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James Rives Mar 8
all at once, and little by little, i fell in love. for the first time in my life, it didn't feel like something i needed to force or prove. it simply was. is. and thinking about her, us, the simple, the fun, and the delightfully mundane fills my heart to burst in a way that feels like a secure embrace and a soft kiss on my forehead. i love the sound of her voice, her long-winded stories, and her goofy laugh that betrays the surliness she'd sometimes feign to avoid feeling too much, too quickly. i am seen and heard and loved and valued, and it feels so effortless. never in my days did I imagine wanting to cheerlead and love and support someone so fully, to point it inward and treat myself the same. blues and greens and purples and pinks have never been brighter to me, saturated by the richness of each tender brush stroke in our ongoing tapestry. i love being in love and i love the woman that taught me how to eat the sun and let it go before the moon can miss it.
Yanamari Jun 2023
Paint layers walls
And walls layer houses
Uncarefully placed
In our carefulness
Comforted in perfection unreachable

And what wisdom lays
In a world that wreaks destruction
On the weak foundations that we sow
And the even weaker plants that we reap
An amalgamating mess
Painted onto
Thin fragile walls
Holding up
Thin fragile houses
i would like
to keep bees
or at least
i like the idea
of keeping bees
to be honest
i know nothing
next to nothing
about all that
it entails
but it seems like
it would be cathartic
although their frenzies
may be calmed
by the smoke
movements must remain
slow and gentle
such fragility
must be tended to
almost lovingly
i think i like
the idea of the peace
to be found in
those moments
there is a
shade-dappled spot
at the bottom
of the garden
that would be
the perfect place
for them
where the humming
of the hive
would accompany
the swaying of
the tree's
their gentle whispering
and the quietude
that would settle
Underneath, there are secrets
Kept safe from prying eyes
Held fast and secure
Behind a lame disguise

Would they think less of me
If everything was shown
I wonder, would their eyes still see
The person they have known
Kitt Oct 2022
I love with a dangerous, reckless abandon
Fire and no hint of shame
Occasionally with a lover in tandem
I’ll be laughing and crying the same
I fall in and out, seeming at random
And play at love like a game

She, however— quite the contrary—
Travels so slowly she’s almost inert
She approaches my cavern, ever so wary
Afraid that, again she’ll be hurt
Time is her friend, the yellow canary
If it falls silent; she’ll up and desert
mark soltero Aug 2021
on your wrist resides your heart
it's love to hold whenever you're feeling alone
defensive you protect yourself
you're careful to expose such a delicate part
the solace and power you need are within you
this is clear
Jasmin jazz Jan 2021
Never pretend all the girls as cat
There is a lion who roars when it is hurt
Don't think all girls are cute
We know how to react when you overact.
And not all girls love pink..
Because I love black.
Being silent doesn't means that she is shy
She is just waiting to tear you apart.
Girl is meant not to cook food and do laundry
She's same as you; a human
She's not a toy to PLAY  with..
There is feelings inside her
One day she'll burst out like a volcano
Then you can't control; she'll
Destroy everything around her
So beware ; be careful think twice before you act
Women have lots of wishes in their heart which they don't reveal if you are reading this just let their dreams come true...❤️ Plz like and follow🥰
EmperorOfMine Dec 2020
He's a gentle giant
Tiptoeing around his soul flower
Delicately nurturing the delicate entity
In awe, he gawks from suns to moons
Pondering in anticipation, this wonder flower's bloom
Such a marveling creation, he wants to support forever
But he's so very very big
He could crush the little thing
And so he can never get too close.

As gentle as he may be, he will never be so gentle it doesn't break the flower
So he may only enjoy the flower from a distance, never being able to entwine
Until one day the flower blooms and evolves from a flower to a tree
For a soul-flower is complex enough to be this free
And it's roots caressed the giant's body, gently uniting with its everlasting partner in time

Becoming one, like the tree on top of the giant hill
Together, they slumber forever, in each other's presence, content, and still.

People visit this soul tree from time and time
For many believe that this tree will grant you the sight to obtain your own true love, you'll see

There was a time where this giant thought it would never get to truly love the soul-flower but could nurture it from a distance, and it did so happily.

This nurturing little did the giant know, caused it to bloom big enough to withstand the giant's strength, forming its own strength, in which it used to become one with the giant, for the love of one was so powerful that it amplified the being of the other.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
be careful when handling me.
my body was built with gunpowder,
and someone lit my fuse
long before we met.

be aware that at any moment,
I could burst.

you can run away now
and never look back,

or you can wait here with me
and together, we'll look up at the sky.

it's entirely your choice.

but, darling, if you can't accept
the chaos inside of me,

then you will have no right
to comment on
my beautiful explosion.
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