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Flower C Sep 13
The flower you hold,
Too tight and it will crumple,
No growth if too loose.
I trust you so deeply to respect me.
And every day you show me in one way or another, that you really do. You don’t just tell me, you show me, too.
Planejane2 Aug 22

Dreamer, in my dreams, they are schemers
Just what I wasn’t hoping for
But, I was singing in psalms
I was rereading my poems
Looking for the clues on the type of men like you...
I’ll be there for hours
Trying to decipher
Between love or lust
Making it for hours.
Caught up in my flesh,
Trying to catch my last breath
As you ****** and I pounce on top of you
Because in my dream, your a schemer...
Devil in a dress, satan riding around in a Beamer
Selling me dreams of watered down Hennessy and Mickey
As I play Minnie
Or am I the duck
Or the dog that goes hu-yuck
As I’m a little more sophisticated
But goofy, for daydreaming about the things that won’t happen.
Mandalina Aug 20
You are like a flower
As fragile
As pretty

Treated right
You bloom
You flourish

Treated wrong
You wither
You fade

Be careful love
For you are indeed like a flower
So don't let another petal fall

Eating is
like taking


n  b  l  s
   i  b  e

Nibble TOO

c h o k e  



what popped up in my head while eating oatmeal.
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
he wrote poems inside of me
he carefully inscribed each letter
allowed my moans to fill the blank pages
and ended the story with one last rhythmic line
leaving me begging for more
i ate a plum today
the deep purple hue
and melting red juice
dribbled over my chin
it wasnt quite ripe
and this is how my poem begins
you arent really my type
standing all akin
mind all a luce
but im drawn to you
what might the knights forsay?
when they see me run
for fun
into your arms
might their ears shriek in alarm?

i ate a plum yesterday
might it have been ripe this day?
leaving my mouth dry and bitter
i would like another bite
my poem is not over
men do not think me polite
i cause their knees to jitter
and this is what the knights forsay
when i ran to your arms that day

"he is a reminder, that looks deceive, a ripe plum is not ripe at all, the act is clear, shouldnt the juice be sweet? shouldnt the corners of your mouth lay sticky? you are instead left bitter, running to an unsavory fruit that longs for your tongue. you do not eat unripe fruit, you throw it aside. this fruit will quake and die quietly where you have left it... do not be a fruit fly, they crave lifeless desperate sweets."
how might you interpret such a poem?
Emma Pals May 21
I must have dropped my dreams at some point,
Because all of the sudden they were on the floor.
'Be careful!' I exclaimed.
'We are,' they claimed.

They weren't.

Suddenly my dreams were being stepped on.
I thought it would be okay,
But then I realized
They were shattered.

My dreams!

They were crushed by the careless acts of someone.
They said they would be careful
Now everything I ever wanted is broken,
Shattered with all hope lost.


The sound they made when the fateful action occurred.
My "loved one" so thoughtlessly stepped,
They knew, I told them, and they didn't care.
All hope lost and my dreams scattering with every second.

I wept.
Perdue Poems May 6
I once swam in the sun
felt fire roll across my side, down my skin
like hot kisses in summer
warming cheeks to grin
I dove deep
yet the heat
bitter sweet
burned me
I still swim in the rays of stars
but the burn still hurts
and reminds me
to stay afloat upon the surface
and never swim too deep
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