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When you find adventure in a person,
You feel weightless.
The mind consumes with wanderlust.
You get lost in the wave of them.
The heart races beyond its previous limits,
And the soul finally finds comfort in the great unknown.
a piece of my heart will always belong to him, no matter what.
I am not bitter.
I am not upset.
He loved me the way he knew how to love,
and isnt that beautiful?
when i close my eyes-
i see him-
in the eternal darkness behind my rational thoughts and emotions-
he appears from nowhere and grasps my hand-
and it feels like forever again.
i was about to give up and stop
stop looking for someone and accept the fact
the fact that i would be alone for a while
a while without the warmth of another soul
another soul like yours igniting a spark
a spark in the deepest part of my heart
the constellations align in perfect concurrence with the precious moon,
and i sit in quietude with my eyes diverted towards the infinite dark wonders of the sky,
and i think of him.
why do you love so intensely?
you are simply setting yourself up for heartbreak.

because if you arent, youre doing it wrong
if your love doesnt come from the deepest part of your heart and soul, it simply isnt love.
i cant stand another tear upon my face
derived from the absence of you

the drops from my eyes
burn holes into my heart
until i am nothing but a numb soul
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