall confused, I implore you to simply ask the master herself
And you would come to realize that this artist was far too focused on creating to let anyone interfere with her work
Brumous Apr 2021
I'll let go of this pencil
that continues to draw this
head filled with imagination

"behead me,"
and bring the endless ache of being
an insufficient being;
in this ideal world

'filled with feelings, pens & paint,'
it irks me that I make no sense

I hate that I'm not perfect like her.
Lucy Houbart Jun 2020
Mary Seacole
Black nurse sculpture
Your determination points
To injustice. Your struggle
To serve, be accepted.
Why were you shamed and denied?
This is the broken land where we live.
Your courage, your stride
Takes me to our weakness

To the ache in my chest like a
broken blood vessel.
And trace the lines in my hand
To a bad rotting root.
How many wounds did your hand with compassion soothe?

Behind your certitude
I imagine pain.
Did your hurting
Search out injury and loss?

And as you nursed those violent lacerations,
Patiently waiting whilst the pathway beat its course,
Did you see as if through a veil,
Your own fractured self,
Fusing with your patient’s,
Both your Injuries restore back together
All the way towards their good health?
This poem is inspired by the sculpture by Michael Jennings which is of Mary Seacole which stands outside St Thomas's hospital looking over the river Thames and towards the House of Parliament.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2020
When love
Hits you hard
You will be turn into
The Masterpiece
Or a painsmith
This life is
Not enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Craft
Note: Order N' Chaos
Nidhi Mar 2020
What if mother nature is mad at us?

She told us that
our fumes are poisonous
our water turned from majestic blue to coal seaweed color
her innocent animals are dying from bullets and thorns
plastic flying on branches as if they were nature green leaves

she told us this

And we did not listen to her
we did not
we took her for granted

So she got mad
created something that can destroy the ones who betrayed her
a virus that kills us
making us afraid to leave from the safe box

She is not evil
she is only trying to help the animals live longer
and live with no fear

Venice water is clear as a mirror
for dolphins to swim
for swans to dance
they are living with no fear
she's happy her artwork can't be destroyed
for now

we owe her an apology for the mistakes we created
we must stop the hateful crime
and love the artworks she created
before once again we suffer in pain
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
For reason
While looking at you
If their conscience
Penetrates the depth

Without saying
You are beautiful
You may hear
Your layout is

Realize that
He/She is an artist
Genre: Observational
Theme: Art For Life
Lemon Dec 2019
I looked down at my artwork
None of it looking good
The eyes are saggy
And the neck is a mess
The arms are noodles
The legs as well
The stomach is disfigured
And the hair looks like a nest
The feet are squished
The hands are sharp
The ears are long
And my mind is a wreck
For I'm not looking at my artwork
No, I'm looking at myself
At all my flaws
And insecurities
All my mistakes
And all my thoughts
After all
I know I'm not okay
With how I look
Or how I am
So I act like im a failed artwork
And fix myself
To fit in this world
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