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youre the missing lyrics
to the song that plays within my soul
i love you
symptoms of love include:

emotional lapses
racing heartbeat
uncontrollable smiling
butterflies in the stomach
intense bouts of joy
fire within the soul
pure joy and bliss

if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you express them or they may result in extreme heartbreak
i didnt stay in the relationship because i was happy
i stayed because it was you
the ‘you’ who used to surprise me with flowers on a bad day
the ‘you’ who used to always find a way to make me smile
the ‘you’ who used to remind me of what it feels like to be alive
i didnt stay because i was happy
i stayed because it was
i kept remembering the good times and dismissing the bad. i shouldve let you go sooner
a fool was the one who fell for him
everything about him seemed picture perfect
im the fool who thought he could love me
the way i needed to be loved
cant withstand any more pain from men who cannot love me correctly
before you
i felt alive

and after you
i still feel alive

as it turns out
i never needed you
to make me feel anything
but nothing good came out
of our perfect storm
the hardest place to be
is right where you are
in the space between
the finish and the start
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