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I love wordplay
But I don't loosely play with words
Just like cars that
take people from point A to B
helping them achieve their goals
but also have claimed many lives
Just like guns used for hunting
and recreation
but also have ended many lives
Words are that powerful
If used irresponsibly,
they can cause a lot of havoc
Kada Mar 18
Whatever you listen to the most will frame your life.
                                                           ­                                     -Kada
memoona kazmi Mar 13
not all those who have wings are fairies,
some of them are bats too.....
I think of you a lot
Though not in the way I used to
I'd be much more be preoccupied with sadness
Even about happy memories
But now it's a lot of anxiety instead
Anxiety about wanting to talk to you
But not knowing what to say
Deciding on the general idea
But getting hung up on the tone
And in every text I do send
I am rereading every individual word
Trying to ensure that I don't
Come across as too invested or
Overstep some invisible boundary
Because I don't trust that I can do that
Without hurting you or
Making you want to run away
And athough someday you wont be in my life
I'd rather it not start today
say Mar 2
you are so great to me
you are my sanctuary

lost in your arms, there is no place I'd rather be
I'm watching my every single step
I'm careful not to stumble and fall
One stone on the road
could lead to a landslide
And one broken bone
could ruin it all
I'm watching my every single move
I'm careful not to scare you away
The faintest blow
could lead to a hurricane
And one wrong word
could be the last thing I say.
I never knew where I had you.
I don't suppose it
would help
to tell me to be
not with me.
Sorry, but I like things
to be a little
What's the point with being safe all the time?
Jessica Jan 24
There is a place where people
Go. Enticed by its calling.
Luring, coercing you to tip over.
Knowing if you resist you are
Killing yourself.

A risk between rapturous reception
And ruthless regret.
The lip of insanity, the troubled
Resting place for those who want to
Forget and be forgotten.

Those who wait on the edge
Become ghosts.
Watching as the world forgets them. Waiting on
Others instead of themselves.

Those who stay in the middle
Forget to look at things from the outside.
View without outer perspective.
Things get broken in there.

There is a place where the boundaries
End. Where you must get lost to be found.
A balancing act between two worlds.
But if you walk too close
Eventually you’ll just…
                                                                                                                                                 F  a l    l          

              o    f        f.
He told me:

“Give me your heart, and I’ll give you the world”

I said:

“But the world isn’t yours to to take”
They often promise everything but give you nothing.
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