Kat 7d
The standards and thoughts I have for myself are really high
They aren't your average,
    I have to get straight A's
    I have to (insert sports goal).

My thoughts and standards for myself at more like
    It's not enough to get a 98%, you worthless piece of shit,
    If you want to actually mean something you need to get a 105%
    at least.
    Gross Kat, you spent 2 month's working on this one piano piece
    you're pathetic.
    Kat, you're so lame, Abigail is using the same books as you.
    You have to get better or drawing or whatever that piece of crap is.
    Your last poem only got 50 views, that means you're a bad poet.
    No matter how hard you work you will never achieve 1k views
    You'll never achieve anything worth putting on the homepage.
    You got a 36/40 on the last English project that is terrible.
    You're awful at the piano, you've been doing it for 5 years. You
    aren't getting anywhere, you should just stop now so that you don't
    embarrass yourself even more.

My standards for myself are probably not healthy because of the way I put myself down.
I think I'm worthless, useless, lame, crappy, mean, obnoxious, desperate, stupid and so many more.

My grades are A's but they're not enough,
They aren't 100%.
No matter what my mother tells me,
I know that she isn't proud.
No matter what she says,
I don't always believe she loves me.

These are just the standards for myself,
These are just the things I hate about me.
There are people who have higher standards than me.
But sometimes, I really hate myself.
Abigail - a cousin that is 6 years younger than me.
These are my honest thoughts about myself, they aren't important to anyone just wanted to share and see if anyone else thinks that they're worse than a piece of trash.
Polka Mar 6
The truth brings you a pain I don't wish for you to suffer;
Lie to me and tell me I'm beautiful, for I will readily accept it.
Seems like heart by heart has been broken
none of us wants to be the last one badly spoken
I still breath the dazed and confused air of our past
I've been holding it painfully inside my chest

And who would dare to throw a stone?
while their castle was left undone
tragedies of me, catastrophes without ends
you choosed a terrible way... there will be no amends today

No star will light our coming night
even before the evening you started to fight
I could see in your eyes that you were out of mind
but in the end, I'm your peace sign
Lemon boy Feb 7
There once was someone that I loved
And I held them close to my heart
Then they pushed me away and told me that what I was doing was not smart
So heartbroken I left, coming back the next week
He said he was sorry
But my love for him wasn't the same
It was forced, and broken
And I was going behind his back
I was flirting and crying yet I stayed with him
Hoping my love would be fresh
But it just broke my heart more
I swore my love to him and this isn't the first
It's just that after one mistake
The loving gets worse
It's hard for me to look at him and smile
When all I see is a mistake after a while
Please don't post as your own!
So this is a poem I suppose
nabi 나비 Jan 23
its so strange to think how different things are from 2 years ago
i know to some that may seem like forever ago
but in the grand scheme of things it really isn't
in my perspective i seem much farther away than it is
on the single fact of things are far different than they used to be
i spoke to people who were absolutely terrible to me
who have treated me like gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe
i was in quite possibly one of the darkest parts of my life so far
i was in such a terribly dark mindset and i didn't think i would ever get out of it
i was also not open with what was going on in my head at all
and then theres the giant thing of i was dating boys

all my old "besties" compared to my best friend now
what was i doing? is the first thing i'm asking myself
they all treated me terribly
i notice through all of them is that they were all about themselves
and they were too loud compared to my personality
everything was about them and i was always the sidekick
my best friend now
we are on an even playing field and are able to be open with each other
we are also able to have the friendship not revolving around one of us specifically

my mental health
it's not that different compared to now in all reality
it's just easier to manage considering i'm more open and know how to manage
being able to be open has been a savior to me
i've been in equally as dark of headspaces since then
i'm just able to manage everything a lot better than i used to

i was dating boys
i wasn't being myself in any shape or form
since then i've come out as a lesbian
i'm much happier within myself and i'm more comfortable with myself as well
its nothing against the boys i dated
i'm just not attracted to males

im much happier with myself and my life at this point in time
i am grateful to have an amazing support system
and so many things that others don't
i am so immensely thankful for everything in my life now
i have made such strides in accepting myself and ridding negative energy
and i always think its helpful to look back on a point in time
and be reminded of how things have changed and how they benefit me
and to also remind me of how thankful i need to be
not so much a poem. sorta just a mind ramble of me looking back
Shawn Denali Jan 19
And she said that she could never find another guy who would love her like I do
But I look around this lonely house and the only thing that's missing here is you
People ask me all the time what in the world ever happened to you
I lie and say you're doing fine but I never really had a clue
Hello new life
Goodbye ex wife
It's gonna take some time to replace you
Hello new life
Goodbye ex wife
It's gonna take some time to replace you
But time is the only thing I've got
My attempt at Bob Dylan I guess lol
I Jan 15
I feel so high.
And in my dreams,
I feel so high.
Like my own spirit is haunting me.
I'm intoxicated,
by the fumes.  
I feel so high.
I don't belong in this world.
Because I'm not a body.
I'm a risen mind.
Fogged out, high.
Eyes rolling back.
Merlina M Dec 2017
they all are monster
and darlin' i'm too
we all are

sometimes we think terrible things
that would make people scream
believe me..

sometimes we do dreadful things
that make people cry
believe me..

or don't believe me
because all of us are lying
monster are such a liars
Monsters are all around us, see for yourself... just look around ;()
eF Jan 6
You want me to leave,
But you tell me to stay.
Tell me to pack my things,
But don't want me to runaway.
Tell me the things I do you hate,
But appreciate them
When it's too* *late.
Emily Miller Dec 2017
Sometimes a single apple
Can ruin the whole lot.
and shiny
and ruby-red,
crumbling into bruised wrinkles
and spotty, brown lumps.
Before long,
the bowl is brimming with the sundown of a harvest's life,
and flies begin to swarm.
And even when some are left,
bright and fresh,
newly ripe,
I won't go near them,
for fear of turning them over and finding the ugly,
evidence of their flaws.
Just like the others,
almost worse,
because they allow for an optimism,
in your hunger,
you allow the glimmer of hope
and reach for one
But no,
it's just like the others,
only deceptive,
pretending to be something that can satiate your needs,
when in truth,
it's just another piece of rotting fruit.
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