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let me show you

the way to the place

you won't go to
a map to my heart
what a thing
to fall in love with life
except the city of your birth
gabrielle Feb 3
In the place I've always dreamt of ;
the need of being in your heart
the desire of living in your arms

in a light - forbidden place .
dreaming ... of my dream home
the wanderlust of my love
you .
Lily Jan 24
~I want to get in your car and just drive.  Get on the highway and never stop~
Emily Jan 22
tokyo, paris, shanghai
i long to see
their skies.
gangnam, london, & rome
i doubt i will ever
miss home.
once i leave,
the in between
& the distance
from you to me
will make it
easier to breathe
because home is anywhere
i can finally be me.
Allesha Eman Jan 21
Awakened by the restlessness of wanderlust
I watched colours fly by untouched windows
The skies were a blue I’d never seen before
Right in between the ***** of dawn and a starry sea
My arms covered in goosebumps induced by the sight I’d seen
The sun was playing games of hide and seek
And the clouds were its’ mischievous companions
But my heart was still at unease, as my mind wandered to a thoughtless dream
What would the sky be like on the other side of the sea?
Pure of Stars Jan 15
I am going to travel the world

I will see great things

I will live my life

I will do something amazing
Where can I wander

Amid the pine trees

Never worrying about the time

Dreaming of wild flower fields

Enjoying the sounds of birds

Reminiscing fond memories

Laughing till my sides hurt

Unfazed by the passing time

Stargazing and trading secrets

Till my skin becomes wrinkled?
Is there such a place ?
Rae Dec 2018
Filled with a longing,
For places far away,
Mountains and valleys,
Rivers and streams,
I need to see,
I need to know,
I can't stay here,
I've got to go,
Don't take it wrong,
It isn't you,
I've loved but never lived,
Let me go,
I'm dying now,
Same old faces,
Same old frowns,
I'm not happy in this place,
Adventure is my home,
I can't be tamed,
I must be free,
Free to laugh,
Free to live,
Free to leave,
Mama I'll miss you,
I promise to write,
Let me go,
Enjoy the night,
The stars are calling,
The mountains beckoning,
Calling me on to a dream,
Just out of reach.
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