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Mark Wanless May 2023
the simple folk surround me

the terribles astound me

i wonder which i am some times

and walk among the free
Bhawna Apr 2022
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
Isaac afunadhula Mar 2021
As he looks up in the sky
he sighs and wonders
he gapes and almost staggers lost
He sees one surviving star shinning brighter than the wandering lot
casting his thoughts like fish net
he makes a wish to his loved ones maybe they laughed
at the old terrible joke of the palm squeezing greeting
Or cried about another broken ***
The kids must really be my blood
And maybe she laughed the same
terrible laugh
Or grimaced in similar ancient grief
Lined across her fore head the day l last saw her
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
"You write so beautifully, your mind must be a terrifying place," he
said softly, though he hadn't uttered a single word.

It was his eyes that spoke to her the most.

She surrendered herself to the tears that raced down her cheeks and smeared the ink on her hands.

Found prose in the Rahul Bansal quote.
This bit of prose was written in 2016. It's inspired by the quote from Rahul Bansal.
these guys
i knew
were joy
that Burt
drew an
intel from
the skull
that blitz
found Congo
with stationery
a gorilla
strong that
Marshall Square
threw the
gis with
bib and
tucker home
Andrew Layman Sep 2020
Broken, bludgeoned
bitter curmudgeon
false teeth, fake smile
as I walk the extra mile
just to please you
and I'm quickly finding
that it's not my style
Liz Sep 2020
What if we couldn't think in our head
How loud would the world be?
How gruesome, disgusting and torturous.
How many people would be betrayed?
How many would stay truthful?
How many songs, poems, dreams, and nightmares would become general knowledge?
What if we spoke our minds without fear?
What if we could not lie.
How terrible that would be.
Gauri Pandit Jul 2020
I know how you feel
its terrible..
its hard..
its difficult..
its impossible
its just unbearable..
Ashlyn Yoshida Jun 2020
So I did a few things wrong
So I acted kind of strange
Why tell these things to me
While hiding behind a screen?
Well you were gonna come to my door
You were gonna tell me it there
But oh? Guess what?
I had other places to be.
I wrapped my life around all of you
You mentioned how I acted like the world
revolved around me, but I did
But I wasn't
and now I have to pay
I quit piano lessons
and never joined a club
I ignored Bible Study
Just to talk to you
I waited and I waited
But no one ever came
To say goodbye to me
before I flew away
So instead of saying 'I'll miss you'
You're saying '*******'
And I did everything I could and tried to make you happy
But my past that spilled from my lips
Made you hate me all so much
and the way I was
just ****** you all off more
Sorry for being a **** up
But that doesn't mean
I'm going to **** it all up
I'm sorry to be ******  but recently a friend sent me a hate message for being a person. I feel terrible 'cause some of it's true but really, what a petty *****.
Poetry Art Jun 2020
i wonder
how terrible
things are going
around your mind
that you are able
to write those pieces
so heartbreaking
yet so beautiful
just how?
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