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izzn Oct 3
I want to go to Lungern with you
Bathe in moonbeam along that blue lake
Picnic together on that green grass up the hill
tell you everything, about how you make me feel

I want to go to Tokyo with you
Put our hearts to rest from all our stress,
put my head to rest only on your chest,
Hear each other's deafening heartbeat better
while standing still under neon light wonder

I want to go to Paris with you
Tie my shoelace, I would make the first move
A promise I would never break, yea I will break it out to you
you would gasp, get a little mad
"I'm the one who should be doing that!"

I want to go to Madrid with you
Stroll along beautiful arches and colossal buildings seen in movies
Got Christiano in Tío Pío but you prefer David Luiz
You and your Arsenal would like this a little less,
I don't know, perhaps, maybe
when all is well, we will get closer to Manchester City

I want to go to Bueno Aires with you
Flowy dresses, flaunt myself to no one else but you
You would wear wacky sunglasses,
and paint dynamite red to all of my blues

Pictures together in moments too good to be true
with you replacing the 1,2s
with I love yous

Just kidding wanderlove,
I would go anywhere
as long as it is with you.
for when my wanderlust meets my true love.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 1

Heart breaks with a beat
For she pines for this hero
Loathed to give him up

New day, new haiku!
Yesterday was such a terrible day... Even now, I feel so disoriented but I wont let it stop me from writing.

This haiku is for the nymph, Kalypso. She predominantly known for her role in the Odyssey. When the hero Odysseus was shipwrecked on her caverns and caves, she kept him there for many years (seven, I believe) for she was in love with him, even promising him youth and immortality but he was not swayed.

All he wanted was to go home. Hence what this haiku references, her pain and unrequited love for him. Even though the gods commanded she release him, she was loathed to do so but complied.
Alongside some tragic elements, theres an air of possessiveness around her as well.

A mix of various emotions but in a way, it makes her all the more human to me.
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Please take care of yoursels and stay safe!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
her mind wandered
as she sat
mind wandering
as her body
should be
thinking of
what she shouldn't
her body was
she had
what they call
if her body
wasn't moving
then her mind
That flat or apartment you live in
Is called a house,
That someone you live with
Makes it home.
So if you wander with that "someone" by you,
You'll be a wanderer with a home.
Mrs Anybody Aug 22
she is
in love

she has
never seen

she has
never met
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A lost hungry vagrant
on a train to nowhere
everywhere's his home


     on a patch of hay
     in the heat of day
     he doesn't bother to get
     on his knees and pray

          everything he wants
          is in his sweat and blood
          the shirt on his back
          and his matter of fact


                                     ­          no one can touch his
                                               solitary freedom
                                               even when burdened with chains
                                               and in heavy rains


                    he flies through time
                    known by himself
                    on a patch of hay


        in an empty, lonely cart
        on a train to nowhere
        wandering the face of the earth


yearning for Starlight💫
Kat Jul 6
Fernweh - the longing
For far-away places.
I always wanted to leave this town
Of crumbling brick and fading grass,
Of heroes and hypocrites,
Of a place too familiar to be fun;
I wanted to go away forever,
Hop on a train
To Amsterdam
Or Paris
Or Brazil
And leave it all behind.

But then I met you,
My love,
And I forgot why I wanted
To leave.
Cause your gaze is the sky
Above the Sahara desert;
Your touch is the cool breeze
On a Baltic beach;
Your cologne is the smell
Of freshly-baked bread
From a Parisian oven;
Your laugh is the lull
Of white waves,
And every kiss
Is time-travel.
Never mind traveling the world —
When your lips meet mine
I am traveling through space.

You captivate me
With your siren’s song,
And I can’t help but follow you —  
Here or there,
Home or away,
It doesn’t matter.
You are both
And neither
And all.

Years later,
I still long to travel.
Fernweh has not left,
But now I don’t feel
Quite so strongly
The need to leave;
Because I have you,
My love,
And that is enough
For me.
Not written from my perpsective but from one of a character in my daydreams. Fernweh is a German word that is said to be untranslatable to English but roughly means “wanderlust.”
Tori Jul 6
It’s really, truly morbid, how my vehicle came to me,
Twas’ the death of a friend of a friend of a friend
Of a friend who was close to thee
He was dead when I got your keys.  
I find that I’m quite infatuated, by your shining, crimson flair  
And your window that squeaks, and your faux leather seats,  
Stained carpets and central air
Who knew trucks could be debonair?  
Shall I name all life’s pains that mean naught in you?
Like that person who says, and then he says, and she says
They all say, and then it is true
So, I drive to find new points of view.
We will thrive on gasoline fumes and the human will
Until the ground is ****** dry and wells shot
Till then, freedom, adventure, and hidden hills
Will be ours, you and I, Bombadil.
An ode to my faithful steed, a red ford F-150.
Allesha Eman Jul 3
I've seen foreign stones bleed out fountains of wanderlust down your waterfalls
I've seen shards of mirrors swimming in the ripples of your sea
The one's that still hold the reflection belonging to the wandering passerby on your streets
I've watched as droplets of ink from a sunset sky pour onto your maps
Colouring in the roads that lead to your history
I've seen the flowers in your gardens spread their fragrance onto the sleeves of those lost in your alleys
And the soil underneath them surrounds the seeds of friendship that they leave behind
I've seen hope in the layers of your canyon rock
And resilience in the avalanches of snow that tumble down your mountains
I've seen the architecture of your emotions towering over my outstretched hand

And now I sit by the water trying to paint a picture of your roads on its surface
My hand reaches out into the distance, waiting for the light of your moon to embrace it
And I watch as the stars paint constellations that remind me of you
I dwell in the lonesome nostalgia, recollecting every fading memory
Hoping that when the sun glitters on the surface of your water
You'll see me sitting there, painting a picture of you
Philomena Jun 17
Pick me up
And lets just drive
Anywhere and Everywhere
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