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be careful when handling me.
my body was built with gunpowder,
and someone lit my fuse
long before we met.

be aware that at any moment,
I could burst.

you can run away now
and never look back,

or you can wait here with me
and together, we'll look up at the sky.

it's entirely your choice.

but, darling, if you can't accept
the chaos inside of me,

then you will have no right
to comment on
my beautiful explosion.
Dante Rocío Aug 13
The Word gets constantly abused
and has no one to turn to
except those,
who came to taste what went first
before its even ashes forming.
Like Cinderella in the attic-
unwanted, locked, mistreated,
everyone pretends she’s not there
Yet it is her the one they’re searching for,
needed, and the centre meant of it all.

A true man of God getting an articulate smack to the law their face shines with.
Because Word is also a person,
even greater and higher than it has been presented to us,
yet not even considered as a speck of
it so.

“I love you”
Calls such as those hang so worn out
Like a fabric, shirt,
barely holding at the seams.
Word and Language are more of a person
than you might think,
they carry ideas, conscience, hurt and power,
are unbiased judges
and come to aid to anyone
who careful might ask whilst knowing
they know nothing
J J Aug 11
Take care and be careful
riot vans flooding the streets
Live in the moment- be cheerful
While you still can

Eyes glued to the future and scanning,
Never expect things to go to plan;
But the solution is simple and like you
I can seal it with my hands
But I'd rather live my life eyes shut

A widely opened book
With the footprints on my skin to show for it
**** pouring it up, I'm engulfed in it
And threading delicate alibis out of my lonliness

Parading through the chaotic hangover with the ambition

Of a tectonic force.
luciana Aug 9
a shallow girl
with innocent eyes
she holds the
element of surprise
came up with this while on the toilet. i am not ashamed
Jace Joseph May 29
I may have stagnant waters now,
And I know I'm not always needed.
As the waters slowly reach my brow,
Truly I just want to flow unheeded.

Terrified to open up the floodgates,
Careful not to **** the town below.
The inevitable day calmly awaits,
Lonely as I live in my own shadow.
Jocelyn Apr 30
My hands may be shaking,
but I'm in control.
Everything is flying by at rapid rates,
so I catch and cherish what I can.
And sometimes it's good what I hold.
Sometimes, it's my last desperate attempt.

It may be a poison berry,
rather than raspberry.
Control could be what's leading me a stray.
Taking me down a path towards a slippery *****.
But I insist I'm okay.
If I say it enough, I believe it.

Tears well up in my eyes,
my head tilted back to ensure a disguise.
Everything spinning in circles around me.
I try to catch up,
as my head stars pounding.
And I realize, control lies.
Forming these words
Like we formed our

Every letter so carefully chosen
Like every word is so carefully spoken
Put a tile there
Win a smile here
The game is oh slow
But it reveals the words we long to let

Dez Mar 30
Kissing girls is like drinking whiskey
It some times can be risky
But it warms you inside
And can fill you with pride
And after both your voice maybe a bit husky
He said I was delicate
Not in a sense of being fragile
But something he wants to handle with care
I think I'll let him
So please,
                    with care.

As your beloved
                                 a noxious
( _me_ )
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